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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. do shi'ites believe sunnis are sinners?
  2. I am going to visit my parents in America in a month or so, and I am newly religious. I live in Lebanon, and I have gotten use to not shaking hands with men since I put my scarf on in 2009. My husband is also moderatly religious as I am. We are so worried about whats going to happen when we go to America and we dont shake hands with men/women. How am I suppose to explain my stance? Without them thinking I am an extemist maniac? My dad is Sunni & doesnt really support some of my religious boundries. If there is anyone out there with this problem, please enlighten me on how you act when an old friend comes charging at you with a hug when you havent seen them for 3 years. Or when you are almosted forced to shake someones hand! Like what do we do!
  3. This is probably the most rational and best article I have so far read on the issue of infallibility in Shia Islam. It touches ever single aspect you can think of. From sins, to errors, to forgetfulness. Please take a look at this. Taharah & 'Ismah of The Prophets, Messengers, Awsiya', And Imams (Peace Be Upon Them) (wasalam)
  4. Salam, I have been reading topics on this site for quite some time but tonight thought I would make a post and maybe I will be able to get some help. As many people on here I find that finding a spouse to be very difficult. For me, it is not because there are not any proposals but rather the proposals being turned down for no reason other than my parents not wanting me to get married. I am 26 years old and have completed my studies so that is not the issue. You may think they have valid reasons for this decision of theirs but I cannot seem to come up with a single one. I am very mature and physically and mentally ready for marriage. Their reasons for turning people away and straight out telling them that they will not marry me have changed quite a few times. At first, their reason was because I am their "baby" and they want me to stay and care for them, Now the reason was because they fear I will get hurt and end up divorced due to the high divorce rate and my sibling getting divorced. I do not find either of these to be valid reasons. Not so long ago I walked in the house only to hear my mom on the phone telling someone "no, we are not marrying her off" and I later found out through my sister that it was a phone call leading to a proposal. I was very upset at that moment because this was not the first time and I knew it would not be the last time. It especially upsets me because I am never told by them or given a choice; this has been going on since I was in high school and even before my older sister got married. After that phone call I started to get very active in my local Masjid. I had always attended and had been attending this Masjid for quite a few years but at this point I became one of the head volunteers. I ended up meeting a brother at the Masjid who is also a volunteer and all our talking was always at the Masjid and about the Masjid but one day he asked me if I was married. I told him that I am not married, obviously this lead me believe that he wanted to ask for my hand in marriage. During this time I received another proposal and this time because they allowed for the family to come to our house but they made it perfectly clear that I was not to get married and did not give me a choice in the matter. After that incident and some time passed and the guy from the Masjid did not propose to me I started to distance myself from him until one day he asked what was wrong with me. I was honest and told him that I thought he would propose to me. He told me that he knows my parents would not accept and his father told him that he does not want to ruin the relationship between himself and my father. Apparently word had gotten around that I am not eligible for marriage. This really upset me and I found myself talking to this man more and more but nothing intimate. We were getting to know each other until one day he asked me to contract a temporary marriage with him and I said yes. Now I know my fathers approval is required but I felt they had left me no choice. My shatan was strong and my emotions overtook me. During the contract we were intimate but I remained a virgin. This was something that he wanted and put as a condition. He did not want to ruin me and this made me love him even more, He always put my feelings ahead of his own and I felt that he truly did love me. We had a month left in our contract when he just disappeared for a few days and I got very worried. So when Friday