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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Simply amazing Reborn EXCLUSIVE: Sheikh Jehad Ismail | Full Epis…:
  2. MashAllah, so many new converts/reverts to Islam. I thought I would make one thread for all the videos. Listen to these wonderful people tell their story so that our faith becomes stronger to Allah. (wasalam)
  3. You can see other Revert's talk about their conversion to Islam to Shia Islam: http://ahlulbayt.tv/...nd/show/reborn/ Subhanallah, this is such a beautiful and inspiring story. Very moving! http://youtu.be/CdQ6RklX1-4
  4. If this was truly the case, then Wow! Thank you America! Great move! Stop these extremist scums! I do not want the US to turn into the likes of UK and Australia where these extremist hate mongers who despise the shias and want to kill them, roam free. Can you believe it?! She was 19 and a "convert" wooow... :no: How did the US Army Explorers allow her in the course if she shared such a senseless belief? "A 19-year-old woman has been arrested for allegedly trying to provide support to Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (Isis), it has emerged." "According to a criminal complaint filed with US District Court in Colorado, Ms Conley attended a military tactics and firearms training course with the US Army Explorers earlier in the year. She allegedly planned to use the training to help Isis fighters through the man she met online, who shared her "view of Islam as requiring participation in violent jihad against any non-believers", the complaint said. Officials began to investigate Ms Conley after the pastor at Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, Colorado, alerted local police and the Colorado FBI to a woman suspiciously taking notes of the layout of the church's campus." "According to court documents, Ms Conley, a Muslim convert, told investigators she had initially taken classes at the church to learn about different religions." Credit to BBC: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-28139400
  5. Salaam Aleikum ! :D InshAllah this will be my first year celebrating Ramadan - and I have made the decision to start wearing hijab as well. I converted about a year ago and have decided I am finally ready! Just wanted to ask for any tips on how to prepare for Ramadan as a newbie, also, tips/advice on wearing hijab for first time? Thank you!!!! D,
  6. Hi, hope all is well. I am a first time poster in this forum would like to thank everyone for this opportunity. Although this may seem a random topic to discuss on my first post, the recent news regarding the 'likely' hanging of the Sudanese ex Muslim convert has inevitably and unavoidably given rise to this jurisprudential issue. My question is in relation to apostasy (conversion from Islam to a different belief system) in Islam and the associated punishment. I would like to gain a more comprehensive and in depth understanding about this particular ruling and the reasoning behind it. I believe in religious freedom and feel that this ruling defies the essence of human rights and does great damage to those whom endeavor to seek the truth. I do however acknowledge that there is wide a variation of viewpoints within and between the Islamic sects. Nonetheless, even with the most moderate ruling (imprisonment) I have been struggling to fit this ruling within the realms of a logical and rationale framework. Kindest regards,
  7. (bismillah) (salam) Nouman `Ali Khan and Bayyinah Institute visit and hold Jumu'ah at the nursing home of Robert Devlia. Warning: Prepare to shed a tear! loved the part when he began describing Rasoolillah Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå. His description reminded me of the many ahadith that speak of his [sawa] appearance, clothing style and physical features such as the bright whiteness of his [sawa] teeth, and the way he spoke, which brother David mentions amongst other things. SubhanAllah his description of the Prophet [sawa] is remarkable! By Allah the heart of every true Muslim years for the moment of meeting al-Mustafa!. May Allah raise us amongst his Umma on the Day of Account and may we be granted the honour of meeting him in the Akhira. Background: Robert Devila is paralysed down from neck to toe and lives in a nursing home. A friend had left him a Crucifix which belonged to David's best friend, who lived with Robert in the nursing home, which hung on his his bed post. His friend had found a donor and left to receive treatment only to never return. David's friend had died on the operating table. One night, David had a dream and saw a man speaking to a group of people in the desert who were sitting and listening attentively to him. David, who say's in previous dreams, feels pain in his legs and cannot walk, yet here he finds himself standing about 20 feet away from the group of men. It was dark. A fire was lit and the men were siting by it, listening to the man exhorting them. Robert then see's the Crucifix in the corner of his eye. The man then turns to David, pointing at the Crucifix, and gently says: God did not send Messenger's so the people could worship them. He sent Messenger's so the people could worship Him. Jesus walked in the market place and he ate food. He was a man. He was a Prophet.' I will leave David to narrate the rest: This is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Please take time to thank Allah for all the things He has given you. Robert has had almost everything taken away from him and Allah gave him Islam in return. But yet, subhanAllah, look at the happiness, the Nūr and contentment on his face. Please share and enjoy this heart-warming story. There is no guidance but Allah's guidance! For the background of this inspirational story, please watch the following by Nouman `Ali Khan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpeIw8jj-WI Quranic narrative of God’s conversation with Jesus the son of Mary عليه السلام on the Day of Judgement, recounting some events in the life of Prophet Jesus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0trOgZ-ydTU
  8. Salam Alaykum, I am a convert to Islam. My conversion story is here, http://www.justanotherabdullah.com/.../yusufs-road-to-islam-a-revert-story/. In any case I was wondering if there is proof that Shia Islam is true and that Sunnis are misguided. Also are sunnis kafirs and go straight to hellfire? Salam. You can contact me on email through waterpoloprince12@gmail.com if you like.
