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  1. Does anyone know good website that show tafsir of the holy Quran? Thank you
  2. Salam to all, I am trying to create a lesson about masterbation, I know lots of hadiths however their paraphrased. If you can help me find hadiths about masterbation it will be greatly appreciated. Duakum Fi Aman Allah
  3. (bismillah) (salam) The commander of the faithful says: “A right which has no one to claim is, indeed, lost”. Hello everyone, I need some advise. I live in China currently for education and in the university's dormitory building. Frequently, there is much noise from the people that are in the same floor I live in and in other floors also, i.e. shouting and music. From the perspective of Ahlul-Bayt (as) , what would be a good approach to deal with them? The reason I am asking this question is because I do not want to subject my anger to deal with this problem. Should I just keep quiet? Or should I do something? My roommate is also annoyed from the same problem, yet, we are quiet in the moment. He suggested we should live outside the dormitory, however; due to many reasons, it might not be possible. Thank you. Wassalam :D
  4. Salaam, do anyone know the isnad and true matn of this hadith: "Al-Baqir is reported to have said to Abu Hamza al-Thumali that the Prophet, before his death, was commanded by God to bequeath to Ali his knowledge, his faith and the Great Name that he had as well as the legacy of knowledge and propethood, so that the transmission of the divine heritage would be continued through the Prophet's progeny"? Furthermore - is it sound from a mainstream Ithna'ashari perspective? With Salaams,
  5. (salam) I haven't done a topic in quite some time..so i thought id make one! :D So the topic I've chosen is righteousness. I intend to answer two points regarding righteousness 1) Benefits of righteousness 2) Signs of a righteous person 3) Complete Righteousness. Benefits of Righteousness: There are many benefits of righteousness but here are a few. The Prophet (sawaws) said: "Nothing increases lifespan except righteousness" I think that sums up pretty nicely the importance of being righteousness because: Longer life = More time to worship Allah (swt) The Prophet (sawaws) said : "The good deed to be rewarded fastest is righteousness, and he evil deed to be punished the fastest is aggression By being righteous, you will receive your reward quicker, meaning you can carry on doing more good deeds after whilst utilising the reward. Sign of a righteous person: The Prophet (saws) said : "There are ten sings of a righteous person :he loves for the sake of Allah, hates for the sake of Allah, befriends for the sake of Allah, abandons for the sake of Allah. He become angry for the sake of Allah,becomes pleased for the sake of Allah, works for the sake of Allah, beseeches Allah, submits to Allah - fearing hi, awed [by others], pure, sincere, bashful, and watchful - and acts kindly for the sake of Allah" Quite a handful of things to be thinking about there i.e what each one means and how we can apply it, and do we already apply it? Complete Righteousness: The Prophet (sawaws) said : "Complete righteousness means that you do in secret what is usually done in public" basically meaning, no hypocrisy! Always be yourself in public, and be what you are. InshaAllah we are always righteousness and may we all serve in Allah (swt) 's way. (wasalam)
  6. In The Name of Allah سبحانه وتعالى, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. Assalamualaykum wa RAHMATULLAHI WA BARAKATOH. I hope and pray that you are all in the best of health and spirituality. If you might know, we divide Tawhid into four main categories: Tawhid as Sifati; Tawhid ad Dhati; Tawhid al Afa'ali; Tawhid al Ibadi. If anyone does not know what they are, I will give a brief explanation of them: Tawhid as Sifati - this refers to the belief that The Divine Postivie Attributes of Allah (SWT) are NOT seperate from His Essence; Tawhid ad Dhati - this refers to the belief that His Essence is One. He is Unique with no match or partner. Also, this refers to the belief that His Essence cannot be divided; Tawhid al Afa'ali - this refers to the belief that all actions (including human actions) and all phenomena have their source in His Will. Just as He has no partner is His Essence , He also dpes not have any partners in His actions; Tawhid al Ibadi - He is the Sole Deity worthy of worship and only He should be worshipped. If anyone of you could, can you please give me verses of the Quran or Ahadith which refer to these different types of Tawhid. By the way, this may be used in something that MAY (I am not sure) be published on the internet. I only wanted to tell this so that people who contribute may permit me to use their inputs and have no problems with me using it. Thank you very much for the help. May Allah (SWT) bless all the believers, their families and loved ones and may He forgive all our sins for there is neither any refuge nor any respite for the sinners except in Allah سبحانه وتعالى, The Most Compassionate, The Forgiver of Sins.
