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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) I've been working with my father in the family business and have tried to expand our company by landing some lucrative deals. I know, I know, sounds very materialistic, but I want to inject the earnings back into the company because we love what we do. However, so far, all my father and I receive are disappointments and slumps, not catching a break. We tried to participate in two government tenders which, if we won, would give our company a boost. But there is SO.MUCH.CORRUPTION. on SO.MANY.LEVELS. with collusive douchebags on the inside. I just hate life. We had been planning to do these two tenders for nearly SIX DAMN MONTHS and we get screwed over by money hungry fiends. I was going to pay off my school loans with the money we would earn and now I'm back to square one. This has landed me in despair. Has anyone got duas for me which I can recite? Perhaps for a better livelihood and bread-winning? tl;dr - Life sucks and I hate it.
  2. That you're going to die very soon? (with these points) - you're not more than the age of 25 - you've family responsibilities although you're not married - you do religious stuff but god has not pardoned you and death is the punishment soon coming towards you Now What to do?
  3. What a lecture. The whole lecture makes you shiver... May Allah increase all of our lives inshAllah and if we have to die, may we die in goodness and in piety. Watch his other lectures here: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235026068-sayed-mahdi-modaressi-muharram-lectures-2014/
  4. I believe this lecture is very worth listening and sharing, especially in todays communities. Share and send it to everyone. It touches every single factor, from our role, our mannerism, friendship, parenting, drugs, purpose of life, the significance of Karbala, prophethood and imamate, Allah swt, everything. Please take time to listen to this. Very profound and emotional. Eltimas-e-dua (wasalam) Lecture starts at 1 hr and 5 minutes. You can find his other recent 2014 lectures here: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235026115-hassanain-rajabali-muharram-lectures-2014/
  5. Salam everyone, I have a question regarding the destiny of ones life. I am sort of confused about life . I don't understand if God controls things and if he does,how much does he control them. It confuses me because sometimes I feel like when I try to change things in my life , theres no result , even though i keep trying and hoping for a change. I surely don't try to change things that are unchangeable . So it lefts me with dispair , so i start asking myself if it's Gods willing, and if it is .. Is it for the best? Do i have to stop trying because maybe when God will want something to happen to me it will happen ? I'm just very confused. Hope I was clear with my questionning!
  6. Unfortunately there are people in this world who are in poverty. People without homes and without clothes, without food and water etc. How are these people expected to prayer to God. I understand that this is a very small minority of the world's population but how is someone living in a poor country in Africa expected to prayer when they don't even have water to perform wuduh. Or a woman/man expected to cover their bodies when they don't have clothes? I don't know maybe these people are let off because of their situation, I'm not suggesting God forces us to do things we can't, but I was wondering what your opinions are?
  7. Subhanallah. These lecturers are more worth while, that when you hear about the deen of Allah, in your sights is one of the greatest servants of Allah. inshAllah I will try and post every lecture. They are being uploaded here: https://www.youtube.com/user/imamhussein3tv/videos May Allah bless you all in this holy moth. Eltimas-e-dua (wasalam) These are series with sayed Mustafa al-Qazwini about Ramadhan, and the deeds which all Muslims should do in this holy month, however, some of the behavior which muslims have to behave in their lifetime will be highlighted in these series as well. 1st Night: LIVE from Karbala with Sayid Mustafa al Qazwini-1st Ramadhan 1435, 30-06-2014 In this episode He speaks about the benefits of the holy month of Ramadhan regarding self-control and experiencing the feeling of poverty. He highlights that The ninth month of the Islamic Hijri calendar, Ramadhan. holds a special significance for Muslims around the world. It is in this month that Muslims attempt to let go of the worldly pleasures and decide to reorient themselves towards being better humans — humans that are not so lost in the pursuit of their desires that they cannot sense the needs of others. The cruelties that man shows towards his own body round the year are redressed in this month. The body is allowed to rejuvenate and repair the damage caused during the rest of the year. Conscience, that guiding