  9. Salam u alaykom, If you are an married revert/convert sister, could you please either message or email me? Thank you Assalam u alaykom
  10. Has Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) converted to Islam?
  11. Hello and As-Salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu Everyone. My name is Rick and I am a Convert to Islam (about 4 years now), living in Miami, Florida, and will plan on attending the local Shia Islamic Center for my first Ashura this year. I have converted to Islam along with my wife, father, and friends and under the Kalimah/Shahada of "ā ʾilāha ʾillā l-Lāh, Muḥammadur rasūlu l-Lāh" the entire Quran, and influence of some of the hadiths that are reported to be said by Muhammad (SAW) and his Family/Companions (PBUT). The closest masjid to our home are all Sunni Masjids and the majority of friends I have are Sunnis or a small group of "Quran Aloners/Reformists"... but you can say I have grown up in a sunni majority enviornment, though I do not consider myself Sunni, Salafi, Wahabi, Quranist, etc. Right now my limited knowledge has only allowed me to be simply "Muslim", however I hope to inshallah increase my knowldge to become a true Mu'min one day. This last Ramadan I really wanted to expand my very limited knowledge of Islam and wanted to develope more friendships with Muslims. I was reading about Iman Khomeini (ra) "We muslims are busy bickering over whether to fold or unfold our arms during prayer, while the enemy is devising ways of cutting them off" and thought this was a very interesting quote. So, Durring Ramandan I attended a couple Jumma's and Lectures at the local Shia mosque for the first time. WOW!! All of the brothers there that I met were very very friendly and helpful. They had all introduced themesleves to me and had told me that I could always ask them anything. As I was doing Wudu (the best I could) one of the brothers had seen it was challeneging for me and had taught me the proper way to do Wudu. This was something I had never encountered and was very apperciative. I prayed on the Turba, shook hands and ate curry soup with everyone, and made Dua for some of the ill brothers/sisters. Now, I plan on comming back to the mosque to attend the Shab-e-Ashur, and also Ashua day. This is something I have never experienced before because in the sunni Masjids I have attened so far, Ashura is something that is not given much attention to. At the Shia Mosque I hear there will be a lecture, a speech, a prayer, and also a Blood Donation Bus for those who wish to dontate blood to for a good cause. I dont know much of what to expect but I have heard that it is best to wear black so my wife and I will do so. If there are any brothers/sisters out there (Converts/Born Muslims) Do you remember your first Ashura Day and what was your expereince like. Describe how you felt and why it is important to you. Inshallah when I return I hope to describe my first. Thank you, As-Salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.
  12. Asslamu alaikom everybody! I am new to this website, and kind of lost, so forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place or anything!! I am a recent "convert" to Shia Islam, I was a Sunni before, but really non-practicing. My boyfriend is a Shia and hopefully he will teach me more, but I am impatient, so I joined this website. What is the difference between Sunnism and Shiism? Also, to be a practicing Shia, what are my basic duties? I know the way you guys pray is different, how is it different? Any resources where I can learn to pray the Shia way? thanks so much :) - lost convert
  13. http://ahlulbayt.tv/ondemand/episode/d794p5bh/Isa_Murphy_Conversion_Story/
  14. Salaam alaikum I'm a revert to Islam who has recently started to write a blog and create YouTube videos aimed at revert and womens issues. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UChz1r52-U2dFy5DSwEyuSdQ or search 'Revert Muslimah' http://revertshiamuslimah.blogspot.co.uk I would really appreciate some feedback or topic suggestions Jazakallahu khayr
  15. For the sisters on here who have converted but did not tell their parents, how has that gone for you? Have you been able to get married? If you arent married yet, how do you plan to get married without your parents knowing you are shia?... I really dont want to tell them but I feel like I'll have to when time for marriage comes because I dont want to marry a sunni for the fear of converting back just to keep the peace in the house.... Also, my family is literally one of the ones you will see on a desi drama on tv -.- not to mention they arent fond of shias..... which is the main reason I dont wish to tell them among other reasons. When I went hijabi, it was so horrible, no one in my family supported me except my father (who later started to be more on my mom's side) and my brother( allhumdulilah for me having him <3) It was just way too crazy, there were manyy days i would get hurtful remarks on wearing the hijab and cry because strangers respected my hijab more than my family and hijab is not even a bad thing in sunnism, but i can only imagine how bad it would be if i told my family i was shia :(
  16. Do you have a funny story or something about your journey towards Islam? I know for me, when I was still a Sunni and just beginning to look into Shiism, a brother said to me "You are not Sunni! You are a Shia doing taqqiya!" I speak Urdu and ask him why he called me a pillow lol (I had never heard the term taqqiya before and the word for pillow in Urdu sounds similar to the word taqqiya) :P lol
  17. For those of you who were not originally Muslim or Shia muslim (ie. your family is non-muslim or your family is Sunni), how did you tell your parents about your conversion? It seems like a really hard thing to do... I don't really want to tell my parents about it but I will probably spend next Ramadan with my Sunni family, and idk how to explain why I would open my fast later than them..
