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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Is there a minimum amount of food that one must eat every night after fasting the day? Or can you just go with a date?
  2. I hope you are all doing well! ^_^ I made this a few days ago and I loved it so much I ate it for both breakfast and dinner! I personally don't like cheese very much and when I thought of making grilled cheese, it sounded quite gross to me, but I added a few extras in it and it turned out amazing! It only takes 6 minutes to cook and I'm a huge fan of meals that cook quickly! :wub: If any of you try making it, let me know what you think or how you tweaked it! :) Ingredients: -Mayonnaise -Pepper Jack cheese -Green onions -Spicy turkey sausage -Cabbage -Mozzarella cheese -2 slices of
  3. (bismillah) Salam. Hi, everyone. I'm learning how to cook and I thought I'd start with the basics. I already know how to other stuff like paratha, eggs, chicken and even biryani all on my own. But what I don't know is how to make bread the way we make it in the subcontinent. The first thing's first. What's the difference between Roti and Chapati? Are they simply different names for the same thing? Are they prepared any differently from each other? And if any of you could be kind enough to post a recipe for each of them, I'd be really grateful. Thanks! Take care. Mithrandir.
  4. My mom always refers me as her bad son, because I like restaurant food more than home cooked meals.. Every night she calls me and ask me about my plans that where am I going to have lunch; home or restaurant... Is that an inappropriate thing to get your meal from restaurant/hotel?
  5. (bismillah) Salam, everybody. This is an absolutely fantastic speech by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf on food and our attitudes towards it. I sincerely recommend all of you to watch it and implement some of what he says in your own lives and witness the change! I speak to myself first. Enjoy! Take care. Mithrandir. ws.
  6. http://imhussain.com/e_index.php?ac=news&id=32 Harvard School of Public Health states that consuming fast food increases your risk of obesity-related conditions. Giving up fast food seems intimidating, as you can sacrifice both convenience and indulgence; however, eating healthful alternatives will improve your health, and eventually, your cravings for fast food will diminish. Breakfast fast-food breakfasts such as breakfast burritos, sausage and cheese sandwiches, syrup-soaked pancakes and oily waffles aren-t the way to start your day. Alternatives such as lettuce wraps, tofu scramble
  7. (salam) I am new to cooking and all I really want cook is chicken. When it comes to food, all I can do are oats, eggs, cereal and chicken roasted in oven. I really need to start cooking my chicken in the microwave in order to save time and work. I found many links on how to cook chicken in the microwave but each is different; some say you need to fill the pyrex half way up with water, some say you have to close with a lid, others don't. Have any of you cooked chicken in the microwave before? If so, please help me out on this. The chicken I want to cook is still with it's bones and I will p
  8. (salam) I think I am spending a lot of money on organic produce. Is there any real/visible benefit to eating organic? Is eating organic a scam...What do you guys think? Are Organic and Green Products a Scam? Eating Organic - Good For You Or Just A Scam? Organic food is a SCAM!!!
  9. I have heard that "chicken marsala" (popular italian dish in America) and "tiramisu" (popular dessert in America) have a tiny bit of alcohol--is this OK? Here is more info. on the 2 examples: 1) Chicken marsala is often cooked in a tiny bit of wine, which I have heard is burned off while cooking. The purpose of the wine is solely for cooking purposes--is this permissible or haram? 2) Tiramisu is a dessert prepared with a bit of brandy, which I have heard is only in traditional tiramisu recipes. I have heard that the tiny bit of brandy is so insignificant compared to the other ingredients--
  10. Soo if you could eat any food AT ALL right now, what would you eat? I understand this thread will die because shahr e Ramadhan is coming up. None the less, I feel like eating... WATERMELON :D :D
  11. (salam) Dear Brother's and Sister's, I decided to make this thread, because I seen and heard some thing's that were a little disturbing today. I left the television on, and I was in another room, and I heard gunshots and screaming, and I was wondering if there was some sort of action movie going on in the background. Shortly after hearing the screaming, I came to the room after hearing: "Allahu Akbar!" Out of pure curiosity, I sat and decided to watch the infomercial. The advertisement was for supporting elderly Jew's, who are needy and in Russia. They were Holocaust survivor's, who fle
  12. The following site tells you all the halal markets, halal restaurants and mosques around the world. It will also tell you the closest ones to your house. It has reviews too. Enjoy http://i.zabihah.com/s.php?msg=&r=20&g=1&l=38.86134,-77.3528214 www.zabihah.com
  13. Helloo everyone! Totally new in this site, so I ma have posted in a wrong forum... but anyway.... I have a question which I recently come a cross to... My question is that if it's haram to eat with the left hand? or is it just something the non-shia thinks.... if it true.... what about those who are left handed? Really grateful if anyone could answer :-) .....
  14. Salam Brothers & Sisters, I made Spaghetti with Cheese Croquettes and Boiled Eggs Enjoy with 7up
  15. I'm going to be making them for a charity bake sale iA, anyone have any cute designs that they have done or seen?
  16. Al salamo alaykom Addham Allah Ajrakum Wa Ahsan Aza'akum bi muzab Imam Al Hussein (as) I woke up this morning to the smell of fried onions all over the house. I hurried to the kitchen and saw mom cooking a soup-like food (Qima), donating it to the Husseiniya. She said during Muharram all the Shia Muslims around the world do the same. It's called making Nazri/äÐÑ, and while mixing the food we can make wishes in the name of Imam Hussain (as) , hopefully in future God will fulfill them. Unfortunately, I'm really bad at cooking and couldn't help much expect of stirring the pot with a long wooden
  17. Salam aleikum, I have heard, that hindus and buddhists are najis (impure) and if they touch any food it becomes also najis (impure) and muslims are not allowed to eat it? Is this true or not? Can you please provide any verses or hadiths?
  18. Guest

    Food & Food.

    "Any child who dies of starvation today, is in fact murdered."
  19. Salam 'Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh I thought it would be a nice idea to have a thread where we share recipes of stuff we have mixed to make nicer foods/drinks. Today I got digestive biscuits and crunched them up in a cup and then poured some coffee and a bit of milk onto them and then poured boiled water and mixed and it was delicious I also made a nice sauce, it was Mayonnaise mixed with Ketchup till the colour goes Pink (darkish) and I added chilli powder to it and it was very nice. Please share your "mixture recipes" too :) p.s the more unusual the better ;)
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