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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Mecca: Hajj Medina: Prophet saw; Lady Fatima; Imams Hasan, Sajjad, Baqir, Sadiq (as) Najaf: Imam Ali Karbala: Imam Hussain Baghdad/Kazmain: Imams Kadhim, Muhammad Taqi (as) Samarra: Imam Ali Naqi, Hasan Askari (as), Sirdaabh (Imam Mahdi) Mashad: Imam Ali Reza (as) Damascus: Lady Zainab, Lady Khultoom
  2. Salaam brothers and sisters, this thread is about your travels including past travels. I have traveled only once. And that was when I traveled to India back in late 2007 and that was for only 2 weddings. My parents are from India so I am technically Indian but I was born in Canada so I am Canadian. Now recently, my father planned to take me to Mecca for umrah, and to India twice and to Iraq for ziyarat. It's going to be a great trip, it has been 9 years since I last traveled.
  3. Salam, Well my Mom left for the airport a while back. She will be doing Hajj this year inshallah. So this molana who is going with their group issues two jurisprudential laws at the last minute. 1. She told my mom and everyone else that they have to pay khums on all the clothes they are taking with them on Hajj. I was like what....??? My understanding is everyday clothes shoes etc are exempted from khums provided you haven't been lavish. My mother didn't even get any new clothes made for Hajj.Does she need to pay khums on those clothes?? 2. Second law issued: everyone going on Hajj will sacr
  4. Salam alaykom dear brothers and sisters. Insha'Allah I'm going to Hajj this year. I dont know anything about it. I need som advice and maybe a to-do-list before going, Insha'Allah. I even have another question about hajj. I want to take my grandmother to Hajj but, she might not be able to go because of her passport. Can I do tawaf and everyting for her or can you only do that for people who has passed away? Thank you and Ramadhan Mubarak to you all!
  5. I remember this man in Afghanistan who could not write his own name, he was cruel to his own wife and children and mother, he displeased his brother, he usurped the property of his orphan nephew, he usurped some of our land. Yet he is a Hajji, the people in his local area, his relatives, they are poor and in need. He does not let his children go to school because he wants them to work for money. What was the reason for his Hajj? so he could get involved in the decision making of his tribe, when he became Hajji, he was then invited to be one of the "elders" in the local community because
  6. Fish


    (salam) As far as I was taught, performing Hajj negates all past sins (giving that they are not with another human) Considering that the statement above is true, does this mean it will also negate the need to pray missed prayers? (wasalam)
  7. Thought of the day … How Architects Are Killing Arabs … & They Keep Buying >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8O6Lj1eOZY Agree?
  8. I was watching some videos on Hajj last night and started to become turned off on the idea of performing Hajj to Mecca for several reasons. 1. Cost: at $10,000 a head I'm sure this money could be used for a lot of other useful things to uplift our ummah. And why does it cost so much? Even with the expensive packages you are still just getting the bare minimum. 2. Crowds: I hate crowds. Even with the new additions made by the Saudi government, it just looks like it has gotten worse. I think it has had the opposite affect and now they are packing in more pilgrims. 3. Saudi Government: I
  9. Asalam o alaikum I am from Lahore, Pakistan. Have you heard of "Valima" dinner given in honor of people returning from Hajj? is it Mustahib? is this custom prevalent in Pakistan only? Is it given by the people returning from Hajj themselves? or is it the friends and family of the returning "Hajjis" who host the feast? Walaikum Asalam
  10. Hajji87

