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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I consort to the notions that nothing is more beautiful than the powers vested in He who ordains law to its highest consequence. For understanding such without understanding sound virtue is a desecration to He who ordained these laws and those without understanding are left to the vicissitudes of unjust causes, orders, and unnatural ways of dealings within the spheres of logical consequence, inference, and logical sound hood which is vested in the laws of those who understand power structures. For there is no power but He for those who disseminate law without understanding such constructs of existence in the highest planes of thought will resolve themselves to natures unfitting for those who practice law and practice the jurisprudence of a higher nature. For natures must be resolved within the constructs and countenances of human beings, in their demeanor, in their presence, in their just presence with their parents, in their just presence with their children, with all prior to embarking unto such avenues of justice. For justice unto the family must come prior to justice in worldly order. For the ties which are vested in the heavens are verily tied within the ties in the hemispheres of the earth. For mankind understands such notions as methods are drawn to rebuke such honest candor for power structures within the linguistics of those who understand law to its highest degree. For those who understand the legacies of those who understood law from the heavenly ordinances understand that love and mercy is paramount prior to embarking upon law which imbues power unto the self. For the self is destroyed amidst power for power unto one is a desecration for there is no power but He for His love and mercy pervades and His power surveys that which is a natural consequence of His love and mercy. For imbuing love and mercy is a necessity and to imbue constructs of law without emotional consequence is to consequent the necessary components of justice into a piece meal articulation which denies the truth of the highest matter in the truest form of understanding. For love decimates and pierces through the highest congruency of falsified natures for such exist within the lessons of law in the highest order of the West and to embark upon such without sound ordinances and knowledge is to decimate one's own integrity. For it is such natures which must be reprimanded and the jurisprudence of such is such that must be reconciled with the logical assets of those who understand sound conduct, grammar, rhetoric, lack of rhetoric, and that which is a necessity prior to the articulations and embarkment in such facets of law. For Law is inherent to the adjudications of all which transpires through the heavens and the earth. And those who deny themselves understanding Law prior to embarking on law, are vested in learning powers of an egregious nature. For it is inherent in our natures to learn of He prior to visiting such realms of thought. For without such understanding, we are left to the trappings of the devils who wish to confuse that which is inherently righteous with that which is meticulously imbued through the power of logical concourses of an unnatural consequence which is vested in the manipulations of those who understand the virtue of the word. For the word is powerful and unto those who understand the necessities of the heavens are forbidden from entering such structures without having a strong foundation of imaan and ihsan. Only those will prosper in the higher ordinances of law in the west.
  2. SALAM!! In Quran it is said for men to provide food and clothing to your wife. For wives it is guided to always keep happy your husband and obey what he says to except for Haram. But what about giving love to your wives. Here by love I don't mean (intercourse), I mean to always make her feel that her husband is loyal to her and is very happy to have her. Is there any thing said in Quran to always love your wife other than just fulfilling her material needs?
  3. Asalamu alaikum, I have been trying to deal with this issue for quite some time now. I am a devouted shia muslim. I do my prayers, fasting, don't drink, gamble, fornicate, or any of those things. But what I do wonder is that why is homosexuality a bad thing? I read into it a lot and hear so many of their stories on how they have to struggle to live their lives. Now we can say that perhaps they weren't born like this since biologically homosexuality is useless and that they chose this path instead. But it doesn't seem to be that way when I read about it, and getting to learn more about it. Now of course we as Muslims believe they are sinful since for another reason aside from it being not natural which is that this will in turn lead to other types of sexuality such as bestiality, incest, pedophilia, necrophilia and what not. So I don't believe in the short term but in the long term instead. Even if USA enacted a law which accepts gay marriage now its only been a year since then. But there is a long term course of gay acceptance in the Netherlands and I did my research about it and found out that its just the same as straight marriages. I hope anyone out there can be give a reasonable explanation on how this is considered wrong or at least how we as Muslims should deal with it now with all this awarness and information about them instead of just murdering them at blank point.
