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Found 2 results

  1. (bismillah) (salam) Dar'ul_Islam for admin! MacIsaac, Al-Mufeed, ~Ruqayah~, Nocturne and all the other admins out there, from what I know, since Her Highness, Lady Gypsy has resigned, we haven't got a substitute admin and I think Dar'ul_Islam is the perfect man for the job: he is very mannered, has loads of knowledge, not extreme in anyway, patient, not insulting, tolerant and also proficient in his use of language! #Democracy, #DarulIslamforAdmin
  2. (salam) Some of you might have already guessed the real purpose behind this topic. I'd like to give my thanks to some specific members as well as some other general group of members. But before that, here I go on a rant about myself, how I got here, what I learnt etc. Bear with me if you can, but if patience and you are enemies of each other, then you might as well skip to the part where I give my thanks to the members, and if you're "lucky", you might be one of them I first came to SC when I tried researching about Zulfiqar, the sword of Imam Ali (as) . One of the first few entries on google search was a thread on SC, and when I opened up the forum, I was amazed as to how much I could learn from it. When I made my account, I initially aimed it for the sole purpose of being able to speak my mind openly against Sunnis of this forum, however few there were and still are, given that I had passed out from a school full of Sunnis/borderline Wahabbis. But as I matured through the months and years that followed, I couldn't have had more transient views than at that time. Initially I was all for cursing the Caliphs and the two women, but then completely against it, and tried to advocate Shia-Sunni RELIGIOUS unity, and then I was convinced to be back to the real path, i.e. Tabarra from the three and two. Ah gotta love how Naive I was, and perhaps still am. And then I was linked to many concepts like Taqlid, the 52 raka'ats of a real Shia, Mutah, and many other resources to laws like music being forbidden etc. This forum is a portal for lost and confused Shias like myself to knowledge. I have learnt A LOT in these 2+ years I have spent at SC. And for that, I will shortly credit individual people. This forum has been a family, a blessing, a curse, a place to vent anger on retarded Bakris, depression, and frustration, a source of depression itself, as well as a beacon of knowledge. However my time here has ended, and I must deny myself access to this website because it's becoming more of a waste of time. Please bear in mind that the order of the members described below doesn't necessarily reflect my preference as to who is the best out of them. I don't have an answer to such a question. Haydar Husayn: I will probably be bashed for this, but I have learnt a lot from him, especially when I read his recent topics on issues such as asking Imams (as) for help directly, as well as his contribution to Mutah and marriage threads. Sure, his approach is somewhat questionable, but when one truly digests what he writes, he's not exactly the kind of misogynist people tend to make him out to be. It should be interesting to note that I still disagree with him on topics like Taqlid and Politics, and still skeptical about the hudud on Apostasy, but he has my respect nevertheless. Baradar Jackson: The complete opposite to Haydar Husayn. This dude is as funny as they come, and while some of his posts may appear devoid of intellect, his awesome sense of humor makes up for it. Some of his views on Iran and Ayatullahs Khomeini and Khamenei have convinced me to pay my respects to the Iranian people (the TRUE Iranians, who are religious, not the retarded Greenies and the Shah-era Iranians). Macisaac: The grand master Facist Rafidhi, and the hadith guru. In times when he's in a good mood and doesn't ignore you, he can give you a plethora of ahadith to think about, as well as the correlating verses of the Quran. Don't mess with him, cuz he's bada$$. Then again, I have views which differ from his especially when it comes to politics and Taqlid. That doesn't mean I won't get along with him. Replicant: Ah this chap. Gotta love him, even though I'm his nemesis. Outstanding akhlaq, and impeccable experiences to share. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani's personal agent on this website ;) not that I mind that, I listen to the Sayed myself, despite having differences of opinion. The mutual Wahabbi bashing shall never be forgotten. Ugly Jinn: While at first I hated him and maligned so much so that I opened up a thread on his name, after reading through some of the debates he participates in, I realize he's quite objective and keen on learning. Noah- : the politics guru of this forum. Gotta love how he demolishes arguments put forth by trolls like Jerks4all and Prof. Higgens. Placid and Son of Placid: Incredibly polite Christians, and despite the fact that I barely commented on Inter-religion topics, I find them to quite sincere. Trolls: This includes the aforementioned Jerks4all and his sidekick higgins, as well as Satyaban and many other trolls who were banned. Thank you for letting me go all out against you, because if I said even a little bit of the stuff I spewed your way in real life to Bakris/Sunnis, I'd probably be blown to smithereens. But, Taqiyyah FTW :) ImAli: LOVED, just LOVED some of your profile pictures. Trollface hijabi is epic win :D Ummul Shiachat Hameedeh: Even though I didn't interact much with her, the aura of maturity and wisdom this lady exhibits is unparalleled on this forum. May Allah prolong her life and grant her success. Same prayer to everyone else, except for people hell-bent on the extermination of Shias like Mr. Jerks4all. _________________________ I know for a fact that my demeanor was fully of rudeness, and I exhibited poor akhlaq on many occasions, so I will ask you all as a brother in faith that you forgive me, for am I just like any other human being, prone to erring, while finally trying to improve myself, at least as of late. Some of you might remember that I've been diagnosed with clinical depression, and even though I'm not proud of it, I'm not ashamed of it either. Inshallah in due time with some rigid willpower it shall diminish. Mods/Admins, I'd like you to give me a window of 24 hours before you lock this thread and drop the banhammer on me as I requested. Speaking of mods, you guys have been doing a splendid job Mashallah. Keep this forum rocking. It has been an honor and pleasure being a part of this online family and refuge. Thank you all, may Allah bless you and in the name of His Blessed and Treasured Servants the Ahlul Bayt (as) grant you their wisdom, knowledge, patience and strength. Bring on the hate-mail.
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