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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Exhibit A Fakhru-u-deen Al Razi (sunni shafi'i scholar, who published al Tafsir al Kabir, who later adobted mystic sufi ideas) : In his book 'Al Matalib al 'Aliyah', Vol8, pg 105-106: 1) In every era there needs to exist the Perfect Human, and that the purpose of creating the world is this perfect being, who is the pole (qutb) of this world, and everything else is a follower of him. 2) A group Imamiyah Shia call him the Infallible Imam, and Sahib al Zamaan, and say that he is in occultation, and they say the truth in those two descriptions (infallible and sahib al zamaan), since he is free of deficiencies compared to all others, and only him deserves the title Owner of time and everybody else follows him. 3) Some Shia scholars say that time is a follower of him, since he is in front of time and space, and everything in this world follows him. 4) Seyyed Kamal then questions why the religious establishment (not Qom), has not established the theory of the Perfect Human in such a way as Fakhr al Razi, since establishing the theory of the Perfect Human/Imam Al Hujjah and the necessity of his existence, in this way would have saved us a lot of headaches in terms of having to refute challenges from others. Exhibit B Mahmoud al Qaysari, in his book 'Muqaddimaht al Fusus' (Introduction to Fusoos al Hikam by Ibn Arabi), who is one of the Sunni greats, and there is no doubt that he is Sunni, in case yoy say there is debate over the sect of Ibn Arabi..: 1) Before Prophethood is cut off, the one at the level of Polarity can be a visible Prophet, like Ibrahim, or a hidden waliy like Khidr during Musa's time. And once the line of Prophets ends, the circle needs to be completed, i.e wilayah does not end and is continous (Seyyed comment: the reason why it is continuous is because one of Allah's Names is 'Al Waliy', and there always needs to be a manifestation of His names at all times). 2) After Prophethood ended, the status of Polarity is transfered to the awliya, since there always needs to be one of them existing at this level. This is based on the verse : 'And for each nation there is a guide', until such time the wilayah ends by the reappearance of the last Waly (emphasis on reappearance, since this is a Shii concept, and some Sunnis like the salafi wahabis reject this claim).
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