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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalamualikum. In this post I will be narrating a dream I had several months ago in which I saw Imam Hussain (عليه السلام). The purpose of me sharing this dream is so I can get advice and would preferably like to recieve insight and understanding, of this dream. In this dream, me and my mother are in our house and are wearing black/white clothing, and it seems like we are preparing to commemorate for the day of 10th Muharram. Whilst we are doing so, we feel as if someone is by the main door and my mother opens it. Standing are 3 people that seem like if they are a family (a couple and a daughter). We have them enter in our house and me and my mother have a room prepared for them so they could stay. As they make themselves comfortable, me and my mother approach a larger room of our house, but as we enter, the room is actually one of the rooms of another house of ours in a different country. (so its like we changed country, the minute we enter the large room of our old house, but it actually becomes one of the rooms of our house that we have in another country) Then suddenly we hear a loud thunder and immediately the sky goes black and we think to ourselves that it is the day of Qiyammah. (The end of the world) and the world is going to get destroyed. As we run towards the terrace of the room and step outside, I see the events of Ashura taking place in the sky, in which the clouds seem to be telling the story of ashura, and I see in cloud form, Imam hussain ((عليه السلام)) and him battling. Then I experience a huge gush of wind and the minute we return back to the large room from the terrace I see Imam Hussain (عليه السلام). (I could tell it was him because of the feeling I got) He was very tall and I could not see his face. He was wearing a very large robe. He was very angry and he rebuked me and mother for allowing the family to stay at our home. We apologised to the Imam, whilst crying and ask what we should do to repent so we could gain forgiveness. He then from his robe he took out a rusty, black handle knife/dagger and told me to kill the daughter of the family that was staying at our home. I reluctantly accept, but I remember myself thinking why is the Imam telling me to commit murder. However since it was the order of the Imam I take the knife bravely. My mother also tells me that I have to fulfill this duty since the Imam told me to do so. When I exit the large room, Im back at the old house (we changed countries again) and I hide the knife behind my back. Me and my mother both enter the room which we gave to the family, and then my mother exits and closes the electricity supply of the house. It then goes dark. The family begins to worry as to what happened. I lure the daughter of the family to another room and tell her to stay in the room with me. I lay down on the bed and then I immediately see her change in her behaviour. I sense, dirty, and immoral vibes from her. And she lays down right next to me and the moment she was about to commit a dirty act, I stab her in the stomach. She dies instantly. I exit the room and I am now worried since I believe I have committed murder. My mum gives me hope and tells me the Imam had ordered me to do this so there must be good in this. I return back to the large room and see Imam Hussain((عليه السلام)) laying down on the right side of the bed. I proceed to him and theres a stool right next to bed and I sit on it, whilst crying and asking for forgiveness and I tell him that Ive done what he asked me to do. He gets up and kisses my forehead, and when I close my eyes I see gardens, jewels, gold, mountains, nature, (paradise like things) And thats when I immediately wake up. I got this dream just after the morning prayer. If this is of any use. I am an 18 year old unmarried girl. I would like to request you all to please interpret what this dream means. Since I believe I have a duty to carry out but I don’t know what and how.
  2. Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu. Till when we have to fast today on Ashura?Till before Maghrib or till Maghrib?
  3. Hi. There are many places around the world where people are not as aware of Ashura as other holy days and even if they are aware there is a disconnect with other communities around the world mourning in Ashura. So I have come up with the idea to form a facebook event for Ashura 2019 but am not sure how much it will serve the purpose. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2208456515950643/
  4. Ayatollah Khamenei narrates the martyrdom of Imam Hussain's 11 year-old nephew http://english.khamenei.ir/news/4208/Ayatollah-Khamenei-narrates-the-martyrdom-of-Imam-Hussain-s-11 ***** https://www.al-islam.org/lohoof-sighs-sorrow-sayyid-ibn-tawus/battle-and-its-related-events#event-4 https://www.al-islam.org/event-taff-earliest-historical-account-tragedy-karbala-abu-mikhnaf/martyrdom-al-husayn#al-husayn-advances-towards-battlefield
  5. Assalamu alaikom. O Allah, May you grant peace and honor on Muhammad and his family. I humbly share this poem with you. If this is the wrong type of content for this site, please inform me and I shall remove it. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Oh Abbas! You have your father’s eyes. Oh Abbas, I’ve seen them filled with tears, Of a blood-red moon Sobbing in the sky. I’ve seen them laugh, The angel-white moon Of your holy brother’s love. But roar now, Lion cub! Roar! Oh Abbas! We bear witness on that final day, You are your father’s heart!
