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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The Martyrdom of ‘Ali bin al-Husayn al-Akbar (as) https://www.al-islam.org/event-taff-earliest-historical-account-tragedy-karbala-abu-mikhnaf/martyrdom-family-members-al#martyrdom-ali-bin-al-husayn-al-akbar
  2. https://www.al-islam.org/event-taff-earliest-historical-account-tragedy-karbala-abu-mikhnaf/martyrdom-companions-al-husayn#martyrdom-habib-bin-muzahir
  3. https://www.al-islam.org/event-taff-earliest-historical-account-tragedy-karbala-abu-mikhnaf/beginning-battle#martyrdom-muslim-bin-awsajah
  4. https://www.al-islam.org/event-taff-earliest-historical-account-tragedy-karbala-abu-mikhnaf/stations-way-kufah#dhu-husam The Event of Taff, The Earliest Historical Account of the Tragedy of Karbala’ Abu Mikhnaf
  5. Second of Muharram 61 H. https://www.al-islam.org/event-taff-earliest-historical-account-tragedy-karbala-abu-mikhnaf/stations-way-kufah#nainawa The Event of Taff, The Earliest Historical Account of the Tragedy of Karbala’ Abu Mikhnaf
  6. Meytham was martyred ten days before Imam Husayn (a.s.) came to Iraq https://www.al-islam.org/nafasul-mahmum-relating-heart-rending-tragedy-karbala-shaykh-abbas-qummi/martyrdom-meytham-bin-yahya
  7. Martyrdom of Imam Husayn(as) Ambassador to Kufa - Ninth Dhu al-Hijjah ***** "" ["In the morning, Ibn Ziyad took his seat and allowed the people to come and see him. [When] Muhammad bin Ash’ath entered, Ibn Ziyad said: “Welcome to one whose [loyalty] is above suspicion and accusation!” Then he sat him by his side. The son of that old woman who provided shelter to Muslim bin ‘Aqil, that is Bilal bin Usaid, went to Abd al-Rahman bin Muhammad bin Ash’ath in the morning and told him that Ibn ‘Aqil was with his mother. So ‘Abd al-Rahman went to his father who was with Ibn Ziyad and whispered the news to him. Ibn Ziyad asked him: “What did he tell you?” He replied: “He has informed me that Ibn ‘Aqil is [hiding] in one of the houses of our [tribe].” “Go and bring him to me immediately”, said Ibn Ziyad, poking a cane into his side. 88 The Move to Arrest Muslim [Ibn Ziyad] sent an order to ‘Amru bin Huraith -his representative in the mosque- that he should dispatch sixty or seventy men from the tribe of Qais [to accompany Ibn Ash’ath]. [The reason being that] Ibn Ziyad disliked sending Ash’ath’s Kinsmen89 with him, for he well knew that every tribe detested a person like Ibn ‘Aqil to be arrested by them. So Ibn Huraith sent ‘Amru bin ‘Ubaid bin ‘Abbas al-Sulami to accompany Ibn Ash’ath with [around] sixty or seventy men from Qais and they [proceeded] until they reached the house where Ibn ‘Aqil was hiding. Muslim Fights Ibn Ash’ath When [Muslim (as)] heard the [voices of the] hooves of the horses and voices of the men, he understood that they have come [to arrest him]. [As] he went out to face them with his sword, they forced their way into the house. He severely resisted, striking them with his sword until he drove them out of the house. They repeated the attack and he counter-attacked in the same way. Bukair [bin Hamran al-Ahmari al-Shami] struck Muslim’s mouth, cutting his upper lip and slicing down to the lower lip to knock out two of his front teeth. Muslim struck him a terrible blow on his head and repeated it again, severing a nerve along his shoulder with a blow which almost reached his stomach. Muslim Attacked with Stones and Fire When they saw this, they [went up and] looked down on him from the rooftop of the house. They began throwing stones at him and to light canes of wood with fire which they threw on him from the top of the house. When [Muslim (as)] saw this, he went out against them into the lane with his sword