  4. Just curious to see how the poll goes. Also, explain your viewpoint, if you want to.
  5. I am 17, and I am pondering my options for marriage for after college..... I worry about my chances with all of them.... girl a) my childhood friend, who is 17, like me (even born on the same day lol) who I last spoke to when I was 10, and last saw when I was 13....I might have ruined my chances by trying to creating an alternate facebook account under a girl's name to find out how she feels about me astagfirullah.....but I deactivated the account and stopped the plan before I could execute it....my father found out about it, and said he would tell the girl's father, which caused an enormous falling out with my father, who already lives 4 hours away....she was the first girl I ever admired, and I share many memories with her...our dads are friends, and we are both connected through the gulen movement....I might see her after college.... girl b) my cousin, who is 15, who I have not seen since I was 14, and I have not spoken to since I was 15.....I might have ruined my chances there, too.....I told her astagfirullah I was in love with her when I was 15 and she was 13.....I never heard from her again.....she even added me on instagram, and then blocked me......I might see her after high school, if I can manage to leave alternative school by the end of the year... girl c) my other childhood friend, who is two years younger but still 14.....I have more recent memories of her....I knew her from when I was 10 to when I was 13...and then she moved....I last saw her when I was 14.....I was friends with her in the 5th grade.....although as I went through puberty I felt more lust for her than love.....our moms are friends, and we are both part of the gulen movement...I might see her after college
  6. TOC: Post 1 = Introduction Post 2 = Article Post 3 = FAQ This is an article that I have been writing for the past couple of weeks, in response to some of the brothers/sisters in the forum who had question about the correct way of marrying according to Islam, especially since we are prohibited from being friends with non-mahram before marriage. This is a combination of solutions that I have heard from scholars in Iran, with my own adjustment, so that it becomes more fitting to the situation of the people in other countries. This is almost the first draft of the article, so I will be working on it for the next one or two week. Corrections, suggestions, objections, and questions are all welcome and very much appreciated, as I will be trying to make a long-lasting reading material for the people deciding to start a new family. For the same reason I am assigning the third post of this topic to the frequently asked questions; so, please do not shy away from asking your questions. I think it might be too much too ask, but I kind of hope that the moderators pin this to the top of a forum so that it is available for further readers, if such a thing is not available already. Thank you
  7. Asalamu Aalaikum, I always believed that fortification was and is bad. Marriage is always the best solution to a loving relationship with sex included. But being in my late teens I and still not married and probably won't in another five to six years I yearn for sex. I desire it everyday and I hate it since it distracts me from my daily life and my relationship with my female peers. I've always wished that I can just have regular sex without anything attached. That's when my dad told me about Muta'a which is when you and your partner sign an agreement to have a sort of marriage that lasts according to how long they want. Which for me seems great! I can finally have sex and let it out of my system but I also wondered if this is something sinful or not or if its considered prostitution. I remember hearing that there is an ayah that proves it is legal and another one that doesn't so if you can reach out and help me with this topic I'll appreciate that. (I would like to have as many different views on this topic if possible)
  8. I am 17 now, and I am a brother, and I often hold grudges over little things, and even pray for people's deaths when they wrong me.....for instance, a 9th grader girl in my school told me she couldn't sit next to me because she was moving this weekend and it was her last day at the school....but sure enough, the next week i found her in the library and confronted her.......i tried apologizing, but she wouldn't accept my apology....so one morning, i decided to stare at her through her classroom window....a teacher's assistant came and yelled at me and threatened to take action if I did this again......i prayed for both their deaths, and told my parapro, who then deducted points from my behavioral point sheet....i ended up dropping a level, making it harder for me to leave alternative school by the end of this year and go to turkey in 15 months like my dad promised me he would if i was in regular ed for a whole year.....i also referred to the teacher (not the assistant) as a "state sponsor of terrorism" (and inside joke i have is referring to people as nations....pls help me i swear im not trolling) A gigantic 12th grade boy was bullying this girl by tapping her ipad which she uses for school, she told him to stop, but he wouldn't. so i told on him, and i told him i told on him, and he said, "and you wonder why you have no friends...." (I have autism)...i prayed for his death.... also, another 12th grader was picking on the same girl, by closing her ipad, so i told on him and he got in big trouble.........he then called me a snitch.....i prayed for his death, and rejoiced in my victory over him....... i also pray for fox news anchors' death and pamela geller's death..... is this haram? i know praying for tyrants' deaths is halal, but what about smaller evils? and how do I get over grudges?
