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  1. Great Prophet Association

    Mohammed-Roses Growing In His Footsteps Hd

    slam Alikom, Watch the sharing of roses at California State University Muslim students commemorating the birthday of Prophet of Mohammed (pbuh&f) in campus. by passing more than 1.000 white and red roses to the public. feel free to spread the word for the sake of Ahlulbayt (a.s)
  2. The Path of Imam Hussein is The Path of The Messengers of Allah There were similarities between al-Imam al-Hussein’s revolution and the legacies of the Messengers of Allah. Allah had sent His Messengers to guide people to the right path and save them from the misconduct of the oppressors who humiliated the offsprings of Adam. These oppressors broke Allah’s covenant, rejected His signs, slayed His prophets, spread mischief and shed blood. The Messengers of Allah spared no effort to challenge those oppressors. The same position had been taken by al-Imam al-Hussein when he witnessed that the truth was concealed and falsehood was not prohibited. He observed Yazid the Umayyad ruler rebelling against Allah’s (Shari’a) and went on transgressing the Message of Islam and placing the book of Allah (al-Quran) behind his back and commanding what is evil and shameful. Karbala embodied the struggles of the Messengers of Allah and posed the greatest challenge to the Umayyad dynasty. Yazid exercised his authority in cruel, unjust and oppressed manners to compel al-Imam al-Hussein to choose one of two things: either to put him to the swords of his army or to accept humiliation. The aim of this plan was to distort al-Imam al-Hussein’s stature among Muslims in order to undermine his revolution. It is worth mentioning that it is impossible for al-Imam al-Hussein to accept humiliation for being the Vicegerent of Allah (khalifatul’Allah) on His earth, the proof of Allah (hujjatul’Allah) to his creatures who upholds the command of Allah, the most noble obedient to Allah, and the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) who is superior to all the angels who are near to Allah, the best of mankind and the leader (sayyid) of the sons of Adam. On the contrary, he denounced the tyrant rulers and held them responsible for permitting what had been forbidden by Allah, turning away from the traditions ( Sunna ) of the Messenger of Allah, and acting amongst Muslims sinfully and aggressively. He welcomed death and sacrificed his life for establishing justice. Death to him was nothing but happiness and living with tyrants was nothing but abject. According to this statement al-Imam al-Hussein’s happiness was correlated to the voice of justice to free the Muslim nation which was captured and imprisoned. Certainly, he was fully aware about the consequences of the battle. He made many statements in this regard. It was a divine mystery which was revealed at the battle of Karbala. It revived Islam, liberated Muslims from the hands of the oppressors and “provided them with determination and strength to defend their principles and live with honor and dignity” The swords which faced al-Imam al-Hussein at the battle of Karbala did not shake his stance. His purpose was stronger than them and greater. They made deep cuts in his sacred body but they did not subdue the inflammation of his revolution. From his wounds Islam overflowed again and his martyrdom changed the course of the Islamic history and sowed the seeds of freedom to enlighten the future Muslim generations to reject humiliation, save humanity, fight for justice, and spread love and peace. Every word al-Imam al-Hussein uttered on the sand of Karbala revealed the principles of his revolution and narrated to us that every unjust ruler and oppressor will come to an end. Those who fought against al-Imam al-Hussein and his principles vanished, but al-Imam al-Hussein remained alive in the consciousness of the Muslim nation. His legacy as well as in the consciousness of free men and women throughout history and became the symbol of freedom and the conqueror who wanted to establish the Divine justice (al-tawhid) on earth. That was the goal of the Messengers of Allah and al-Imam al-Hussein. Note: We are the International Media Unit in the holy shrine of Imam Hussain. Our main aim is to spread the message of Ahlul-Bayt worldwide. Please join our Facebook Group at شعبة الاعلام الدولي and follow our Twitter account @ImamHusainMedia Thank you, may Allah and the Ahlul-Bayt bless you.
