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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen Pakistan (MWM) (Urdu: مجلس وحدت مسلمین‎) is cooperating with TuQ and letting TuQ use Shias for his ulterior purposes? TuQ has insulted Imam Ali (AS) by making statement that Imam Ali (AS) government and governments of first three caliphs were equivalent. Plus, TuQ has numerous times equated himself as Imam Hussain (AS) and his agitation as against Yazid. That is an insult to Ahlul Bayt (AS) and the sacrifice given by Imam Hussain (AS). Aren't these leaders of MWM followers of Imam Ali (AS), then why they are ignoring sayings of Imam (AS) and specifically the following one by letting themselves and common Shias of Pakistan be used by TuQ for his ulterior purposes. "Amir al-mu'minin, peace be upon him, said: During civil disturbance be like an adolescent camel who has neither a back strong enough for riding nor udders for milking." 1. قَال(عليه السلام): كُنْ فِي الْفِتْنَةِ كَابْنِ اللَّبُونِ ، لاَ ظَهْرٌ فَيُرْكَبَ، وَلاَ ضَرْعٌ فَيُحْلَبَ.
  2. I often wonder why there is so much squabbling over who deserved to be the first Caliph. I mean, beyond the sectarian religious arguments concerning right of successorship, what would Ali have done in terms of policy-making that would've been significantly different to what Abu Bakr did? Eventually, Imam Ali became the 4th Caliph anyway. How did he govern? Was he a proponent of big government, socially or economically? How did he approach welfare, housing, healthcare, employment, business? What was the amount he levied on lower class and higher class income? How did he deal with foreign nations? Did he believe in the right of a nations' sovereignty? I.e. not imposing one's values on another nation? Did he debate any issue in the legislature or put out a referendum on any issue? Or was it strictly authoritarian? It would help a great deal if someone could provide a short historical insight as to how his government operated.
  3. (bismillah) Be kind and considerate to your woman. She is a tender flower, and not your slave in the household. Imam Ali (A.S)
  4. Imam Ali (as) and human rights http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/770/58#.U9GAO-NdVA2
  5. 21 Ramadan Shadath of Imam Ali (as) in art. http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/766/51#.U8yppeNdVA0
  6. Worshiping and Praising Allah by all of Allah’s creation in one same direction (anticlockwise) and the importance of following the right Imam, which Allah ordained for our true guidance. http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/719/58#.U4-QKXJdVA0
  7. http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/NoorunAlaNoor/1#.U4-OpHJdVA0
  8. "I leave behind for you two Caliphs (Khalifatain or خليفتين), the book of Allah and my progeny. The book of Allah is a rope stretched between the heavens and then earth and my progeny is Ahlul Bayt. The two will not separate from each other until they reach me at the pool of paradise." Note that this isn't the same as the famous hadith where the Prophet (pbuh) refers to them as the thaqalayn, this is a different occasion. On this one he refers to them as the two Caliphs (khalifatain). Let us look at the opinions of the main Sunni hadith scholars: Albani- chain is sahih (authentic) Al Arna'oot- chain is hasan (trustworthy) Tabarani- chain is hasan (trustworthy) Suyuti- chain is sahih (authentic) Found in: Musnad Ahmed ibn Hanbal, Fada'il al Sahaba by Ahmed ibn Hanbal, Manba' al Fawa'id, al Kabir by al Tabarani, Majma' al Saghir by al Suyuti, Aqdain for fadha'il al sharafayn and more... My dear brothers from Ahlul Sunnah, could the Prophet (pbuh) get any clearer? I defy any of you to refute this.