light, is strengthened and prepared to shine through the dark alleys of human greed. And the soul is provided with the spiritual nourishment that it needs to connect with its creator. Although he mentioned many obvious benefits for fasting have been observed both by spiritualists as well as scientists, by this episode the viewers can find that Muslim fasts because God has so commanded. This, while it may seem dogmatic, is inherently cogent. A command of an omniscient god cannot possibly be wrong because if it was then He wouldn't be omniscient. However, this holds good provided it can be established through reason that it is indeed His command. This is one of the fundamental rationales of the Islamic thought and the foundation of its call to acceptance because faith built on unreasonable premises is unworthy of submission. 2nd Night: Live from Karbala with Sayid Mustafa al Qawini - 2 Ramadhan 1435 - 01-07-2014 The topic of this episode is the relationships between people, or in another words brotherhood and sisterhood and friendship between them. He highlights onto the advantages of them as well as how can we be able to be friends and to be a good brothers or sisters of others. He says that Allah the almighty and the prophet, peace be upon him, ordered us to be a good brothers or friends of each other, and he proves that by some of the prophet's quotes and some of the verses of the noble Qura'an. However, he will highlights onto some of the fruitful topics in the coming episodes of these series. 3rd Night: Live from Karbala with Sayid Mustafa al Qazwini - 3 Ramadhan 1435 - 02-07-2014 This episode is a continuation of the previous episode, which is about brotherhood and sisterhood and friendship. But he adds the behavior which we should behave toward our friends and brothers and sisters. He advises people to treat their friends or brothers kindly and dont hurt them in any way by mentioning some of the sayings of the imams, peace be upon them all. 4th Night: Live from Karbala with Sayid Mustafa al Qawini - 4 Ramadhan 1435 - 03-07-2014 He continues to talk about brotherhood and friendship which is the topic of the last two episodes. In this show he advises us to chose the suitable friend and he teaches us how do we behave with them in a way that Islam ask us to do. 5th Night: Live from Karbala with Syid Mustafa al Qawini - 5 Ramadhan 1435 - 04-07-2014 In this episode also he continues to speak about friendship and brotherhood, but here he highlights onto the feeling between friends and brothers. He clarifies that how for a person to know the feeling of his friend. according to the saying of the imams and the prophet, peace be upon them all. Also he compares between the real love between friends and physical one, which is between male and female.
  8. (bismillah) (salam) I will post all his lectures available this month of ramadan on this thread. If you are looking for a summary of the videos, you have to watch it, sorry :) . The videos may not be the best quality but the speaker's words are elegant, and thats what matters, so please watch. If a better quality is found I will post. (wasalam) For the first 15 days he will be at the SABA Islamic Center. Their schedule (7:50pm California time) is posted and may have a live stream as well, if you want to watch Rajabali's lectures before they are uploaded online: http://www.saba-igc.org/ 1st of the holy month: 2nd of the holy month:
  9. (bismillah) I will try and post all of Sayed Ammar's lectures during this month of Ramadan inshAllah. Right now they are being upload at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZRlTUBjF-dmUZ6bP0sJDRQ/videos Elitmas-e-dua (wasalam) 1st Night: 1 - The life of Imam Ali A.S - Intro - Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshwani- Ramadhan 1435ah, Nairobi 2nd Night: 2 - The life of Imam Ali: The esoteric dimension and reality - Sayed Ammar Nakshwani 3rd Night: 3 - The life of Imam Ali: The Great Abutalib - Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshwani - Ramadhan 1435 AH h 4th Night: 4 - The life of Imam Ali: Birth in the Kaaba - Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshwani - Ramadhan 1435AH 5th Night: 5 - The life of Imam Ali: The First Muslim - Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshwani - Ramadhan 1435AH 6th Night: 6 - The life of Imam Ali -Da'watul Ashira Dr.Sayed Ammar Nakshwani - Ramadhan 1435AH 7th Night: 7-The Life of Imam Ali: The Night of Hijrah - Dr.Sayed Ammar Nakshawani - Ramadhan 1435 AH
  10. (bismillah) I will try and post Sayed's lectures during this month of ramdan inshAllah. The topics are very interesting. Right now they are being uploaded on: https://www.youtube.com/user/darahlulbaytleeds/videos . inshAllah may everyone benefit in this holy month. eltimas-e-dua and (wasalam) 1st Night: The Month of Repentance - Sayed Hossein al Qazwini - Ramadhan 1435/2014 - Night One 2nd Night: Music in Islam - Sayed Hossein al Qazwini - Ramadhan 1435/2014 - Night Two
