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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam everyone, long time no post :) Enjoy!! ثقافة الجنس | فيلم وثائقي للبالغين
  2. Salam! Here are the facts : I live in a place where there is not many Shia. The only shia I know who lives in this city is my family. Most people who live in this city are christians and some are sunni muslims (who do not know they are following wahhabism) who are ignorant about the shia and especially temporary marriages. Before becoming serious about achieving nearness with Allah ta'ala, I was a party goer, a constant drinker and I had sex with women I never married. During those days I also learned how to Pick up women, as I was what you call a pick up artist myself, i used to go out everyday talking to random girls, getting their phone numbers, and touching them. The skill of picking up women involves kino, or touching them inorder to escalate the relationship and eventually leading to a full close, or sex. I know that the general consensus amongst our scholars is that men are not allowed to mingle, or interact with women. But my question is that, since this is haraam, how am I supposed to get temporary marriages? Is it allowed to talk to different women with the intention of looking for someone to get married with? What are the do's and don'ts? Am I allowed to touch them lightly? am I allowed to flirt with them? am I allowed to invite them for coffee, lunch or dinner? Next question is since the muslims here are ignorant about the shia and its non-prohibition of temporary marriages, can I temporarily marry christians? If so, how am I supposed to tell them that I want to engage in temporary marriages with them? the requirement of consent from father or grandfather is only for women who are virgin right? so there is no need for this consent when it comes to non-virgin women? what about marrying Christians? is there a need for consent? If so, how do i tell their father or grand father that I want to engage in a temporary marriage with their daughter? (I asked this question because temporary marriage is something bizarre for christians and sunnis, and they might think im weirdo) On these questions above, I want to please get the opinion of the scholars you are following, please no personal opinion.. some other less important question which has been bothering me for some time, which is something I want all your personal opinion about.. There is no question that temporary marriage is allowed. On temporary marriage, why is it allowed? If it is allowed to get married within a time frame, even if it is just one day, is it not a kind of legal prostitution? I want mature and intelligent answers please, brothers, and please forgive me for my ignorance.
  3. Salam brothers and sisters i want to know the views in shia islam on temporary nikah, (NOT mutah), just a nikah whereby two young people can become mahram to each other for the purpose of getting to know one another and being able to go out etc. (this type ok nikah can be from a month to a year maximum then it can be renewed) In sistanis tawzi al masa'il he permits nikah of this kind whereby touching, kissing etc, more or less anything except sexual intercourse. (called nikaye maharamana) What are the opinions of different marja/scholars on this issue, does anybody know and what do you think personally?
  4. Mutah is haraam because they believe Umar has more authority than the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and can delcare what the Prophet (pbuh) said is halal as haraam, but at the same time believe Misyar, which is essentially having a f*** buddy you don't live with and have no financial obliations to, is halal. Go ahead Bakris, try and invent reasons why Misyar is halal but Mutah is haraam.
  5. (bismillah) (salam) Yesterday, I was debating with a friend about the issue of temporary marriage. We managed to get over the point that it is permitted in Islam. However, he raised the issue about the future implications of mut'ah on nikah. He argued that one who engages in mut'ah and in the future marries a different person will have a burden on his back. This burden is put when one has to mention to their partner their past sexual relations and whether or not they are a virgin. Furthermore, this argument implies that one has to confess their past sexual relationships, what is the Islamic standpoint on this issue? If yes, then, will that confession not discourage the partner from getting married due to not being chaste? If no, then, should the person lie and confess that they are a virgin or should they just find another partner that will accept this condition? (wasalam)
  6. What do you think of women asking men for marriage or for a relationship? In a narrated hadith a women approached the Holy prophet and asked him for a spouse? The Holy prophet was pleased with her behavior and said to her; you are truly a free women!!!! How would you view a women asking a brother for marriage or for a relationship??? Does this issue differ from society to society? Why would'nt you feel comfortable in certain societies of pitious women asking for a spouse? Is it driven by religion or social norms? Which is given a proirity here?
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