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Found 4 results

  1. Salam, I'm a Syed Shia girl i was having very beautiful love life with a very sincere person he is Syed too but when we decided to get marry his parents are not agreeing without any specific reason which is causing so much trouble for both of us as we wanted their happiness too. Can anyone please suggest me some dua or amaal for hajat so that we can live a happy life with each other. JazakAllah
  2. Assalam o Alaikum I am a 24 year old business grad and I have graduated from a top university in Pakistan. I have a decent paying job Alhamdulilah plus I run my own online business which earns alot MashaAllah. I am in a mess. I have been in a relationship with a fellow classmate who also happens to be a shia. I have been in love with her for several years and I have always wanted to marry her. We have been formally in a relationship since the past 3 years. Also in a temporary marriage for the past 1 year. The time period of our contractual marriage ends on 28th Feb. We have shared a severe physical plus emotional relationship. We havent had intercourse though but we have been in all other kinds of sexual relationship. She is the only person in this world I am attached to and she has been my motivation to achieve whatever I have achieved in life. I am a Shia Syed but my mother comes from a non syed background plus a sunni family. She has converted to Shia Islam Alhamdulilah and is a fully practicing Shia. I sent a proposal on 10th Rabiulawal and all went smoothly. The girl's father is very strict so we sent the proposal without telling the girls father that we both liked each other. My parents knew everything and were very understanding. The girls mother also knew that her daughter liked me but was unaware of the severity of her liking. I didnt go with my parents to her house. Instead my parents requested their parents to come at our place and meet me. The girls dad became suspicious of the rishta and suspected that his daughter had some interest in me. He deliberately avoided coming to meet me. He tricked the girls mother to tell him that his daughter liked me. As soon as he found out he got angry and got her committed to someone else. By committed I mean a verbal agreement to get her married to someone else. He didnt even meet me. He has issues with my mom being an ex sunni and her being a non syed. I am a Syed since my father is a syed. Plus he has the other issue of not allowing a love marriage. The girl is very weak and accepted her fathers decision. She called me and told me that she cant disappoint her parents and that I should forget her and move on because her father would never agree. I feel cheated and betrayed because she swore on God that she wont marry anyone else. The father has ego issues and cant allow love marriage because he believes that the society would talk bad about him since he has this image of being a strict person. Her dad is very stubborn. My dad tried to meet her dad but he called him and told him that he doesnt want to talk on this matter anymore. Her parents dont know the severity of our relationship. They dont know that we were physically involved or were in a mutah. She says that she cant tell them. She has cut off all communication from me. She also worked in the same workplace as me but resigned immediately after this incident. She doesn't have her phone anymore as her mother took it from her. As far as I know the guy she has been hooked with lives abroad and it would take a few months for him to come back and then the Nikkah to happen. The guy who she has been engaged to is unaware of the entire situation. Not only they are being unfair with me they are also being unfair with another family who have no idea about the situation. I have been mentally disturbed I cry all day all night. I am so attached to her that I just cant move on. We have literally been living together for 7 years. Being together in school plus university and then talking all night. Everyone says that it is now impossible for anything to happen. But I have been praying a lot. I have been reciting several duas, have been asking God for forgiveness, staying away from all kinds of sins. I believe that nothing is impossible for God. Duas change destiny. I have been reading Ziarat e Ashura, Dua e Alqama, Dua e Tawassul, Dua Yastasheer on a daily basis alongside the obligatory prayers. Please advice as to what other Duas i can read. Someone who has been in a similar situation like me and read some dua which turned impossible to possible? I am desperate for prayers. Moreover, I also want to know my rights as her temporary husband. The girl is my wife till 28th Feb and she got engaged during this period to another guy. I cant understand how a girl who has been so physically involved with me even imagine of getting married to any1 else. But she has always been very weak and she just cant stand up to her father no matter what. Do I have any Islamic rights in the above mentioned scenario? As her husband? Please also give some advice about powerful duas which have proven results. Also a dua which could change her fathers heart or decision. This is a very difficult time for me and I am extremely disturbed emotionally. I know this difficulty is a result of the sins I have committed. I am repenting sincerely and hope that God forgives me. I strongly believe in the power of dua. But everyone around me tells me to stop hoping and to start to move on. I cant keep on praying plus move on at the same time. What should I do? Please advice. Please pray that the father agrees. It would be a miracle but nothing is impossible for God. Also recommend some duas. JazakAllah
  3. Salam ! I need some serious help here i want to get married to a the person i love we both are syed shia but the only reason is my father disagrees that its a love marriage n hes giving excuses that he is not stable enough to keep me after marriage please iv done amals n duas i knw its a stage of patience but i need some really serious amals to make my father agree :(
  4. Assalam-o-Alaikum, This is my first thread , i am very confused and i want an answer from Sharia or from our Prophet or Imam's view point. Note: I am using "MEL" instead of her name I love a girl and we both really wanted to marry. We both are Shia Muslim from Pakistani background.She (MEL) is a British Pakistani whereas I was working in the UK . I am a Pakistani guy from a very religious family background. In 2010 MEL told me to go back to Pakistan and settle their before sending a marriage proposal therefore i did what she said and sent the proposal to her parents as soon as i got settled in Pakistan, They visited us in 2012 and after 2 days they said NO to my parents.They made the following issues to support their decision: 1) I am based in Pakistan 2) They don't want their daughter to move to Pakistan or anywhere and they want her to stay close to them in UK. 3) I am not well settled financially even though I was doing a good job ( and i am from a well off family and owned my own house ) 4) I am from an Urdu Speaking background whereas they are from Punjabi background 5) They don't like the fact that their daughter has chosen her life partner I truly loved her and had no other intentions other than spending a happy life with her therefore I always wanted to live in Pakistan with her and she was also wanted to live in Pakistan with my family but after the refusal i even told her parents that I will move back to the UK if they don't want to send their daughter to Pakistan but still they refused:(. I took that refusal to heart and started seeking inner peace from Allah, before that i was totally opposite to my family and i was a very open minded and liberal kind of person. That refusal changed my life and now I strictly follow my prayers, read and follow Quran , dua's and try to be a good Muslim .I still speak to her sometimes but just as a friend although i still love her and want her to be my life partner. I did istekhaara twice and both the times it comes as good / yes. Now there is another Pakistani based guy and he wants to marry MEL too .This guy has not sent any proposal yet because he has not disclose or told anything to his parents about MEL but MEL's family knows about him that he likes their daughter. Now MEL's parents are forcing her to talk to this guy because he is from a very rich family and they don't want to lose this potential proposal .Her parents wants her to start liking him so he will send an official proposal. Moreover That guy wants to move to USA.Now MEL's parents don't have any aforementioned issues which they made when i sent my proposal Her parents are being greedy and giving importance to financial status over everything.They are going against their own decisions which they made when I sent my proposal. My Question is : 1)What does our Prophet or Imam (A.S) says about love marriage? 2) Is she allowed to marry against her parents' will because they are giving importance to worldly and financial status over my dedication , Islamic way of life and sincerity ?? 3) If that girl stands against her parents and tell them that she will not marry anyone because its a hypocrisy and she will only marry me is that stance is allowed in Islam?? 4) Also suggest what is the best thing I should do in this matter as i am really confused Kindly Answer my question in the light of our Prophet's (pbuh) or Imams (A.S) teachings as I don't want to go or do anything which is against the teaching of Islam.
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