  3. Interesting article i came across: http://www.loonwatch.com/2010/01/not-all-terrorists-are-muslims/
  4. Spread the light of the true Islam; Shia Islam.
  5. I just want to encourage anyone who is new on here, like myself, to not be worried about people here. I am a new Shi3a revert, and everyone here has been very helpful. I decided to make a topic in honour of the people here. They all may (Disagree) on many issues and/or topics, but at the same time, we are all one big happy Shi3a family (hehe) I encourage anyone who is looking to become Shi3a, or even if you are curious about learning more, this website is a great option. Granted, I'm saying this only after a couple days, but I can tell the Admin and Mods pay close attention to the comments here, and everyone is fairly open-minded on most topics. So, with that being said, this topic is dedicated to all the wonderful people here! The one's who take the time to help to newcomers like myself, and give us advice and encourage us to continue learning more knowledge. May Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì Bless you ALL! And many thanks to everyone who has been here for us. Your Pal, AhlulBayt_313 :blush: “As water drops make a river, thoughts make character and faith.” ~Imam Ali (as)
  6. Document - Indonesia: Authorities cut off food and water to Shi’as http://www.amnesty.org/en/library/asset/ASA21/043/2012/en/5aee49b5-074b-4ec8-96e2-8670a8bccb3e/asa210432012en.html ASA 21/043/2012 Issue Date: 26 November 2012 URGENT ACTION AUTHORITIES CUT OFF FOOD AND WATER TO SHI’AS Indonesian authorities cut off food and water supplies to displaced Shi’a community in East Java. At least 190 displaced Shi’a followers in East Java, including 69 women and 61 children, are at risk after local government authorities halted supplies of food and water to the community, citing a lack of funds. The Shi’a community, from Karang Gayam village in the Sampang district on Madura island, were displaced in August 2012 when an anti-Shi’a mob of around 500 people attacked the community with sharp weapons and stones. One person was killed and dozens were injured. The mob also set fire to thirty-five houses belonging to the Shi’a community. Four people have since been charged for the attack. Following the attack, the community was moved to temporary shelter at a sports complex in Sampang - with minimal facilities - where they have been living for the last three months. No medicine or facilities specifically for children or women have been provided. On 18 November, the local authorities cut off water supply to the complex and on 22 November they halted food supplies. The displaced community have been forced to use their limited funds to purchase food and water. According to credible sources, some of the Shi’a followers at the complex have been intimidated and harassed by local government officials who have urged them to convert to Sunni Islam if they want to return to their homes. Local and national authorities continue to put pressure on the community to relocate but they have rejected this option, preferring to return to their homes and livelihoods under conditions of safety. A group of volunteers have been assisting them with their daily needs and providing counselling, particularly to women and children. Please write immediately in English, Indonesian or your own language calling on authorities in Indonesia  To ensure the displaced Shi’a community has immediate access to essential services such as food and clean drinking water in their shelter;  To guarantee the safe, voluntary and dignified return of the Shi’a community to their homes, according to their wishes, and to provide assistance so as to enable them to rebuild the homes that were damaged or destroyed;  To investigate reports that the local government authorities in Sampang District have been involved in the intimidation of Shi’a followers to renounce their faith;  To ensure that all those involved in the attack against the Shi’a community are speedily brought to justice in proceedings which meet international standards of fairness and without the imposition of the death penalty and that victims are provided reparations. PLEASE SEND APPEALS BEFORE 7 JANUARY 2013 TO: Sampang District Head (Bupati) Noer Tjahja Jl. Jamaluddin No.1A, Sampang, Madura, East Java, Indonesia 69241 Fax: + 62 323 321017 Salutation: Dear Noer Tjahja Minister of Justice and Human Rights Amir Syamsuddin Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav No. 4-5 Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12950, Indonesia Fax: +62 21 525 3095 Salutation: Dear Minister And copies to: Mr. Otto Nur Abdullah Chairperson