  9. One of the most common excuses to cover up the context of the Ghadir Khumm speech is that mawla means friend or ally, but all of these famous scholars from Ahlul Sunnah say that mawla, in this context, means awla, which me ands first in authority. But forget our obvious and logical argument, look at these famous scholars from Ahlul Sunnah who agree with us. 1. al-Wahidi (d. 468), in "al-Wasit" 2. al-Akhfash Nahwi (d. 215), in "Nihayat al-Uqul" 3. al-Tha’labi (d. 427), in "al-Kashf wal Bayan" 4. Ibn Qutaybah (d. 276), in "al-Qurtayan", v2, p164 5. al-Kalbi (d. 146, quoted in "Tafsir al-Kabir", by al-Razi, v29, p227) 6. al-Farra’ (as quoted in "Ruhul Ma’ani", by al-Alusi, v27, p178) 7. al-Nasafi (d. 701), in his "Tafsir", v4, p229 8. al-Tabari (d. 310), in "Tafsir al-Tabari", v9, p117 9. al-Bukhari (d. 215), in "Sahih al-Bukhari", v7, p271 10. al-Zamakhshari (d. 538), in "Tafsir al-Kashshaf", v2, p435 11. Qazi Nasiruddin al-Baydawi (d. 692), in "tafsir al-Baydawi", v2, p497 12. al-Khazin al-Baghdadi (d. 741), in his "Tafsir", v4, p229 13. Muhib al-Din al-Afandi, in "Tanzil al-Ayat" 14. Mu’ammar Ibn Muthanna al-Basri (as quoted in "Sharh al-Mawaqif", by al-Sharif al-Jurjani, v3, p271) 15. Abul Abbas Tha’lab (as quoted in "Sharh al-Sab’ah al-Mu’allaqah", by al-Zuzani) 16. Ibn Abbas, in his "Tafsir”written on the margin of Durr al-Manthur, v5, p355 17. Abu al-Saud al-Hanafi (d. 972), in his "Tafsir" 18. and many more such as Yahya Ibn Zaid Kufi (d. 207), Abu Ubaida Basri (d. 210), Abu Zaid Ibn Aus Basri (d. 125), Abu Bakr Anbari (d. 328), Abul Hasan Rummani (d. 384), Sa’d al-Din Taftazani (d. 791), Shaba Uddin Khafaji (d. 1069), Hamzawi Maliki (d. 1303), Husayn Ibn Mas’d (d. 510), Abu Baqa Ukbari (d. 616), Ibn Hajar al-Haythmai (d. 974), Sharif Jurjani (d. 618), Abdul Abbas Mubarrad (d. 285), Abu Nasr Farabi (d. 393) and, Abu Zakariya Khateeb Tarizi (d. 502),... Only a couple try and cover it up and say it means friend, and you accept their lies. How can you not accept the wilayah of Ali looking at those? Mawla means first in authority in this context, not according to us, but your scholars analysis and us May Allah guide you towards the obvious truth.
  10. Selam everyone, So I have watched some islamic videos on youtube on this channel: SoldierOfAllah2 There were 2 videos that caught my attention regarding the comments bellow in which shia and sunni brothers were discussing about a wide range of topics such as: the prophet mentioning who his successor would be , that umar and abu bakr were tirans, that they threatened to burn the house of Hz.Ali and killed his wife fatima and her unborn child by kicking in the door. Here are some quotes of a Shia brother: The Prophet chose and favored and talked about and presented Ali to people more than any one else ever lived. Yet you still say he is equal to the Caliphs. Ali was courageous, two caliphs started running away from Khaybar. Yet Ali is still equal. Okay. Two caliphs killed the daughter of the Prophet, they're still equal. One angered Fatima, yet he is still equal to Ali. Ali slept in the bed of the Prophet, another didn't give the pencil to the Prophet when he was in the bed. Anyway, Ali is the first rightly guided caliph, not the fourth, as his right was deprived. Ali is infallible and an Imam using the proofs and evidence we put on the table from Quran and the hadiths. We do not blame the Prophet; we blame the people after the Prophet. Abu Bakr and Umar and Uthman. The Prophet did his job and chose Ali as his successor. Said the Quran and the progeny. You took one and threw the other away. I really want clarification on this subject as sunnis came with comments as: ollowing two narrations were reported by both sunni's and Shee'ahs. The first one is quoted from Saheeh al Bukhaaree and the second one is quoted from a Shee'ah book: "Takhlees ash-Shaafee" It is mutawaatir upon 'Alee radhiallaahu anhu ((Which of the people is best after the Messenger salallaahu alaihi wa salam? He said: "Aboo Bakr" I said: "Then whom?" he said "Then Umar" and I feared he would say Uthmaan then I said "then you?" he said "I am not except a man from the Muslims")) The second from a shia book. Shareek bin 'Abdillaah, the Taabi'ee, when he was asked, "who is better.. Abu Bakr or 'Alee" He said "Abu Bakr". The one who asked him said, "You say this while you are a Shee'ee?" He said, "Yes any one who does not say this is not a Shee'ah by Allaah, Alee took up this pulpit and said, "ألا إن خير هذه الأمة بعد رسول الله، أبي بكر ثم عمر" By Allaah the best of this Ummah after its prophet is Abu Bakr and then 'Umar so how can we turn down and reject his saying? By Allaah he was not a liar." Narrated from Alee from more than 80 ways of narration (Talkhees ash-Shaafee Vol. 2, 428) That is ali saying it in your own book. I don't take it as authentic because it has no chain of narration like all other shia books but just to prove a point to you I will use it. they try to tell that after our prophet(PBUH) passed away the people fairly chose abu bakr as his successor, and this while Hz.Ali was washing the body of our prophet even! Could I get some clarifications concerning what the prophet actually said in his speech about his successor and leaving 2 weights behind: the holy quran and the ahlul al bayt. furthermore about what abu bakr and umar did in their lives did they do bad things? also why do sunnis think that shia are making everything up?