  9. Asalamu Aalaikum, I hope as many Muslim women help spread this thread. Now I'm not going to ask about how to gain self confidence or the courage to ask a girl out or all the things a desperate guy needs to have to be able to find his one true love of his life. I already have those traits. I'm talking about asking conservative Muslim girls on dates since I'm 18. Now I know that I should perhaps wait until I'm 25 and get married. But that's seven years away. Do I really need to wait that much just to get a simple Muslim girlfriend were we can go on dates and just talk? I want to have some minor relationship before I get married. Perhaps I'm doing this because of peer pressure or since I want to show my friends that I can get a girl. I have seen many videos and tutorials from before of guys just asking out random girls on the street and getting their number with enough confidence and I got inspired by that. But those videos involve western countries with western women and men. How about when I ask Muslim girls out? I feel that I just want to have at least one relationship before I get married. So for all Muslim girls here, please give me some advice on to ask you out.
  10. Asslamu alaykum, How broad or specific is the sentence "When one loves a thing it blinds him and sickens his heart."? Does it mean the haram only? A person? Something material? Everything? Or only some things? "When one loves a thing it blinds him and sickens his heart. Then he sees but with a diseased eye, hears but with unhearing ears. Desires have cut asunder his wit, and the world has made his heart dead, while his mind is all longing for it. Consequently, he is a slave of it and of everyone who has any share in it. Wherever it turns, he turns towards it and wherever it proceeds, he proceeds towards it. He is not desisted by any desister from Allah, nor takes admonition from any preacher. He sees those who have been caught in neglect whence there is neither rescission nor reversion. " - Imam Ali(As) [Nahjul Balagha Sermon 108] Website: http://www.nahjulbalagha.org/Nahjul-Balagha-Sermons/nahjul-balagha-sermon-108.html JazakAllah.
  11. (salam) Brothers & Sisters, I trust you are all in the best of health. Firstly a dua for you all. I pray that all you brothers and sisters who are married have the best marriage filled with love and compassion. And both of you grow stronger religiously together and never ever ever have to face separation. And if you are facing difficulty in marriage may Allah(swt) put mercy and love in your hearts for each other. Ameen. And for those brothers and sisters who are not yet married, I pray that you find the best spouse who would love and cherish you. Put all your needs before his/her own needs. And you never ever ever have to face separation. Ameen. I got married several months ago and I have been researching on marriage rights and divorce quite a lot. For what I have understood, marriage in Islam is such a sacred bond but nowadays we are toying with it, abusing it. Why? Allah(swt) has made this bond so beautiful. Allah(swt) has made your spouse your garment. A human being who supports you emotionally and completes you. Your spouse is your wonderful companion. Allah(swt) has put mercy and love between you two. :wub: I have seen couples separating and for the most absurd reasons. The divorce rate is on the rise which really pains my heart. Islamically, it is a permissible act but why do we forget that it is disliked by Allah(swt). I was researching on what kind of women should be divorced and came across the following hadith. I hope it will stress my point of writing this thread. It was reported to the Holy Prophet that Abu Ayyub Ansari had decided to divorce his wife. The Prophet knew the woman personally. He also knew that Abu Ayyub's decision was not justified. He said: "Divorcing Umme Ayyub (Abu Ayyub's wife) is a deadly sin". The Holy Prophet said that Gabriel had exhorted and counselled him so much in respect of women that he felt that it was not permissible to divorce a woman, except when she was guilty of adultery. Imam Sadiq (AS) has reported that the Holy Prophet said: "There is nothing more pleasing to Allah(swt) than the house where a marriage takes place, and nothing is more displeasing to Him(swt) than the house where it is severed by divorce" Imam Sadiq (AS) has also said that the word 'divorce' has been mentioned in the Qur'an time and again and its details have been given because Allah(swt) hates separation of couples. AI-Tabarsi in the Makarim al-Aklaq has quoted the Prophet as saying: "Do marry but do not divorce, for divorce shakes the throne of Allah(swt)". Imam Sadiq (AS) has said: "No permissible act is more displeasing to Allah than divorce. Allah dislikes those who resort to divorce again and again". May Allah(swt) have mercy on us all and also guide us to the right path. And also make us in to a true momin. Ameen. (wasalam)
  12. (bismillah) a Strong Message for us all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faOcraq4QYA Blessings to you all N
