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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam. May Allah Swt bless us all on these nights of Qadr. If anyone here has duas for clarity in times of confusion please share them. W JazakAllah kheir
  2. Assalamu 3alaykum. On the basis that there is dream interpretation by Imam Jaffar al Sadiq (As) as well as there being real dreams (in exclusion to nafsi and shaytanic inspired dreams) if you are pure when Allah Swt raises the souls when we are sleeping (As mentioned in the Holy Quran), Is there a specific dua one can make to rely on Allah Swt to see a dream for guidance, the Imams (As), the Prophet (Sawa), a hint of the future or something symbolic? I personally have heard of experiences where people have had dreams that ended up being something true or two people having the same or similar dream of something that potentionally had meaning. JazakAllah kheir.
  3. (salam) Du'a an-Nudba which means a Supplication of Lamentation is one of the most authentic and important du'as and it has been narrated from Imam Mahdi (atfs) himself. This dua' should be recited every Friday morning. The translation available on www.duas.org isn't complete and totally correct and so I decided that it would be a good idea to make a thread and post links connected to it. Allamah Muhammad Baqir Majlisi (r.a.) has quoted this Dua in 'Zaad-ul-Maad' from Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (a.s.). It is for the Imam of the time. And Muhammad bin Ali bin Abi Khura has quoted this dua from the book of Muhammad bin Husain bin Sufyan Bazoofari, from Imam-e-Asr. Apart from this, great Shia scholar Sayed Raziuddin bin Tawoos has mentioned it in his book, "Iqbal" on page no.295 to 299. Muhammad bin Jafar Mashadi Haeri has recorded it in book Al-Mazaan (Dua no.107). Qutb Rawandi in Al-Mazaar also records it and so does Allamah Majlisi in 'Zaad-ul-Maad' and 'Beeharul Anwaar'. Shaykh Abbas Qummi too has narrated it in his book, 'Mafatihul Janan'. ...continued here The Du'a with English translation - PDF format. Alternate link [if the first one isn't working] - Du'a with English translation. Du'a with Urdu translation. Edit: Some links do not work. Sorry about that. Dua Nudba - Supplication of Lamentation - Syed Walid Mazeedi. Dua Faraj - Supplication for the return of Imam Mahdi AS.
  4. Salaam Alaykum The least thing a shia can do for his Imam is dua, here is the Ahd(Allegiance) Dua in 3 languages (Arabic,Persian,English).
  5. Salam all, My great grandfather was a great scholar of his time in Subconntinent and later Pakistan. I have heard from my parents that when he saw the gale comming he used to recite something and pointed with his fingers and all of a sudden the gale used to split in two parts i have also heard from many relatives of mine that he used to preach other creatures(JINNS) which used to come in human form...when inquired once by my uncle he replied that these creations are harmless and also acquire knowledge strange! isn't it? what do you guys say?
  6. In the name of Allah(SWT)! Salam aleykum dear brothers and sister. Alhamdulillah I got the opportunity to do ziyarat of Imam Ridha(a.s.) in Mashhad and I will be here until the end of this week and I intend on being in his masjid as much as I can. I would like to take this opportunity to also pray/make duas for my brothers and sisters here on SC. If you have any dua that you would like me to read for the Imam(a.s.) then you are very welcomed to PM either brother @magma, sister @notme, or sister @starlight and they will remove your identity and just forward the dua to me so that you will stay anonymous to me. I will iA be sitting in front of the haram as I recite these duas. InshaAllah I hope I can be of use to my sisters and brothers and inshaAllah we can all make duas for each other. Fi amanillah.
  7. As-salāmu ʿalaykum, though I greet others with it, I sometime feel that I need it the most. Anyone can please suggest a dua or verse to be recited when one is angry and wants to suppress his anger? I sometimes get too pessimistic with the proems in life and do not how to approach the almighty lord in the proper way. Please suggest some good supplications to recite during times of stress.