came along and I saw that he was at the Masjid I asked him what was going on. It turned out his father realized he was in some sort of relationship and told him that if it is a girl from the community that he would disown him. This man is 30; not a child. How can you threaten to disown him? So, he left me with a month left in our marriage. I did not know what to do, day in and day out I was crying. I didn't get any sleep, I wasn't eating all I did was cry. I was and still am in love with this man (I know it is haram). I still see him at the Masjid but our communication even about the Masjid has decreased a lot. It hurts, to see him and not be able to talk to him. I keep thinking could I have done something differently? Is this Allah's way of punishing me? Was what I did wrong? What are my options now? I have thought of not going to the Masjid but the Masjid is like my second home, I grew up around the Masjid and one week of not going makes me feel like I am missing a big part of my life. Any advice as to how to deal with my situation of marriage and how to move on would be great. Please I don't need anyone telling me what I did was wrong because I already have a hard time forgiving myself for going behind my parents back. But did they leave me a choice? Thank you. P.S. Sorry if this is too long,
  5. Asalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters,, i have heard this hadith,, im pretty sure its from Imam Ali AS,, and i wanted to see if anyone has a source for it,, or is able to give me a similar Hadith to this one,, "someone came to the Imam and asked him,, how can we follow you if your unable to sin,, the Imam replies and says that its not that we are unable to sin,, its that we dont allow ourselves to sin,," W/Salam
  6. salam alakum sisters. Today I came to school and a friend of mine came to me and said "do you know that girl with the head scarf?" I replied "yes" then she told me "she took her headscarf off in school!" i was surprised, I did not believe it at first until she took took me to see her and I was very shocked that she actually took her headscarf off. she was sitting there with her friends normally. I actually inside of me felt very insulted because why would someone wear it and take it off it's just wrong. However another part of me said that probably her parents forced her to wear it and hijab should never be forced. But deep inside of me something is telling me to talk to her and persuade this girl to come back to the hijab. So my question is, is it my duty and is it wajib to talk to her? because i feel guilty from the inside. However i don't really know this person as a friend, she's just someone in school. should I just leave her and mind my own business or should i get into her business?
  7. In the following video Hassan Allahyari states that neglecting your daily prayers is a major sin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nWypVOthlU To be honest I have neglected my prayers a lot this past year. Is there no salvation for me? I've have the feeling that Allah (swt) abondened me. What should I do? Even If I do start my prayers. How will I be accepted in Djanah if I did not pray since the day I learned it?
  8. I'm sure you'll get agree that there are some Muslims, myself included, that don't always stay on the right path. Females may not wear the hijab or men may shave their facial hair. Some of us may even listen to music, swear, speak with non-mahram people etc. What's your opinion however on those people that sin and do so with no shame. What I mean by that is say for instance, I happen to listen to music but do so with free will. I'm not forced to listen like when a car may drive by with loud music but actually do so because I want to. I'm clearly doing what I do without being ashamed of sinning. And I could pray for forgiveness but, supposing I don't stop listening to music, what would be the point. My question is what is your opinion on a person in such a situation (the act itself can be anything ranging from a small to a great sin but the idea of sinning without shame is the same). Do you believe a Muslim who lives like that will maybe be punished but not go to Hell because after all they are Muslim. Or that maybe if their sins happen to out-weigh their good deeds that maybe they will go to Hell. I understand this isn't the easiest question to answer because: 1) We aren't to judge, Allah is and 2) Obviously different sins and different actions all have different consequences but generally speaking, from your religious knowledge and insight what would be personal opinion. (Regardless or whether you opinion is reliable). Thanks for reading (and responding).