  13. (salam) I wanted to compile a list of all the 'romantic' verses of the Qur'an in the sense of marriage and couples. Most of these translations are Sahih International with a few exceptions. If you know of any more, please contribute. "It has been made permissible for you the night preceding fasting to go to your wives. They are clothing for you and you are clothing for them..." [2:187] "O mankind, fear your Lord, who created you from one soul and created from it its mate and dispersed from both of them many men and women. And fear Allah , through whom you ask one another, and the wombs. Indeed Allah is ever, over you, an Observer." [4:1] "It is He who created you from one soul and created from it its mate that he might dwell in security with her. And when he covers her, she carries a light burden and continues therein. And when it becomes heavy, they both invoke Allah , their Lord, "If You should give us a good [child], we will surely be among the grateful.'" [7:189] "And Allah has made for you from yourselves mates and has made for you from your mates sons and grandchildren and has provided for you from the good things. Then in falsehood do they believe and in the favor of Allah they disbelieve?" [16:72] "...and women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity: these are not affected by what people say: for them there is forgiveness, and a provision honourable." [24:26] "And those who say, "Our Lord, grant us from among our wives and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us an example for the righteous.'" [25:74] "And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought." [30:21] "And Allah created you from dust, then from a sperm-drop; then He made you mates. And no female conceives nor does she give birth except with His knowledge. And no aged person is granted [additional] life nor is his lifespan lessened but that it is in a register. Indeed, that for Allah is easy." [35:11] "Exalted is He who created all pairs - from what the earth grows and from themselves and from that which they do not know." [36:36] "He created you from one soul. Then He made from it its mate, and He produced for you from the grazing livestock eight mates. He creates you in the wombs of your mothers, creation after creation, within three darknesses. That is Allah , your Lord; to Him belongs dominion. There is no deity except Him, so how are you averted?" [39:6] "[He is] Creator of the heavens and the earth. He has made for you from yourselves, mates, and among the cattle, mates; He multiplies you thereby. There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the Hearing, the Seeing." [42:11] "Enter Paradise, you and your wives, in happiness." [43:70] "And We created you in pairs" [78:8] And lastly, the verse of love: "Say, [O Muhammad], "If you should love Allah , then follow me, [so] Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.'" [3:31] <3
  14. If you listen to one YouTube video for past 8 weeks continuously, maybe 20 times a day, sing it in the shower, sleep and wake up murmuring the words, listen to it right after salat and think of it as a dua, singing it to self while in grocery store and people ogling you like you are crazy, I think this will qualify as an addiction. I'm addicted to this. I want something else to be addicted to. I need help!
  15. Sallam Alikum, What's the difference between Juz, and Chapter? And also where do we know what chapter is a surah in? Just by counting the surah? Or how does it work?
  16. (bismillah) (salam) salam brothers and sisters,i am someone who has fallen in love with a girl, i want to know, is love haraam?if not,what is the haraam thing that could be avoided?Thank you (wasalam)
  17. I had always had a strong connection and chemistry with someone i had known and grown up with all my life, we had a relaltionship when we were younger at around 13-14 we were both young and stupid and got caught by my mother, then last year it all started again, we love each other so much and we both still do, things started to get serious really quickly, he said he wants to get married and i agreed, anyways things got serious really quickly and he convinced me that we would be together no matter what even though we both knew we would have massive problems with our parents accepting us, but i still believed and trusted him, unfortunately i allowed for the worst to happen, we both committed zina and fornication without nikkah, this now means i am no longer a pure girl. months went by and things were going great except for his parents who were strongly against me simply because they did not like me and they wanted a bride from their home land. two weeks before my birthday he stopped talking to me, i was really confused and i didn't know why, he broke up with me because of his parents and he said that he is going to get married to the person they desire only because he does not want to disrespect his parents for Allah's sake, but what about me ? he has basically ruined my life if he marries another, how am i supposed to get married to someone else like this? what will my parents do when they find out from a future husband? does respecting his parents outweigh leaving me like this with no future? anyway, he is about to go and get nikkah with someone very shortly, my mother found out about our recent relationship and she asked if we had commited zina or fornication but i was too afraid to tell her the truth, she said that it will ruin your honour, our families honour, and your future, i really wanted to tell her that we did fornicate and commit zina but i was so scared, what do i do ? do i tell her? do i leave it? please please help me as he is going to get married soon and i dont want to be too late to take action
