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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 4 results

  1. Hi.. it has been narrated from imam sadiq a.s that the soil of karbala( khake shifa) can heal all the disease... My question is can it heal Hiv also???
  2. This is a question by a member who wishes to remain anonymous. She does not want to post in the Sisters Forum because some brothers might have good advice as well, so I am posting this in the Health and Fitness. Dry, cracked or chapped hands, especially in the winter time. What do you do about it? Thanks.
  3. As salam alaikum.. First of all, Eid Mubarak to all! I have some very urgent questions..for a momin cancer patient.. We want to know if Reiki can be done? I learnt Reiki before I was a Muslim, and another nonMuslim friend is willing to remind me of some of the things for this person...but is it islamically allowed? Not going to use the symbols...but just the idea of energy as a healing....do we have that in islam? And can I do healing on this person using this idea? I know some stuff is there in irfaan...and I would love to get to the depth lf irfaan, but unfortunately I also have a masters thesis going on right now..so inshaAllah after that....but meanwhile I need help on cures for this person... It is very advanced...and we have done a surgery and now doing chemo..have also changed lifestyle n diet dramatically by removing sugar, red meat, dairy etc...n few other things...ofcourse lotssss of duas, zam zam water, soursop, spirulina and similar natural herbs... If someone can tell me...can she do reiki on him from a distance?is that allowed?or is there any specific ruling against it completely? any other proven islamic/irfaan methods as well that can help side by side with conventional treatment would be great... I was very against chemo due to the bad side effects n low success rates, but due to the aggressive nature of the cancer, this was needed....so I need some help on maintaining the immune system and helping in curing this while the chemo buys us time.. I know its possible..ive seen stories where people heal...and we have the faith...ofcourse at the same time we know its all Allah's wish at the end of it, but we would like to give it out best, with whatever we can offer in conventional medicine, natural, alternate, and ofcourse religious.. Any help or rulings would be greatly appreciated.. JazakAllah
  4. Pakistani Shias And Iranian-agenda - The Mechanics of Healing Islam is a rational religion sent by the Almighty. When there is a wound or a cut, it cannot be healed by putting salt on it. It cannot be healed by constantly disturbing it. It cannot be healed by constantly scratching it. it is healed by placing a proper ointment bandaging, so it does not disturb and by taking a rest. In addition, add rational discourse, true analysis, patience, and love, as well as the fact that ALL LOSSES for the TRUE believers are TOTALLY TRANSIENT and TEMPORARY !!! Note to the MOD please leave this as a separate topic but it was inspired by the other thread In pakistan, there is a VERY EVIL conspiracy in the last few years which surface when Chief Justice kicked out his son from the court and took Suo Moto notice and made a case against his own son and then removed himself from the bench on that case. We must put a little sugar, each one of us, when we are discussing our problems. and be aware of enemies, internal and external.
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