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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalamu Alaikum. I will be getting married in a few months and I had a few questions regarding weddings. The wedding will be segregated and in a hall. 1. Is dancing completely haraam? are men not allowed to dance just among the men? Does this depend on the type of music? I would like to play some background music if dancing is completely forbidden. 2. I find the type of music that is halal or haram very confusing in the fatwas. Things like " As for the music, it would be allowed, if it is not suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings". What does
  2. I don't know whether this was posted here before or not, so if repetitive, forgive me for sharing it . This was made in memory of those who died by the missile of US navy force to the none military Iranian airplane, which was intentionally because the commander of the battle ship which did it was awarded with medal of honor(dishonor)
  3. Salam, I will try to address an important issue happening in the world today, Music being played in public areas. In Islam, listening to Music is NOT permissible. Many Muslims face a difficulty avoiding such an encounter. As i was battling through the urges to not listen in public areas, i have stumbled upon two TACTICS that have helped me in my everyday life. 1.Concentrate on other actions. By concentrating on other things, you can defeat the urge to listen to the played music. One thing that has worked for me is to simply put my ear phones and play a religious record
  4. Salam, Can we make a list of marjas who deem music as permissible, at least for a limited extent? And maybe their rulings about music? Thanks...
  5. Salam, I just made an account on this because I wanted to learn more and try being more religious and practicing. But I need some advice on how to stop listening to music. I've tried EVERYTHING for the past couple years but nothing works. Literally Im obsessed with music and idk what else to try.
  6. I wanted to ask if i can play the guitar if i am alone, since it is said music is haram for amusement gatherings, so would it be okay if i play it alone, to myself and use it as an art in college applications (as extracurricular since it would help me, i am bad at grades, might get a chance because of this asset) and stuff. Also it would not have any singing alongside, it would be just the guitar. My intention is to only be able to play, not to show off or perform anywhere.. also, i wont be effected religiously, i will continue my prayers as i would have without it. and also that i play mu
  7. Salam, A thread for fans of Hezbollah nasheeds. Which nasheeds or munshids do think are the most famous/popular. They could be classic 'golden oldies' or new ones! My favourite old one is: My favourite new nasheeds are by Ali Barakat!
  8. Ok this issue has been bugging me for a long time now. I personally believe that music/songs are halal or haraam ONLY according to the content, NOT the instruments or genre of the music/song. Now there are still tons of muslims who blindy follow and say music is haraam no matter what or that instruments are haraam full stop. The reason I say they are people who 'blindly' follow is because everytime you ask them questions on this issue or to explain their view all they can do is quote what so and so said but fail to explain their stance through logic. So now I am asking anyone who holds th
  9. Salaam everyone. I am getting this odd feeling that this current age of digital technology may describe a couple of the signs foretold by our holy prophet. I mean one of the signs is that people will cary music. People are carrying iPods and other stuff like that. Next there are video games like Call of Duty which many people are starting to get addicted into. Today's youth are completely brainwashed by these games and it encourages violence. People are starting to be violent due to these games that they play on their PlayStation 3's, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC. It is leading to corr
  10. Salaam Alaikum brothers and sisters, I know this topic has been exhausted to great depths, and this may be a redundant question. I always see subject relating to haram music, but my question regards halal music since there is much less halal music than haram. Basically, I am going to state what I've heard and tell me if I am correct or not. Also some links to halal music would be great. From what I understand halal music is: - that which does not contain "ghina" or singing - that which the music instruments do not produce an entertaining sound, rather the music is soothing and calming If
  11. Sallam, I know Music is haram, my question is...what do you all listen to when you work out? I'm trying to stay away from Music. So I listen to lectures sometimes, Sami Yusuf and latmiyat. But I don't always wanna listen to latmiyat, and lectures are only good for a simple workout where I can focus on what the speaker is saying. Would it be okay to just listen to Music while I am working out and nothing more? Thanks, Sallam.
  12. Salaams Following Wedding Ceremony took place inside a Imambargah Strictly Qaseedas & Nasheed Some people moaned it was too religious & should have been in a wedding hall & music & dancing What do other Momineen think ???
  13. (salam) So a big wedding of a cousin is headed my way in our house in the week between 15th Jan. and 21st Jan. Every. Single. Day. I am being "reminded" by all my aunts, uncles and cousins that I must dance on this wedding. How can I politely refuse them without lying and without appearing self-righteous??????? Seriously guys... I need some suggestions here because I'm literally being cornered! I AIN'T GONNA DANCE IN A STUPID DESI-STYLE LUCRATIVE WEDDING. NO. HELL NO. (sorry, this is the only place I can vent...)