  6. As received: Chronology of Events on the Day of 'Ashura In accordance with the interview held with the deceased Doctor Ahmad Birshak in Gashimari-ye Irani, the event of Karbala falls on the Solar calendar on the 21st of Mehr, year 59. The Solar calendar is not like the Lunar calendar in the sense that it changes. The position of the Earth in relation to the Sun is fixated, and it is thus possible to calculate the timings of the city of Karbala on this date and allocate the words of the individuals who have written the Maqtal to the appropriate hours and minutes. 5:47 AM: Fajr Adhan Imam Husayn (as) gives a sermon for his companions after the morning prayers. He invites them towards patience and struggle and then recites the prayer: اللهم انت ثِقَتی فی کل کَرب [O Allah! You are my trust in all calamities]. The Kufans also prayed on their side behind ‘Umar ibn al-Sa'ad and after the morning prayers, became busy in preparing the army and gathering their strength together. Approximately 6 AM Imam Husayn (as) orders for a trench to be dug around the tents, and asked it to be filled with thorny shrubs so that they could later set it on fire and make them an obstacle for the enemies to attack from behind. 7:06 AM - Sunrise A short time after sunrise, Imam sat on a camel so that he could be seen better. Then he went towards the army of Kufa and with a loud voice, gave a sermon for them. He reminded them of the attributes and merits of himself, his brother, and his brother. He also reminded them that the Kufans had written letters to the Imam (as), and directly conversed with some soldiers in the army of Kufa, and asked Hijar bin Abjar and Shabth Rab'i whether they had not invited him (with their letters)? They rejected any such invitation, and thus the Imam threw their letters towards them and thanked Allah [swt] for establishing his proof upon them. The sermon of the Imam was approximately thirty-minutes long. Approximately 8 AM After he speech of the Imam (as), some of his companions such as Burayr - who was known as Sayyid al-Qurra’ (The master of the Qur'an reciters) of Kufa - and according another narration, Zuhayr, gave similar sermons. After the sermon of Zuhayr and Burayr, the Imam asked: “Is there anyone to help me?” A few soldiers become unsure of what to do, particularly Hurr. Another individual by the name of Abu al-Sha'tha and two brothers who were previously from the Khawarij, came towards the army of the Imam. It is not far-fetched that others who felt that the army of Kufa is serious about fighting Husayn, also ended up coming towards the army of the Imam. Approximately 9 AM It was at this time that the accursed Shimr asked Umar ibn al-Sa'ad as to why he is delaying the battle. Eventually Umar determined that it is appropriate to start the battle, and shot the first arrow towards the army of Imam Husayn (as). He says to his army: “Testify in front of Ubaydallah that I shot the first arrow.” After that, the bowmen of the Kufan army, all together began shooting arrows. The Imam said to his companions: “Become prepared for death.” A few individuals from the army of Imam Husayn (as) were martyred in this initial attack. Some reports mention that those who were killed in the initial shower of arrows from the army of the Imam was close to fifty people. Approximately 10AM After the initial shower of arrows, Yasar the slave of Ziyad bin Abih, and Salim the slave of Ibn Ziyad came out from the army of Kufa to continue the battle in duels. Abdullah bin Umayr requested permission to fight from Imam Husayn (as). The Imam gave him permission and he killed both of them - however the fingers of his left hand were cut. After this duel, the Kufan army began attacking collectively. Hijar attacked the right flank of the army of Imam Husayn (as), but Habib and his companions stood their ground firmly. At the same time, Shimr was attacking the left flank of the army, where he faced Zuhayr and his companions. Shimr himself was slightly injured in this attack. After pushing back the two sets of soldiers of the Kufan army, Umar ibn al-Sa'ad ordered 500 bowmen to shoot arrows at the army of the Imam. A number of companions of the Imam were killed in this attack. Some reports have mentioned that 50 people were martyred, Ibn Shahr Ashub mentions that 38 were martyred. The first to become martyred in this attack was Abu al-Sha'tha - who was a bowman himself, and shot 8 arrows, killing 5 people. The Imam supplicated for him. A group of men from the army of Shimr asked to attack the Imam from behind, where the Imam had dug a trench and set fire in it. Zuhayr and 10 other companions attacked them. Approximately 11AM After these attacks, the Imam asked his companions to go out individually. The companions of the Imam agreed amongst themselves to not let anyone from Bani Hashim go towards the battlefield until they are alive. The companions were very