National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) Jl Latuharhary, No.4 Menteng Jakarta Pusat 10310, Indonesia Fax: +62 21 39 25 227 Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country Please check with your section office if sending appeals after the above date. URGENT ACTION AUTHORITIES CUT OFF FOOD AND WATER TO SHI’AS ADDITIONAL INFORMATION There have been increasing levels of harassment, intimidation and attacks against religious minority groups in Indonesia including Shi’a, Ahmadiyya and Christian communities. These include attacks and burning of homes and places of worship, at times leading to the displacement of these groups. Those who commit acts of violence against religious minorities are rarely punished. Amnesty International is particularly concerned that government authorities – as well as the police – are failing to protect these communities and, in some cases, actively taking part in their persecution. These include attempts by government officials to force religious minorities, such as Ahmadiyya and Shi’a followers, to denounce their beliefs. The Shi’a community on Madura island has been intimidated and attacked before. On 29 December 2011, a mob set fire to a place of worship, a boarding school and to various homes in the vicinity. Police did not take adequate measures to protect the community and instead of intervening to stop the attack, some recorded it on their phones. Only one person was eventually charged and sentenced to three months’ imprisonment for the attack. In July 2012 Tajul Muluk, a religious leader from the East Java Shi’a community, was arrested and sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for blasphemy under Article 156(a) of the Indonesian Criminal Code by the Sampang District Court. His arrest followed reports that on 1 January 2012, a religious decree (fatwa) was issued by the Sampang branch of the Indonesia Ulema Council (MUI) related to what was described as Tajul Muluk’s “deviant teachings”. The East Java High Court increased his sentence to four years in September 2012 upon appeal. Amnesty International considers him to be a prisoner of conscience and calls for his immediate and unconditional release. The right to freedom of religion is guaranteed in the Indonesian Constitution. Moreover, Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), to which Indonesia is a state party, states that “this right shall include freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice” and that “no one shall be subject to coercion which would impair his freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice”. Name: At least 190 people from the Shi’a community Gender m/f: both Further information on UA: 336/12 Index: ASA 21/043/2012 Issue Date: 26 November 2012
  7. Jiraffe

    Lying About Burma

    Its one thing to ask for international help and for citizenship in the country you were born in. Its another thing to start a serial lying campaign in order to attract sympathisers to your cause. Many rohingya are lying and claiming that the rakhine buddhist mrauk-u state in arakan was a rohingya muslim state ruled by a rohingya. They are also claiming arakan was "indian land" for 1,000 years. This bull[Edited Out] was repeated by saudi and pakistani islamists, about mrauk-u being rohingya. The rohingya ARE descendants of bengalis who moved into mrauk-u when it was independent and during british rule, when britian took over both bangladesh and burma. If people want to tell lies and claim rohingya are indigineous to arakan, where did the rakhine come from? The rakhine are not bamar. The rakhine feel victimized by both the bamar rulers of burma, and rohingya, they claim that the rohingya are trying to take over arakan through a massive birthrate. It was their state that was invaded and conquered by burma in 1785. People are just listening to the rohingyas side of the story, and ignoring anything the rakhine say. Everything the rohingya are saying, like about mrauk u is unquestionable being accepted by the media. The bamar are against the rohingya because they see them a mass of brown skinned people with a different culture and background. There are bengalis in britain. If the british were to start stripping citizenship from british born bengalis, it is a human rights violation. But if these bengalis started claiming they were in britain for 1,000 years, that the british empire was ruled by bengali muslim kings, and that britain is part of the indian subcontinent, and english people are invaders, i would start losing my sympathy for them really fast. Saudi arabia does not grant citizenship to non muslims, and has not granted citizenship to south asian migrant workers. For saudis to criticize burma is massive hypocrisy. Burma and thailand both received massive amounts of both chinese muslims and non muslim chinese over the past 200 years, and both have mostly granted them citizenship. Chinese muslims are not seen as a racial threat, they don't have dark skin and are succesful merchants, which means they don't live in refugee camps or rely on NGOs which the rohingya do. Sincw the rohingya get help from ngos many rakhine fear they will be overrun by their birthrate
