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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Alakom Dear Brother's & Sister's, Ramadan is almost done, it is really hard to let go but there is not much time left of these blessed days, let us spend the last couple of days we have in praying for all our dear brother's and sister's out there that still do not have a bite to eat, clothes to stay warm, or a roof on thier head! The days of blessings, of hasanat are running away from us! I ask for you Dua' as well :)! If you can please remember me in these last couple of days I would forever be in your debt if you remember me in your prayers! Please and Thank You. Hopefully I am posting this in the appropriate section, hopefully I am not asking much of my family here, I am still new here :)! Femanallah, nasalakom al-Dua!
  2. Assalamu Alaikum! As the awaited and blessed month of Ramadhan is approaching, new version of Shia Toolkit isreleased. Several new features are included in this release. 1. Complete Holy Quran with Audio Translation in 14 different languages: Alhumdollilah, complete Holy Quran is added with many options andfeatures. 1. Nice andclear Arabic script 2. Download as you go option (It will download entire chapter first time you'll click on it, next time it will load from memory) 3. EnglishTranslation 4. EnglishTransliteration 5. Option to Bookmark verse in all chapters 6. Audiorecitation and translation in 14 different languages. Arabic, English, Urdu, Persian, Hindi, French, Spanish,Portuguese, Gujarati, Bengali, Turkish, German, Chinese, Korean 2. Comprehensive Amaal for the month of Ramadhan: The amaal section covers more than 100 supplications and amaal for themonth of Ramadhan. Most of the supplications are with Arabic, translation, description,transliteration and audio. a) New moon sighting duas B) Duas after everyobligatory salaat c) Daily Supplicationsfor Day d) Daily Supplicationsfor Night e) Sehr and Iftar duas f) Common Amaal forLayllatul Qadr (19, 21, 23) g) Specific Amaal for19 & 21 Ramadhan h) Specific Amaal for23 Ramadhan i) Common duas forlast 10 days j) Specific dua foreach of the last 10 days k) Special salaat for1st to 30th Ramadhan l) Amaal for nightpreceding eid m) Ziaraat and other duas https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=anywheresoftware.b4a.SIAToolKit&hl=en Snapshots of new version attached. *Please remember me and my family in this holy month specially during LayllatulQadr.
  3. Shia Isna Asheri Toolkit is compilation of various useful sections which includes: 1. Supplications/Duas 2. Ziaraat 3. Selected Quran Surahs 4. Namaz/Salaat Index and method of different salats 5. Taqibaat 6. Monthly Amaal 7. Important Date Calendar 8. Imam & Masoomeen(as) Info and other features. Most of the sections have Arabic text, English translation, transliteration, Description and Background, plus you have the option to download or play the audio simultaneously while reading the Arabic text or translation. The most important feature of this application is non dependency of internet, once you have downloaded and installed the application on your phone or tablet PC, you don’t need internet access to use different sections of this app, however for audio streaming/download internet access is required once only. This application is absolutely free of cost and does not require any license to use or distribute. You can download this app by searching "Shia Toolkit" on Android app market or click on following link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=anywheresoftware.b4a.SIAToolKit Wsalam, Raza
  4. Date : 15/05/2012, 'Nahjul Balagah' uploaded on www.hajinaji.com-> 18 Qitabs (in Gujarati Language) uploaded on our website www.hajinaji.com. Listed as below : 1) Rizk, 2) Sirate Aimmah, 3) Hakimul Millat, 4) Ahvale Karbala, 5) Ahvalunnisa, 6) Gunahe Kabira (Part-2) 7) Kitabus Sadkah, 8) Kudarati Vanaspati na Fayda, 9) Ma'arefat, 10) Aadabe Mujame'at, 11) Elalushshraea, 12) Vasiyat Namu, 13) Vinela Moti (Part-1), 14) Vinela Moti (Part-2), 15) Mizanul Hikmat (Part-1) 16) Tavazihul Masael, 17) Satyatano Prakash, 18) Nahajul Balagah. -> Vinela Moti (Part-3) will be uploaded to www.hajinaji.com in coming days. -> Please register on www.hajinaji.com to read qitabs. -> Please contact on hajinajitrust@yahoo.com if you found any suggestion for website or any mistake in Qitabs. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- તા : ૧૫ મે, ૨૦૧૨ના રોજ www.hajinaji.com વેબસાઈટમાં નહજુલ બલાગાહ અપલોડ કરેલ છે. -> હાલમાં વેબસાઈટમાં ૧૮ જેટલી કિતાબો છે. જેનું લીસ્ટ નીચે મુજબ છે. ૧) રિઝક, ૨) સિરતે અઈમ્માહ, ૩) હકીમુલ મિલ્લત, ૪) અહવાલે કરબલા, ૫) અહવાલુન્નિસા, ૬) ગુનાહે કબીરા (ભાગ – ૨), ૭) કિતાબુસ સદકહ, ૮) કુદરતી વનસ્પતિના ફાયદા, ૯) માઅરેફત, ૧૦) આદાબે મુજામેઆત, ૧૧) એલાલુશ્શરાએઅ, ૧૨) વસિયતનામું, ૧૩) વિણેલા મોતી (ભાગ – ૧), ૧૪) વિણેલા મોતી (ભાગ – ૨), ૧૫) મીઝાનુલ હિકમત (ભાગ – ૧), ૧૬) તવઝીહુલ મસાઈલ ૧૭) સત્યતાનો પ્રકાશ ૧૮) નહજુલ બલાગાહ -> આવતા દિવસોમાં ઇન્શાલ્લાહ વિણેલા મોતી ભાગ - ૩ વેબસાઈટ પર અપલોડ થશે. -> ઉપરોકત કિતાબો વાંચવા માટે www.hajinaji.com વેબસાઈટની મુલાકાત લ્યો. આ વેબસાઈટ પર રજીસ્ટર કર્યા બાદ આપ દરેક કિતાબો વાંચી શકશો. -> વેબસાઈટને લગતી સલાહો તેમજ કિતાબોમાં કોઈ ભુલચુક જણાય તો hajinajitrust@yahoo.com પર સંપર્ક કરવો.
