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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hello, I am Joe I have read up a bit on Islam. I know that Islam is the second largest religion on earth, and that it is growing at a faster rate than Christianity at this point in time. From everything I have read Islam claims a "mysterious" raising up of Jesus to God in Heaven without Jesus having been killed on the cross. And, that someone else was made to have the appearance of Jesus. Most often I have read that Muslims believe that Judas, the betrayer of Jesus was the person Crucified. I have read much of the Quran, and nowhere does it say this is what happened. I am of the belief th
  2. Salams to all, I guess this is a question im hoping Christians on the forum will be able to help me with, but anyones help would be welcome. In the statement of the Council of Chalcedon it says that Jesus(as) was/is: 'perfect in manhood; truly God and truly man, of a reasonable [rational] soul and body... begotten before all ages of the Father according to the Godhead,' My question is: isnt that which distinguishes Jesus as a person of the Trinity (his being uncreated) the very thing that disqualifies him from being fully human? The word 'man' points to a ce
  3. http://trinities.org/blog/podcast-131-10-apologists-mistakes-trinity/ ^part 1 by a Christian Philosopher
  4. In the Name of God A COMMON CALL FOR THE SAVIOUR Once I was reading a Christian theological book, written by one of the evangelists, surprisingly, I found the last chapter, dedicated to the doctrine of the future, to be very interesting. To me as a Shi’ite Muslim, whose way of thinking of Christianity was a religion subject to distortion throughout the history, it was really amazing to come up with great similarity between Shi’ite and Christianity as for the idea of the eschatology. Reading the genuine materials written by scholars whose concern is to speak of the eschatology, one is justif
  5. Peace be with you This question has been on my mind for some time and to which I have found no compelling answer: What does it mean to be 'the Messiah', or rather what is the function of that office? The Quran awards the offices of prophet, messenger, and leader to multiple individuals. And each office has its own function. But with the office of messiah only a single individual is awarded, thus making it unique and its function being defined in and of itself. So what distinction does the Quran make which distinguishes this unique office from the others? What did the Messiah do
  6. Jesus son of Mary, a man who embodied qualities so sublime, a Prophet of Allah for Muslims and a meeting point for coming together with Christians. In Islamic traditions, Prophet Jesus pbuh is revered for his exceptional wisdom.The Quran along with several hadith speak about the lessons that we must learn from this virtuous man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rU7R20pvxc
  7. Why is Jesus alive ? What is the benefit of Jesus ? It is somehow similar to Mahdi. Then one can ask why is Mahdi alive !? What do you think and know ?
  8. (bismillah) (salam) Beloved freinds I thought i share this video with you . It brought tears to my eyes . The video just gave me goose bumps it felt like i was visited by the angels. enjoy Blessings
  9. Salam. Rebuttal to the deception of Ahmad al-Hassan with Shia hadith. Read here: http://shia-rafidah.com/articles/97-ahmad-13th-disciple.html#.VMQXz_6G98F
  10. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله: Peace + the mercy of الله on you all, brothers and sisters : I hope that someone can make additions to this list if possible. As far as I can tell, there are fourteen verses in the Holy Book where حضرة Jesus عليه السلام is quoted; they are verses 49, 50, and 52 of Family of Imran (#3); verses 72, 112, 114, and 116 of The Table (#5); verses 30, 31, 32, 33 of Maryam (#19), verse 63 of The Gold Ornaments (#43); and verses 6 and 14 of The Ranks (#61). If I've overlooked any other such verses, please advise me accordingly, and may الله bless you for doing so.
  11. Most of the Muslims use the "Jesus said 'my God why have you forsaken me", and they take it out of context to fit their needs (that is, the Quranic need of Jesus NOT being the son of God [لم يلد ولم يولد]). Why do you think Christians don't believe in this interpretation and convert to Judaism, or Islam? This would actually be a very strong argument to not only believe that Jesus isn't the son of God, also not the Messiah, and not a prophet, etc. Then why? What's the meaning behind it? In Aramaic, Jesus' mother tongue; Damning evidence, no? Juxtapose this to the Syriac (Aramaic) OT, Psalm
  12. Hearing from some of the old Christian members, the claim that Jesus was a Jew, and now seeing this video, I am a bit astonished. Please don't think I approve of what he says about divinity of Jesus or ordinary Jews (though what he says may apply to the most of the Pharisees of old and Zionists of today). But, anyway, it seems the Biblical belief is such on the part of Jesus that he is definitely not a Jew.