unsheathed. Muhammad bin Ash’ath came forward and said to him: “O young man! You are given security, do not kill yourself.” But he continued to fight against them saying: I have taken an oath that I will only be killed as a free man, although I see death as a detestable thing. Every man one day will meet evil, as the pleasant and easy [situation] gets mixed up with difficulty and bitterness. The heart is at peace [now] after being terrified90, [but] I fear that I will be cheated and deluded. Muslim Taken as a Prisoner Muhammad bin al-Ash’ath said to him: “You shall not be lied to or deceived or cheated; for these people [i.e. the Banu Umayyah] are your cousins, they will not fight against you or strike you.” [Muslim] was [now] exhausted as a result of constant hail of stones and was unable to fight. [So he paused to rest] and leaned with his back to the wall of the house. Muhammad bin Ash’ath called out to him: “You are granted protection.” So [Muslim] asked: “Am I granted security?” Ibn Ash’ath replied: “Yes” and the people with him said: “[Yes] you are in safety.” Ibn ‘Aqil said: “If it was not for this security that you have granted me, I would not have put my hand in yours.” [Here it becomes apparent that he surrendered himself because of the protection he was granted]. A mule was brought and he was sat on it. They gathered around him and pulled away his sword from his neck, as if he was in despair for his life and his eyes filled with tears. He said: “This is the beginning of the deception.” Muhammad bin Ash’ath answered: “I hope no difficulty falls upon you.” “Is it just a hope, where is your protection?! ‘Indeed we belong to Allah and to Him do we indeed return!’”, he retorted as he wept. ‘Amru bin ‘Ubaidullah bin ‘Abbas [al-Sulami -the one who led the soldiers to capture Ibn ‘Aqil] said to him: “One who has sought for the like of what you have sought for, would not weep when there befalls him what has befallen you.” Muslim replied: “By Allah! I am indeed not weeping for myself, nor am I lamenting for my own death, even though I have not the slightest desire for destruction. But I am weeping for my family who are coming to me, I am weeping for al-Husayn and the family of al-Husayn (as).” Muslim’s Will to Ibn al-Ash’ath Then he went to Muhammad bin Ash’ath and said: “O Servant of Allah! By Allah, I can see that you are unable to grant me protection. Yet do you have the goodness to be able to send one of your men to inform al-Husayn on my behalf? For I have no doubt that he has [already] set out towards you today, or will be setting out tomorrow with his family members. The anxiety you witness in me is only because of this. [The messenger] should say: “Ibn ‘Aqil has sent me to you. He is a prisoner in the hands of the people and he does not expect to see the evening before he is killed. He says: ‘Return with your household and do not let the people of Kufah tempt you! For they were the followers of your father who desired separation from them through death or murder! The people of Kufah have lied to you and me. [Indeed,] a person who has been lied to has no say!” Ibn Ash’ath said: “By Allah! I will do that and I will inform Ibn Ziyad that I have given you a guarantee of security.”91 Muslim at the Gate of the Palace Muhammad bin Ash’ath went with Ibn ‘Aqil to the gate of the palace while he was thirsty. There were [already] some people sitting there waiting for the permission to enter. Among them were ‘Umara bin ‘Uqbah bin Abi Mu’ti’, ‘Amru bin Huraith, Muslim bin ‘Amru and Kathir bin Shihab.92 There was a jug of cold water placed at the doorway. Ibn ‘Aqil said: “Give me a drink of this water.” Muslim bin ‘Amru [al-Bahili] said to him: “Do you see how cold it is! By Allah, you