  8. Is there any amal or dua by which we can get answer to our question or confusions apart from istikhara?
  9. Salam, I wanted to know is there any dua or Amaal that anyone knows to soften someone's heart? I've been praying to Allah (swt) and i know he will answer my prayers inshAllah but i was just wondering if theres anything specific that you have tried or know of? Jazak Allah
  10. Asalam Alaikum, I am in need of an Amaal/dua/ziarat to answer my prayers. Me and this person have been in love for the past several months and I truly believe he's the one. The way things worked out between us have been miraculous but for the past couple of months we've had some major problems causing us to break up. He recently told me that there is a 0% percent chance of us happening again and I shouldn't even bother anymore. He's done talking to me and He won't reply to any of my messages/calls/etc. I don't want to give up just yet, and I truly believe Allah (swt) changes the conditions of his people and melts hard hearts. I've been reading Ziarat e Ashura, Dua e Alqamah, Dua e Mashlool and Dua e Tawassul regularly for the past 10 days. I have also been reading Ziarat e Arbaeen regularly after maghreb and Isha prayers. Recently i came across "Amaal e Dawood" so I fasted for 3 days and today I am performing Amaal e Dawood. Also I first got an istikhara done on whether i should do Amaal e Dawood for myself and this person and it came out good. Then I got another istikhara done on whether i should pray for mine and this persons future together and it came out "Very good" and I asked the Maulana/Sheikh what the Surah and Ayat was and he said it was "Surah Nisa" and the Ayat was "bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim". Do you know any other duas/amaals that I could possibly do to melt his heart and come back inshAllah? Both the istikhara's gave me a lot of hope
  11. Asalam Alaikum, I recently contacted Maulana Ali Raza Rizvi because i was having some troubles in my life and he advised me to read the first ayat of Ayatul Kursi 313 times everyday and inshAllah things will get better. Just thought I would share it in case anyone was going through troubles Jazak Allah
  12. https://www.quora.com/Did-Muhammad-own-sex-slaves Can someone provide me shia hadith and opinions as to why the prophet Muhammad(SAW) allowed sex slaves. Thanks
  13. The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) says, “Know that surely the month of Rajab is the month of Allah, the الْأَصَمُّ ( meaning the month where there is no sound of weapon) and it is a great month. It is called as الْأَصَمُّ because there is no month amongst the other months as near to Allah than this with regards to sacredness and excellence. Surely the people of ignorance honored in the era of ignorance and when Islam arrived, it did not but increase its greatness and excellence. Know that Rajab is the month of Allah, Shaban is my month and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah….” (Sawabul Aamal, Shaikh Sadooq (a.r.) pg 54, Tradition no 5, Chp on Reward for fasting in the month of Rajab) Fasting in the month of Rajab Imam Musa Kazim (a.s.) says, “Rajab is a river of Paradise whiter than milk and sweeter than honey. One who observes one fast in the month of Rajab, Allah, the Mighty and Sublime would satisfy him with this river.” (Ibid) : Imam Musa Kazim (a.s.) says, “Rajab is a glorious month. Allah doubles good deeds and wipes the sins in this month. One who observes one fast in Rajab, Hell would go away from him to a distance of a year and Paradise would be made obligatory on one who fasts for three days.” (Ibid) And, Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a.s.) says, “Nuh (a.s.) boarded his ark on the first of Rajab and ordered his companions to fast on that day. He said that Hell goes away to a distance of one year from one who fasts on this day. One who fasts for seven days all the seven doors of Hell would be closed for him. One who fasts for eight days all eight doors of Paradise would be opened for him. One who fasts for fifteen days would have his problems solved. One who fasts for more than this Allah, the Mighty and Sublime would grant him a greater reward.” (Ibid) Also, Imam Reza (a.s.) says, “The Almighty Allah appointed Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) as His Apostle after three nights of the month of Rajab had passed. Hence observing fast on this day has reward equal to fasting seventy years.” (Ibid) Let us have a look at few more rewards determined for those who fast in this month as mentioned by Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.): 1) He gains lots of pleasure of Allah. 2) Fast would end the anger of Allah upon him; 3) A door of Hell would be closed for him. 4) The reward of this fast with pure intention is better than giving an earth filled with gold as charity. 5) As soon as night falls, Allah would fulfill his ten wishes. 6) If he prays for worldly life his prayers would be accepted. 