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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalam Alykum, I hope everyone is in good health. I am sorry if this is not the right topic area to post this. I have been searching information regarding Turbah/Muhr. We [Me and my wife] do not know how to care for it, how to keep and how to maintain it. To expand, I tend to pray using Turbah at work and at home and while I do my bows I notice sometimes the Turbah becomes darker. Sometimes its not sometimes my forehead is wet and it becomes wet so I clean it with my shirt etc. My wife pointed out to me that my Turbah was completely worn out as it was a very dark brown colour otherwise I had been using it for eons! I am assuming this will help a lot of people and I am sure this may get searched a lot. For those who are unfamiliar with the practice or have doubts please listen to someone far more knowledgable then me. [ ]Thank you for your time for viewing and/or contributing. Ma'Salam
  2. Assalamu alaykum, I am a born Muslim but have a question to which I cannot find a definitive answer on the other forums. In the first rakat of prayers, you read Surah Fatiha and any other surah of the Quran after it. For the 2nd surah of the 2nd rakat, however, I have heard different things. For example, I have heard that it is mandatory to recite Surah Ikhlas but I've also heard that you can recite any other surah of the Quran so long as it is shorter than the 2nd surah you recited for the 1st rakat. I am a Sunday School teacher and want to clarify this for my students as well, so I am hoping I can find the correct answer from all you intelligent people! JazakAllah Khair.
  3. 5000 + Dua's Online Please Visit this website & share with others http://www.duas1.com Hazrat Imam e Hussain a.s & (Ayma Masomeen a.s) Says, Read Ziyarat Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s or Ziyarat Ashura or Asalamoalaka ya Abaabdella -hel -Imam e Hussain a.s Wa Ashab ul Hussain a.s Wa Ansar ul Hussian a.s Aslamoalkium Waramat ullaha Wabarkato (must be recite daily 3 times towards the Karbala on your Roof or Lawn at night, safety in grave is Guarantee! from Azab e Qabr (Punishment of Grave) 40,000 Guzz (Meters) from Left, 40,000 Guzz from Right, 40,000 Guzz from Legs & 40,000 Guzz from Head (in all directions). The Person who read this daily, I Hazrat Imam e Hussian a.s came to his grave for his Ziyarat. (Rewards is Hajj's & Umrah's) and 14 Ayma Masomeen a.s also came for His Ziyarat in Grave and help him in Grave in the time of tension, sorrow, difficulties & Day of Judgment. Attn!(12th Imam) Hazrat Imam Zamana a.s Says (Order), Why you do not Read Ziyarat e Ashura Daily Ashura ! Ashura ! Ashura ! and Pray for My Reappearance daily.Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s) narrates that “one who recites at Fajar Dua e Ahad (Promise with Last Imam) for 40 mornings;(read daily till end of death) he will be accounted amongst the helpers of Hazrat Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s). And if he happens to die before the reappearance of Hazrat Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s), Allah will raise him up from his rave so that he may assist the holy Imam (a.t.f.s). For every word that he recites in this supplication, Allah will grant him 1000 good deeds and will erase from his scroll of deeds 1000 sins”. Ziarat-e-Ashura Dua'a after Ziarat (Dua e Alqamah) Dua e Ahad (Promise with Harzat Imam Zamana a.s) Read daily at Fajr Say ! (Tasbeeh Tanslation in English) "O Allah ! condemn and lay a curse upon the killers of Hussain a.s, his family and friends" (Tasbeeh in Arabic) "ALLAAHUMAL-A’N QATALATAL H’USAYN WA AWLAADIHEE WA AS’HAABIHEE " (Tasbeeh in Easy Urdu Translation) "Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s Aur Un-kaa Ashaab kaa Qatloo pur Lant ba Shammar!" Read must This Tasbeeh 100 times or more (un-limited) daily after every Namaz, you can read in any Language which you feel easy. It is my (Abbas Shahid) Will and Advise to all of them, please must Read daily Ziyarat e Waris Hazrat Imam e Hussain a.s with Ziyarat Hazrat Abbas a.s , Hazrat Ali Akbar a.s & Shuda e Karbala a.s or Ziyarat Ashura daily (read 2 rakat namaz hadia Ziyarat Qurbat illah like fajr namaz) (Huge Rewards, Ranks & Benefits in World, Grave & Day of Judgement) for any Wishes, Tension, Increase in Wealth, Any Hard Difficulties, For Marriage purpose, Interuption in Marriages & Engagement or Safety in Grave from Azab e Qabr (Punishment of Grave) Attn! You can read must for Dead Peoples like (Mother/Father/Sister/Brother/Grand Father/Mother or Any) to increase there ranks in Paradise (Jannat). This is best Deed's (Work) which you perform after there Death. (Please make your Will to your Family members & Next Generation's after your death read Ziyart Ashura or Ziyarat Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s and gave Sad-ka (Chairity) daily in