    Hajj Trip

    I just got news that I am lucky enough to be able to go to Hajj this year. Now that the excitement at the surprise has worn off I'm left with anxiety. I leave in 6 days and the truth is I have no idea what to pack. What type of clothes, what are the best books, what duas are best? I know absolutely nothing about hajj, but I know that I'm meant to go because God has blessed me enough to allow me to easily go. I plan to do my best in the next couple of days to prepare myself and have started researching, but I need help. So whatever anyone has, big advice or small please share it. Th
  11. Salams all I am planning to go for Umrah in a few weeks - pray it is successful, iA. Quick question - where is the meeqat beginning when going from Madina to Makkah? I have been told that it is roughly 8 miles out of Madina, but others have said Masjid Ayesha. Also, how many rakkats must be prayed upon donning Ihram? Hope you can help. Mr. Mehdi
  12. Salamun Alaykum, Shaikh Hasanayn Kassamali demonstrates how you can perform Wudu with a 100 ml spray bottle. This is especially usefull for those who are on Hajj or Ziyarat. Hope you find the video to be beneficial, Inshallah. As always, please do like and subscribe to our channel. Wasalam, KautharWaNahr
  13. Top notch article! http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/the-photos-saudi-arabia-doesnt-want-seen--and-proof-islams-most-holy-relics-are-being-demolished-in-mecca-8536968.html
  14. MAKKAH - Walking thousands of miles through six countries on foot, a 47-year-old Bosnian Muslim has finally reached the holy city of Makkah to fulfil his life-time dream of performing hajj. I wanted to perform Hajj but I had no money, Senad Hadzic was quoted as saying by Emirates 24/7 on Monday, October 22 I decided to walk to Saudi Arabia, having only 200 euros. “I arrived on Saturday in Makkah. I am not tired, these are the best days of my life,” Senad Hadzic, 47, said when reached by phone on a Saudi mobile number. He said he had covered some 5,700 kilometres in 314 days of walking thr
  15. Hello everybody, I would like to inform you about Mecca Hajj Live Wallpapers for Android phone. I was involved in this project and I would be glad if you tell me your impressions about it. It is free so you don't have to worry about it. Please let me know if you like it. Thanx in advance :) Mecca Hajj Live Wallpaper https://lh3.ggpht.com/b6gMMNpNbjKJhTHt9VO6drAFkbSTSHGfX_1-YWIR2AkDApQTLsdAr3vg10pJynJ0goI=h230 If you prefer static you can check Makkah Wallpapers https://lh6.ggpht.com/jAQZwitXOzO-2H8uS08C_mZBzFKplgcCAn6ZhdLHixELrZCiMQOSTKTwdYuIO7Wj2iA=h230 May Allah be with you!
  16. Salaam, I was hoping to go to Hajj this year and in preparation was trying to make a collection of books and media to take with me on my phone so that I wouldn't need to take masses of paper books. As I couldn't find it on the web, I have created two ebook out of works on Ayatullah Sistani's website. Hajj Ritual and Hajj Made Easy. These are simple copied and pasted texts from najaf.org but in ebook format. As it might be useful to others I have placed them on Dropbox(link below) in both .mobi and epub format. As far as I know .mobi is for kindle and the kindle app and epub if for ipad/iphone.
  17. (salam) I wanted to ask whether someone knows Hajj for Persian speaking people to go on Hajj with a group? Some of my family members want to go this year. Can someone give me different persons and if possible with price and at least telephone number. Departure from either Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or otherwise France. Including food and hotel would be best. Thanks in advance, wassalam :)
  18. Starts 26th January 2012 Examining the extraordinary travel logistics involved and how the wider operation of the event has changed over time, the exhibition compares how pilgrims over the centuries negotiated this often monumental undertaking and how it continues to be experienced by people from all corners of the globe today. Beautiful objects, including historical and contemporary art, textiles and manuscripts, bring to life the profound spiritual significance of the sacred rituals that have remained unchanged since the Prophet Muhammad’s time in the 7th century AD. http://www.britishmu
  19. There are four dimensions associated with this great act of worship - each one more deep-rooted and beneficial than the other. 1. The Ethical Dimension The most important philosophy of hajj is the ethical transformation which it induces within man. The ritual of ‘ihraam’ entirely removes man from material ostentations, external distinctions, extravagant apparels and ornamentations, and by prohibiting pleasures and engaging him in self-rectification - one of the duties of a ‘muhrim’ 1 , it distances him from the material world and engrosses him in a world of light, purity and spirituality, con
  20. Salam Everyone :) I really want to go to Hajj and start wearing a 3abaya but a lot of my friends say that I'm too young and its hard to wear an 3abaya in the US . What do you guys think ? ( I'm 18) :donno:
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