  13. Dear friends, Just a question about some concepts I've come across in my modest, and no doubt inadequate, study of islamic doctrine and philosophy. I hope there are some people he that can enlighten me with the backgrounds I need. There is the concept of "pre-existence". The notion which I almost automatically associate with a neo-platonist philosophical outlook; the concept of immaterial perfect ideas that exist before the creation of material being and that somehow manifest themselves in material creation because they mediate all perfect forms that manifest themselves in created material
  14. Salam. As you all know, there are five daily prayers in (shia, sunni, sufi, etc.) Islam which according to the shiite islamic school of thought can be offered in three times. The prayers are Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha. Noting that Dhuhr and Asr have common times; also Maghrib and Isha have common times. (You can and please study prayers in Islam here: http://www.al-islam.org/commentary-prayer-professor-muhsin-qaraati and how to pray here: http://praytime.info/tutor.html ) And, reding some Biblical verses, we thought how Islam is the fulfilment of the religion, both in the aspects of
  15. (salam) Does anyone know of any good christian forums? to learn about christianity and to learn about Jesus (as), and his teachings etc.? and especially with character building as taught by Jesus (as)? Thanks in advance! Or knowledge base websites
  16. Jesus had to suffer for our sins, why? Because according to Christians God has to punish sin, so he punished Jesus instead of humans. But it's not possible to punish someone for a crime when you know that they didnt commit the crime. That's not punishment, even if you go through the motions. You can crucify them or lock them up or behead them, but that isn't punishing them. Crucifying someone isn't the same as punishing them. For example, a sadist could crucify a masochist, and we wouldnt say that the sadist is punishing the masochist. He might be inflicting a form of punishment, but
  17. The reason I am not a Muslim or a Shia is because I can't find any evidence for the claim six centuries later that Jesus didn't go to the cross to overturn the eyewitness testimony of the Apostles in various group settings in the first century sources. Would God ask you to overlook the evidence and believe what Muhammad said? As well, I know that I was a sinner and sin leads to death and the second death which is Hell an eternal separation from God. And that no man by his own strength or works can bridge the gap between and infinitely great God and himself. Therefore, it stands to reason,
  18. as-salaam `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu IHT presents a one-day event with Shaykh Samir an-Nass. Title: Isa ibn Maryam - `alayhis salaam The aim of this event is to gain some understanding and insight into the life of Prophet `Isa - `alayhis salaam. Moreover and perhaps more importantly, the event will endeavour to examine His return and focus on the impact that Prophet `Isa - alayhis salaam - will have on the Muslims. Also practical advice will be given to Muslims in regards to the manner in which they can prepare for the Day of Reckoning as opposed to solely concentrating on the majo
  19. (bismillah) In The Name of Allah (SWT) , The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. (salam) Here is an excerpt from a post that ChristianLady made recently on one of the threads: Now, I could have answered there but the point I wanted to make was a lot more general and aimed at Christians at large so I thought fit that I would make a separate thread for this. Before I move any further, I want to highlight some parts of what she said: 1. Jesus (as) makes it clear that The Father is greater than him; 2. Jesus (as) obeys The Father; 3. He (The Father) created Himself to be a man. Now, I don't thin
  20. What does Islam speak of The Da Vinci Code and the Holy Grail? Some Christians believe in Holy Grail and believe that Jesus was not God. Even Islam believes that Jesus was not God. So, does our Islam believe in the holy grail? The Christians who believe in the grail also believe that he was married to Mary Magdalene (who initially was a prostitute). What does Islam say about this? Any references from Quran regarding this topic? (For more info read the book- "The Da Vinci Code" or watch the film).
  21. read full article here: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/19/us/historian-says-piece-of-papyrus-refers-to-jesus-wife.html?_r=0 My Opinion: I would agree with the assessment that this DOES NOT prove that Christ (pbuh) was married during the time of his ministry. I pretty much agree with the Shia traditions that Christ was celibate during his life on earth. However, we also have traditions that when Prophet Jesus (as) returns to earth with Imam Mahdi (as) he WILL, at that point, take a wife. So there is a predestined "Bride of Christ," in the Shia tradition and I believe the Sunni too. The only thi
  22. (bismillah) Greetings to everyone. I made this above post in the thread "Trinity And Omnipotence" in reply to Christianlady. I think it could be used as a good springboard to start the discussion. Although I would prefer this discussion to remain between Christianlady, Placid, and I, if any of you have a point to make, feel free to do so. I challenge anyone to find one clear, concise statement where Jesus himself states that he is God. You will find none. Whereas in the OT, God makes it clear again and again that He is the Lord, and that He is God, Jesus never does it. The main point of this t
  23. Salam brothers & sisters, Here's my new vid! I promise you'll learn a new thing. It is 60 min long yet is worth to watch: The Last Days Leader Don't miss it! and remember: "forgiveness & rightness bring peace & justice"
  24. Since easter is right around the corner, I think it is important to start a forum. If someone asks me, why dont you celebrate easter, how should i respond? thank you
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