  5. (bismillah) Ya Ali Madad La'nat on the enemies of Ahlulbait Rahbar Faqat Khameneist I was pondering on a question for a long time until a few days ago one of my friends answered me in a halaqeh. The question was this: In many Duas, such as Dua-e-Komail, we have sentences such as "Oh god, suppose I bear your chastisement, but how can I bear the separation between you and me?". However, we also have so many hadiths condemning sins and telling us to be fearful of the sin which will lead us toward hell. Imam Khomeini's 40 hadith also talks about the punishment in hell fire and how fearful it is... So the question was: should we be afraid of hell fire? if so, why do we have other duas and hadiths telling us that hell fire is not worth our fear but rather we should fear god's separation? He answered my question with this great analogy: When a child is growing up and he is learning behaviour, his parents will often scold him or give him some sort of punishment to scare him away from doing wrong things. If the child does something wrong he will immediately be fearful of the punishment he gets... Therefore, the fear he has for the punishment is for his own sake... However, when he grows up, his wrongdoing will no longer correspond with punishment. He will fear the fact that his parents may turn their face away from him, or be upset with him. He is no longer scared of scolds or time-offs, but rather afraid of being neglected by his parents. This is a higher form of fear. Therefore, using this analogy, we can understand that when we recite duas (such as dua komail), it is directed toward people who have gone past the stage of fear of punishment. These are the people who have "grown up". They are no longer afraid of the punishment but rather separation between themselves and their creator. I hope this answers some of us who had the same question in mind. Also, if you have something to add to this, I would love to hear from you!
  6. Assalam Alaikum! I am new to Islam and I was wondering if there are any brothers or sisters that could explain prayer and/or du'a for all us new reverts out there! Perhaps any new links or images. It would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Dua Arafah - Hussain Ghareeb [eng subs]
  8. Hi, I know that some might find the topic of this post stupid but I really need some advice and I really didnt know where else to turn. I fully understand the concept of you have to pray to Allah to answer your prayers and he will do it when he deems it fit, and he wont answer them if they will make my life worse. But there is something that i have been asking for for 5 years now, and i believe i am a fairly good muslim, i have not missed a single namaz in 2 years, i dont really lie, i attend my masjid very frequently, participate in muharram and everything, but it has been 2 years and this dire wish of mine still has not come true. Literally i pray to Allah to make this one wish come true in EVERY SINGLE namaz, dua, ziaraat, fateha and everything i read, but it still has not happened. and my wish is not something haraam, it will not harm anyone else, it will not make my life worse (as far as i can tell, because trust me ive thought this through) and if anything it will make my life better and the thing i wish to change actually makes my life worse. i am beginning to falter in my faith, i feel as if Allah knows i am in pain and how i wish for this little thing but he still has not answered my prayers. i feel abandoned but i do not want to lose faith. Is there anything you guys know that is some special dua/namaz/hadith or anything that you do when you are in a state of emergency because honestly i dont think i can wait much longer. Thank you.
  9. Salam brothers and sisters. i have been thinking of trying to organize a some kind of dua event which all muslims (or the majority inshallah) can participate in. what has popped into my head over the last few months was how beautiful it would be if muslims allover the world all read a pre agreed specific dua (such as dua e zamana) asking Allah swt to speed up the return of our Imam as all at the same time. or perhaps to cater for the different time zones we could have a 24 hour session, where countries will be allocated a time and all the muslims would read the dua and inshallah the outcome would be that for every hour of the day a country somewhere would be reciting the dua. with todays technology and internet addicts it shouldnt be that difficult to spread the word. what you all think? i am happy to post some duas, there are many links already available on this site, is there a dua that would appeal to the majority of schools i am open to suggestions on days (i think friday) and what do people think about having it read in unison or over a 24 hour period. thanks for your time
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