  11. (bismillah) Rabi Al-Awwal 23, 1435 / January 25, 2014 Celebrating the birth anniversary of the greatest man who ever lived, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Join us in sharing his message of love, peace and brotherhood to our neighbors, friends and the community. Esteemed Speakers: - Moulana Sayed Rizwan Rizvi - Dr. Muhammad Ali Chaudhry - Moulana Sayed Moustafa Qazwini - Dr. Sayyid M. Sayeed (wasalam)
  12. Perhaps as a child I did once like the idea of getting married and having children. But over time I have come to realize, that I may be cursed (figuratively speaking). My great grandfather may have abused his wife, this is unconfirmed, my grandfather did certainly abuse his wife, and my own father definitely abused my mother. I'm horrified of this savage lineage I descend from, don't get me wrong I'm happy being a Muslim, I'm ashamed of at the culture I come from. With such a long line of abusive husbands, I don't want to fall into the same trap. I don't think I'd ever hit a woman, but I simply take take the risk. Perhaps my forefathers were once good people, but upon leaving childhood and ascending into adulthood they became amoral and hit their wives, an act I consider evil. I don't want to become them, so I started to distance myself from the concept of marriage, romance or companionship. Furthermore I am averse to the idea of engaging in intimate relations that come with marriage, even though I am fond of children, I can't imagine myself ever engaging in an act of reproduction, the thought itself feels perverse and I don't like the idea of anyone touching me to that certain level. It is therefore that I have resolved that I shall never marry or engage in sexual relations of any kind for the rest of my life, instead I shall devote it to cater for my own material (money, food, career, etc) and spiritual (fasting, salah, haj, etc) needs, as well as taking care of my mother and sisters. I expect my sisters will probably be married off at some point, which I suppose is good for them though sad for me as I'll become alone after my mother passes away one day, but I cannot see any alternate course of action. I know people say they'll never get married but end up marrying, but I am serious about this resolve which I intend to uphold until the day of my own death.
  13. Hi, I wanted to ask my fellow shia brothers for some advice. I live in the UK, I'm 19 and I haven't found another man of my age who is mature or interested in anything I am interested in. When my family became refugee's from Afghanistan and moved to Pakistan along with other shias and joined a small community of shias in Quetta, we lived in at a place where there was a plain between the shias and baloch who were very racist, the plain was what separated us. We shias would be attacked, blooded, dogs were let loose on us when we were just kids, i was below 10 years of age through all this. Back in those days we were fearless, only at an age of 9 I would join 15, 16 year old boys in defending each other, they were people I bled for and they bled for me. The scars I received from the rocks and stones hurled at us are numerous, I have scars all over my head from rocks. Although there were always more of them and they were older we always won the fights when they attacked us, our main weapons and their weapons were rocks and slings and they had dogs. I have been bitten, burnt, stoned, chased by the age of 10 yet I still remember my childhood as a happy one. why? mainly because I was in a close circle of friends, we were like the musketeers, one for all, all for one sort of thing, and we would get up to all kinds of things, from stealing, to fighting, to gaming, playing etc. It was a very happy childhood as I remember it. but soon we came to the UK and 9 years later, I still don't have a friend who is a companion I can rely on, I have still got my bravery, I helped a friend of my dads ( not even mine) who had some problems with a bunch of Pakistani acquaintances and he was in danger of being badly wounded, I put my life on the line for him just because he was a family friend and needed help. I went to his aid accepting the fact that I could be severely wounded, there were 9 of them and 4 of us... the point is: - I can no longer find people of my age who I can rely on, or someone to hang out with, All guys of my age are either rolling a ball around in the park or playing video games, and those people who have similarities to me don't have religion, they are either insulting each others sisters or visiting prostitutes or girlfriends or smoking [Edited Out]... - People who are older than me don't take me seriously to rely on me or to listen to me, they judge me based on my age, I feel like an old man trapped in a young mans body. When I do them a favor, they take it for granted and forget, And if I ask them a favor they make excuses when I have risked my life for them. Its like as if I am addicted