  18. Salam AleykomI have dreamed several times that my husband is cheating on me. What does that mean?
  19. It seems to me that Breakups are a bit of a taboo around us. Despite our best efforts at being non-judgmental, there seems to be a lot of pressure to make things work your first time. Or to make them work, period. Now this can be a good thing, to instill in us the essential values of patience and compromise. We've all seen those cases where immaturity leads to disaster. And if you're even in a borderline open-minded community, cases of physical abuse or blatant disregard of Sharia are considered valid reasons to break up. But anyone who's been there knows that there is no fine line there. My question is, what happens when you're mature (the people around you second that), you try to make it work (a couple years), and you're still not sure about the relationship? When you can't really explain your reasons to the people closest to you, or even yourself? Let's say hypothetically that the family's great, and the guy can be trusted not to intentionally do anything against Sharia. But he comes from a different background, has different views on what it means to be conservative and supportive and just how much a woman should be submissive to a guy. Bottom line, you have doubts. What would you do? Is there anyone out there with a case that sounds similar? I'd also love to hear from anyone on their second try, relationship-wise. Thanks!
  20. Salaam, The question is self explanatory, but here's the thing.. The females parents are both shia syed but the male has a Sunni father and shia mother? Is it permissible? Please help!
  21. Salam alaykum brothers and sisters. It´s hard for me to start this topic but i´ll try not to say too much! I´m a teenager girl and I have this habit of falling in love pretty easy without even knowing the "guy" and i hate it soo bad! :no: "Todays society" i really want to get away from this "habit" and recently i´m developing feelings for a guy which is not shia, he is sunni and I think about him all day and all night, I kind of love him soo much I want to marry him but I can´t see a future with him and me because it will cause problems. It´s just soo wrong and i can´t control myself. I need to become more religious and i need to know how? If someone could link some lectures it would be nice. I need a life change and I know that Ahlebayt/Islam is the way, I want to depend everything on Allah and just know that he is the one who will never dissapoint me. Jazakk.
  22. Salam, I'm a bit of a mess. I started wearing the hijab 5 years ago. It was natural for me to do it. I just did it because I felt it was the right thing to do. A year later, a started suffering from bad anxiety and panic attacks... even leaving my house would be a problem. I skipped a lot of classes and wouldn't go out with friends. I became more shy and quiet. I lost myself. I lost my bubbly personality. I always have my family and friends driving me everywhere because i get horrible anxiety when I take the bus/subway. Anyway, so last year I met this guy. He wanted to get to know me (the halal why) he met why family and all that. We had a great relationship. He actually helped me without knowing it, he would make my anxiety disapear. We would go out to places and I wouln't have panic attacks at all. He didn't even know I had anxiety issues. And as the date of the khotbe approched... he called me and said it was over... It was the biggest slap... we never fought, never had problems, everything was going fine. Now that he left I feel like I have to reconstruct myself and get better but the hijab has been an obstacle in many ways. I can't find a job and I just don't feel like myself anymore. I feel like I need to find myself. What should I do? Thank you
  23. It has all topics covered from Life to Religion. Check it out. Its pretty beneficial. Ill add each question I hear while I watch. Why is a women not obligated to contribute equally as a man?How can we as parents balance Islamic concept of obedience and respect of parents with the Me & I element within the western born children?Temporary Marriage (mutah)Abrogation (quran/hadith) (wasalam)
  24. Bismillah arrahaman arrahim, I'm a young sister (18 y.o) and I was wondering how should a woman be with her husband. I'm not married but I want to ask married woman how do they behave with their husband, what's our role? We should follow Sayyeda Fatima al Zahraa (as) so what are your advices for young sisters that still don't know marriage? So that we are prepared. Thank you, with duaas.
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