name of yours) Advise them also they should read must when you are burried in Grave (Qabr), when Angels Munkar/Nakir starts Ques from you & (1st Night in Grave). Make you Will to Family members to perform Hajj, Umrah, Ziyarats & gave Sad-ka (Chairity) in name of your till they alive. It is Narrated by Hazrat Imam Ali Ibn e Abi Talib a.s says , the person who kept fast 13th of Shaban get the rewards of 30,000 years of fast , who kept fast 14th of Shaban get the rewards of 10,000 years of fast , who kept fast 15th of Shaban get the rewards of 100000 / 1 Lacks years of fast. Guarantee! Dua's for Safety from Bomb Blast , Un-Expected Death or Traveling outside Attn! Some Peoples Came at the time of Hazrat Imam Jaffar Sadiq a.s ask question from him , When we go outside from our houses , we did not know , we return back securely & safely , Mola! Our families are much worried about us , please guide us ? "Hazrat Imam Jaffar Sadiq a.s says, When you leaves your houses, before leaving, read Our Grand Father Ziyarat Hazrat Imam-e-Hussain a.s (Ziyarat Waris / Ashura)", after than you go outside from yours houses and then you return back home safely & securely."I Hazrat Imam Jaffar Sadiq a.s gave Guarantee or Zamain , you returns safely home" Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s Says, "O People! I gave you Swear (Qasum) of Allah , When ever My Grand Father (Prophet Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w) was in difficulty , He Call My Father Hazrat Imam Ali Ibn e Abi Talib a.s for His help and difficulty"
  4. Salaam, Kindly help me with clarity on niyat for mustahib,/nafil prayers If someone has to pray 8 rikaats in sets of 4 x 2 rikaats is 1. Niyat and takbiratul ahraam required once or every two rikaats. 2. Is mustahib three takbir required at end of every two rikaats? 3. Is second surah necessary? 4. Does it apply to amaals? 5. For sitting prayers is "beho lillahe..." which is read while getting up necessary? Please quote source since I've been searching but could not find. Wassalam
  5. Salam un Aliekum Readers, I am glad to start a thread on a discourse regarding Namaz. We all try to prostrate infront of our God in Namaz but the question is: What to think while praying Namaz?Some say to focus on wordings of the Namaz but my answer to them is quite natural. If I try to focus on wordings in every namaz then it will make namaz boring i.e same wordings in every Namaz.. but Namaz is a mairaaj of momin and has to be something that is to be making a person nearer to God. Can anyone share some quotes regarding thinking while Namaz or Does anyone know that what Ayatollahs and Marajai thinks while praying Namaz. Please share it in detail so that it could bring us nearer to God.
  6. Assalamu Alaykum, I thought I'll make this thread to create an online content about this important ritual. I'll appreciate all your contributions in this thread. Halaqah :1 Why the Salat? Why the prayer (the five obligatory prayers) are very important? what makes them distinct and special compared to other obligatory acts? The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his progeny) said: “The first thing that Allah made obligatory upon my Ummah was the five prayers; and the first thing from their acts of worship that shall be taken up will be the five prayers; and the first thing that they will be questioned about will be the five prayers.” Kanzul `Ummal, Volume 7, Tradition 18859 The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his progeny) said: “One who adheres to the five (daily) prayers diligently, they shall be a means of illumination and salvation for him on the Day of Judgment.” Kanzul `Ummal, Volume 7, Tradition 18862 Imam As-Sadiq (peace be upon him) has said: “The first thing for which a person shall be subjected to reckoning is prayers. If they are accepted, all his other deeds shall (also) be accepted. But if rejected, all his other deeds shall (also) be rejected.” Wasa’ilush Shi`a, Volume 3, Page 22 It has been reported that a youth from the Ansar, who used to offer his prayers with the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his progeny), used to indulge in sinful and corrupt deeds. When this was brought to the notice of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his progeny), he said: “A day shall come when his prayers shall refrain him from committing sins. Before long, the youth repented.” Biharul Anwar, Volume 82, Page 198 You can read more here
  7. AssalamoAlaykum brothers and sisters, I'm confused on what the ruling is for Fajr prayers, for when they are qaza or too late to offer in the required time period, is it when you see a strip of orange on the horizon (sunrise), or like a more noticeable sunrise? I'm not really sure on the timings for when it is valid and too late to offer Fajr prayers. All and any help will be appreciated :) Thank You and may Allah bless you all and help you in your missions in life.