  11. The famous sermon of Imam Ali (as) , known as Shaqshaqiyya, has raised questions about the authenticity of Nahjul Balagha among the Ahlul Sunnah, but I would like to prove that it was recorded by many well know Sunni scholars in their books long before the compiler of Nahjul Balagha was born. The sermon was reported by ibn Abbas who was present, in the following books (sunni books only):, Majma' al amthaal by al Maydani v1 page 369, Ibn al Athir in al Nihayah v2 page 294, Lisaan al arab by ibn Mandhoor, al Qamus by al Fairuzabadi v3 page 251, and many more.. Here is what Imam Ali (as) said once he had the chance to speak the truth. His famous speech: Beware! By Allah! the son of Abu Quhafah (Abu Bakr) dressed himself with it (the caliphate) and he certainly knew that my position in relation to it was the same as the position of the axis in relation to the hand-mill. The flood water flows down from me and the bird cannot fly upto me. I put a curtain against the caliphate and kept myself detached from it. Then I began to think whether I should assault or endure calmly the blinding darkness of tribulations wherein the grown up are made feeble and the young grow old and the true believer acts under strain till he meets Allah (on his death). I found that endurance thereon was wiser. So I adopted patience although there was p.ricking in the eye and suffocation (of mortification) in the throat. I watched the plundering of my inheritance till the first one went his way but handed over the Caliphate to Ibn al-Khattab after himself. (Then he quoted al-A`sha’s verse): My days are now passed on the camel’s back (in difficulty) while there were days (of ease) when I enjoyed the company of Jabir’s brother Hayyan. It is strange that during his lifetime he wished to be released from the caliphate but he confirmed it for the other one after his death. No doubt these two shared its udders strictly among themselves. This one put the Caliphate in a tough enclosure where the utterance was haughty and the touch was rough. Mistakes were in plenty and so also the excuses therefore. One in contact with it was like the rider of an unruly camel. If he pulled up its rein the very nostril would be slit, but if he let it loose he would be thrown. Consequently, by Allah people got involved in recklessness, wickedness, unsteadiness and deviation. Nevertheless, I remained patient despite length of period and stiffness of trial, till when he went his way (of death) he put the matter (of Caliphate) in a group and regarded me to be one of them. But, Heavens! What had I to do with this “consultation”? Where was any doubt about me with regard to the first of them that I was now considered akin to these ones? But I remained low when they were low and flew high when they flew high. One of them turned against me because of his hatred and the other got inclined the other way due to his in-law relationship and this thing and that thing, till the third man of these people stood up with heaving breasts between his dung and fodder. With him his children of his grand-father, (Umayyah) also stood up swallowing up Allah’s wealth5 like a camel devouring the foliage of spring, till his rope broke down, his actions finished him and his gluttony brought him down prostrate. At that moment, nothing took me by surprise, but the crowd of people rushing to me. It advanced towards me from every side like the mane of the hyena so much so that Hasan and Husayn were getting crushed and both the ends of my shoulder garment were torn. They collected around me like a herd of sheep and goats. When I took up the reins of government one party broke away and another turned disobedient while the rest began acting wrongfully as if they had not heard the word of Allah saying: That abode in the hereafter, We assign it for those who intend not to exult themselves in the earth, nor (to make) mischief (therein); and the end is (best) for the pious ones. (Qur’an, 28:83). Yes, by Allah, they had heard it and understood it but the world appeared glittering in their eyes and its embellishments seduced them. Behold, by Him who split the grain (to grow) and created living beings, if people had not come to me and supporters had not exhausted the argument and if there had been no pledge of Allah with the learned to the effect that they should not acquiesce in the gluttony of the oppressor and the hunger of the oppressed I would have cast the rope of Caliphate on its own shoulders, and would have given the last one the same treatment as to the first one. Then you would have seen that in my view this world of yours is no better than the sneezing of a goat. (It is said that when Amir al-mu’minin reached here in his sermon a man of Iraq stood up and handed him over a writing. Amir al-mu’minin began looking at it, when Ibn `Abbas said, “O’ Amir al-mu’minin, I wish you resumed your Sermon from where you broke it.” Thereupon he replied, “O’ Ibn `Abbas it was like the foam of a Camel which gushed out but subsided.” Ibn `Abbas says that he never grieved over any utterance as he did over this one because Amir al-mu’minin could not finish it as he wished to.) The truth about what happened after the death of our Prophet (pbuh) is there brothers and sisters.
