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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The Month of Rajab has arrived where one day of fasting in this precious month closes the doors of punishment. It is the month for repentence and the time to do as many good deeds as possible.. and preparing for the month of Holy Ramadhan. During this month we offer the following services to help you and your loved ones: Recitation of 1 year Qadha Namaz/Salaat: £300 Complete Recitation of the Holy Quran in Ramadhan: £50 Performance of 1 month Qadha Fasting: £250 Request Iftaar in the third world: any amount For only £50 you can be assured a whole Quran recitation will be rewarded to yourself, a loved one or for the safety of our 12th Imam. The recitation will be completed during the month of Ramadhan. You may also wish to request Qadha fasting or salaat for a loved one. For all requests email info@alzahra-foundation.org or visit website www.alzahra-foundation.org All requests for quran recitation are performed by qari's (professional readers of quran) who are in need. Your gift of £50 will help them to purchase food during the holy month of ramadhan, thus giving them and their families the strength to fulfil their obligation to fast and a lawful means of supporting their family. For all requests email info@alzahra-foundation.org or visit website www.alzahra-foundation.org
  2. ÈíÏ Úáí Èä ÃÈí ØÇáÈ ÑÖí Çááå Úäå, ÝÞÇá: ÃáÓÊ æáí ÇáãÄãäíä¿ ÞÇáæÇ: Èáì, íÇ ÑÓæá Çááå. ÞÇá: ãä ßäÊ ãæáÇå ÝÚáí ãæáÇå. ÝÞÇá ÚãÑ Èä ÇáÎØÇÈ ÑÖí Çááå Úäå: ÈÎ ÈÎ áß íÇ ÇÈä ÃÈí ØÇáÈ! ÃÕÈÍÊ ãæáÇí æãæáì ßá ãÓáã, ÝÃäÒá Çááå: {Çáíóæúãó ÃßúãóáÊõ áßõãú Ïöíúäóßõãú}.“ Abū Hurayrah (ÑÖí Çááå Úäå) has narrated that one who fasted on 18 Dhul-hijjah will receive a reward equal to 60 months of fasting. This was the day of Ghadīr Khum when the Prophet (Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå æÓáã), holding ‘Alī bin Abī Tālib’s hand, said: Am I not the guardian of the believers? They said: why not, O messenger of Allāh! He said: One who has me as his master has ‘Alī as his master. At this ‘Umar bin al-Khattāb (ÑÖí Çááå Úäå) said: congratulations! O Ibn Abī Tālib! You are my master and (the master of) every Muslim. (On this occasion) Allāh revealed this verse: Today, I have perfected your religion for you.” Is this considered true? If we fast on Eid-Ghadeer is it reallly equal to 60 months? I understand not all of Hurayrah's hadith are considered authentic so some clarification would definitley be appreciated.
  3. (bismillah) (salam) This post is a quick reminder to all of us to fast on the 25th of Dhul Qa'dah. Three significant events have occurred on the night of the 25th of Dhul Qa'dah. http://unveilingthelight.blogspot.com/ Enjoy. :) Eltemase Dua (salam)
  4. I am so confused about haydh/istihadha. It is really embarrassing because it's been over a decade that I have been dealing with these questions, but it seems like every time I am unsure about something and read the same few lines of rulings, my confusion grows worse. My period does not have a fixed time and I don't think it has a fixed duration, but maybe it does and I just can't tell because of my uncertainty about what is and is not haydh. It usually starts off light for a few hours, without the characteristics of haydh, but then it darkens and thickens (I have no idea about warmth and gushing, I have never noticed this as my flow is body temperature and I guess just drips). Is this beginning part considered haydh? More importantly, my period always tapers off such that the last few days are pink then brownish, but light, like it is diluted. It seems to match the description of istihadha, but since istihadha is meant to be odd bleeding, I am not sure whether this tapering off time should be considered istihadha. Is it? Timewise, I have something like 4-6 days of dark blood and 1-2 days of pinkish brown discharge. Anyways, last night my discharge was mostly pinkish, with a little bit of redder blood, and I didn't do ghusl because I didn't think or wasn't sure my period was over. This morning, it is just pinkish brown, and I don't expect any more blood blood, just more of this flow, and I am confused about my fast. I can stay on the safe side and do ghusl and not eat until maghrib, but I am not sure about my intention (haydh or istihadha). Please help! Honestly, part of me just wants to hear that my fast won't count regardless because I feel so bewildered by my confusion that I really could use some comfort food right now. In future years, should I do ghusl before going to bed when my period might be ending soon just in case it has ended? I follow Sistani, by the way.
  5. What's the main purpose of fasting? Plz, I need some strong and good reasons. Thanks
  6. Wassalam! I just came to canada yesterday, about 9:00 pm. I did not wake up for iftar so i also missed the fajr prayer too... I needed to do ghusl but I still have not done it, can I still fast or do I have to wait for the next day :(? PLEASE HELP! I really hope I can fast ! Blessing to all of you the people of true Islam!
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