  8. (bismillah) (salam) Imam al-Hasan said: 'I saw my mother Fatimah standing up in her mihrab [prayer niche] every Friday night. She bowed and prostrated herself until dawn, and I heard her praying for the believers, naming them, and she prayed much for them and never for herself. So I said to her: O mother! Why don't you pray for yourself as you pray for others? She said: O my son! The neighbour [first], then the house!' Allah swt likes such dua really which is full of love for His people, we must learn from our beloved perfect role models Ahlulbayt(as), Bibi Fatima (as) (wasalam)
  9. Asalamualaikum everyone, I am Paraplegic and I have no bowel and bladder control, which means my body and cloths may not be always cleaned like normal person. I would like to know how should I perform my Namaz/Salat ? what steps should be take in order to be able to offer my prayers and has to be accepted by Allah ? Please answer in detail . Thanks
  10. Date : 07/07/2012, 'Imam No Intezar' uploaded on www.hajinaji.com -> 21 Qitabs (in Gujarati Language) uploaded on our websitewww.hajinaji.com. Listed as below : 1) Rizk, 2) Sirate Aimmah, 3) Hakimul Millat, 4) Ahvale Karbala, 5) Ahvalunnisa, 6) Gunahe Kabira (Part-2) 7) Kitabus Sadkah, 8) Kudarati Vanaspati na Fayda, 9) Ma'arefat, 10) Aadabe Mujame'at, 11) Elalushshraea, 12) Vasiyat Namu, 13) Vinela Moti (Part-1), 14) Vinela Moti (Part-2), 15) Mizanul Hikmat (Part-1), 16) Tavazihul Masael, 17) Satyatano Prakash, 18) Nahajul Balagah, 19) Vinela Moti (Part-3), 20) Satya Ni Shodh, 21) Imam No Intezar -> 'Elalushsharae' will be uploaded to www.hajinaji.com in coming days. -> Please register on www.hajinaji.com to read qitabs. -> Please contact on hajinajitrust@yahoo.com if you found any suggestion for website or any mistake in Qitabs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- તા : ૭ જુલાઈ, ૨૦૧૨ના રોજ www.hajinaji.com વેબસાઈટમાં 'ઈમામનો ઈન્તેઝાર' અપલોડ કરેલ છે. -> હાલમાં વેબસાઈટમાં ૨૧ જેટલી કિતાબો છે. જેનું લીસ્ટ નીચે મુજબ છે. ૧) રિઝક, ૨) સિરતે અઈમ્માહ, ૩) હકીમુલ મિલ્લત, ૪) અહવાલે કરબલા, ૫) અહવાલુન્નિસા, ૬) ગુનાહે કબીરા (ભાગ – ૨), ૭) કિતાબુસ સદકહ, ૮) કુદરતી વનસ્પતિના ફાયદા, ૯) માઅરેફત, ૧૦) આદાબે મુજામેઆત, ૧૧) એલાલુશ્શરાએઅ, ૧૨) વસિયતનામું, ૧૩) વિણેલા મોતી (ભાગ – ૧), ૧૪) વિણેલા મોતી (ભાગ – ૨), ૧૫) મીઝાનુલ હિકમત (ભાગ – ૧), ૧૬) તવઝીહુલ મસાઈલ, ૧૭) સત્યતાનો પ્રકાશ, ૧૮) નહજુલ બલાગાહ, ૧૯) વિણેલા મોતી (ભાગ - ૩), ૨૦) સત્યની શોધ, ૨૧) ઈમામનો ઈન્તેઝાર. -> આવતા દિવસોમાં ઇન્શાલ્લાહ 'એલાલુશ્શરાએઅ' વેબસાઈટ પર અપલોડ થશે. -> ઉપરોકત કિતાબો વાંચવા માટે www.hajinaji.com વેબસાઈટની મુલાકાત લ્યો. આ વેબસાઈટ પર રજીસ્ટર કર્યા બાદ આપ દરેક કિતાબો વાંચી શકશો. -> વેબસાઈટને લગતી સલાહો તેમજ કિતાબોમાં કોઈ ભુલચુક જણાય તો hajinajitrust@yahoo.com પર સંપર્ક કરવો.
  11. Assalamun aleykum brothers and sisters ^_^ First of all, I newly discovered this forum and i found it really helpful. I reverted to Shia islam newly, after making alot of research in 4 years, mainly with the help from my shia-muslim friends and sometimes from books. I were born as sunni muslim, but i started to gain more belief for Shia islamic teaching and point of views. The reason i wanted to be a part of this forum, is because im interessted to learn more by asking. By this, i can get more explainations from different people in this forum instead of asking 1 or 2 persons. So my first question is about praying (namaz), how do i pray in the shia way? As i have found out from my research (in this case, mainly from the internet), there is quite many differences between shia and sunni way to pray. I found some links regarding to this and wanted to share them with you all, and get some views on which one that are right or wrong, and maybe give some corrections. Its hard when the parents are not following the same path so they can teach the children. My question may be posted before, but i wanted from some of you to confirm that these links are correct. http://al-rida.net/index.php/islam/prayer http://www.scribd.com/doc/17105107/Salat-Step-by-Step-The-Shia-Way- http://www.revertmuslims.com/sala.html http://www.scribd.com/doc/48485944/Kashaful-Salat-English-Translation And i also wanted a "guide" to ablution (wudu and ghusl) . The last link shows a book where wudu is also described. If any of you sisters and brothers would help me, i would be really pleased. May Allah be with you all!
