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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 3 results

  1. One of the reasons why people are not always able to translate their intentions into actions is that they haven't made a precise plan as to when, where and how they will implement their intention. For example, I may intend or be motivated to eat extra fruit and vegetables, but if i don't make a plan as to how to do so in advance, I will be less likely to carry out my intended behaviour. A strategy that can bridge the gap between motivation/intention (pre-doing) and behaviour (doing) is the Implementation Intention (II) in the form of 'If-then' plans. You link the 'If' (a situational cue) with the 'Then' (a response to that cue). An example of an If-then plan or an II would be: If: it is 8 am on Monday morning. (Situation) Then: I will start writing my essay (Action/response) To: be able to finish it before the deadline (Goal) It is not a goal intention where I may just say "I intend to eat extra fruit and vegetables". Of course there are some barriers to this strategy, such as forgetting or getting distracted. However, research suggests that implementation intentions increase a person's commitment to their decision as well as their likelihood of carrying out the intended action, and therefore fulfilling their goal. It works for reducing procrastination too! http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0195666310005325
  2. Sallam Alikum! Question: So I hear this a lot and I'm sure a lot of you have also heard it "It's the intention that counts" and I know and understand there is a ton of ahadith that say that intentions are more important than actions. I mostly hear this from non-hijabi Muslimat who say that they don't wear the hijab because it's their intention that matters. I never understood this. Or like if someone says I am a Muslim but I pray sometimes but it's the intention that matters? I don't know what I want to ask, but I don't get it. So I can take off the hijab and say "oh I'm not wearing but I will dress modestly and act properly without the hijab because it's the intern that counts? I hope I make sense, thank you.
  3. So I have a female Muslim friend who is a white American. She told me that she performs salah TWICE each time. The first time in Arabic in order to fulfill the requirements of fiqh and the second time in English because Arabic is a second/foreign language to her. She says it is hard to focus on the MEANING of what she is doing when she performs salah in Arabic. Therefore she does it a second time in English so that she knows all that shen is saying. She says it has to do with her niyah. She wants to feel connected to Allah and to the word she is saying. She says it has more meaning for her when she does it the second time . Does anyone have an opinion on this ? I respect her INTENTIONS but is there any ruling about it ?
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