eager to taste martyrdom. Some become martyred in the sight of the Imam. One of the first individuals to be martyred was the old and ascetic Burayr and after him Muslim bin ‘Awsajah. Habib went towards Muslim and said that he wished he would have been able to execute his last-will. Muslim pointed towards the Imam and said “That is my last-will (i.e. protect him)”. At one point, 7 companions of the Imam were surrounded by the army of the enemy, and ‘Abbas came and saved them. 12:50 PM - Adhan of Zuhr Habib ibn Mazahir was martyred at the time of Zuhr. It has been recorded that the Imam said to his companions that one of them goes and asks Umar ibn al-Sa'ad to pause the battle for the time of prayers. One of the soldiers from the Kufan army said: “Your prayers are not accepted”. Habib replied to him: “O Donkey! You think that your prayers are accepted, and that the prayers of the son of the Prophet is not accepted?” He went out to fight him, but the soldiers of the Kufan army came to help and Habib was thus martyred. Imam (as) was extremely saddened by Habib’s martyrdom and for the first time he (as) cried on the day of ‘Ashura. Imam (as) prayed Qasr and in accordance to the rules of Salat al-Khawf. Some companions followed the Imam in congregation, while others continued fighting. Zuhar and Saeed bin Abdullah Hanafi were guarding the Imam. It has been recorded that Saeed bin Abdullah took 13 arrows to the body and was martyred. Approximately 1 PM 30 companions of the Imam were martyred by the end of the prayers, including Zuhayr and Hurr. After the companions had been martyred, the Bani Hashim began to come out to fight. The first person to fight was Ali Akbar, the son of Imam Husayn (as). Other reports mention Abdullah bin Muslim bin Aqeel being the first to go out and fight from the Bani Hashim. Approximately 2 PM 28 members of the Bani Hashim were killed: 7 brothers of Imam Husayn , 2 sons of Imam Hasan, 2 sons of Imam Husayn, 2 grandsons of Ja'far bin Abu Talib, 9 members of the family of Aqeel, and the rest from the extended family of the Imam. Eventually, only Imam Husayn (as) and 'Abbas remained. Abbas requested permission to go the battlefield, but the Imam instead asked him to go get water. The enemy was able to split the two brothers, and while 'Abbas was on his quest to get water for the women and children, both of his arms were cut off. One of the enemies attacked his head with a pole and he fell on the ground. It has been reported that this was the second time the Imam (as) cried and said: “Now my back has been broken”. Approximately 3 PM The Imam returned back towards the tents and began to bid farewell. He started tearing parts of his shirt and wore it so that when the enemies begin their looting, they do not rob his shirt. While bidding farewell, he took his 6-month old Ali Asghar out of the tents to get him a drop of water, when Hurmala shot an arrow at the baby and killed him. The Imam returned back to the battlefield to fight and initially very few dared to fight him, so they would shoot arrows from far or throw their spears at him. After the Imam (as) was martyred, it has been reported that there were 33 injuries from spears, 34 injuries due to swords on his body. It has been reported that when the Imam was in his last moments, no one dared to come towards him to finish him. The horse of the Imam went towards the tents and the women and children became aware that the Imam was no longer on the horse. A child by the name of Abdullah the son of Imam Hasan ran towards Imam Husayn (as), but the enemies killed him while he was in the lap of the Imam. 4:06 PM - Adhan of 'Asr According to the report by Hamid bin Muslim in Tarikh al-Tabari, the time that Imam Husayn (as) was martyred was the time of 'Asr. It was at this time that Sinan bin Anas attacked the Imam and beheaded him. Other reports mention that it was Shimr who beheaded the Imam. Approximately 5 PM After the martyrdom of Imam Husayn (as), people began to loot him. It has been reported that all of those who had stolen something from the Imam, became afflicted with incurable diseases. The army began to loot possessions of his martyred companions as well. Umar ibn al-Sa'ad asked his army to stop the looting temporarily. Suwayd bin Mata’ - one of the Shi'as from Basra - arrived in Kerbala after the martyrdom of the Imam and in order to protect the family of the Imam, began fighting the enemies until he was also killed. It was close to sunset when the head of the Imam was given to Khuli so that he could take it to Ibn Ziyad. After that, Umar ibn al-Sa'ad ordered his soldiers to trample the body of the Imam with horses. 6:49 PM - Adhan of Maghrib The sorrowful day of 'Ashura ends with Umar ibn al-Sa'ad holding congregational prayers of Maghrib. Sinan bin Anas started reciting poetry alluding to him being rewarded with gold, for he was able to kill the best of men.