  7. (bismillah) (salam) Every1 post Qur'an Ayahs/hadiths about gaining extra Thawaab. Please keep it to 1 hadith/ayah per post so people don't have to read through some long list, it will probably put them off reading it. Don't worry if you haven't read through all the other ones that people posted (if this thread gets big) and end up posting the same. I will start: 1000 hasanat a day by just saying subhanAllah 100 times a day The Messenger of Allah (pbuh): "Is anyone of you incapable of earning a thousand good deeds a day?'' One of those present asked: "How can one earn thousand good deeds in a day?'' He (pbuh) replied, "By saying: SubhanAllah a hundred times, then one thousand good deeds will be recorded for you or one thousand sins will be wiped away.'' Source: Mishkat al Masabih Vol. I (English translation with explanatory notes) 486-487
  8. (salam) (bismillah) To prove this fact that there is hell of difference between Qiyas and Aql. I welcome my Usooli as well as Akhhbari brothers to come forward and prove their view point. Qiyas is totally haram in both schools of thoughts while Aql is source of law for Usoolis while Akhbaris consider it interference in the Shariah. The purpose of this thread is two fold. 1. What is difference between Qiyas and Aql? Are they the same? 2. If they are different then Is Aql source of law as Usoolis claim or it amounts to interference in Shariah? DEFINITION OF "QIYAS" (ANALOGY): In its literal meaning, the word "Qiyas" means measuring or estimating one thing in terms of another. It also applies to making two things equal, that is, comparing. This comparison may be physical or rational. In the technical sense, as defined by the jurists, it applies to "the assignment of the "hukm" of an existing case found in the texts of the Quran, the Sunnah, or ijma to a new case whose hukm is not found in these sources on the basis of a common underlying attibute called "illah" of the hukm ELEMENTS OF QIYAS: The definition of Qiyas shows that it has five ingredients or elements. 1. "Maqis alayh" (asl): This is the root case or even the base or the case upon which the analogy has been constructed. 2. "Hukm al-asl" The "Hukm" of the "Maqis alayh" is called "Hukm al-asl" 3. "illah" It means the underlying cause which is determined by the jurist that has led to the "hukm" 4. "Maqis" it means the case for which analogy (Qiyas) is constructed. 5. "Hukm al-far" The "hukm" that has been established for the new case is called "Hukm al-far"
  9. (salam) 1. Who are Jahmis? 2. Are they Muslims? 3. Where they mostly exist? 4. Do they follow Sunni fiqh? 5. What is their main differences from other sects?
  10. (salam) USOOLI METHODOLOGY: 1. When there is clear and specific ruling on an Issue:- When there is clear and specific ruling on an Issue in Quran and Sunnah then there is no place of reasoning/Aql and one has to follow the clear and specific order of Quran and Sunnah. Key: Quran & Sunnah -------> Ruling/Verdict/Fatwa 2. When there is no clear and specific ruling on an Issue: When there is no specific ruling or order in Quran and Sunnah then a Mujtahid has to recourse to the "PRINCIPLES LAID DOWN IN QURAN AND SUNNAH" for deduction of Islamic ruling or verdict on an Issue and even for doing this the tools used have basis in Quran and Sunnah and those tools are not alien to Quran and Sunnah. Key: Quran & Sunnah ------> Principles laid down in Quran and Sunnah -----> Ruling/Verdict/Fatwa based on the principles laid down in Quran and Sunnah. AKHBARI METHODOLOGY: "Everything is permissible unless ruled as prohibited" This is the general principle laid down in a Hadith. But Akhbaris take the permissibility and prohibition only if it 'SPECIFIC PERMISSION OR SPECIFIC PROHIBITION". So it means that if something is not Specifically Prohibited it is allowed under Akhbari rule. While on the other hand in Usooli methodology if some thing is not prohibited specifically but there are principles laid down in Quran and Sunnah on the basis of which that thing can be prohibited then the same is prohibited. It appears that Akhbari methodology leaves more space for "Bidah" or "Innovation" because there are many things which are not specifically prohibited in Quran and Sunnah. I shall not be surprised if i saw some Akhbari Shia passing a big needle through their cheeks on the name of Azadari as some African tribes do because of this general principle "Everything is permissible unless ruled as prohibited" I welcome the alternate view about the Akhbari methodology. Sorry if i hurt some one but this is only a process of learning and sharing knowledge.