  14. Salam 3aleykom Is music haram? I cannot understand why it is haram. After reading much about it, I am not convinced. here are my arguments on why music is not haram. 1. Nothing in the Quran says anything about music being haram. I am aware that people have translated "vain talk" into music, but that is not a strong translation at all. I don't thing God(swt) would leave such a matter ambiguous if it was haram. Fornication, alcohol, and gambling are clearly mentioned as being haram. I dont know what else is haram, that is not mentioned in the Quran, but I feel that if music was haram, God wo
  15. Since all music which is played during weddings are haram. How do you have a wedding without doing haram. People will think you are crazy if you hold a silent wedding with no music. I am against music, I would prefer a quite wedding but this will never happen. So what can you play which isn't haram?
  16. I have been playing lot's of video games and they are retro games like from the 8/16 bit generations (NES/Master System, and SNES/Genesis) and some modern ones from the sixth and seventh generation of consoles. I know the NES and the Sega Master System have only a Programmable Sound Generator that outputs only square waves. Is really haraam for me to listen to video game music even if it is 8 or 16 bit even though they are computer generated tones. I know that the Super Nintendo's Sony SPC700 sound chip is PCM Sampled based so the game music uses some sampled instruments. I admit that I am add
  17. Salam Momineen, I am a web designer and use to work on different projects of web designing with various clients around the world. One of the client has a project of designing a website related to music. The website is for a singer and her music. The website will include client's pic (behijaab ofcourse) and music stream (live music). I am just a designer who will design the layout and do not make it live means I will not code just design a website layout in Adobe Photoshop!. Please help me out please!! Jazakallah!!
  18. salaam, i am having a problem these days it seems as tho the people very close to me (as in family that i live with, friends).. all listen to music and i dont, i dont want to seem rude and say "hey turn that off it is harram" and i dont anyone getting mad at me.. so during car rides and more when music is playing i just keep sayin astagfurallah the whole time until i am away from any music that is on.. what should i do i feel as though im getting the bad deeds for just being there while its playing... hope you understand what im trying to say!!! shukran!
  19. I'm 17 years old and live with a more up to date family and less religious one. I seem to be the only one that believes in every single aspect of islam. The problem is society all around me doesn't. I almost never listen to music except on few occasions. I listen to a lot of nadbiyat and latmiyat for ashoora. My sisters on the other hand listen to a lot of music. They aren't religious at all to be honest. One of them is old enough to be obliged to pray but doesn't except when she wants something. And when i confront them about this issue they don't seem to respond. On the contrary they make fu
  20. this is my first post on this forum. i used to be a music freak and played guitar regularly. Alhumdulilah i have been trying to follow my Deen and have been trying to get away from these worldly pleasures. i no longer listen to music or play guitar. my question is i have about 5 instruments and 2 of these instruments are hanging on the wall. is it permissible to have instruments on the wall? i am confused if my salaat is nullified because of the presence of guitars on my room's wall. should i take the guitars off of the wall and put them in their cases and put the cases in the closet? i am wil
  21. Is music haraam? Do you listen to it? I remember a year or two, calling up a maulana and asking if listening to music during Ramadhan breaks a person's fast or not, and he said that it didn't... So that would mean it isn't haraam right? I know this topic is quite divided, but what is your opinion? Growing up in a house where my dad loved music, I have also grown to love it, but I'm not addicted to it.
  22. (salam) Could someone tell me what the concept of dhamal is? I have seen so called Shias engaging in this wierd dance and they claim it is due to their love of Imam Ali (as). Isn't it a Sufi / Malang practice with no basis in Shia Islam?
  23. I understand this topic has been touched upon in many posts but I've posted the following question as I haven't found a definitive answer to the answer I seek. I'll also be sending this question to the office of Ayatollah Sistani but nevertheless I would appreciate your opinions on this matter: Since quite a young age I've very much enjoyed playing video games and have always wanted to join the industry. I found a couple of game development kits recently and am nearing the completion of my first mobile game, which I'm hoping to release after the summer. I was wondering however, whether or not
  24. Salam alejkum brothers/sisters, Hope your all doing well inshAllah. What are the rulings on having background music on a Youtube video would this be considered haram and therefore you would gain sin from such a video or halal? JazakAllah.
  25. What is your opinion on listening to music as a Muslim? I am not necessarily talking about music such as what a pop star sings but rather music that may take place in the background in a television advert or a film trailer. Do you still see it as haram or can it be overlooked? And if it can be overlooked, where do you draw the line?
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