  8. MAKKAH - Walking thousands of miles through six countries on foot, a 47-year-old Bosnian Muslim has finally reached the holy city of Makkah to fulfil his life-time dream of performing hajj. I wanted to perform Hajj but I had no money, Senad Hadzic was quoted as saying by Emirates 24/7 on Monday, October 22 I decided to walk to Saudi Arabia, having only 200 euros. “I arrived on Saturday in Makkah. I am not tired, these are the best days of my life,” Senad Hadzic, 47, said when reached by phone on a Saudi mobile number. He said he had covered some 5,700 kilometres in 314 days of walking through Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria and Jordan to the Muslim holy city in south-western Saudi Arabia, with a backpack weighing 20 kilos. He charted his progress on his Facebook page, where he posted a picture apparently of an entry/exit card for foreigners issued by the Syrian interior ministry. “I passed through Syria in April. I walked some 500 kilometres in 11 days. I went through Aleppo and Damascus and passed dozens of check-points held by pro-government and rebel forces alike, but I was never detained,” Hadzic said. “At a check-point held by [President Bashar] Al Assad’s forces the soldier ordered me to empty my backpack ... When I showed them my Quran and explained I was making the pilgrimage on foot, they let me go,” he told AFP. “I walked in the name of Allah, for Islam, for Bosnia-Hercegovina, for my parents and my sister,” he added. On his Facebook page he said God had shown him the way in dreams, including to go through Syria instead of Iraq. During the pilgrimage, Hadzic faced temperatures ranging from minus 35 degrees Celsius in Bulgaria to plus 44 degrees Celsius in Jordan. He said he had to wait in Istanbul for several weeks to get permission to cross the Bosphorus Bridge on foot and two months at the border between Jordan and Saudi Arabia to obtain an entry visa. The Haj is one of the five pillars of Islam and must be undertaken at least once in a lifetime by all Muslims who are able to.Aspiring to perform hajj, Hadzic started his lengthy trip from his hometown Banovici in northern Bosnia in December. During his journey, the Muslim man walked for nearly 3,600 miles (5,900 km) on foot from his Bosnian village to the holy city of Makkah. Covering between 12 to 20 miles a day, Hadzic managed to cross six countries, including Turkey, Jordan and Syria before entering Saudi Arabia this week. In his back bag, he carried his copy of the Noble Qur'an wrapped in plastic to protect it from weather elements. He also carried a bible, maps and flags of the six countries he plans to cross. Hadzic said in a You-Tube film that he walked all that distance because he had no money. I slept at mosques, schools and other places, including houses offered to me by good people, he said in the You-Tube video. Some people asked me whether I was scared when passing through wild places and I told them why should I? God is with me. The majority of pilgrims have already arrived in Saudi Arabia for hajj, the world's largest annual gathering. Muslims from around the world pour into Makkah every year to perform hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam. Hajj consists of several rituals, which are meant to symbolize the essential concepts of the Islamic faith, and to commemorate the trials of Prophet Abraham and his family. Every able-bodied adult Muslim who can financially afford the trip must perform hajj at least once in a lifetime.Hajj starts on the eighth day of the lunar month of Dhul Hijjah, which falls this year on October 24. http://blog.iloveall...1b2sxs.facebook
  9. Hello everybody, I would like to inform you about Mecca Hajj Live Wallpapers for Android phone. I was involved in this project and I would be glad if you tell me your impressions about it. It is free so you don't have to worry about it. Please let me know if you like it. Thanx in advance :) Mecca Hajj Live Wallpaper https://lh3.ggpht.com/b6gMMNpNbjKJhTHt9VO6drAFkbSTSHGfX_1-YWIR2AkDApQTLsdAr3vg10pJynJ0goI=h230 If you prefer static you can check Makkah Wallpapers https://lh6.ggpht.com/jAQZwitXOzO-2H8uS08C_mZBzFKplgcCAn6ZhdLHixELrZCiMQOSTKTwdYuIO7Wj2iA=h230 May Allah be with you!