  12. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that by the grace of Almighty Allah(swt) and masoomeen(as) I have launched my new application “Shia Isna Asheri Toolkit” for Android devices (mobile phones, tablet PCs, Net books or any other device with android platform) Shia Isna Asheri toolkit is compilation of one hundred and thirty seven (137) religious prayers which includes: 1. VariousSupplications/Duas 2. Ziaraats 3. Namaz/Salaat index& method of reciting salaat 4. Daily Taqeebat 5. Important Dates 6. Masoomeen(as) Info and other features. Most of the sections have Arabic text, English translation, Description and Background, plus you have option to play the audio simultaneously while reading the Arabic text or translation. The most important feature of this application is, once you’ve downloaded and installed the application on your phone or tablet PC, you don’t need internet access to read Arabic text or translation or description however for audio streaming internet access is required. This application is absolutely free of cost and does not require any license to use or distribute. You can download this application from android app market by searching “Shia Toolkit” or click on this link to download. https://market.android.com/details?id=anywheresoftware.b4a.SIAToolKit P.S. I have tested this application on different mobile phones and tablets but as this is the first version, please report any errors so I can fix it in next release. You can share your ideas & suggestions for next version. InshaAllah I am planning to add more sections like monthly amaal, videos etc. in next version. If you like the application please pray for myself and my family. May Allah (swt) bless all momineen and mominaat. I would appreciate if you can forward this email to other momineen. Snap shot of application attached.
  13. Fazeelat of Tasbeeh of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.) The Tasbeeh of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (s.a.) is from the emphatically recommended acts of worship in the Islamic Shariat. It has immense significance in the eyes of the infallible Imams (a.s.) and the Shiite jurists. It is a simple act of worship from the aspect of performance; however, its effect, reward and merit are abundant. This can be gauged from the fact that when the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) wished to impart this act of worship to his daughter Janabe Zahra (s.a.), he declared, ‘O Fatima! I have granted you something that is superior to a maidservant and to the world and everything in it.’ (Aasaar o Asraare Tasbeehe Zahra (s.a.) , Pg. 7) In this context Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.) informs, ‘Allah is not worshiped by anything more meritorious than the Tasbeeh of Fatima Zahra (s.a.). Had there been any worship superior to it, most surely the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) would have granted it to Janabe Fatima (s.a.).’ (Wasaaelush Shia , Vol 4 Pg. 1024) Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) says about the dearness of this Tasbeeh in the eyes of the Imams of the Ahlulbayt (a.s.): “Reciting Tasbeeh of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.) everyday after every Namaz is liked by me more than reciting one thousand rakats of (mustahab) namaz”. (Al-Kafi, Kitabus Salaat) Reciting this Tasbeeh results in forgiveness of sins. In a tradition , Imam Mohammad Baqir (as) says: “One who recites the Tasbeeh of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.) and then seeks forgiveness, will be forgiven”. (Wasaaelush Shia Vol 4, Pg. 1023) It also results in driving Shaitan away and in the satisfaction of Allah as tradition from Imam Mohammad Baqir (a.s.) says:“(Reciting Tasbeeh) drives away Shaitan and makes results in the satisfaction of Allah”. (Wasaaelush Shia Vol 4, Pg. 1023) Reciting Tasbeeh regularly delivers the reciter from adversities in this world as well as the hereafter. One of the graceful effects of the regular recitation of the Tasbeeh of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.) is that it delivers the reciter from adversities and hardships in this world as well as the hereafter. Thus one should not ignore its benefits and effects and should not be careless and lazy in its recitation In this connection, Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) says to one of his companions : “ You do adhere to it and be regular about its recitation, for surely one who is steadfast upon its recitation will not encounter adversity.” (Al-Kafi, Kitabus Salaat, Pg. 343) How to recite Tasbeeh of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.): According to a tradition from Imam Jafar Sadiq, one should recite Allaho Akbar 34 times, Alhamdolillah 33 times and Subhaanallah 33 times. (Behaarul Anwaar Vol 85, Pg. 334) Reciting Tasbeeh immediately after Namaz Tasbeeh of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.) should be recited immediately on completion of Namaz. This entails that as soon as the reciter has finished the Namaz, he should remain seated in the same position of Tashahud without moving his feet and doing any other thing, immediately he should commence the recitation of the Tasbeeh. The reciting of Tasbeeh immediately on completion of Namaz has a special excellence, which is not there otherwise. The above statement can be evidenced by the following tradition of Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) wherein he states: “One who recites the Tasbeeh of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.) before even moving his feet, Allah will forgive him..” (At-Tahzeeb of Shaikh Toosi (r.a.) , Vol 2, Pg. 105) I mam Jafar Sadiq (as) has said : “One who recites the Tasbeeh of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.) after a wajib namaz