will never taste a drop of it until you taste the boiling water (hamim) in the Hell fire!” [Muslim] said: “Woe on you! Who are you?” Al-Bahili replied: “I am the one93 who recognized the truth when you denied it; who was sincere to his leader (imam) while you deceived him, who listened and obeyed him when you disobeyed and opposed him! I am Muslim bin ‘Amru al-Bahili!” Ibn ‘Aqil retorted: “May your mother weep at the sorrow of your death! How coarse you are, how rough and hard your heart is. O Son of Bahilah, you are more appropriate for the boiling water of the hell fire and to remain there forever than I am!” Then he sat down resting his back against the wall. ‘Amru bin Huraith [al-Makhzumi] sent his slave called Sulaiman and he brought [some] water in a pitcher94 with a napkin on it and a cup. He poured water into it and gave him to drink. But whenever he went to drink, the cup filled with blood. When he filled the cup for the third time and went to drink, his front teeth fell into the cup. So he said: “All praise is due to Allah! If it was part of my decreed provision, I would have [indeed] drunk it.”95 [Ibn al-Ash’ath] asked permission to enter and it was given to him.96 Muslim was brought before Ibn Ziyad but did not greet him. So a guard said to him: “Will you not salute the governor?” [Muslim] replied: “If he wants to kill me, then what is [the point of] greeting him with words of peace?! But if he does not want to kill me, then -by my life- my greetings [of peace] to him would be profuse.” Ibn Ziyad then said to him: “By my life, you will surely be killed!” He said: “Is it so?” He replied: “Yes.” He said: “Then let me make a will to some of my tribesmen.” Muslim’s Will to ‘Umar bin Sa‘d So he looked at the people who were seated with ‘Ubaidullah and among them was ‘Umar bin Sa‘d. So he called out: “O ‘Umar! Indeed there is kinship between you and me97 and I have need of you. I have a right on you that you should fulfill my request, but it is a secret.” [But ‘Umar bin Sa‘d] refused to listen to him. So ‘Ubaidullah told him: “Do not refuse to consider the need of your cousin.” So ‘Umar got up with him and sat where Ibn Ziyad could see him. [Ibn ‘Aqil said]: “I have a debt in Kufah. I have borrowed seven hundred dirhams since I arrived in Kufah, [please] repay it on my behalf. Ask Ibn Ziyad to give you my corpse [after I have been killed] and bury it. Send someone to al-Husayn (as) to send him back. For I have written to him telling him that the people are with him, and now I can only think that he is coming.”98 Muslim in the Presence of Ibn Ziyad Then Ibn Ziyad said: “Yes, Ibn ‘Aqil! You came to the people while they were united in order to scatter them and divide their opinions so that some of them may attack others?!” He replied: “Never! I did not come for that, but [because] the people of the city claimed that your father had killed their best men and shed their blood and that he ruled over them the rule of Choesroe and Caesar. We came to them to enjoin justice and invite [them] to the rule (hukm) by the Book [of Allah].” Ibn Ziyad retorted: “O sinner! What are you [to do] with that! Did not we do that when you were in Madinah drinking wine!” Ibn ‘Aqil exclaimed: “Me, drink wine! By Allah, verily, Allah knows that you are not speaking the truth and you have spoken without any knowledge and that I am not like you have said. [He knows] that the more deserving [to be accused] of drinking wine than me and the more entitled to that, is you who laps the blood of Muslims, kills the soul which Allah has forbidden, kills innocent people, sheds sacred blood and kills out of rage, enmity and suspicion, while he is indulged in play and sport as if he has done nothing [wrong]!” Ibn Ziyad [angrily] said: “O sinner! Your soul is making you desire that [i.e. caliphate] which Allah has deprived you of and did not regard you worthy of it.” He said: “Who is worthy of it, O Ibn Ziyad?” He answered: “Yazid, the commander of the faithful.” Ibn ‘Aqil said: “Praise is due to Allah in all conditions. We accept Allah as a judge between you and us.” Ibn Ziyad said: “As if you assume that you have a right to it!” He replied: “By Allah, it is not an assumption (Zann) but a conviction!” Ibn Ziyad said: “May Allah kill me, if I do not kill you in a manner that no one in Islam has been killed before!” He said: “You wil never abandon evil murder, wicked punishment, shameful practice, and avaricious domination to anyone [else], as no one among the people is more entitled to these [crimes] than you.” [Hearing this,] the son of Sumayyah99 began to curse him and to curse al-Husayn, ‘Ali and ‘Aqil. The Martyrdom of Ibn ‘Aqil [Ibn Ziyad] then ordered: “Take him up to the top of the palace and behead him and throw his body to the ground.” [Muslim] said [to Ibn Ash’ath]: “O Ibn Ash’ath! By Allah, had you not offered me protection, I would not have surrendered myself. So rise with your sword in defense of me; for the security [you granted me] has been broken!”100 So Ibn Ash’ath came forward and gave ‘Ubaidullah [bin Ziyad] an account of Muslim’s [arrest] and how he was struck by Bukair [bin Hamran] and informed him about the guarantee of security he gave to [Ibn ‘Aqil]. Ibn Ziyad said: “What have you to do with granting security! As if we had sent you to give him protection! We only sent you to bring him to us!” So [Ibn Ash’ath] kept quiet.101 Then Ibn Ziyad said: “Where is this person whose head and shoulder Ibn ‘Aqil struck with [his] sword?” So he was called and Ibn Ziyad [told him]: “Go up and [now] you be the one who cuts his head off.” So he went up with him. [Ibn ‘Aqil] was exalting Allah saying allahu akbar and seeking His forgiveness and sending salutations on His angels and prophets saying: “O Allah, You judge between us and a people who enticed us, lied to us and deserted us.” So [Bukair al-Ahmari] led him up to a part which overlooked where the butchers are today.102 His head was cut off and his body was made to follow his head.103 When Bukair bin Hamran descended after killing Muslim, Ibn Ziyad asked him: “Have you killed him?” He replied: “Yes.” Ibn Ziyad [inquired]: “What was he saying as you were taking him up?” He said: “He was mentioning the greatness of Allah and glorifying Him and seeking His forgiveness. When I drew him nearer to kill him, he said: ‘O Allah, You judge between us and a people who lied to us, deceived us, deserted us and killed us.’ I told him: ‘Get closer to me’ and gave him a blow but to no avail. Then I struck him for the second time and killed him.” Then his head was brought to Ibn Ziyad.104 ‘Umar [bin Sa‘d] said to Ibn Ziyad: “Do you know what he said to me? He told me so and so.” Ibn Ziyad said: “The faithful would not betray you. But sometimes a treacherous man is given a trust.105 With regard to your money, it belongs to you and we will not prevent you from doing with it what you like.106 As for al-Husayn, if he does not intend [harm] to us, so will we. But if he intends [harm] to us, we will not hold back from him. As for the body, we do not care what is done to it after we have killed him.”107] https://www.al-islam.org/event-taff-earliest-historical-account-tragedy-karbala-abu-mikhnaf/events-kufah-after-arrival-muslim#move-arrest-muslim The Event of Taff, The Earliest Historical Account of the Tragedy of Karbala’ By, Abu Mikhnaf