  10. Alsalam Foundation

    Eid Day Fair 2012

    (bismillah) (salam) Harrow Primary School Eid Day Fair When: Saturday 25th August from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. The Eid day fair will include games for children such as a bouncy castle as well as stalls that will be selling food. All proceeds will be going to the Orphans Trust of the Iraqi Development Organisation. All are welcome. Venue: Harrow Primary School, 80-82 Gayton Road, HA1 2LS. Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/480836351927799/permalink/480837008594400/?notif_t=like (wasalam)
  11. My fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, I wanted to share these Islamic apps with you all that i have found to be really good if you wish to remember & praise Allah (SWT) whereever you are. Hope you like them too. Asma Ul Husna - 99 Names of Allah (http://apps.softdens.../asma-ul-husna/) Read and Listen to the 99 Names of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. http://itunes.apple.....6071?ls=1&mt=8 Wazeefa (http://apps.softdensity.com/wazeefa/) Select and Track Wazeefas that you wish to perform. http://itunes.apple.....1212?mt=8&ls=1 Ya Allah (http://apps.softdensity.com/ya-Allah/) Read and listen to invocations from the Holy Quran famously known as “Rabbana”. http://itunes.apple.....455910238?mt=8 Note: "This is not spam"
  12. Very Interesting interview with Sean Stone and Harun Yahya! You can watch with this link: http://www.harunyahya.com/en/works/114597/Mr__Adnan_Oktars_live_conversation_with_Sean_Ali_Stone_(May_2nd__2012)
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CCG8hgasNQ&feature=endscreen&NR=1 jafarism is decimated and its 12th infallible imams
  14. (bismillah) Asalaam-a-laikum to all my Muslims brothers and sisters. I was raised in a Shia household, and after years of deviating from the path and losing COMPLETE faith, Allah (swt) brought me back to the straight path, Islam. I am learning to be humble, modest, and leaving all preconceived notions I had of Islam, Muslims, Shias, Sunnis, Wahabis, Salafis, and am trying to learn Islam from the core (Quran). In reading the Quran, I found something startling: 3:103, 105 "And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allâh, and be not divided among yourselves, and remember Allâh's Favour on you, for you were enemies one to another but He joined your hearts together, so that, by His Grace, you became brethren, and you were on the brink of a pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus Allâh makes His Ayât clear to you, that you may be guided. ...And be not as those who divided and differed among themselves after the clear proofs had come to them. It is they for whom there is an awful torment" 6:159 "Indeed, those who have divided their religion and become sects - you, [O Muhammad], are not [associated] with them in anything. Their affair is only to Allah ; then He will inform them about what they used to do" 30:32 "[or] among those who have broken the unity of their faith and have become sects, each group delighting in but what they themselves hold [by way of tenets]" I apologize for the lengthy quotes, but everything I say here I want to back up with Wahi (Revelation) & Aql (Intellect). Islams core message is to submit our will to the will of AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, the Lord of all the worlds, without his permission nothing can happen, through his mercy we received the last revelation. The message of Tawhid was sent down many times, I believe more then a hundred thousand messengers came down, the second last was Isa (as), the last was Muhammad (saw), and it's a miracle and mercy of Allah(swt) that the Quran has been preserved. So my question is, the differences we have as Shia/Sunni, are not in the practice of worshiping AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, they are only in our ideologies to some degree. Is that true? If our practice of worshipping Allah(swt) is the same, is it important to belong to one sect or the other? For example, let's say I clear my head and erase it clean. I pick up the Holy Quran, and read it in translation from word to word. I take the Shahadah, have to pray Salaah 5 times a day (I go to a local masjid for that), fast in Ramadan, pay Zakat, give Sadqah, go to Hajj if possible, try to live as much like the Prophet (saw) as possible. Try to grow out my beard like the Prophet(saw) did, be humble, try to be righteous, send blessing upon the Prophet(saw) and his family. Try to follow everything in the quran, and try to accomplish the purpose of my life, which is Worshipping god. Will I be considered a good Muslims? Now does it even matter to delve in any of the details? Do I have to make the purpose of my life more complicated? Do I have to side with anyone? If I praise any of the companions that shouldn't be praised will I get punished for that? If I curse any of the companions that shouldn't be cursed will I get punished for that? If I go to