before he stretches out his legs ( i.e. he recites the Tasbeeh while he is in the posture of Tashahud) , then Jannat becomes wajib upon him” (Falaahus Saael by Ibne Taaoos (r.a.), Pg. 165) Another tradition from Imam Sadiq (a.s.) says: “One who glorifies Allah after the obligatory prayer through the Tasbeeh of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.), and then follows it up by saying ‘Laa elaaha illallaho’, Allah will forgive his sins.” (Al-Kafi, Kitabus Salaat, Pg. 342) Reciting the Tasbeeh of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.) before sleeping Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) says : “One who recites the Tasbeeh of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.) at the time of going to bed, he will be accounted amongst those who have remembered Allah a lot.” (Wasaaelush Shia Vol 4, Pg. 1026) In the book ‘Wasaaelush Shia’ there is a tradition from Imam Mohammad Baqir (as) which says that at the time of going to bed, Tasbeeh of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.)and then Maoozatain (Surah Falaq and Surah Naas) and Ayatul Kursi should be recited. Teaching the recitation of Tasbeeh to the children In this connection, Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) says : “ O Abu Haroon! We order our children to recite the Tasbeeh of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.)in the same manner as we order them for the performance of Namaz ” (Al-Kafi, Kitabus Salaat, Pg. 343) Reciting Tasbeeh made out of the Turbah of grave of Imam Husain (a.s.) It is better that the Tasbeeh of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.) be made of the pure Turbah (soil) of the grave of Imam Husain (a.s.) It has been narrated from Imame Zamana (a.t.f.s.), “ One who just holds the Tasbeeh made out of the soil of the grave of Imam Husain (as) and does not do any Zikr, even then for him will be written the reward of having recited the Azkaar” (Wasaaelush Shia Vol 4, Pg. 1033) Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) says : “One zikr or Isteghfaar recited on the Tasbeeh made out of the soil of the grave of Imam Husain (as) is equal to 70 such zikr recited on any other thing.” (Wasaaelush Shia Vol 4, Pg. 1033) Some noteworthy points: One of the conditions of worship, rather the most important of them all, is being attentive in its performance. This is specially so in the recitation of Tasbeeh of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.). There should be continuity in the recitation of the Tasbeeh without any interruptions. This has been the practice of our holy Imams (a.s.) (Al- Kaafi, Kitaabus Salaat, Pg. 343 ) In case one has a doubt regarding the number of Azkaar that he has recited, then he should start again. This is according to a tradition from Imam Sadiq (a.s.) (Al- Kaafi, Kitaabus Salaat, Pg. 342 ) Thus, by the grace of Allah and the blessings of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) , we have come to realize the importance of reciting Tasbeeh of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.) and its merits. We pray to Allah to grant us the Taufeeq that we may be regular in its recitation.
  14. Hi, I know that some might find the topic of this post stupid but I really need some advice and I really didnt know where else to turn. I fully understand the concept of you have to pray to Allah to answer your prayers and he will do it when he deems it fit, and he wont answer them if they will make my life worse. But there is something that i have been asking for for 5 years now, and i believe i am a fairly good muslim, i have not missed a single namaz in 2 years, i dont really lie, i attend my masjid very frequently, participate in muharram and everything, but it has been 2 years and this dire wish of mine still has not come true. Literally i pray to Allah to make this one wish come true in EVERY SINGLE namaz, dua, ziaraat, fateha and everything i read, but it still has not happened. and my wish is not something haraam, it will not harm anyone else, it will not make my life worse (as far as i can tell, because trust me ive thought this through) and if anything it will make my life better and the thing i wish to change actually makes my life worse. i am beginning to falter in my faith, i feel as if Allah knows i am in pain and how i wish for this little thing but he still has not answered my prayers. i feel abandoned but i do not want to lose faith. Is there anything you guys know that is some special dua/namaz/hadith or anything that you do when you are in a state of emergency because honestly i dont think i can wait much longer. Thank you.
  15. Salam everyone, Anyone can provide me the hadiths or time of relevance when Prophet (pbuh) willed for Muslims to pary with their arms to the sides rather than folded. I need to provide someone who is willing to convert from Sunnism to follow the Ahlal Bayt. Please help?
  16. Salam Alaykom! I have heard ,and I am pretty sure it is wrong but I would like to have the correct anwers, that the prayers becomes wajib for girls at the age of 9 and for boys at the age of 16. I understand that the girls get into puberty far earlier than the boys, but not at the age of 16?! So my question here is, when is it wajib for boys and girls to pray and fast? At what age and why? Thank you, and may Allah bless you all!
  17. If God is needless of anything, even our prayer, then why does he want us to pray? You might say that, yes, it doesn't benefit God but it benefits "us". Well ok, let's go with this... What if I don't want this benefit? Why would I be punished for it? Its like me Telling someone to do a chore, but it doesn't affect or benefit me in the slightest bit. Though, I tell the person that if he doesn't do this chore then I will kill him. Wheres the logic in this? Thanks.