  11. Asalam-o-Alikum. Dear Brothers and Sisters, whether they be Sunnis or Shias, I want an open discussion and some strong explanations regarding the following ahadith. I came across them on this group on Facebook. https://www.facebook...ps/69368121310/ I used to defend Islam in this group, used to answer their queries and come up with strong points to defend the right faith. But, they started posting such Ahadith that left me speechless. Now, they've removed me from the group too. I did copy some Ahadith and I would love to hear your views about them. I am a Shia but when it comes to people talking against Islam, I believe that one should defend Islam as a Muslim as Sectarian debates are a whole new different argument. Anyhow, these are the Hadith. Muslim sahih, Book 001, Number 0142: It is narrated on the authority of 'Abdullah b. Umar that the Messenger of Allah observed: O womenfolk, you should give charity and ask much forgiveness for I saw you in bulk amongst the dwellers of Hell. A wise lady among them said: Why is it, Messenger of Allah, that our folk is in bulk in Hell? Upon this the Holy Prophet observed: You curse too much and are ungrateful to your spouses. I have seen none lacking in common sense and failing in religion but (at the same time) robbing the wisdom of the wise, besides you. Upon this the woman remarked: What is wrong with our common sense and with religion? He (the Holy Prophet) observed: Your lack of common sense (can be well judged from the fact) that the evidence of two women is equal to one man, that the evidence of two women is equal to one man, that is a proof of the lack of common sense, and you spend some nights (and days) in which you do not offer prayer and in the month of Ramadan (during the days) you do not observe fast, that is a failing in religion. This hadith has been narrated on the authority of Abu Tahir with this chain of transmitters. This Hadith goes against Woman. the second Hadith is pretty shocking. they use it to (Naoozobillah) make fun of the prophet. Sahih-Bukhari Volume 6, Book 61, Number 558: Narrated Aisha:Allah 's Apostle heard a man reciting the Qur'an at night, and said, "May Allah bestow His Mercy on him, as he has reminded me of such-and-such Verses of such-and-such Suras, which I was caused to forget." these two have been the most controversial Ahadith. I'll try to find more and I will keep on pasting them. I would really appreciate to know all your views about the two mentioned hadith. Thank you.
  12. Salaams, I recently came across this hadith: “As night comes in and it is dusk, then keep your children in for Shaytan gather at that time. When an hour of the time goes by, then let them out. Close the doors and mention the name of Allah. Shaytan does not open a closed door.(Al Bukhari relates from Jabir Bin Abdullah.) I know this is a sunni hadith, but i was wondering whether its something shias believe in. Ive always been told never to go out after 12 because Allahs (swt) other creatures come out. Do we have any hadiths to back this up? or is it just something to scare us into not going out? Wasalaam
  13. Salam va Rahmah Isn't it better to discuss about topics with a eye on Quran (and ahadith)? How many of us are familiar with Quranic view of our Imams? How many of us are seeking for such thing? Remember hadith of saghalain. and notice this ayah: æóÞóÇáó ÇáÑøóÓõæáõ íóÇ ÑóÈöø Åöäøó Þóæúãöí ÇÊøóÎóÐõæÇ åóٰÐóÇ ÇáúÞõÑúÂäó ãóåúÌõæÑðÇ and of course ahl-al-bayt are mahjoor between us. note: I am somehow unhappy with some of discussions going on this site. particularly with this post: What Weapons Would Imam Mahdis (af) Army Be Equipp sorry Fi amanellah sorry for the mistake in the topic's name it must be ثقلین is there a way to edit that?
  14. Download Hadith in English and read and understand the religion: http://www.islamquranhadith.com/Hadith.php
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