  18. assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh dear brothers and sisters i am a revert muslim(sunni) but now i read about the shias and their believes so i feel i am in wrong path right now so how to become shia? and another thing is all shia people are unite but sunnis always point each other and sunnies got the mentality that muslims are weak and we have to sit and watch that our bothers killed and our sisters reaped by american army in middle east.everytime they said be patient,be patient .and sunnies think that usa and Israel got super power and they can rule the whole world while musilm countries invaded one by one. but in iran everything is opposite . the usa can't even step in to the land of Tehran because of unity of the shia and the mentality of shia, you know something there are 27 official military bases in middle east but there are no amerian flag in iran. waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
  19. (bismillah) (salam) The Story of a Christian Girl Who Becomes Muslim This Girl Changed Her Name from “Jakelin Zakaria - ye Sani” to “Zahra Alamdar” (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - I asked “Who is Alamdar?” I asked this question because I had not heard his name. That great man answered: “Alamdar is the same person who has guaranteed you in order to come to the south.” I suddenly woke up. In the morning of that night, I told my father: “I will have my breakfast only in condition that you let me go to the south.” And he permitted me to go to the south. I was surprised why he had agreed once. While registering for this trip to the south, I introduced myself with the name of “Zahra Alamdar” [Alamdar means flag- carrier and it was the name of a martyr]. According to the reporter of Navideshahed; a Christian girl has become a Muslim. As her story of becoming Muslim; this girl has said as the followings: “I am Jakelin Zakaria - ye Sani. I like my name to be “Zahra” [Zahra is the other name of Hazrat Fatemeh, the daughter of Hazrat Mohammad, the Islam Prophet]. I come from a Christian family. And I have a little information about Islam. I did not have good “Hijab” [The full covering of hair and body for women in Islam] when I entered the high school. And it was rooted in the culture of our life. There was a girl in our class whose name was “Maryam”. She had memorized 18 chapters of the Holy Koran. She was a member of “Basij” in the high school. And she was also one of the honor students in our high school. I liked to certainly make friends with her. It was Tuesday that day. And the pray of “Tavassol” was being held in the prayer hall of our school. I was walking in the school yard that suddenly one person put her hands on my eyes from the back. I was shocked and stood transfixed when she took her hands from my eyes. Yes. It was Maryam who showed willing to make friends with me. I became very happy. She suggested me to attend the ceremony of “Tavassol” Pray that was being held in the pray hall of the school. First, it was strange for me; but I was very interested to find out what was happening in such Islamic religious sessions. I saw that every one was praying and crying when we entered the pray hall of the school. Since I did not know any thing about that ceremony of praying; I sat in once corner of the pray hall. But unconsciously, I started to cry. Since that day, I went to the school along with Maryam; because we should go to the school through the same path. And I learnt more things every day. And “Hijab” was the first thing that I learnt. Following her guidance; I decided to conduct more studies and researches about the religion of Islam. I became more interested in Islam day after day. Maryam brought Islamic books for me. And in addition to those books, she brought the photos and wills of martyrs of the imposed war. And we read them together. This way, she taught me how to live. I can tell you that I became familiar with six martyrs every week. It was late Esfand Month, 1377 [Early March, 1999] that we could register to go to a trip to the south of Iran and the war regions in there. One of my kidneys had got infected for a while. And I should certainly go under surgery to cure it. Maryam insisted very much that I go to the war regions along with them. I told my mother and father about that trip and asked them for permission. But they disagreed. I went on hunger strike for two days; but it was useless. It was Esfand 28th. And it was 3:00 in the morning. I remembered that Maryam had told me that the Muslims read “Tavassol” Pray in order that their problems are solved. Then, I decided to read “Tavassol” Pray. And I started to read “Tavassol” Pray. I don’t know in what part of the pray I fell to sleep! I dreamt that I have stood in a desert. And it was near the sun set. A man came towards me and said: “Zahra come! … Come! …. I want to show some thing to you.” I followed that man. Then we reached to a point in which there was a hole on the