  7. The Day of A'shura: The First Speech of the Al-Imam Al-Husayn (as) https://www.al-islam.org/event-taff-earliest-historical-account-tragedy-karbala-abu-mikhnaf/day-ashura#first-speech-imam The Event of Taff, The Earliest Historical Account of the Tragedy of Karbala’ Abu Mikhnaf
  8. https://www.al-islam.org/event-taff-earliest-historical-account-tragedy-karbala-abu-mikhnaf/martyrdom-family-members-al#martyrdom-qasim-bin-al-hasan
  9. Salam everyone, i am trying to educate myself on Muharram, when I was a kid I use to watch a movie about the battle of Karbala and Muharram but I can’t seem to find any anymore. Can anyone help me out? Whether it’s episodes or a movie even if it’s a cartoon one, I don’t mind. Preferably in English please? Thank you so much in advance.
  10. https://www.al-islam.org/event-taff-earliest-historical-account-tragedy-karbala-abu-mikhnaf/martyrdom-companions-al-husayn#martyrdom-habib-bin-muzahir
  11. Salaam, I have heard some rumors that Ayatollah Sistani has issued a recommendation that all shias should observe Ashura on the same day as Karbala. Anyone else hear the same thing? The image below is with reference to this. Can someone translate please? @Ashvazdanghe
  12. Movie on Qafila e Karbala the Caravan of Pride Full movie(Urdu with Eng sub): https://youtu.be/4_tLhsJMh-A The saviour of mankind|BISKIT: https://youtu.be/PrH4ojZuItg
  13. Copenhagen (Denmark)- Ashura 2017 Copenhagen (Denmark)- Ashura 2017 Ashura, the anniversary of Imam Hussein’s martyrdom, held in Copenhagen along with walking in some streets, distributing tracts, and explaining the event of Ashura by Shia youth.
  14. Imam Reza AS said, “O Son of Shabib! If you wish to cry for anything or anyone, cry for al-Hussain Ibn Ali AS for he was slaughtered like a sheep. Eighteen members from his family who were unparalleled on earth were also killed along with him. Certainly, the seven heavens and earths cried because of the murder of al-Hussain AS. Four thousand Angels descended on earth to aid him, but (when they were allowed to reach there) they found him martyred. So they remained at his grave, disheveled and dusty, and will remain there until the rising of al-Qa’im (Imam al-Mahdi AS), whereupon they will aid him. Their slogan will be, ‘Vengeance for the blood of al-Husain.’ O Son of Shabib! My father related to me from his father, who related from his grandfather that when my grandfather Imam al-Husain AS was martyred, the sky rained blood and red sands. O Son of Shabib! When you weep over the afflictions of al-Husain AS so that tears flow from your eyes onto your cheeks, Allah will forgive all your sins, big or small, few or numerous. O Son of Shabib! If you wish to meet Allah, the mighty and the majestic, free of sin, then perform the Ziyarat of al-Hussain AS. O Son of Shabib! If it pleases you to abide in the palaces of Paradise in company of the Prophet SAWA and his family, then invoke Allah’s curse upon the murderers of Imam al-Hussain AS. O Son of Shabib! If you wish to earn the reward of those who were martyred with al-Hussain AS, then whenever you remember him, say, ‘If only I had been with them so that I would have attained the great felicity.’ O Son of Shabib! If you desire to be with us in the highest degree of Paradise, then grieve in our sorrows and rejoice in our happiness. Remain attached to our love, for even if a person loves a stone, Allah shall resurrect him with it on the Day of Judgment.
