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Found 14 results

  1. Aljazeera reporting Thousands of people have rallied in the Iraqi capital to mark the second anniversary of the killing of a revered Iranian commander and his Iraqi lieutenant in a drone attack by the United States. Chanting “Death to America”, the marchers filled a Baghdad square to honour Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani, who headed the Quds Force, the foreign operations arm of the elite Revolutionary Guard, until his death on January 3, 2020. “US terrorism has to end”, read one sign at the rally by backers of the pro-Iranian Hashed, also known as the Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF), a former paramilitary alliance that has been integrated into Iraq’s state security apparatus. “We will not let you stay after today in the land of the martyrs,” another placard read. US and Israeli flags were strewn on the ground, with people trampling them. Al Jazeera’s Mahmoud Abdelwahed said the protesters are using the rally as an opportunity to reiterate their demands of full withdrawal of US and foreign troops from Iraq. “Thousands of protesters, members of Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Forces were chanting against the US and the presence of US troops in Iraq,” he said, speaking from Baghdad. “They are blaming the [Iraqi] government for what they consider is collaborating with US forces,” he continued, “and that there hasn’t been any clarity or any transparency in the investigation over the past two years since the killing of General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.” Supporters of Iran-aligned Shia factions were bussed in from various Iraqi provinces to the rally in Jadriyah, near the headquarters of the powerful armed groups. Former US President Donald Trump ordered the attack that killed Soleimani near Baghdad’s airport along with his Iraqi lieutenant, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Hashed’s deputy. Trump had then said the assassination came in response to a wave of attacks on US interests in Iraq. The killing of Soleimani – the architect of Iran’s Middle Eastern military strategy – and al-Muhandis sent shock waves across the region and sparked fears of a direct military confrontation between decades-old enemies Washington and Tehran. Days later, Iraq’s parliament passed a non-binding resolution calling for the expulsion of all foreign troops from Iraq. Iran, which wields considerable influence in neighbouring Iraq, warned it would avenge Soleimani’s death. Five days after the killing, Iran fired missiles at an air base in Iraq housing US troops and another near Erbil in the north. Since then, dozens of rockets and roadside bombs have targeted Western security, military and diplomatic sites across Iraq. Iraqi and Western officials have blamed hardline pro-Iran factions for the attacks, which have never been claimed by any group. In February last year, the US carried out an air raid against Kataeb Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Iraqi paramilitary force stationed along the Iraqi-Syrian border, following rocket attacks on its Baghdad embassy and a US military contracting firm north of the capital. Hashed has repeatedly called for the withdrawal of US troops who are deployed in Iraq as part of a multinational coalition fighting the ISIL (ISIS) group. Senior Hashed official Faleh al-Fayyad reiterated the demand Saturday, saying the killing of Soleimani and al-Muhandis was “a crime against Iraqi sovereignty”. In December, Iraq announced the end of the “combat mission” there of the US-led coalition against ISIL. But about 2,500 American soldiers and 1,000 coalition troops will remain deployed in Iraq to offer training, advice and assistance to national forces. “We will not accept anything less than full withdrawal as revenge for the blood of our martyrs,” said Hadi al-Ameri, head of an Iran-aligned coalition.
  2. I heard some one say that it was ok to kill some person and nobody would care and they were only doing things likethat to him!!! What,isnt this wrong?and they said nobody and muslims wouldnt say any thing because its one person? again what? What would Shia say about this ignorance? Isnt this stupid and wrong arent muslims suppose to speak out?
  3. I've seen so many posts on insects and such in households but I'm wondering what are the laws and rulings on Muslims for house pests like insects (flies, rats, geckos, moths, spiders, cockroaches etc.)? should one kill them or just take them out of your home without harming them? And what about if they're outside of your home (not necessarily right around your house). This has been a problem for years now but what has been our commends on this matter?
  4. http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/mayor-police-pursuing-active-shooter-chattanooga-tenn-32494939
  5. السلام علیکم جمعیا I am muslim but one questoin engross me ! why muslim's kill the apostat , you believe it really ? for example if a jew covert to islam and jews kill is it acceptable ? this is against freedom of expression ! this hokm is base of killing many peaple in iraq , syria and parachinar ! the takfiris by this hokm kill many peaple ! can you express me with thank (sorry for my weak English :D )
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXY7IovAohY This is an emotional appeal to those who have legitimatized shia killing in Pakistan... for what crime did these poor innocent children lose their fathers. and for those who even after watching this still agree with the killers... I ask you one question... how will you answer on the Day of Judgment to Allah (SWT) for this... You are in the same camp as Yazeed (la) who killed the blessed Imam Hussain (as) Apne Khuda Se Daro, Khuda ke Lanat se Daro ... Allahuma Salli Aala Muhammad Wa Aali Muhammad ... Mashallah very nice speech by Sanam Baloch on this issue....
  7. http://themindunleashed.org/2013/08/pineal-glands-third-eye-biggest-cover.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pineal_gland
  8. Asalam Alykum, http://abna.co/data.asp?lang=3&id=514338 Where is a drone when you need one? And how sad is this? They call themselves men yet they murder working people and abuse women. Ma'Salam
  9. Salam everyone, I'm not sure how to pose the question but I guess what I'm wondering is if for example: Somebody I know killed a family member and I'm 100% certain that such person killed her/him... am I allowed to "make justice" with my own hands? e.g: killing them too? is it a sin in fiqh? Does Allah gives us the opportunity to make justice with our own hands? or are we supposed to just let it go because killing the person that killed ur mom, dad, sibling, child, etc would be haram? I mean I know we are able to battle and that self-defense killing is not a sin but...if we have the chance to make justice for something personal such as the example I gave, is it a sin?