ground. He pointed me to go into that hole. Down in the hole was a strange place. It was a big hall with high and white walls with blue light. The walls were full of photos of martyrs and finally one photo of Ayatollah Khamenei was there on the wall. I felt that they were speaking with me when I was looking at the photos; but I did not understand what they said to me. That great man started to speak. He told me: “Martyrs had a special love and enthusiasm that caused them to achieve to the high position of martyrdom. It is true for all the martyrs such as Martyr Jahan - Ara, Martyr Bakeri, Martyr Hemmat and Alamdar.” I asked him: Who is Alamdar? I have not heard of his name.” That great man answered to me: “Alamdar is the same person who is next to you; the person who has guaranteed you to come to the south.” Then I suddenly woke up. In the morning of that night, I told my father: “I will have my breakfast only in condition that you let me go to the south.” And he permitted me to go to the south. I was surprised why he had agreed once. While registering for this trip to the south, I introduced myself with the name of “Zahra Alamdar” [Alamdar means flag- carrier] and it was the surname of a martyr]. Along with the “Basiji” people I was dispatched to the war regions in the south of the country on Farvardin 1st, 1378 [The first day of the Iranian New Year. March 21st, 2000]. I bought a tape of Martyr Alamdar’s speeches from a cassette shop that was located beside the Holy Shrine of Imam Khomeini. The more I listened to this tape, the more I found out abut the valuable things he spoke about. During the ten - day trip that we had, I really found out what an honorable religion is Islam. When other children in our group participated in the public prayer, I hugged my knees and cried for my bad situation. When we reached to Shalamcheh City, I found a great and sincere atmosphere in there. I did not mention that Maryam was the sister of three martyrs. And two of her brothers had been martyred in “Shalamcheh” City. I went along with her to a corner. She started to read “Ziarat - e Ashoura” Pray. In once moment, I felt that martyrs had gathered all around us and they were reading “Ziarat - e Ashoura” Pray with us. It was the time and place that my heart was greatly turned and was touched by that situation. Then I became unconscious. The day after that was “Ghorban” Celebration [The day on which haji people [The people who have gone to Mecca for hajj ceremony] sacrifice a sheep in the way of God]. Ayatollah Khamenei was going to come to Shalamcheh City on that day. It was almost 11:30 AM that Ayatollah Khamenei came there. It was a great scene there in Shalamcheh City. Every one was crying unconsciously. The whole my worries changed into calmness by seeing Ayatollah Khamenei. Because I saw that my dream was interpreted in an appropriate way. To speak briefly, I should say that the whole my doubts changed into certainty when I came back from the war regions in the south. It was the time I asked Maryam to teach me how to become a Muslim person. She became happy to hear the news too. I was in a special mood when I said “Shahadateyn” [The sentences that one person says in order to become a Muslim]. I felt that I had become like Maryam and her friends. I had become a Muslim too. I should also mention the fact that I fulfilled my Islamic religious duties secretly. And God blessed me and both of my kidneys got fully well. … “ Source: http://abna.ir/data.asp?lang=3&Id=220479
  20. Assalam Alaikum! I am new to Islam and I was wondering if there are any brothers or sisters that could explain prayer and/or du'a for all us new reverts out there! Perhaps any new links or images. It would be greatly appreciated!
  21. In The Name of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. (bismillah) Assalamualaykum wa RAHMATULLAHI WA BARAKATOH everyone. I just watched Sister Amna Hamidullah on Revert's World today and she was BRILLIANT! MASHALLAH, she was sooooooo humble and lovely and nice! Did any of you see the show? What do you think? One of the best things I liked about her was that she got divorced - I don't what the reason was and, so, who was to blame but generally there is comtempt between the partners after a divorce which is why I am saying this - but still she has kept good relations with her husband and even her co-wives just because of one thing: they also love Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them all). She is, indeed, Silmuliman Salama kum personified! I don't mean that her husband that, even if it was her fault, keeping good relations after a divorce is not an easy thing. And the reason she gave - the common love of Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them all) - is MIND BLOWING! What do you think was the best part of her interview? Also, if someone can, please post a link to her interview so that those who missed it can see it.
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