  15. Because sometimes our ceremonies of mourning for Imam Hussein (as) attain perfection in terms of organisation, fervor or chanting and it becomes transcendent, here is a topic where you can post your favorite footages of latmiyat/nohat/matam/sina zani etc...
  16. Today it is 11th of Muharram. After having mourned for Hussain (as) and his loyal companions who have been martyred in the greatest of battles, we have surely been taught something. For around 60 generations we have kept Imam alive. He may not be physically here, but his ideology is day by day being more sound. The more oppressed and corruptive this earth gets, the more we remember Hussain's struggle. We remember the feel Hussain must have had once he realized how the muslims went against him. The feeling of betrayal for worldly pleasures. They swapped gold dimes with a diamond pearl. A person whose face was so pure, it was as if the moon was walking on earth. A person that submitted completely to Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى even though he saw how his family and friends were being martyred. A person who wanted to join the martyrs of Karbala even though it would not affect his position in the view of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. Hussain (as), the name that clouds scream when they pour rain upon us. Hussain (as), whose killers will be avenged by the Hujjat-ul-Allah. Hussain (as), who makes every heart with sincerity cry out his name. Hussain (as), who kept sincere and humble manners even during the slaughtering of his family and companions. He was the one who offered water to his enemy while dying of thirst. What do we learn from Hussain (as)? What do I learn from Hussain (as)? Hussain (as) remembers me the day Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) was struck with the poisonous sword. It was the famous saying of 'Ali that made the ground of the earth shake: "By the Lord of the Kaaba, I am successful" Once Hussain (as) fell on the ground, I always imagine him saying such a line. Some might say, how can they be successful if Allah took their lives? The physical aspects of the Ahl al-Bayt, the 11 Imams might have been killed, but their ideology stands strong. Hussain (as) is remembered every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute and every second. It is people like Yazeed, Shimr, Omaar ibn Saad - may Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى take away the Prophet's intercession for them - who have lost not only their afterlife, but also their life in this dunya. No one remembers these people nor do they have active shrines. The knowledge of a person stays for eternity. And we thank you for this O' Imams of the Ahl al-Bayt. We thank you O' Messenger of God for leaving us the Qu'ran and your Ahl al-Bayt who will never seperate from each other till they meet you at the Pond. Hussain (as) also resembles the struggle of the Mahdi (as) for me. Hussain (as), just like his brother and father, stood up against tyranny and injustice. Hussain (as) gave his life to save Islam from changing to that of the Ummayyads. Hussain (as) did not only defeat injustice. He did not only fight tyranny. He actually fought and spread the pure Islam for over 1400 years. Every second that passes, every minute that passes that we dedicate to remembering Hussain (as), we are actually spreading pure Islam. Everytime we introduce Hussain (as) to others, we are spreading Islam. Islam does not get spread by wars. But by tragedies like that of Hussain (as). We should ask something very important from Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى this 11th of Muharram. Please, if you are reading this. I beg you. For the sake of towheed and Hussain (as)'s struggle. Please, make du'a today to Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى with complete sincerity and humbleness. Make du'a for the reappearance of the Mahdi (as). Please, for once beg Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى and make a promise to stand side by side with the Mahdi (as). Wallahi, if we want to make the Mahdi (as) reappear, we should change our lifestyle and our humbleness to that of Hussain (as). Do not forget Mahdi's (as) pain for over thousand years. Do you think He likes to see the oppression and tyranny? Do you not think he wants to instignate a worldwide Karbala? We must prepare ourselves. Ya Allah, by the martyrs of Karbala, by the nowadays shohada in the wars against oppression. By the sincere and devoted fuqaha we have today. By the inhabitants of Qom who will rise with our Qa'im. By the people who are sincere and humble towards the Ahl al-Bayt. Ya Allah, even though our hearts and tongues do not always sing together, we ask you forgiveness and ask you your mercy upon our souls. We ask You to bless us with the status of being Shohada on the path of truth. We ask you - even though we do not have the 'ilm al-Ghayb - to hasten the reappearance of the Mahdi (as) for who we want to sacrifice our worthless human souls. On this day, which is one day after the maqtal, we sincerely ask you to grant us the fight against injustice. We have been bearing injustice over justice for over 60 generations. And by day it is getting worse. Ya Allah, do not forget our true intentions and do not forget that we strive to reach the status of true devotees. Ya Allah, make our hearts filled with love and affection towards the Thaqalayn, and please, do not punish our souls by taking away our soft hearts which cry for our beloved Hussain (as). Ya Allah, grants us the Prophet's intercession on the Day of Judgement. We cannot bear your severe punishments. Wa sallalahu 'ala Muhammad wa ale Muhammad.
