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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Magnanimous Ali – Battle of Nahrawan http://losthumanity.org/2014/01/11/magnanimous-ali-battle-of-nahrawan/ The fearless, valiant and magnanimous Ali – * whose sword never was raised except as a last resort to protect truth and establish justice. * whose sword never was struck except that he saw in the opponent viciousness of an extremely incurable nature. * whose sword never was afraid in the face of the most daring and famous Arabian warriors. * whose sword never let down Islam when it was in need to survive and be protected from extinction. Continue reading at: http://losthumanity.org
  2. Relationship With Your Creator http://losthumanity.org/2014/01/09/relationship-with-your-creator/ The peace, solace and happiness we seek in our daily lives can be achieved through communication with our Creator. But what is the best way to communicate with Him? What is our real position with respect to Him? What is our relationship with Him? How can we bring our intellect closer to Him? How can we merge and unite with Him? Continue reading at: http://losthumanity.org/2014/01/09/relationship-with-your-creator/ Lost Humanity Blog http://www.losthumanity.org (You can subscribe to the blo
  3. Salam Brothers & Sisters, I would like to to seek some help as to where and how I may sell my artwork. I have designed some paintings and calligraphy for Nad-e-Ali. Is there an online site which is a good means. Any support would be helpful. Salam Hussain
  4. Our Position With Respect To Our Creator The peace, solace and happiness we seek in our daily lives can be achieved through communication with our Creator. But what is the best way to communicate with Him? What is our real position with respect to Him? What is our relationship with Him? How can we bring our intellect closer to Him? How can we merge and unite with Him? Continue reading at: http://losthumanity.org/2014/01/01/our-position-with-respect-to-our-creator/ Lost Humanity Blog http://www.losthumanity.org (Please subscribe to the blog to receive automatic email notifications of ne
  5. Imam Ali – Guide in the Wilderness Few are the men who are patterned like Ali ibn Abi Talib. Life itself rises with them, as they appear scattered along the crossroads of generations, like lamps that guide those who journey. Despite their fewness, they are like pillars through which can be seen the courtyards of magnificent buildings; holding on their shoulders the […] Continue reading at: http://losthumanity.org/2013/12/25/imam-ali-guide-in-the-wilderness/ Lost Humanity Blog http://www.losthumanity.org (Note: Please subscribe to the blog to receive automatic email notifications of new
  6. Assalamualeykum, I was just wondering if someone could tell me how can one dream of the prophets or imams? Are there any hadiths about this? And if you do can you share your dreams and of not why? Jazakallah.
  7. Salam Brothers and Sisters, Congratulations on the day of Eid Al Ghadeer when Prophet (s) declared the Imam Ali as his successor and the custodian and guide for the ummah after him. Also don't forget the 1st SHAHEEDa of Ghadeer and Wilaya (of worldly and non worldly affairs both), our lady, the prophet's only daughter and imam Ali's wife Honorable Lady Sayeeda Fatima Zahra (as). She was murdered by Umer, Abu Bakr, Aisha and bunch of others for her relentless protest against the usurping of the right of Khilafa of Ameer ul Momineen Ali at the hands of the rebels and renegade munafiqeen. This
  8. The Mosque of Imam Ali (a) or (the large mosque of Basra ) is the second mosque built in Islam after the Prophet's Mosque, and the first mosque built in Iraq about 14 AH after opening Al-Madina by the leader Utbaa bin Ghazwan, and it remained a historical monument to impact and known as Imam Ali (AS) step mosque of Imam Ali (a) .The reason for this is due to the visit of Imam Ali (AS) and pray in it during his caliphate in 36. And the mosque is gaining a religious importance for Muslims where they means in some religious occasions.
  9. Mosques and shrine of the companion of prophet (pbuh) Sasaah bin Suhan (rh) attacked by regime forces in Bahrain
  10. From you all a lesson is derived Not once did you complain The calamities you all survived The length of suffering and intense pain Nevertheless the way the wind blows Without a doubt in his head It is clear to see who was chose Who was it that spent a night in his bed The rain of agony showered upon you all A blessing in disguise With each drop you remained humble&tall It gently made it clear who to despise Oh those of the household The way each action you mould each ounce of knowledge you have told Be sure to know you all define. Gold.