  12. Oh Ali! Fourteen centuries, with their hours, days and years have dissolved like the grain of salt dissolves in the palm of the ocean. Yet not a letter of your great name has dissolved. So how is it possible for these people to lose you and not find you, or to find you and then to lose you? The words which have come from your lips have constantly refused for fourteen centuries to be limited to time or place because they carry from you the light of true values of thought and the struggles for the reality of life. They cannot be confined to any one framework. [...] Read more at: http://losthumanity.org/2014/04/13/ali-haqqul-yaqeen-true-certainty/ -- Lost Humanity Blog http://losthumanity.org
  13. Dear friends, Just a question about some concepts I've come across in my modest, and no doubt inadequate, study of islamic doctrine and philosophy. I hope there are some people he that can enlighten me with the backgrounds I need. There is the concept of "pre-existence". The notion which I almost automatically associate with a neo-platonist philosophical outlook; the concept of immaterial perfect ideas that exist before the creation of material being and that somehow manifest themselves in material creation because they mediate all perfect forms that manifest themselves in created material beings. These categories obviously had a great influence on the development on Christian theology, to the extend that some doctrines have been developed which Muslims now deem to be going too far and indeed to be a lapse in idolatry. But let's leave that aside for the moment. But the core as I perceive it is; the idea of pre-existence has become quite a guiding principle in some regards. In the Gospel of John this can be seen with the concept of the Word (Logos) that became flesh; he was before all times and came into the world to be rejected by the Jews who were not able to recognize him. The Church Fathers clearly saw the Logos as the model of creation itself; it was through the Logos that God created men, the rejection of the Logos was as such a rejection of the essential core of what it means to be human, to be created in the image God and called to worship Him in love and obedience. As it were: the Logos represents an immaterial perfect idea of what it essence of human ontology. All human existence is as it were mediated through the pre-existent Word. The crux is of course whether you define the Logos as created or uncreated; this is where the whole discussion about the Trinity starts but again I hope we can leave that aside for this moment. My question is how do Muslim scholars look at this concept of the pre-existence? Are there any sayings by the Imams that could shed light on this? I think I've came across some notion of the Qur'an as having a certain pre-existent statute and in some (analogical/philosophical?) form even Imam Ali? How can I understand this better? And how to see the concept of 'Aql? Like the Greek concepts of Logos and Sophia? Or is altogether different? How can enlighten me in this? I am keen to learn more. God bless, Leto
  14. http://www.metmuseum.org/Collections/search-the-collections/451017 This folio is from a manuscript of the Falnama (Book of Omens), an illustrated divinatory book. It depicts 'Ali, the first Shi'i imam, shown with a face veil and a flaming halo. He leads a camel with a coffin while two other men, his sons Hasan and Husain, watch from behind a hillside. According to Anatolian mystical thought, Imam 'Ali not only predicted his own death but also told his two sons that when he died, a veiled man would carry his coffin away on a camel for burial. He cautioned them not to question the man. When 'Ali’s prediction came true, Hasan and Husain could not resist asking the man’s identity and discovered that he was in fact their father, who was carrying his own body to the grave. I also could not resist posting to this shiachat forum. What do you think ? Please help me, it is beyond my logic.