majlis and cry at the atrocities faced by the family of the prophet(saw) is that really bidah? and If I don't go to majlis and spend all my time worshiping god during Muharram just like any other month of the year is that disrespect? If the whole purpose of my life is living like the Prophet(saw) shouldn't I be more worried about the fitnah of this world and being righteous or should my focus be more on who is right historically? Will we be judged by our actions in submitting our will to Allah(swt) and worshipping Allah(swt) or does being a Sunni/Shia give us an edge over each other? How important is it to be Shia/Sunni, can one just be a Muslim: one who worships Allah(swt) alone and believes in the last Messenger (saw)? Or do we have to chose a side. If anything I say is wrong or mistaken than it is me, everything truthful is from AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì (salam)
  15. Alsalam Foundation

    Help Purchase Imam Al-jawad Centre

    Imam al-Jawad (as) Community and Education Centre To our loyal supporters We hope you have benefited from our recent programs and services, including the new projects running at our Harrow Imam al-Ridha School. We are fortunate to have completed the purchase details of our new Imam al-Jawad (as) Education and Community Centre and now need to raise funds for the deposit and completion, which totals £625,000. This your chance to become a donor in a new project that the community desperately needs (especially a Mughtasal). Donors who give large amounts (£1000+) will have a memorial plaque engraved on the Centre walls in memory of their loved ones. The following links will allow you to make a one-off or regular donation, via Direct Debit, credit card, Paypal,Text SMS or bank transfer. Please give any amount to this fundraising effort, we appreciate all the support we get from our friends. Finally, if you haven't already seen the other projects that we are also working on, then please read our porfolio booklet here. We have finalised details of the purchase of this building in Willesden, now we need your help to raise funds. Read details about the centre here » Donate via Text Text IMAM99 10 to 70070 to donate £10 to our fundraising efforts, it's quick and you can add Gift Aid too. Standing orders The Foundation is a registered charity and we have many projects that need your support! You can create fundraising pages and set up a standing order on our JustGiving minisite. Gift Aid adds 25% to donations We accept Gift Aid on your donations, which can increase their value by an extra 25%! Visit our fundraising website to donate today. Spread the word Please forward this to others even if they may not donate, we want our community to know that we are working hard to deliver projects that will benefit future generations. Contact For more information please e-mail us at: info@salamf.org or call us on 02084513322 Alternatively you can check out our website: http://www.salamf.org Or add us on Facebook: https://www.facebook...214551601897844
  16. velayat2011


  17. Ok first of all I identify myself as a Shia Muslim with (nominally) "Sunni" parents from South Asia. I have been raised in the south Asian culture, later studied in the USA and am left in a limbo of traditionalism and cultural identity, not knowing where to go when I want to get married (something that will come up sooner or later for me). I switched to Shia Islam after a thorough study of it after being introduced to it through learning about my Iranian heritage in my late teens. Right now I am in my early twenties, am well on my path to getting settled with a completed education and career and there will be talk of marriage soon. I will soon have to tell my parents that I am a strongly devoted Shia, and would like to marry someone who is also the same, and given their kind, loving nature, they will probably respect my decision. Now the problem nevertheless is not what I tell my parents but on how I could ever be "fully" accepted within a traditional Shia community, enough for two parents to respect me with their daughter's hand despite my background. Let me start off by saying that I have no racial/cultural prejudices. Beautiful, intelligent, devoted people come from all cultures and heritages. Also I have been treated with great respect within the Shia communities as an active member. My specific problem lies on the "old-school" people who seem to run the communities, with their "Khoja only" and "Syed only" policies, it seems that despite my masters degree and a newly spawning career, the fact that I have a Sunni non-Syed background would be taken as a huge negative in judging me as anyone's future son-in-law. I have not looked at non-indopak communities and am not sure about how Arab, Afghan or Iranian Shia communities would react to someone like me in terms of marriage and being a part of their community. Does any brothers (reverts?) have advice regarding what I should/could do regarding a future in marriage?