  9. (Note to moderators, i couldn't think of the *best* place to put this thread. If you see a better place, please do move it to there, i have no objection to such a thing.) I'll start this off with a little introduction, sorry to lengthen it but i feel it is important to the post. Please do read on, i'm sure you'll find it interesting. Lets begin. I was going for my evening run, as i usually do but tonight i heard something that wasn't usual. I heard a man screaming, a woman screaming and i saw the man throwing around things. My first instinct of course would of been to call the police but i was trying to figure out how serious the situation was, maybe just a minor dispute or misunderstanding. My second instinct would be to go over there and protect the poor woman or at least try diffuse the situation. I feel it is my moral duty to do such a thing and i will always stand up for others, no matter the cost. I would do this every time without fail, at least i believe i would stand up in a situation and not just cower away or ignore the wrong being done. I am not a Muslim but someone was hatefully arguing against religion and Islam, i stood up for Islam and did my best to open their eyes and protect people being targeted. I might not agree with Islam but i will protect, with every single inch of myself, your right to practice your beliefs and to be free from hate. I will stand up for all. Thankfully, the dispute between the man and woman looked minor (misunderstanding) and in any case, one of their neighbours just arrived in their car and they would inevitably sort it out. However, it got me thinking... What if i went over there to try break up this dispute and the man was armed. This isn't the nicest part of town and it isn't exactly unusual; one of my friends had a gun pulled on him, several people i know have been mugged around here; its not the safest place. So, i was imagining, say i went over there to protect this poor woman the best i could and the man was armed and he had stabbed me or something like that. It got me thinking, what happens to me if i die? Now, I'm agnostic but that doesn't mean i totally reject the afterlife either. I currently do not hold such a belief but my beliefs aren't the primary question of this topic, as you will soon see... I've tried to live my life the best i can according to the morals i think are best. Indeed, we probably share many similar morals, i assure you of that, without going into too many personal things that would make me uncomfortable. These things include romantic relationships to a degree, ethics, diet (vegetarian, obviously different but haven't had any pork ect in 10+ years) ect. I'm not trying to score points or anything or boast. I am a human being like you and im sure we have all done some things we wish we hadn't. I just wished to give a general idea of myself. You have my word that i am honest about all these things i say. It got me thinking, i share similar values to religious people and i am good people like they are(most anyway, not the hateful or intolerant). Also, they do good deeds partially or entirely out of love for God and because they know it is what God wills. They do it out of want for virtue and want for heaven. They try not to sin because they do not wish to displease God and they do not wish to end up in hell. Obviously, they are good people like I and wish to do good things for the same reason i do but they have additional motivation. I do my good deeds not out of want of reward or heaven but just because i believe it is the right thing to do and i wish to do them. Surely this is also virtuous, if not more virtuous (i think so anyway but i dont want to argue over this point much) because there is no motivating factor or reward. I like to study comparative religion and all the religions of the world. It has came to my attention that all three books/Abrahamic religions, regardless of how good of a person i am, seem to say i get a ticket to a place full of interesting volcano's, mustard ( i hate mustard) and fire. I am hellfire bound as they say. No matter how good my deeds are, if i don't do them with God in mind or to please God apparently i am bound for the hellfire. Obviously, i don't really enjoy being told all my good deeds are worthless in the grand scale of things and i don't like being told i am going to hell for being a good person or even going to hell for that matter. I dont really want to believe a loving God would still put me in such a place for being a good person but thats why i came here, to get everyones views. It got me thinking, imagine i died when that situation happened, where would i ultimately end up from the perspective of all the major religions. So, please do share your opinions. I know it isn't the most polite thing to tell me I'm going to hell and i won't exactly enjoy reading such a thing but a truth is a truth. If you believe it to be the truth please don't be afraid and tell me as such. I won't hold any personal thing against you of course. Perhaps, also, if you could please include a little explanation, to make it easier for me to digest. (I'm not sure if all Muslims hold one view to this issue or there are many different views by many different scholars and interpretations, same goes for all other religions but i'm happy to see a diversity of views and all view points.) (I also realise the fact you are not divine, you are a fallible human being like I and you are not Allah/god/brahman/ect... I realise you obviously can not know such a thing for certain and it is up to the supreme force to decide. I am not taking anyones words about the literal truth, so do not worry about misleading me. I just want to know what your religion and particular scholar you follow/ your beliefs say about where i will go and even what you personally think, which is also very important to me.) Edit: I put a poll in so those who were a bit cautious of telling me where i would end up or just out of politeness or respect did not wish to do such a thing could voice their opinion as well, the poll seems to of not worked. Apologies to those people but really, please do speak your mind, i won't hold anything against you, i promise. Regards, -kingpomba
  10. What do you think, what is the root cause of homosexuality in society? Remember societies are different, there are oppressive societies and cultures such as Saudi Arabia, Wahabi, Salafi cultures of over separation of genders and so on. And then there is ultra feminist, man hater cultures of the West. Please do not comment on Gender Identity Crisis (the disease) since I want to limit this topic only to probing the causes of homosexuality (the crime).
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