  15. The Great Catostrophe Oh lost man! do you realize the urgency of this matter. The impending catastrophe! Are you prepared to face it? We are so weak and vulnerable that we are completely shaken during minor catastrophes and natural calamities. The moment we find out about an impending storm or calamity we start to make advanced preparations to […] Read more of this post at: http://losthumanity.org/2014/02/16/the-great-catastrophe/ Lost Humanity Blog http://losthumanity.org
  16. The enemies intend to extinguish the Wilayah (Leadership and Guardianship) of the Ahlul Bayt but Allah shall protect it and perfect it. When Al Qaim (the last member of the Ahlul Bayt) shall rise then Allah will make the Truth prevail over all other religions. Let me first define what is meant by the term Awakening of Desire. By this term, is meant the brutal, harsh, severe, [ ... ] If the events and narrations reported about the merits of Ali had not been so famous, so profuse and so numerously reported, their reporting would have been stopped out of fear of the Umayyad dynasty because of the intensity of their enmity towards him. If it had not been for the fact that God, the Exalted, had some hidden purpose known by those given knowledge of it, in continuation of Ali’s name, no story would have been reported about his virtues and none of his virtues would have been known. It is indeed a miracle that the name of Ali has survived to this day despite the centuries of persistent efforts to obliterate his name and merits from the pages of history. Continue reading at: http://losthumanity.org/2014/02/08/ali-and-the-awakening-of-desire/ Lost Humanity Blog http://losthumanity.org
  17. Living a Life of Honor http://losthumanity.org/2014/01/20/living-a-life-of-honor/ Oh Creator! None can elevate the one that you abase, and none can abase the one that you elevate! – Imam Ali in Dua-e-Yastasheer No matter how much we try or how good our intentions are, understand that ultimately honor is bestowed only by our Creator. On the other hand, if we are on a relentless path of deceit and corruption, no matter how much ... Continue reading at: http://losthumanity.org/2014/01/20/living-a-life-of-honor/ Lost Humanity Blog http://www.losthumanity.org
  18. Magnanimous Ali – Battle of Nahrawan http://losthumanity.org/2014/01/11/magnanimous-ali-battle-of-nahrawan/ The fearless, valiant and magnanimous Ali – * whose sword never was raised except as a last resort to protect truth and establish justice. * whose sword never was struck except that he saw in the opponent viciousness of an extremely incurable nature. * whose sword never was afraid in the face of the most daring and famous Arabian warriors. * whose sword never let down Islam when it was in need to survive and be protected from extinction. Continue reading at: http://losthumanity.org/2014/01/11/magnanimous-ali-battle-of-nahrawan/ Lost Humanity Blog http://www.losthumanity.org
  19. Relationship With Your Creator http://losthumanity.org/2014/01/09/relationship-with-your-creator/ The peace, solace and happiness we seek in our daily lives can be achieved through communication with our Creator. But what is the best way to communicate with Him? What is our real position with respect to Him? What is our relationship with Him? How can we bring our intellect closer to Him? How can we merge and unite with Him? Continue reading at: http://losthumanity.org/2014/01/09/relationship-with-your-creator/ Lost Humanity Blog http://www.losthumanity.org (You can subscribe to the blog to receive automatic email notifications of new postings. On the blog site enter your email address and click the Follow button.)
  20. Salam Brothers & Sisters, I would like to to seek some help as to where and how I may sell my artwork. I have designed some paintings and calligraphy for Nad-e-Ali. Is there an online site which is a good means. Any support would be helpful. Salam Hussain
  21. Our Position With Respect To Our Creator The peace, solace and happiness we seek in our daily lives can be achieved through communication with our Creator. But what is the best way to communicate with Him? What is our real position with respect to Him? What is our relationship with Him? How can we bring our intellect closer to Him? How can we merge and unite with Him? Continue reading at: http://losthumanity.org/2014/01/01/our-position-with-respect-to-our-creator/ Lost Humanity Blog http://www.losthumanity.org (Please subscribe to the blog to receive automatic email notifications of new postings. On the blog site enter your email address and click the Follow button.)
  22. Imam Ali – Guide in the Wilderness Few are the men who are patterned like Ali ibn Abi Talib. Life itself rises with them, as they appear scattered along the crossroads of generations, like lamps that guide those who journey. Despite their fewness, they are like pillars through which can be seen the courtyards of magnificent buildings; holding on their shoulders the […] Continue reading at: http://losthumanity.org/2013/12/25/imam-ali-guide-in-the-wilderness/ Lost Humanity Blog http://www.losthumanity.org (Note: Please subscribe to the blog to receive automatic email notifications of new postings. Visit the blog site and enter your email address on the top right section.)
  23. Assalamualeykum, I was just wondering if someone could tell me how can one dream of the prophets or imams? Are there any hadiths about this? And if you do can you share your dreams and of not why? Jazakallah.
  24. Salam Brothers and Sisters, Congratulations on the day of Eid Al Ghadeer when Prophet (s) declared the Imam Ali as his successor and the custodian and guide for the ummah after him. Also don't forget the 1st SHAHEEDa of Ghadeer and Wilaya (of worldly and non worldly affairs both), our lady, the prophet's only daughter and imam Ali's wife Honorable Lady Sayeeda Fatima Zahra (as). She was murdered by Umer, Abu Bakr, Aisha and bunch of others for her relentless protest against the usurping of the right of Khilafa of Ameer ul Momineen Ali at the hands of the rebels and renegade munafiqeen. This is also a lesson to all those Shia who oppose Wilaya and the worldly rulership of Imamamat and in the absence of Imam, the leadership of the Wali-e-Faqih. Was salaam,
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