to my childhood, The only thing I find motivating is religion and philosophy and Jihad. but not a single person of my age group feels the same and if they do then they are only violent nuts or extremest idiots. When I talk to people it feels like as if I am speaking to a child, even when I speak to most adults they talk in a very childish manner and their response is just plain and pointless. Tell me how you are copping in a land that's strange, among people whose motives are strange, who's culture is strange, a people who have one eye that see's only wealth and material, how do you feel living among soulless vessels? I know you might think the problem is from me and I agree but its not my personality because when I speak to people they find it pleasant and they listen, when I joke they laugh. Its not like I'm secluded or weird. Tell me some tips on how to cope, because when I see someone is weak in piety I lose interest in them, but I haven't found someone of my age who is strong in faith and is loyal and honorable. Tell me what I should do because I always feel a big hole in my heart, and my heart feels like its being squeezed when I worship Allah. I swear worshiping has become my only favorite act, I love praying alone, I do not find my law studies interesting or entertaining, I do not find games or sports entertaining, I do not find the people around me interesting or entertaining, everything has become dull. What should I do? I swear I do not fear a good death, I only fear hell and wish for nearness to my creator and to my great ancestors; the prophets and my great grandmother Fatima, I dream of the day when I can see my grandpa Ali (a.s) and feel the warmth of his chest and I dream of the day, A day when I knock the doors of my grandmother Fatima (a.s) and be invited in and to be treated as her grandchildren. If only this exam was simple, if only I knew how to pass, if only I was pointed at the sweet death which would take me to paradise. Please help me, As you can see how I have opened up to an online page why? because there is no one else who I can turn to, I have a loving family and they love me but they can't fill all the gaps, I can't tell this to the people around me nor are they interested. May Allah help me because I feel like I am failing a test which I do not know, Allah has guided me away from apostasy when I lost my faith in a strange country, He has answered many of my prayers. I thank Allah for all that he has given me, he has given me a lot and I seek his bounty for ever, Allah have mercy on my soul, Allah place me among the people who are like me and love you and place me among those who seek your nearness. Please give a genuine reply if you have experienced what I am going through, and I will be grateful for it, but if you are trolling then be as humorous as you can, I love humor. Thank you
  14. It has all topics covered from Life to Religion. Check it out. Its pretty beneficial. Ill add each question I hear while I watch. Why is a women not obligated to contribute equally as a man?How can we as parents balance Islamic concept of obedience and respect of parents with the Me & I element within the western born children?Temporary Marriage (mutah)Abrogation (quran/hadith) (wasalam)
  16. Selam everyone, I am deeply in love with an Afghan girl, I myself am from Turkish/Zazaki(iranian/kurdish) origin. We have a normal relationship for one year now, I am really certain this girl is the perfect one for me and we havent done anything but hold hands and talk and walk. I want to ask for her hand like it is normal in both our cultures, first we ask the girl hand and then we get engaged an evenually marry after a few years. Her father is very strict and saw us at the bus station one time and he wants her to marry her cousin, this is what old school people that are stuck in the time do, they dont let her have any saying in this. Her mother and grandmother and sister have fought for her decision to stick with me and after 6 months it seemed to help. Her father seemed to realise that if he keeps going on like this he wil tear his family apart. He finally accepted his daughters choice and we both were so happy, after university so after 2 years we could get engaged. But now her father changed his mind again and want her to engage her cousin, she threatened to run away from home and now her father is afraid so they dont talk to each other for now. How should I approach this situation, we still see each other every day at school and we are truly in love, we want to do this the proper way through our culture and religion ( both muslim ) but her father stands in the way of her and her sisters and mothers happiness. he simply thinks his pride and honor outweigh everything else in this world and wants everything his way. Everyone of her family supports us and even her father truly knows I am really serious with his daughter. I really appreciate your help in advance, thanks everyone!
