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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 3 results

  1. Salam alaikum Im in need of a book designer for islamic books. Pls pm me so we can talk further.
  2. Salam alaykum One of the best methods of defining hijab.
  3. This is from me, as a man I know men (generally) more than women: just to point out to sisters what men are like and how covering yourself helps: - as a guy I have realized and I have seen other people do this: - if a man sees a women who wearing Islamic clothing, they stay away, this is good for you because most guys who approach girls has the 'final act' in his mind. - wearing a hijab is like filtering the good from the bad, bad men approach girls who are revealing themselves because they are attracted to what their eyes see. good men, however, don't approach women to hit on them, they usually have something to say. - Not a single man will ever approach women with an honorable intention if he hasn't got some business. If you have parents then they are your gateway to marriage, only a good man will ask for your hand from your parents, and they are the ones you can usually trust, but only if he is proposing out his own choice. - It is satans habit to tempt people, thus an evil man is he who approaches you and tempts you to accept his request, he will first look to convince you and then ask for your parents permission. In this way he hopes to use you against your parents, if you accept and your parents refuse, can you see the damage done here? thus a good man is what you seek for marriage, the good man is he who will ask your parents first and then you. - this is because, a young girl can easily be deceived (So easy) even if they think they are smart, and cunning. parents however, especially the father, recognizes the mans worth and so he cannot be deceived. -also an honorable man will firstly go to the father in order to see if the parents like him and if he is 'husband material'. So protect your dignity by covering your body and hiding your figure, you don't need to show it because men (non-mahram) don't need to see it. - if you only knew what a man imagines when he stares at the flesh of young girls, when he sees their figure, how he yearns to jump on her then you would realize how filthy most men are and you would not walk among them out of disgust. - cover yourself and don't give them the pleasure of imaging sinful acts with you. - cover yourself and keep yourself clean from the lustful staring of men. - cover yourself and add value to yourself - cover yourself and show that you are more than just a piece of walking flesh for men. May Allah make you strong in your defense and know that satan lays ambush only on the straight path, all other paths are already his and he needs no effort to make stray those who are already lost, and those who are not on the straight path are an influence for satan against those on the right path.
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