  17. Salaam what can a female who can't pray on the eve of ashura do? what can we read etc jazakAllah khair
  18. Salaam alaikum all, I am sure you all aware of the circumstances surrounding how Hazrat Abbas (as) was martyred fetching water for Imam Hussain (as) and the children. I came across some opposition from Sunni muslims (not directly towards me) questioning the way some of the companions of Imam Hussain (as) were martyred. Particularly with the way Abbas (as) was martyred. The claim is that circumstances surrounding his (as) martyrdom are deliberately exaggerated to make people shed tears. They don't question that he was killed trying to get water but the way in which things played out are exaggerated to make people cry and weep. I decided to do some research and find authentic sources describing the martyrdom of Abbas (as). I looked on al-islam.org and found this: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/forum/26-muharram-14392017/ The sources cited for the martyrdom of Abbas (as) is a source called 'Roudhatul Ahbab' Has anyone heard of this source? Is it authentic? Can anyone direct me to other reliable sources on this subject? Any help is much appreciated
  19. In the name of the lord of the martyrs. I intend to share some video clips as the title of the post says about Ashura, and I ask you to share similar video clips below this post.
  20. Is there a Di'Bil here, who can compose a line or few lines? Establishment of Majalis to commemorate the events of Karbala’ https://www.al-islam.org/story-of-the-holy-kaaba-and-its-people-shabbar/eighth-imam-ali-ibn-musa-al-ridha#establishment-majalis-commemorate-events-karbala https://www.al-islam.org/nafasul-mahmum-relating-heart-rending-tragedy-karbala-shaykh-abbas-qummi/dispatching-household-ahlul#entry-household-madinah-and-their-mourning-upon-imam-husayn https://www.al-islam.org/life-imam-ali-bin-musa-al-ridha-baqir-shareef-al-qurashi/chapter-16-affairs-imam-khurasan#immortal-poem-dibil https://www.al-islam.org/life-imam-ali-bin-musa-al-ridha-baqir-shareef-al-qurashi/chapter-16-affairs-imam-khurasan#text-poem ***** https://www.al-islam.org/articles/two-poems-about-ashura-zehra-naqvi#night-ashura’ https://www.al-islam.org/articles/two-poems-about-ashura-zehra-naqvi#there-anyone-help-you
  21. There is a common practice amongst Muslims to fast on the 10th of Muharram (1 month of the Islamic calendar). Although there are several hadith in support of this act, they can be summarized using the 2 primary hadiths below: “When Allah's Apostle arrived at Medina, he found the Jews observing the fast on the day of 'ashura' (10th of Muharram). The Prophet asked them (about it) and they replied, "This is the day when Moses became victorious over Pharaoh." The Prophet said (to the Muslims), "We are nearer to Moses than they, so fast on this day." Volume 3, Book 31, Number 222: Narrated by Ibn 'Abbas Volume 4, Book 55, Number 609: Narrated by Ibn 'Abbas Volume 5, Book 58, Number 279: Narrated by Ibn 'Abbas Volume 6, Book 60, Number 202: Narrated by Ibn 'Abbas Volume 6, Book 60, Number 261: Narrated by Ibn 'Abbas Sahih Bukhari “During the Pre-lslamic Period of ignorance the Quraish used to observe fasting on the day of 'ashura', and the Prophet himself used to observe fasting on it too. But when he came to Medina, he fasted on that day and ordered the Muslims to fast on it. When (the order of compulsory fasting in ) Ramadan was revealed, fasting in Ramadan became an obligation, and fasting on 'ashura' was given up, and who ever wished to fast (on it) did so, and whoever did not wish to fast on it, did not fast.” Volume 6, Book 60, Number 31: Narrated by Aisha