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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 34 results

  1. Assalamu Aleykum, I am thinking of changing my marja and i came across Ayatullah Saanei so if anyone would like to share thoughts or knowledge on him that would be great :rolleyes:
  2. (salam) I was first in taqlid of Ayatollah Khamenei but later I replaced him with Ayatollah Sistani. I think I am in his taqlid now. Reasons: 1) Ayatollah Sistani is more knowledgeable than Ayatollah Khamenei. I came to this conclusion after visiting their websites. Ayatollah Sistani has solved more modern problems as compared to those solved by Ayatollah Khamenei. There are many examples: A. Adoption B. Gelatin C. Purity of People of the Book D. Brain death E. Contraception 2) Ayatollah Khamenei is unaware of some religious affairs like he believes its halal to play chess. I myself asked him whether I can play chess or not and I was replied: However, Ayatollah Sistani deems it haram to play chess. These points made me convert from Khamenei-ism to Sistani-ism. What do you all say?
  3. Ok Please Please do not hijack my post again with arguments, I think as shia we get enough bad press in the outside world without embarrassing our selves further with arguing about who follows who like teenage football fans. I am genuinely looking into this so if you have already answered I have read and noted the answers... so far mainly Sayyed sistani...But I want to know more. You may wonder why is a 30 year married woman and mother is suddenly asking about this... (*note to MOD I'm a lady not guy :P)... Well my baby is 5 months old, first I want to have chosen before she is old enough to start asking questions.... My two older sisters followed different people making Eid day a nightmare because we end up having it on different days, I being follower of "undecided" just celebrate twice. My parents have to keep changing because everytime they follow someone, said person dies (Khomeni, Khoie, then another one, then Fudhlula) and I'd like my guy to be alive! So has anyone actually looked into this, really weighed up options? who were the options? Are we all saying Sistani because the others aren't accessible in English? Please just limit responses to your personal experience/decision and why... lets not have another tit for tat... I am actually genuinely trying to learn here.
  4. Assalamu Alaikum. I have a quick question. In terms of picking a Marja, what are some key factors to use when deciding on which one to choose? There are so many to choose from, so is there an easier process to help eliminate certain one's? Thank you. Also, if you choose one, and realize he is not what you expected, can you choose another one?
  5. Why do we need marja... Those who dont wish to follow one....
  6. (bismillah) It's Sayed Abul Qasim Al Khoei's 21st death anniversary, lets all recite Surah al Fatiha for his soul. He was a Marja of taqleed for most Shia's and his profound contribution towards jurisprudential works and research will be remembered.
  7. There is a famous (?) story about man whose pregnant wife dies before giving birth and he goes to his marja to get his opinion on whether he should take the child out or just bury his pregnant wife along with the child. The marja asks him to bury his pregnant wife assuming the child died as well but just when the man was burying his wife, someone stops him and tells him that he has been sent by the marja and that the marja had made a mistake and he should take the child out before burying his dead wife. To everyones surprise the child comes out alive but when the marja hears this incident, he is shocked because he wasnt the one who had sent the guy to stop the burial. Realizing his mistake the marja decides to quit his post and probably leave his home as well when the Imam (atfj) comes to him and tells him that he (atfj) had sent the man to stop the burial because he (atjf) is responsible for correcting the marja when they are wrong. I heard the above story a long time ago. Can someone please provide references to this story.
  8. Salaam alaikum dear brothers and sister, hope you are all in great health. I was scrolling through the rules of this sight, when I stumbled on this one "Disrespect to any Mujtahid, Marja' Taqleed, or religious authority will not be tolerated whatsoever. Due to previous experience in this site with respect to the above rule, any topics which the moderators agree on to be of controversial nature and would lead to destructive debates and disunity amongst the Ummah will NOT be allowed on this forum. Members who do not abide by this rule would have their post locked/deleted followed by a warning/ban if they do not comply. Members are encouraged to discuss this in private (email or PM) as an alternative to avoid personal attacks and disunity on the site. The Shiachat.com team does however reserve the right to keep such threads open granted that it is put under heavy moderation and all parties engaged in the debate maintain a certain level of respect and maturity." I don't know if it's just me, but sometimes I think this rule isn't obeyed, and people get away with it far too often. For Example (correct me if I'm wrong) MDM got banned for insulting someone mother's chastity, despite the fact before that he out rightly insulted Sayed Khamenei in numerous ways. Just my observations. Please forgive me if i've made any mistakes.
  9. I'm trying to compile a list of Marjas who have published or have an accessible set of Islamic laws Anybody have links or titles of the less popular resalahs
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