  18. Namaz is very important for all man and woman.if you are don't offer namaz and i think you can't success in the life
  19. 'Common' A'amaal for Laylatul Qadr >>Click here to 'prepare' for it << 19th, 21st & 23rd Nights of the Ramadhan month A'amal Real zip Pdf Eve of Destiny (Laylatul Qadr) is the night, which is the most blessed and excellent of all nights. A prayer during this night is superior to the prayer of a thousand months. The destiny for the year is decided on this night. The Angels and Roohul Ameen (a highly dignified Angel) descend on this earth, with the permission of Allah (swt) & call on the Imam of the time,and what is ordained (by Allah) for everybody is presented before the Imam.Read more about Laylatul Qadr first to understand importance & Prepare & also Pray for getting benefits from this great night. Specific '19th & 21st Night' Duas /Aa'mal | Specific '23rd Night' Duas /A'amal TheCommon A'maalsfor all 3 nights are given below : -1. Take a Ghusl preferably near sunset time (wudhu also required) and Give/pre arrange for Sadqa/Charity tonight.2. Recite two Rakats Salat, in every Rakat recite Sura-al-Hamd, and Sura Ikhlaas seven times.(for seeking protection against sinning for the seven organs ) After finishing Salat recite 70 times: I seek the forgiveness of Allah and I repent before Him. astaghfiru allaha wa atubu ilayhi ÃóÓúÊóÛúÝöÑõ Çááøåó æóÃóÊõæÈõ Åáóíúåö. It is reported from the Prophet (pbuh) that by the time the reciter will rise from his place Allah (swt) will have forgiven him and his parents.Try to first be really repentant for serious mistakes done, sincerely ask for forgiveness either by: (a) recalling 70 different sins OR (B) feeling remorseful for 10 sins of the 7 main organs: eyes, ears, tongue, hands, mouth, stomach + private parts OR © some particular sins that you may have committed repeatedly OR (d) recalling the variety of punishments of different sins and finally resolve NOT TO Repeat them in the future, then only can one realistically expect to deserve the reward the HP has promised “Whoever performs this act will surely be forgiven by the Almighty even before here rises from his place".3. Remember your sins & seek forgiveness. Recite 100 times I seek the forgiveness of Allah, my Lord, and I repent before Him. astaghfiru allaha rabby wa atubu ilayhi ÃóÓúÊóÛúÝöÑõ Çááøåó ÑóÈøöí æóÃóÊõæÈõ Åáóíúåö. -Recite other Duas related to Repentance:-Munajat e Taebeen , Dua Tauba & Dua Kumayl .4. The Holy Qur'an should be opened and placed in front, then one should recite:When opening the qur’an and praying for your needs with the intercession of the qur’an, realize that while the qur’an is a cure for spiritual illness, it only benefits the pious ones and the evil doers are deprived of its illumination. Thus increase the chances for qur’an intercession to work on your behalf by earnestly following the rulings of the qur’an. real mp3 O Allah , in the name of this Holy Book sent by Thee, whatever there be in the Book. Including Ism-e-A'azam and Asmaa-e-Husnaa and the things to be dreaded, the things that may be expected and desired,( like blessings of Heaven). treat me as one of those who are free from Hell fire "Alaahumma inni asaloka be kitaabekal munzale Wa maa feeh, wa feehismokal akbaro wa asmaakal husnaa, wa maa yokhaafo Wa yurjaa an taj-alani min otaqaaeka minan-Naar", After this beg from Allah swt for your needs include spiritual improvement 4. Place the Holy Qur'an on ones head and say, While placing the qur’an on the head. Remind yourself that true salvation can only be achieved by always keeping the rules of qur’an ahead of us to follow. The fact that we put the Qur’an on our head is a sign of respect and reverence. We beseech Allah by the thaqalayn - the speaking and the silent Qur'an. - Holy Qur'an (39:56) O Allah! I appeal to Thee in the name of this Qur'an and the Rooh that was sent along with it, and in the name of the Momin (believer) whose praise is contained in this Book and The obligation that is on them. No one else recognizes the right and truth more than Thee "Allaahumma be haqqe haazal Qur'an we be haqqe man arsaltahoo beh, Wa be haqqe kulle momenin madahtahoo feeh, we be haqqeka alaihim fa-laa ahada a'arafo be haqqeka mink", After this repeat 10 times each: As you seek intercession of the Almighty (bika ya al…) and the 14 infallibles realize that God is limitless in Mercy and the Infalliablesare pure agencies for the distribution of divine mercy to all creations. Èößó íóÇ Çááøåõ¡ bika yaallahu For Your sake, O Allah, ÈöãõÍóãøÏò¡ bi-muhammadin for the sake of Muhammad, ÈöÚóáöíø¡ bi-`aliyyin for the