  8. The Martyrdom of Hani’ bin ‘Urwah After the martyrdom of Muslim bin ‘Aqil, [Ibn Ziyad] declined to fulfil his promise [to Muhammad bin al-Ash’ath that he would return Hani’ to him in order to avoid the enmity of [Hani’s] tribesmen; for it was him who took him to Ibn Ziyad]. ‘Ubaidullah then ordered for Hani’ bin ‘Urwah and said: “Take him to the market place and cut off his head.” So Hani’ was taken -while he his hands were tied behind his back- to a place in the market where sheep were sold. Hani’ began to shout: “O Madhhij! There is no one from Madhhij for me today! O Madhhij! Where are the Madhhij to help me!” When he saw that no one is helping him, he pulled his hand and wrenched it free of the handcuff, saying: “Is there no stick, knife, stone or bone with which one can defend himself!” [At this] they jumped on him and tied him [more] tightly. Then it was said to him: “Stretch your neck forward.” Hani’ said: “I am not so generous with my life, I will not help you against myself.” Then a Turkish slave of ‘Ubaidullah by the name of Rashid108 struck him with [his] sword to no avail. So Hani’ said: “To Allah is the return. O Allah, to Your mercy and pleasure [do I return]!” Then he struck him again and killed him.109[May Allah’s mercy and pleasure be upon him. Then they took his head to Ibn Ziyad].110 Those Who Were Killed After Muslim and Hani’ After killing Muslim and Hani’, ‘Ubaidullah bin Ziyad ordered for ‘Abd al-A’ala al-Kalbi, the one arrested by Kathir bin Shihab at Banu Fityan. So he was brought [before Ibn Ziyad]. Ibn Ziyad said to him: “Tell me about your case.” He said: “May Allah make you among the righteous! I had [just] come out to see what the people were doing when Kathir bin Shihab arrested me.” [Ibn Ziyad said]: “You must heavily swear that you did not come out for some other reason”, but al-Kalbi refused to do so [and ‘Ubaidullah got convinced that he had come out in support of Muslim]. Then, Ibn Ziyad ordered [saying]: “Take this man to the cemetery of Sabi’ and behead him there.” So they took him and killed him. Then ‘Umarah bin Salkhab al-Azdi was brought before ‘Ubaidullah. He was among those who intended to mobilize people in support of Muslim bin ‘Aqil. [Ibn Ziyad] asked him: “From which clan are you?” He replied: “From Azd.” [Ibn Ziyad] then said: “Take him to his people [and kill him there].” So he was taken and beheaded amidst his people.111 https://www.al-islam.org/event-taff-earliest-historical-account-tragedy-karbala-abu-mikhnaf/events-kufah-after-arrival-muslim#martyrdom-hani-bin-urwah The Event of Taff, The Earliest Historical Account of the Tragedy of Karbala’ Abu Mikhnaf https://www.al-islam.org/event-taff-earliest-historical-account-tragedy-karbala-abu-mikhnaf/events-kufah-after-arrival-muslim#move-arrest-muslim
  9. I want to know of others who’ve been to ziyarat (Karbala) Iraq before and your experience. How safe is it? Etc. Is the trip easy to organize and so on. Are you planning on going this year? Thx
  10. Hello all, I am a female going to Karbala and Najaf for the first time from the USA. I was wondering if someone would be able to answer some of my questions. It will greatly be appreciated. Thanks: 1) I know that makeup is not allowed. But what about eyelash extensions? These are fake individual lashes that are placed on your real lashes. They look natural. I just don't want anyone giving me a hard time for having them. 2) I am going to be on my menstrual cycle. Is there any advice regarding this? 3) Any other advice will greatly be appreciated. Thank-you.
  11. Inshallah next month I will be going to Ziyara. If anyone would like a special duaa or ziyara request let me know. Ya Ali Madad
  12. Some people argue that the mother of believers aisha was responsible for the tragedy of karbala. Do any shias agree with this?