  18. Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says Muslim nations must not trust the US and Zionists, because they are not concerned about Muslim interests. Addressing the Muslim nations of the region in the second sermon of the Friday Prayers in Tehran, Ayatollah Khamenei said as a result of the Islamic Awakening in the Middle East and North Africa the people's voice has been heard for the first time and all revolutionary countries have voted in favor of Muslim figures while rejecting Zionism and dictators. The Leader said even young intellectuals demonstrating in Washington, London, Madrid and Athens were inspired by what happened in Egypt's Liberation Square. Ayatollah Khamenei added that Arab nations can no longer put up with dictators, tyrants or Western agents and spies. “They are fed-up with suffering, inequality and backwardness…while [at the same time] reject extremism and sectarian violence.” Ayatollah Khamenei said subservience to the West, dealings with the Zionists, and betraying the Palestinian cause were the shared characteristics of the Arab regimes which were overthrown in the course of the Islamic Awakening. The Leader warned revolutionary Muslim nations against Western and Zionist plots to derail regional revolutions by portraying Muslims as violent people incapable of achieving development and becoming independent. The Leader said Egyptians want an Islamic and developed country which supports the Palestinian cause and not a country which is committed to the Camp David Accord and an ally of the US and Israel. Ayatollah Khamenei advised Arabs against trust the US and NATO because they are not concerned about Muslim interests, urging nation to “not be afraid of them (the US and NATO) because they are becoming weaker and weaker.” Ayatollah Khamenei said Iran has only been accused of terrorism because it refuses to abandon the people of Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq, stressing that if Iran was not concerned about the plight of Muslims it would not have been charged with terrorism. The Leader predicted Western attempts to derail regional revolutions and promised Israel will cease to exist.
  19. A sunni brother asked me, "why do shias pray through Imam Mahdi or one of the imams in the time of help or when we need something?" So if anyone can answer this it would be greatly appreciated Hamza
  20. THE DAJJAL, THE ONE-EYED GIANT HAS ALREADY BEEN IN EXISTENCE. THE PROOF OF THE MESSENGER OF Allah’S HADITH: THOSE WHO RESIST THE DAJJAL WILL BECOME IMMORTAL There is a particular reason for our claim that that the Judeo-Christian civilization is the Dajjal – is now beyond any reproach. The reason is the Messenger of Allah has said, “Those who resist the cursed Dajjal their honor and prestige will be similar to the shaheeds (martyrs) of the battle of Badr and Ohud.” - (Bokhari and Muslim) – this hadis is turned into reality before our eyes. The Dajjal has been identified by the Imam of Hezbut Tawheed and his followers are actively engaged in unmasking the true identity of the Dajjal in front of the people of this world, thus resisting the Dajjal. There is no other group, no other entity that has correctly identified this fearsome giant, nor is nobody trying to resist it. Therefore, according to the hadis of the Messenger of Allah, every member of Hezbut Tawheed today has earned the status of being a living, breathing martyr. However, the claim of shahadat for so many people is not an empty one, either it is all documented and the proof is being provided by the Almighty Himself. The proof is: according to the medical science within 2 hours of a person’s death, the body starts to become rigid. Within the next 12 hours it becomes as hard as a piece of wood and turns ice cold. The body stays that way for 24 hours after which it slowly starts getting softer to decompose. This is the biggest proof of death and referred to as ‘Rigor-mortis’. Bodies of all dead creatures- man and animal go through this same process. Yet, for sometime now, we have been observing with great amazement that this universal law of death is being altered in the case of Hezbut Tawheed members. In the case of any member’s passing away, the body neither turns rigid nor does the temperature turn sub-normal. Their bodies retain their lifetime flexibility and normal temperature. In one case the condition has remained the same even 27 hours after apparent death. It is not even that they died in battle to establish Allah’s truth- they died from common illnesses and some of them from injuries