Volume 3, Book 31, Number 117: Narrated by 'Aisha (similar to above hadith) Volume 3, Book 31, Number 220: Narrated by Aisha (similar to above hadith) Volume 5, Book 58, Number 172: Narrated by 'Aisha (similar to above hadith) Sahih Bukhari Let’s investigate the first hadith – fasting in observance Moses victory. In Judaism, this event is known as Passover. The eight-day festival of Passover is celebrated in from the 15th through the 22nd of the Hebrew month of Nissan. The Jews of Medina also followed this calendar and not the Arab calendar. Authentic hadith tell us that the Prophet (saw) migrated from Mecca to Medina at the end of Safar so his first Ashura in Medina was in AH2. Based on on-line date conversion software (+- 1-2 days): 10 Muharram AH2 (Islamic date) = 14 July 623AD (Gregorian date) = 8th of Av, 4383 (Jewish date) Since the month of AV is the fifth month of the Hebrew calendar, it is highly unlikely the Jews were fasting in observance of Passover on the 10th of Muharram since the dates were nowhere close to each other. Now for the 2nd hadith – continuing the custom of Qurayish by fasting on 10th Muharram The Prophet (saw) spent 23 years of his preaching Islam and abrogating the customs of the kuffar of Mecca yet he continued this custom even after hijra? Highly unlikely! Even if the above traditions are taken to be true, why only celebrate one Jewish custom out of thousands of them? Also, if the Prophet (saw) celebrated their joyous occasions, did he observe and show sorrow during their sad or calamitous days? Why not observe the Sabbath or celebrate the birthday of UZA? The entire Muslim community has a choice: either celebrate Ashura by fasting and celebrating in allegiance to the Jews of Medina and Kuffar of Mecca or observe the calamity that befell the progeny of the Prophet (saw) in a solemn and somber manner. BTW, one of the options makes you a munafiq (hint: loving the Prophet but ignoring the calamity of his progeny)
  22. Salam Alikum - Last night I was listening to a majalis - and during the masaib section, I heard something I did not hear before, so wanted to check. The orator mentioned that while the ahlubayt (as) were on the way to Sham from Karbala - Qhuli (la), Shimr (la), and two more people made a circle and started playing with Imam Hussain (as)'s severed head like people play catch with a normal ball. I was so distressed and the way it was described surprised me. Can anyone please authenticate or negate that this happened? I know these maloons could do anything impossible - but, I never heard or read this before, so some what curious to know if you have heard or read it before. Jazakallah Khair.
  23. Audhu billahi min ash-shaitanir rajeem. Bismillah, ar-Rahman, ar-Rahim AsSalaamu Alaykum, In my humble opinion, we should focus on lessons learned from the Tragic events related to Karbala. There is a wealth of knowledge and insight stored in every action taken/ sermons delivered by Our Master Abu Abdullah Al-Husayn[as], Sayyidah Zainab[sa], Imam Ali ibn Husayn[as], Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas[as] and the blessed companions. 1] What is your understanding of the Message of Karbala. 2] What lessons do you learn from events related to Karbala. [Includes events leading up to Ashura, on the day of Ashura and events after Ashura including the caravan of the oppressed, events in Kufa, Iraq and in Damascus, Syria and their return to Medina.] *Old Topic is in a different section, http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235036879-karbala/ let's continue in this section titled Muharram. WS *Layman*.
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