  13. As some of you know I'm a christian who converted and still living in a christian household practicing my religion in secrecy. Before i discovered islam and before i committed I used to camp in nature and i have this photography hobby. This year i decided to tell my parents i'm going camping in the nature in our country for 6 days and in this way i managed to travel to iraq. We went me and my friend alone, we had people there in iraq who were having us as guests. The moment we went to the airport the struggling begun, we missed our plane which was in the morning, we waited the whole day for available seats but it was way too crowded. On that day, the last plane had 4 overbooked seats, basically they sold them seats which didn't exist, so Alhamdulillah they fixed us with them, we went from Lebanon to Turkey and from turkey to Najaf, we arrived to najaf at 3 am in the morning without sleep. This was on wednesday and the arbaeen is on friday. We took a cab to visit imam ali, there was a point where the taxi couldn't go further, so he dropped us and i literally started running with my bag i couldn't believe i'm miles away of My Imam. When i reached it was so overwhelming, WHAT A MYSTERY HE IS! I felt powerful that he is my leader i felt like he's right there looking at me i literally felt his presence i felt the utmost sympathy which was coming from him it felt as if i'm visiting my guardian, my protector. It was very strange and pleasant. We couldn't stay more, so we went to the house where we were staying at, we ate and we started walking from imam ali's makam to the first pole. I reached the first pole and started feeling the weakness of my body. It is worth to mention here that I'm athletic, I run since almost 4 years everyday and i do some very intense workouts (interval training, lactic acid training, fartlek training, etc). But walking is nothing like running. First of all No one told me how much it was hard to finish the 100km walk. No one told me i should get some doaa to listen to quran perhaps or latmiyat or whatever else, and all people told me it's very nice it's fun you feel the spirituality, etc... So i went there having this mentality, i wasn't mentally prepared for it. I hit the 200 pole and i seriously started questioning if i can continue or not. I called friends who reached to 950 pole and they started insisting on me that i should take a taxi and go to them. This was at maghreb prayer after 6 hours walking. After they called me several times telling me to come i started thinking if this was my case then what was the case of sayeda zeinab or roukaya or soukayna and the whole household of ahlulbayt?! The thought of me not being able to finish it ached my heart and it made me cry. I rested, my friend told me that she will carry my bag to help me and with the grace of God i started walking. With all the psychological and physical pain, suffering, sleeplessness, shivering (due to the hectic situation), swallowed feet, empty stomach, burning feet, cramps, i reached at 12.30 am to 634 pole. The thing that didn't help was the pace of my friend she was always 10-20 meters ahead of me, so there was no talking or conversations to help me forget about the pain. But she really helped by carrying my bag. So we slept at 1.30 am till 3.30 am the noise and all the snoring didn't help much. We prayed i slept 2 hours after that then continued to walk. The second day i was falling asleep when i was walking, i started having the flu with the fever and when i rested for few minutes I'd fall asleep on the chair. Nevertheless, We continued and we finished with couple of km left which i finished the second day because there were a big number of crowd, more than any other year and i didn't have the energy anymore to withstand all this crowd and walk among them. We reached the shrines of imam hussein and aba l fadel on saturday in the afternoon, we waited for couple of hours but it was all worth it, you can't exactly feel a lot of spirituality because you can't sit and focus your thoughts and get your head together. Everything was so quick. And if you want to sit for example pray talk to the imam someone comes and hits you. Of course there is special energy at every makam, you feel something different, for example when i reached the shrine of imam hussein i couldn't believe that i'm standing in front of the one and only man who's earth and skies are created due to his sacrifice. That we exist due to his sacrifice, everything we are everything we have is from Ashura. The rest of the trip took it's flow, other things happened but alhamulillah we managed everything in the end. "الأجر على قدر المشقة" It means you get rewarded as much as you tolerate pain and hardships. When i came back home, I accidentally forgot my ticket in the bag so when mom was removing the clothes to wash them she saw the ticket of course she snapped but she didn't tell my father or else he would have kicked me out of the house, it is the one and only time she didn't mention anything, because before that when she sensed that i was fasting or doing things related to religion she told my dad right away, but this time she couldn't. Everyone of us is protected by the imam of our time, he handles our matters all the time. I hope this was an inspiration to the readers and i hope everyone will experience this zyara, because after my personal experience i realized that the walk part is very essential for our Akida (creed), it is a kind of training.
  14. Salaam, I am planning a trip for this summer after I graduate; I want to go to sites that are holy to Shia. I plan to go to Tehran first, then to the Shrine of Imam Reza, followed by visiting Qom. I do wish to visit Iraq next, as the southern area of the country where Kerbalah and Najaf are, is generally safe. I would like to end my trip in Medina to visit the shrine of Imam Hassan. I would eventually like to go to Damascus, but unfortunately the turmoil in Syria is far too much at this moment, so that will be for another trip. Thoughts and advice? Did I leave anything out? (US Citizen btw)
  15. Salaam, Within 50 years of the Prophet's (saw) demise, his grandson gets brutally killed in Karbala along with his family and friends. The Prophet's (saw) progeny is made captive, dragged across the Ummah's domain and imprisoned. One would think that every single Muslim would ask this question - what happened? Instead, all we get are fingers pointed at us about how not to remember the Progeny of the Prophet (saw). Based on the Sunni propensity for violence over cartoons and movies, is it going too far to say that my sunni brothers would have held protests,cried foul and screamed for justice if Yazeed's forces just drew cartoons of the Progeny of the Prophet (saw)? At the very least, my sunnis brothers would have asked, "What happened?"