  10. What is the main reason that the majority of the Muslim terrorist belong to Sunni sect? I'm very curious. One of my friend told me that some of the companions left a legacy(Such as Umar attacked Persia and committed a Persian genocide when he converted them into Islam) and their teachings are extremist teachings. Is it true? If so, please go in-depth for detailed knowledge on their legacy. Thanks a lot brothers.
  11. (bismillah) Salam When I say Sunnis, I am not making a generalization to include Salafis and Wahabis inside the fold of your sect. Wahabis and Salafis are corrupt ideologies and their follower are predominately Kuffar :shaytan:and their view on killing Shias is clear. However, the Sunni view on killing Shia is still controversial. That being said, I am specifically asking Sunnis who adhere themselves to one of the four madhabs. According to one of the major Sunni websites online; Sunnipath.com, their scholars state that Shias are considered inside the fold of Islam as it can be confirmed by the two links below from their website. http://spa.qibla.com/issue_view.asp?HD=7&ID=9787&CATE=24 http://qa.sunnipath.com/issue_view.asp?HD=7&ID=13662&CATE=1 However, words and fatwas can be said but not necessarily applied. In this case, according to Sunnipath we are considered to be Muslims but the same scholars who issued these fatwas have not condemned the Shia killings that occur regularly in Pakistan and Iraq! On top of that, the adherents of their sect have a contrary view to what their scholars say and it can easily be confirmed on you tube where most of the video coming from the followers of their sect promote hatred towards Shias. Here is a link below of a sample channel , most likely being sunni that promote hate towards Shias in the most gruesome ways. Just read the comments and you can confirm for yourself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD8MoSFO44k&lc=C_EIF7C49ccLjtxnfPGqpTfWSjgp61OpHKM6oEmC8WU&lch=email_reply&feature=em-comment_reply_received Now some of them might ask that it's the other way around, where you have the oppressor Shia Assad killing the oppressed Sunnis in Syrian. Ok then based on their logic, we Shias can safely say that all of Sunnis are terrorists for blowing up Shias in Iraq and Pakistan. I can also say they are terrorists because thousands of Shias were killed by the Sunni Saddam hussien. In regards to that last statement above, the point being, you cannot use the flaws from Bashar Al-Assad and Khamanie alone to generalize the entire body of the Shia population. That's like saying all Muslims are responsible for 9-11 as well. Now back to the original question. What is the real stance of the Sunnis when it comes to killing Shias? Do you believe that killing Shias is halal? It is a simple yes or no answer. Moreover, Staying silent on such matters is no different than accepting it. If the answer is NO, then I can safely say that the majority of your adherents to your sect online are deviated for not reflecting on the beliefs of their knowledgeable scholars, for example the ones from Sunniforums who believe that Shias are muslim. That being said, what good is a sect if most of their adherents are deviated and do not reflect on the beliefs and fatwas of their scholars?. If the answer is yes, that killing Shias is considered halal based on your classical books, then your scholars are using Taqiyya. Simple. (wasalam)
  12. It is no secret that across the world shias are being massacred. This past weekend many shias have been killed in TARGET KILLINGS throughout Pakistan, and not just in Quetta. This past friday Peshawari Shia's held a protest over the TARGET KILLINGS of several professionals yet the pakistani media didn't even bother to cover it. The same pattern is being shown through out the world, Iraq too had seen numerous attacks this past weekend. That being said I'm advocating for shia's in volatile countries, bereft of law and order to move and migrate to more developed countries. There are many ways to do this. For starters there are many countries that are experiencing labor shortages for both skilled and unskilled workers. Many of these countries will allow for easy migration. What I would like to recommend is for students and professionals to migrate. The trend currently in Pakistan is to target Shia professionals and students. That being said college bound students should opt to study abroad, being that you can get a high level degree as well as easily get a student visa. For doctors, accountants, and other professionals, they too should opt to work abroad. The opportunities are endless and there are plenty of countries that need skilled labor. One of India's greatest exports are skilled labor. The persecuted global shia community should follow the Indian model of sending talented and educated youth abroad. Like I said the opportunities, experiences, and tranquility that you can find would certainly be worth it. I am an American that has lived briefly in Pakistan. I frequently visit and the overall consensus of my family is that it is no place to live. Every other day there are murders or a strike. Kids can't go to school, businessman can't conduct business, and there's always a chance you might not come home. That being said I would like to advocate for the global shia community to leave areas where they are persecuted and opt for a better life abroad. Please spread the word and share your thoughts. Sincerely, Hus
  13. Terrorist Jaber al-Shehabi confessed on Monday to killing innocent people in al-Bab city in Aleppo countryside after kidnapping them. In his confessions which were aired on the Syrian TV, terrorist al-Shehabi said that he was from al-Bab city in Aleppo and he got acquainted with Mohammad Kheir Darwish who came to his house and asked him and his cousin to join his armed group, and he would give them a salary and an award of SYP 50,000 for each person they slaughter. He added that after a span of time he called Mohammad and told him that he and his cousin agreed to join his group. Al-Shehabi said that after they joined the group, they headed to al-Bab city and observed a policeman for a week before they killed him. After that, they returned to their leader who ordered them to observe two military officers, adding that they received an award of SYP 100,000 for slaughtering them. http://abna.ir/data.asp?lang=3&id=338292
  14. I was talking to an atheist about oneness of God and GOd's justice on earth on facebook then he decided to put on my facebook wall this comment "you see, doctor, god didnt kill that little girl. fate didnt butcher her and destiny didnt feed her to those dogs. if god saw what any of us did that night he didnt seem to mind. from then on i knew.....god doesnt make the world this way. we do. therefore God "almighty" doesnt exist!" How would i respond?? thanks
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