sake of `Ali, ÈöÝóÇØöãóÉó¡ bi-fatimata for the sake of Fatimah, ÈöÇáÍóÓóäö¡ bilhasani for the sake of Hasan, ÈöÇáÍõÓóíúäö¡ bilhusayni for the sake of Husayn, ÈöÚóáöíø Èúäö ÇáÍõÓóíúäö¡ bi-`aliyyi bni alhusayni for the sake of `Ali ibn Husayn, ÈöãõÍóãøÏö Èúäö Úóáöíø¡ bi-muhammadi bni `aliyyin for the sake of Muhammad ibn `Ali, ÈöÌóÚúÝóÑö Èúäö ãõÍóãøÏò¡ bi-ja`fari bni muhammadin for the sake of Ja`far ibn Muhammad, ÈöãõæÓóì Èúäö ÌóÚúÝóÑò¡ bi-musa bni ja`farin for the sake of Musa ibn Jafar, ÈöÚóáöíø Èúäö ãõæÓóì¡ bi-`aliyyi bni musa for the sake of `Ali ibn Musa, ÈöãõÍóãøÏö Èúäö Úóáöíø¡ bi-muhammadi bni `aliyyin for the sake of Muhammad ibn `Ali, ÈöÚóáöíø Èúäö ãõÍóãøÏò¡ bi-`aliyyi bni muhammadin for the sake of `Ali ibn Muhammad, ÈöÇáÍóÓóäö Èúäö Úóáöíø¡ bilhasani bni `aliyyin for the sake of Hasan ibn `Ali, ÈöÇáÍõÌøÉö¡ bilhujjati for the sake of al-Hujjah. One should then pray to Almighty Allah to fulfill one’s desires. 5. Recite the Ziarat of Imam Hussain (A.S.). According to Hadith, during Lailat-e-Qadr an angel proclaims from the Arsh (throne) on the Seventh sky that Allah has forgiven who have visited the grave of Imam Hussain (as). Whileperforming Ziyarah of Imam Hussain (as), remind yourself that on this night, the souls of 124,000 Prophets (peace be upon them all) visit Imam, who is aware of our inner spiritual reality and is hurt and repulsed by our record of repeated evil deeds, indifference to God’s commandments; thus, we should avoid disgracing ourselves in that great audience of Imam. Also, associate thethemes in the ZIYARAH of: - Firm bond of love and obedience of God (SALAT). -Economic betterment of community (ZAKAT). -Overall mobilization of forces towards virtue (AMR BIL MA`RUF). -Overall cleansing of evil from society. -All-out war in all spheres of life to promote truth (JIHAD). -Tremendous endurance of all ensuing difficulties (SABR). -Complete distancing (LA`NAH) from all forms of injustice (DHULM) with destiny- shaping opportunity of this night and resolve to become on active player in improving the future in preparation for the REAPPEARANCE OF AL-MAHDI. 6. Recite Duas Jawshan Kabir & Jawshan Saghir. 7. Pray for others - Think of the many people all over the world who are in great difficulty & pray for them . He accepts 10. Keep awake the whole night. It has been reported that whoever keeps awake during Laylatul Qadr will have all his sins forgiven even if they number the stars in the sky, the stones in the mountains and are of the quantity of water in the seas. 11. Remember Imam Mahdi (atfs) much throughout the night & recite Dua Faraj for Imam atfs as many times as possible intermittently . Ziarat Ale Yasin & Dua Nudba &may also be recited 12. Reading some Fiqh rules is highly recommended: use www.Islamic-laws.com 13. Recite the 15 Whispered prayers & Dua Makarem akhlaq (noble traits)from Sahifa Sajjadia 14. Recite Salaat of Jafar e Tayyar & Tahajjud Salaat at the end of the night. 15. Allama Majlisi has stated that the best prayer during these nights is to seek forgiveness and seek ones wishes for this world and the hereafter and recite as much salwaat as possible. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) was asked what should be sought from Allah (swt) on Laylatul Qadr and he replied, "Health". 16. Recite a hundred rakats and it is preferable that in each rakat after the recitation of Sura Fatiha, Sura Ikhlaasbe recited ten times.(can be recited as 6 day salat if someone has Qaza or sitting ) 17. Last 10 Nights duas 18 Al-Kaf`amiy has narrated that Imam Zayn al-Abiden (a.s) used to say this supplication very frequently at the Qadr nights while sitting, standing, in rukuu', and prostrating: realmedia mp3 pdf Çááøåõãø Åöäøí ÃóãúÓóíúÊõ áóßó ÚóÈúÏÇð ÏóÇÎöÑÇð alluhumma inni amsaytu laka `abdan dakhiran O Allah: surely, I am at this evening Your passive slave; áÇ Ãóãúáößõ áöäóÝúÓöí äóÝúÚÇð æóáÇ ÖóÑøÇð lu amliku linafsy naf`an wa lu ¤arran I have no control of hurt or good to myself, æóáÇ ÃóÕúÑöÝõ ÚóäúåóÇ ÓõæÁð¡ wa lu asrifu `anhu su‘an And I cannot drive back any evil from myself, ÃóÔúåóÏõ ÈöÐáößó Úóáóì äóÝúÓöí¡ ash-hadu bidhalika `alu nafse I testify to so against myself, æóÃóÚúÊóÑöÝõ áóßó ÈöÖóÚúÝö ÞõæøÊöí¡ wa a`tarifu laka bi¤a`fi quwwate And to You do I confess of my powerlessness æóÞöáøÉö ÍöíáóÊöí¡ wa qillati helate And my feebleness ÝóÕóáø Úóáóì ãõÍóãøÏò æóÂáö ãõÍóãøÏò fasall `alu muhammadin wa uli muhammadin So, (please do) send blessings upon Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, æóÃóäúÌöÒú áöí ãóÇ æóÚóÏúÊóäöí wa anjiz le mu wa`adtany And fulfill that of which You have promised me, æóÌóãöíÚó ÇáãõÄúãöäöíäó