  16. I didn't believed until I saw with my own eyes people disrespecting and disregarding the soil of Karbala. At shrines of Imam Reza (a.s.) and Imam Ali (a.s.) in particular you will more often find yourself dodging the turbah/Khake Shifa/mohr. I was really appalled to see a man at one of those shrine tossing a piece of turbah to the ground and that lazy fella adjusted it's position using his feet. Such a contemptuous behaviour! https://www.al-islam.org/greater-sins-volume-3-ayatullah-sayyid-abdul-husayn-dastghaib-shirazi/fiftieth-greater-sin
  17. Salam, Read and share this article http://www.aimislam.com/reflections-arbaeen-pilgrimage-biggest-mourning-procession/
  18. Prophecies Regarding the Tragedy of Karbala’ from Ancient Books As much great an event is, as much it is worthy of mention. A great proof of the importance of the tragedy of Karbala’ is also that not only the humans, jinns and angels have kept its remembrance alive, the Lord Creator of the Universe has continuously mentioned it in every time period. And not only the remembrance remained established after the event, it existed even before the event actually occurred and even before the birth of the Chief of the Martyrs (a.s). And not only that, it was present even before the creation of Adam. The Almighty mentioned about it to His chosen servants and informed them of those terrible events. The result derived from it is that the martyrdom of Husayn (a.s) is so magnificent and significant in the view of the Lord that He likes to mention it time and again. Under such circumstances, those who keep this calamity fresh are actually acting in consonance with the desire and will of the Almighty and walking the straight path. And one who opposes its remembrance is acting against the divine practice. https://www.al-islam.org/understanding-karbala-allamah-sayyid-saeed-akhtar-rizvi/prophecies-regarding-tragedy-karbala
  19. Movie on Qafila e Karbala the Caravan of Pride Full movie(Urdu with Eng sub): https://youtu.be/4_tLhsJMh-A The saviour of mankind|BISKIT: https://youtu.be/PrH4ojZuItg
  20. Movie on Qafila e Karbala the Caravan of Pride Full movie(Urdu with Eng sub): https://youtu.be/4_tLhsJMh-A The saviour of mankind|BISKIT: https://youtu.be/PrH4ojZuItg
  21. It is the ardent desire of every Shia to visit the Holy shrines of their immaculate Imam (a.s.). Most of us had that opportunity before and will visit them again, Insha Allah while there are many who will go to them soon. Making your presence in front of them requires more of a sincerity, love and passion alongwith recognition of their rights. Arbae'en is near and it is the best opportunity for each one of us to call out labbaik. Those yearning for the Ziyarat of Ab'a Abdillah should take a step ahead and start with preparations, as in: Do I have my passport ready? Is it nearing expiry? Procedure for obtaining visa (Tour operator will take care if you are going with Qafela) Applying for leaves in office in advance. What about my finances? If it is less, how can I arrange extra amount? Which tour operators should I go with? Any other obstacles/hurdles, etc. Please note this thread is not for debating on any particular aspect or method or rewards of Ziyarat but a means to get ourselves prepared for it. The rewards and merits of Ziyarat of Imam Hussain (a.s.) is much more than can be outlined here. I'll mention but a few traditions to get an overview of it's great virtue, in the next post. You are welcome to present ahadith and how are you going to take part in Arbae'en this year.
  22. In the name of the lord of the martyrs. I intend to share some video clips as the title of the post says about Ashura, and I ask you to share similar video clips below this post.
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