received in accidents. Also, these incidents are not one or two in number, many and all properly documented and correlated with witnesses’ names and signatures – which can be provided. The fact of a dead body not turning rigid is in direct contrast to all laws of medical science – and an unprecedented occurrence. The question is – what can the explanation for these extra ordinary, natural law defying incidents be? The only explanation is that the Almighty Allah has accepted the Dajjal resistant members of Hezbut Tawheed as shaheeds, martyrs even while they are alive. The Almighty has affirmed – “And call not those who are slain in the way of Allah, “dead”. They are living; they receive provision (Rezk) from their lord.”(Al Qur’an- Sura Baqara-154, Sura Emran-169). Therefore, the shaheeds, martyrs are living beings in the eyes of Allah. On the other hand, the Messenger of Allah has referred to those who resist the Dajjal as living shaheeds. Thus, in keeping with the word of Allah and His Rasul, those who are resisting the Dajjal of the Akheri Zamanah, i.e. the members of Hezbut Tawheed are not dieing, they are shaheeds, martyrs. And the fact of the matter is, members of Hezbut Tawheed who are actively involved in the resistance of the cursed Dajjal are earning the rewards of two shaheeds even in their lifetime. For this reason, their bodies do not go through the natural process of rigidity (Rigor Mortise) and icy coldness of death they remain soft and flexible. Although apparently death overcomes them, in truth they remain immortal; they just go behind the screen and disappear from our sight, when they are laid in their grave. Therefore, it is proved beyond doubt that what the Hezbut Tawheed is resisting, e.g. the Judeo–Christian civilization is the Dajjal. Also, it is proven that Hezbut Tawheed is the group about which the Messenger of Allah prophesized so many centuries ago. This greatest glad tiding has been brought to you today. The chance to receive the unimaginable honors and prestige associated with the resistance of the Dajjal is before us to make use of. Therefore let us all partake in this unique opportunity to win the honor of two magnificent shahadats. Read more: Islam and Dajjal
  21. One day a British man asked from a Muslim scholar:” why Muslim women are not allowed in Islam to shake a hand with men?” The scholar said: “could you take the hands of Queen Elizabeth in your hands?” English man said:” Of course not, only certain people are allowed to shake hands with the Queen” The scholar answered: Our Ladies are Queen and the Queen won’t shake hands with strange men.
  22. Unfathomable Zephyr

    A Muslimah's Dead Body?

    Salaam, Few days ago one of my friends asked me this question and I just couldn't come up with an answer :( Q: If a man's dead body is found on the street, we can check whether he was a muslim or a non-muslim (because of circumcision i guessed..there maybe some other reason as well, though). How would you find out the same thing about a woman's dead body? Is there a way to find out whether she was a Muslima or not? :donno:
  23. velayat2011

    Famine Fervor!

    If you want proof Mslmanyt, Muslims make sense! What is different is in America or Asia, in Europe or in Africa Yashd. The Muslim knows that Islam is a long time to break boundaries and always has been beyond human geography. Apparently wait for Muslimsto "FAO "They should call it the Red Crescent and the International Famine victims to hear start to move 2 million people are struggling with the death of those, 8 million more in the cache and still fighting famine have left over decorations Msjdman or to have the green light for the month of Ramadan, which towers high over our heads! I'm afraid of how theMuslim call for peace messenger hears that "any course of one night's sleep and his neighbor is hungry, not Muslim," but sleep?
  24. Salaam Alaykoum I was just curious about the faith of the Alawis. Some of my Shia friends while others do not. What do you guys say? I don't understand how they are to be considered muslims yet they do not find it obligory to fast, preform prayers, pay zakaat or do pilgrimage. Any opinions would be highly regarded. Salaam :)
  25. I believe the Quran says --> (2:163) And your god is one God. There is no deity [worthy of worship] except Him, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. In other words... We do not worship or pray to the prophets, imams, khalifa's, scholars, or any human being! JUST GOD!
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