æóÇáãõÄúãöäóÇÊö wa jame`a almu´minena wal-mu´minuti As well as all the believing men and women, ãöäó ÇáãóÛúÝöÑóÉö Ýöí åÐöåö ÇááøíúáóÉö¡ mina almaghfirati fe hadhihi allaylati That is Your forgiveness at this night. æóÃóÊúãöãú Úóáóíø ãóÇ ÂÊóíúÊóäöí wa atmim `alayya mu utaytany And accomplish that which You have conferred upon me, ÝóÅöäøí ÚóÈúÏõßó ÇáãöÓßöíäõ ÇáãõÓúÊóßöíäõ fa’inne `abduka almiskenu almustakenu For I am Your slave—the poor, the humble, ÇáÖøÚöíÝõ ÇáÝóÞöíÑõ Çáãóåöíäõ. aldha`efu alfaqeru almahenu The weak, the needy, the humiliated. Çááøåõãø áÇ ÊóÌúÚóáúäöí äóÇÓöíÇð áöÐößúÑößó ÝöíãóÇ ÃóæúáóíúÊóäöí¡ alluhumma lu taj`alny nusiyan lidhikrika femu awlaytane O Allah: (please) do not make me negligent of the mention of You as regards that which You have bestowed upon me, æóáÇ ÛóÇÝöáÇð áÅÍúÓóÇäößó ÝöíãóÇ ÃóÚúØóíúÊóäöí¡ wa lu ghufilan liihsunika femu a`taytane And do not make me inadvertent to Your favors to me as regards that which You have given me, æóáÇ ÂíöÓÇð ãöäú ÅöÌóÇÈóÊößó æóÅöäú ÃóÈúØóÃóÊú Úóäøí wa lu uyisan min ijubatika wa in abtat `anne And do not make me despair of Your responding to me, even if such response is postponed, Ýöí ÓóÑøóÇÁó Ãóæú ÖóÑøóÇÁó fe sarru‘a awdharru‘a Whether I be in prosperity or adversity Ãóæú ÔöÏøÉò Ãóæú ÑóÎóÇÁò aw shiddatin aw rakhu‘in Or hardship or comfort Ãóæú ÚóÇÝöíóÉò Ãóæú ÈóáÇÁò aw `ufiyatin aw balu‘in Or well-being or ordeal, Ãóæú ÈõÄúÓò Ãóæú äóÚúãóÇÁó aw bu´sin aw na`mu‘a Or misery or bliss. Åöäøßó ÓóãöíÚõ ÇáÏøÚóÇÁö. innaka same`u alddu`u‘i Verily, You are the Hearer of prayers. Alternate Translation :I have passed the evening as a very humble servant of Thee. I have no control over the gains and losses for my person. I cannot remove any evil from myself. I depose against my conscience. I admit my weakness and inability of managing my affairs. Bestow Tine blessings on Mohammad (S.A.W.) and his Aal (A.S.). Whatever Thou hast given me or promised, fulfill that. Verily! I am Tine humble, weak and destitute servant. O Allah! Let me not forget the blessings that Thou hast bestowed on me, and let me not be forgetful about Tine kindness. Do not deny me Tine acceptance though it may be delayed, may it pertain to sorrow or happiness, and may it be connected with peace and tranquility or hardship and vicissitudes or pertaining to blessings. Thou hearse and accepts invocations in every condition. In surah AL Qadr Allah (swt) clearly states: "Surely We revealed it (the Holy Qur'an) on the grand night. And what will make you comprehend what the grand night. The grand night is better than a thousand months. The angels and Gabriel descend in it by the permission of their Lord for every affair, Peace! It is till the break of the morning." (97:1-5) Allah (swt) is inviting all the believers for a Divine feast; the invitation which has been brought by the messengers. Allah (swt) is the host, his most favorite angels are the servants and the believers are the guests. The table is spread with Divine blessings containing all sorts of rewards and favors. Though the eyes cannot see them nor the ears hear them not the human hearts imagine them, yet the bounties are all kept in readiness to be awarded to the guests in accordance to her actions. On a final note, our destiny to large extent can be changed in this very night and much depends on us, how we decide to utilize both the night and the day of Qadr and for that matter each single moment of this blessed month of Ramadhan. Let us therefore pray together that we may be granted the Tawfiq to be able to do the A’maals of Laylatul Qadr in its correct essence, that we may be granted the Maghferah and that we may earn the Pleasure of Allah (swt) in such a manner that our lives take a positive turn in a manner that we may earn the salvation for both this world and the Hereafter. Ameen A humble request that we remember each other in our prayers and especially those we do not forget the oppressed , the suffering & our Deceased.
  20. Asslamoalaikum, 1. I heard that if some one offers his Qadha prayers instead of "Namaz e Shab" at night and then offer two Rak'at "Namaz e Shifa" and One Rakat "Witr" then his Namaz e Shab and Qadha Prayers both are offered. Is it true? 2. My second question is that to offer Namaz e Shab Is it necessary to sleep for sometime before offering? Sometimes i do not sleep till midd night or even after midnight then can i offer Namaz e Shab without sleeping and getting up or not? I am Muqalid of Ayatullah Ali Sistani (Hz). Please provide me any reference in this regard from him specially or from any other scholar.
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