7) One who prays for His friends, lovers and chosen people, Allah would accept his prayers. 8) One who observes two fasts in the month of Rajab nothing in the earth and heavens can imagine the greatness of that person. He would get the reward of a truthful person who has never lied in his whole life-time. He would appear on the Day of Judgment in the similar state. That person would do intercession of others along with other truthful people till they all enter Paradise and settle down with those truthful persons. 9) One who fasts for three days in Rajab, Allah would erect a barrier between him and Hell whose distance would be equal to travel of seventy years. Allah would say at the time of Iftar, ‘You have right upon Me and My love for you has become obligatory. O angels! I hold you witness that I have forgiven his sins from start till the end’. 10) One who fasts for four days in the month of Rajab, he will remain safe from calamities like the evils of Jinns, leprosy, leucoderma, mischief of Dajjal and the punishment of grave. He would get the reward of wise persons who repent. He would be handed over the scroll of deeds in his right hand and made to stand in the first row of worshippers. 11) One who fasts for five days in the month of Rajab it is the duty of Allah to please him on the Day of Judgment. His face would be shinning like the full moon when he is resurrected on the Day of Judgment. Rewards equal to the number of grains of sand would be written for him and he would be made to enter Paradise without any accounting. He would be given choice to ask whatever he wants from Allah. This tradition has listed rewards of all 30 days of the month of Rajab, interested readers can refer to the book Sawaabul Aamaal of Shaikh Sadooq (r.a.) in the Chp of Reward for fasting in the month, Tradition no 5) Duas in this month Mahe Rajab is the month of duas, munajat and ziarat. There are various sentences of Isetghfaar to be recited everyday like: 1) Astaghfirullaha wa as-aluhu at-tawba. (I seek forgiveness from Allah, and I pray He accepts my repentance.) – To be recited as much as possible. 2) Laa ilaha ill Allah - (There is no God but Allah) – To be recited 1000 times in the entire month. 3) Astaghfirullahal-ladhee laa ilaaha illaa Huwa, wahdahu laa shareeka lah, wa atoobuilayh (I ask forgiveness from Allah Whom there is no God besides He, and He has no partner, and I repent before Him) 400 times. The reward of that will be the same as 100 martyrs would receive 4) Dua to be recited after very wajib namaz which starts with “Yaa Man Arjuhu Le Kulle Khair”. Apart from these, there are duas to be recited in Namaz Shab during the month of Rajab, duas for various days like the first shabe jummah (known as lailatul ragheb), 15th of Mahe Rajab (famous for Dua of Umme Dawood), 27th Rajab – Day of Be’that – The 3rd section of Mafateehul Jinan has around 20 pages for the Aamal of Mahe Rajab.
  14. Salam My friend said that he would do dua istikhara on wether sunni or shia islam is right. Is his dua going to have the right answer. If yes, then doesnt that prove once and for all which sect of Islam is on Haqq
  15. I've just been on the phone to the Police because a girl on Facebook contacted me saying that had been raped by her boyfriend and he won't let her leave the house. I tried to get her address but she was too scared to tell me and now I can't get in contact with her at all. Please could we all make du'a for her? I'm worried sick
  16. Salaam, I know certain Dua's and Surah's should be recited after Isha Prayers, however I receite sura Ya-Seen, Maryam, Ta-ha, Waqiah on a regular basis, can I recite it at any time or maybe after an obligatory prayer? W/S
  17. Salaam, I have been playing Surah Baqarah daily on my computer (loudly) , is it equivalent as receiving to keep the shaitaan away? I have also been receiving the First 4 verses, Aytul Kursi and then the last 3 verses morning and night. Also, are there benefits of playing surah's and dua's at your house? and what about playing the entire Quran in your house? perhaps on weekly or monthly basis? Please advice. Thank you,
  18. Salam Alaykom dear brothers and sisters! I'm in a very dark place in my life and I really need my duas to be answered, how do I make my chances bigger of getting my duas answered? Please help me!
  19. السلام عليكم الصدوق عن أبيه، عن محمّد بن يحيى، عن العمركي، عن علي بن جعفر، عن موسى بن جعفر، عن أبيه (عليهما السلام) قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله ألا أدلكم على سلاح ينجيكم عن عدوكم ويدر رزقكم؟ قالوا نعم، قال تدعون بالليل والنهار فان سلاح المؤمن الدعاء Th- al-Ṣadūq, from his father, from Muḥammad b. Yaḥyā, from al-‘Amarkī, from ‘Alī b. Ja‘far, from Mūsā b. Ja‘far, from his father (عليهما السلام): The Messenger of Allāh peace and blessings be upon and his households, said: "Do you not want me to direct you to a weapon, that will save you from your enemies, and emit your blessings?". They said: 'yes'. He said: "Supplicate (Du‘ā) in the night and day, for the weapon of the Mu’min (faithful believer) is supplication (Du‘ā to Allāh)". و في الكافي , عدة من أصحابنا ، عن أحمد بن محمد بن خالد ، عن أبيه ، عن فضالة بن أيوب ، عن السكوني ، عن أبي عبد الله عليه‌ السلام قال قال رسول الله صلى‌الله‌عليه‌ وآله And mentioned in al-Kāfī, from a number of our companions, from Aḥmad b. Muḥammad B. Khālid, from his father, from Faḍālah b. Ayūb, from al-Sakūnī, from Abī ‘Abd Allāh (عليه‌ السلام). Sources:al-Ṣadūq's Thawāb al-A‘māl, pg. 26, Ch.' Reward of Du‘ā in the night and day'.al-Kulaynī, al-Kāfī, vol. 4, Book. 6, Ch. 2, N. 3, N. 301-2.Ismā‘īl b. Musa, al-Ja‘farīyāt, pg. 222, Grading:al-Muḥsinī said this Hadīth is Mu'tabar (Authentic). -->Mashra`ah Bihār al-Anwār, vol. 2, pg. 449.al-Muḥsinī said this Hadīth is Mu'tabar (Authentic). -->Mu‘jam al-aḥādīth al-mu‘tabarah, vol. 2, pg. 394 Full Article: http://www.behindtheorigins.com/2015/10/dua-is-weapon-of-faithful-believers.html Wa `al-salam
  20. Asalam u Alikum Q1. Is it permissible for a person to recite Any dua in (Dua-e-qunoot)? for example "Dua Faraj" , "Dua Marefat" in obligatory prayers. Q2. Is it permissible to recite any short Zikar in Sajdah After ("Subhana RabiAlalah") For Example (إِنِّي ظَلَمْتُ نَفْسِي فَٱغْفِرْ لِي) Jazak Allah
  21. Assalaamu Alaikum. Many people say that they have had their Duas answered or were saved with some of these Surahs or Doas below. Did you had Miracles with these Duas / Surahs? If so, please kindly share your story. # Sura Fatiha # Ayatul Kursi # Surahs Ikhlas, Falaq, Naas # Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illaa billaahil aliyyul azeem ( another smaller version is "Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illaa billaah". One of them, not sure which one, may be both of them are called "Hawqala ) # Dua-e-Yunus (I think some people call it Ayat-e-Kareem ) : Laa ilaaha illaa anta subhaanaka innee kuntu minazzalimeen. # Bismilla hil lazhi laa ya durru maA ismihi shay un fil ardi walaa fi sama wa huwas samee ul Aaleem # La illaha ilAllahu wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahul Mulku, wa lahul Hamdu, yuhyee wayu meethu, wa huwa 'ala kulli shay'in Qadeer Also if you know of some common mistakes that is done with them, please inform. Thanks in advance.
  22. His other lectures can be found here: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235031061-sayed-hossein-qazwini-ramadan-2015-lectures/
  23. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah one of the best worship during the month of Ramadhan is reciting supplication of Abū Hamz al-Thumālī. I love this supplication and I learn many thing form this great supplication. Imam Ali Zayn al-Abidin used to recited this supplication in the nights of Ramadhan. I will mention evey day during this month some part of this supplication with some notes. ...... (O my Lord & God & love ) I knew of You by You, (i know you by your wish and your mercy. just you can to introduce yourself to me,without you I never can know you .. so my lord give me more knowledge of yourself to me) and You directed me to You,(If I know you and love you is just for your mercy and your favor,without your wish and your favor maybe I was misleaded and never can love you ... so my love give me more love of you and more lead) and called me to You, (I'm just slave, in fact i'm nothing, I don't have capacity to talk with you,you are lord but i'm a slave. your bigger than any description but i'm nothing and less of anything, any way you allow me to talk with you and called me to be with you. It is the bast for me to have allowance for calling and praying to you. So my beast give me more capacity and more attention to you in pray time) and without You I would not have known what You are (so only you can show and introduce yourself to your slaves,i beg you to show me more of your knowledge and mercy. )
  24. (bismillah) The Noble Prophet said to Imam `Ali [a], "If you would like to preserve (memorize) all of what you hear and read, then recite this supplication after every prayer: Glory be to Him, the people of Whose kingdom cannot be harmed, Glory be to Him, Who does not remove the people of the Earth with a spectrum of punishments, Glory be to the Affectionate, the Merciful. O Allah, Place in my heart light, insight, understanding, and knowledge. Surely, You have power over all things." (Subhana man la ya`tadi `ala ahl mamlakatih, subhana man la ya'kuth ahl al-ard bi alwan al-`athab, subhan ar-ra'uf ar-raheem. Allahumma'j`al lii fii qalbi nooran wa basran wa fahman wa `ilma. Innaka `ala kulli shay'in qadeer) وعن النبي ( صلّى الله عليه وآله ) ، قال لامير المؤمنين ( عليه السلام ) : « اذا اردت ان تحفظ كلما تسمع وتقرأ ، فادع بهذا الدعاء ، في دبر كل صلاة ، وهو : سبحان من لا يعتدي على اهل مملكته ، سبحان من لا يأخذ أهل الارض بالوان العذاب ، سبحان الرؤوف الرحيم ، اللهم اجعل لي في قلبي نورا وبصرا وفهما وعلما ، انك على كل شيءٍ قدير (Falah al-Sa'il by Ibn Tawus) https://www.facebook.com/AhlAlBaytDaily/photos/a.410093159080122.94215.403456586410446/822720704484030/?type=1&theater REMEMBER ME IN YOUR DUAS
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