  17. Please watch the whole video since his discussion on Mahdi A.S comes a few minutes later. (wasalam)
  18. Why is Islam the best religion? What is our position as humans? Whats the purpose of life? Why do I have problems? Why doesnt my prayers get answered? Why does Imam Hussain's sacrifice matter? Why is karbala so important? Why cant I see God? (wasalam)
  19. I have a big big problem! I was talking to a man with regards to marriage. Him and I live in different countries, have never met but have talked on the phone and so on. So one day, out of the blue he calls me and tells me he did istekhara for our marriage and it came bad! So at first, I began doubting his honestly about this istekhara and thought it was a way out of making a decision but then later on got convinced when he told me he felt bad about it. Well, here is the situation. Him & I live in separate continents totally. We began talking on Whatsapp and Phone. Nothing haram, just genuine talks about life and marriage. So there came a point where there was a certain amount on pressure on him to make a decision about us as to whether he wanted to proceed or not. So instead of meeting me first, talking to me and then making a decision, he does an istekhara! And it comes bad! So he decides not to marry me or even considering marrying me! Is this istekhara even valid? It's driving me nuts. I wanted to really pursue thinking marriage with him but I was so shy in the beginning that talking to him so much about things was making me uncomfortable and he was my first conversation with a man with regards to marriage. He didn't even ask me if he should do an istekhara! I don't know what to do. All I know is I have feelings for this guy. Mainly because he is so nice! Perfect husband!! And he says I'd be a perfect wife! :( I don't know what to do. Istekhara has made me so confused. I really thought him and I were getting somewhere.
  20. 2 Minutes Islamic Sermon. Enjoy it :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpGG-X81QtA
  21. (bismillah) Im posting directly from http://www.youtube.com/user/WISELEARN1 Some Lectures are missing but inshAllah, they will add them. Please Please Please! Watch these lectures, they are magnificent, surreal, and eye opening. Parallels In History - A Great Lesson Muharram 2013 Night 1 The Cause of Problems - Muharram 2013 Night 3 Being Aware of Your Power - Muharram 2013 Night 4 (wasalam)
  22. [Quran 17:71] Just imagine the scene on the Day, when We will summon every community with its leader (Imam): then those, who will be given their records in their right hands, will read their records and will not be wronged in the least; [Quran 17:72] and whoever is Blind in this [life] will be Blind in the Hereafter and more astray in way. Who is referred by the Quran as Blind in this Verse? Does it mean who can not recognise the Imam is blind in this world and hereafter?
  23. Hello I need help with a few things. This is my first post on this site. Firstly i want to tell you that I'm a shia, in my hole life i learnd about Islam and life what is halal and what is haraam. And I know about Islam i don't have any problems with it and I know it can help me alot in this life. But somtimes in life i pray and i don't do stuff that are haraam and it feels great it feels like life is good and that everything is going great. I have hade many friends that are girls no problem with that girls in school and so on. But somtimes a girl comes in to my life and i stop prayin, and i start doing bad stuff again like listen to music. And losing focus on Islam losing focus on learning losing focus on everything and start to just think about her and thats makes my life depressing so how can i stop with girls and have focus on Islam.? When i Don't like or want a girl i pray and i don't do bad stuff, My biggest problem is that i don't like to pray to Allah when i know i do haraam stuff when i know i don't commit sins i love to pray beacuse i do it beacuse i love Allah and that he is great with us. I know it is monafiq and I need help
  24. Assalamu-Alaykum wa Rahmatul-Allah wa Brakatuh I am wondering if any of you came across a biography for Almufadhal b.Amr. I am aware of the rijal books grading of the man, I am looking for more details about his life. shukran.
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