  11. This is a poem I wrote, Insh'Allah people may learn or benefit from this. The sun creeped higher the moon shone his name as long as the skies would allowColours roared across like fire Whilst stars needed to dim, but how Each sky ripped apartSeeing what was about to be They showered love from the startNow, crying & yearning so longly The head that held secrets unspeakable Knowledge unimaginableAnd love undeniable Began prostration Invincible was he to any oppressorBut this fatal strike would be ultimateIt was time to be with his master&for time is unstoppable Oh Ali we cry a
  12. Salaamu 'Alaykum, During my stay in Najaf al-Ashraf I was given the honor to reside with many 'Ulema and tulaba of the Hawza. One day a wakeel of Hafiz Bashir al-Najafi (HA) and Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi (HA) came to visit me (even though I don't deserve any visitation) and they started discussing with me in regards to Islamic history. For the 'Ulema, it is a source of interest to hear the point of view of American Shi'a Muslims. Moving on we discussed the Battle of Jamal and Ayesha's wrongdoings, when I out of habit said something inappropriate about az-Zubayr. I somewhat cursed him, due to my i
  13. Interesting Speech.. Let me know what you thought of it. http://t.co/McbrljXMKF (wasalam)
  14. hello all, i had a dream a few nights ago about attending Imam Ali's (a.s.) birthday event. so me and my mom and my aunty and my little sister were attending this event in a place that looked like a mosque (somewhere in iran because all the people there spoke farsi). my aunty and i were debating on which coloured chador (iranian burqa) to wear. i could pick between three shades of red. either a hot/bright red coloured one, or a pinky-red/coral coloured one or a burgundy/maroon coloured one. i wanted to either wear the bright red or the burgundy one and my aunty kept persuading me to w
  15. Salams my dear Muslim brothers and sisters and all who stand up for justice regardless of their religious background.... Allah, the Creator of the universe is against oppression. This is what Allah says about justice.... Does even one person on this forum want to be ruled by a nonMuslim dictatorship regime when most of the population are Muslim believers? No one wants to have their lives dictated by a dictatorship including everyone who is against the freedom for Syrians on this forum. O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah , even if it be again
  16. 44 HADITHS FOR VITUES of IMAM ALI (A.S.) I have got these hadiths mentioning the virtues of Imam Ali AS, from facebook and these are being presented for sharing of information: HADITH 1: عن أبي حمزة الثمالي قال: سمعت علي بن الحسين عليهما السلام يقول: إن فاطمة بنت أسد رضي الله عنها ضربها الطلق وهي في الطواف، فدخلت الكعبة فولدت أمير المؤمنين علي عليه السلام فيها. Abu hamzah Thumali narrats that he heard Imam al-Sajjad ('a) say: Fatimah bint Asad ('a) was circumambulating the Ka'bah when suddenly she appeared to feel the pangs of birth. She entered the Ka'bah and it is in the Ka'bah that 'Ali (a
  17. Bismillah Alrahman Alrahim Assalamu Alikom Brothers and Sisters in Islam, I have a question regarding a dream I recently had. Just before I go to details of the dream, I just wanted to make it clear that I don't usually have dreams about prophets and certainly not Imams of the Ahlulbait, although it would be an honour to meet such characters in my dreams. So just before I went to bed, I decided to do something I usual haven't done before to get closer to Allah (S.W.T.). I kept my head in sajdah, and kept reciting Shukran (Thanks) and 'afwan (you are welcome OR Thank you) to Allah alone for at
  18. Imam Ali (as), Nahjul Balaghah, Sermon 215 So now, Allah, the Glorified, has, by placing me over your affairs,created my right over you, and you too have a right over me like mineover you. A right is very vast in description but very narrow in equitability of action. It does not accrue to any person unless it accrues against him also, and right does not accrue against a person unless it also accrues in his favour. If there is any right which is only in favour of a person with no (corresponding) right accruing against him it is solely for Allah, the Glorified, and not for His creatures by virtu
  19. (salam) I heard a saying by Imam Ali a.s where he says you should listen to what someone is saying not who is saying it. If anyone has the actual quote please share
  20. I'm looking for some lectures on Imam Ali and have tried to comb through this site for suggestions (coming up with very little). Would love if it people could post suggestions.
  21. Salaam, I am going to debate a sunni soon as he challenged me. Any tips to blow his socks of? Any quotes on Imam Ali. Any bad quotes on the 3. Any other help. With reference too please.
  22. I was listening to a lecture today and i heard something that i thought was very fishy, so to speak. Anyways it goes something like this. During the battle of Uhud when Imam ali was fighting against the non-believers, Prophet Mohammed said "Imam ali did a strike that was worth the worship of ALL of the humans and all of the jinns" During this battle is when Allah (swt) sent down his sword Zulfiqar through the angel gabriel. This is what the speaker said. Now i wondering if one strike by Imam Ali could be worth the worship of all the humans and all of the jinns. So does that mean, that strike w
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