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  1. Salaams, Did anyone watch the programme about the destruction of Janatul Baqee and other holy sites on Ahlulbayt tv? Some really fascinating points emerged, one of the speakers had en-earthed some belongings of Bibi Fatima (as) in the house of her mother Bibi Khadija (as) which the saudi government built 1400 toilets over. It was really amazing programme, i would recommend that every muslim, especially Shia to watch it because it greatly concerns us, and that we should all unite and take a stand against this injustice for the sake of our religion, especially what it stands for and for our love for the Ahlul Bayt (as). im posting the website below, and i suggest that everyone should watch it on the Ahlulbayt tv re-runs. http://www.islamic-heritage.org/#!
  2. Abu Bakr and Umar meet Janabe Zahra (sa) The effects of this tyranny stayed on the holy body of Janabe’ Zahra (a.s.). After this, she remained sad and became sick, till she was confined to the bed. The body started becoming weak and thin and nothing remained till she was reduced to a shadow of herself. She became severely sick. She did not permit those who had troubled her to visit her. Nobody saw her smile towards the end of her life. When her sickness intensified Umar told Abu Bakr, “I wish to visit Janabe’ Zahra (s.a.). We have offended her.” They sought permission to meet her, but she did not grant them permission. They kept on insisting. Then, one day they met Hazrat Ali (a.s.) and said, “You know what has transpired between us and Janabe’ Zahra. If you find it appropriate, then obtain us permission to meet her so that we can apologise for our crimes.http://oppressionsup...0ALI%20%28AS%29 In another narration it is found, that when Abu Bakr realised he was not getting permission, he took an oath that till he secured permission to meet Janabe’ Zahra (s.a.) and pleased her, he would not sit in the shade. That night he spent in Baqi under the sky. Umar told Hazrat Ali (a.s.), “he (Abu Bakr) is old, weak hearted, he has spent a night in the cave with the Prophet (s.a.w.). We visited Janabe’ Zahra many times, sought permission to meet her, but she refused. We want to meet and please her. If you find it appropriate, then obtain permission for us to meet her.” Hazrat Ali went to Janabe’ Zahra (a.s.) and told her, “you know the intensity with which these two had troubled you. They often came (to meet you), but you refused them permission. Now they have requested me that I obtain permission for them from you.” She (a.s.) said, “By Allah, I will never grant them permission, nor shall I talk to them. And I shall complain to my father about all that they have done to me.” Hazrat Ali (a.s.) said, “I have spoken to them about getting them permission.”She (a.s.) said, “if that is the case, then this house is yours, and I am dutiful to you. I shall not oppose you. You give permission to whomsoever you wish.” Hazrat Ali (a.s.) obtained permission for them. When they came and conveyed salaams to Janabe’ Zahra (s.a.), she turned her face away from them, and did not reply to their salutations. They went to another side and saluted her, but yet, she did not reply and turned her face away. This happened many times. Janabe’ Zahra (a.s.) said, “O Ali put the curtain.” She said to the ladies present, “turn my face the other way.” When she turned her face away, Abu Bakr said, “O daughter of the Prophet (s.a.w.), we have come in your presence, to please you and seek refuge from your annoyance. We request you to forgive us.”She (a.s.) answered, “I will not talk to you, not even a word. I shall complain to my father about your atrocities.”They said, “We seek forgiveness from you, forgive us. And whatever difficulties you faced on account of us, do not complain about them. We confess to our crimes and request you not be offended with us.”Janabe’ Zahra (a.s.) faced Ali (a.s.) and said, “I will not talk to these two. I shall ask them about what they have heard from the Prophet of Allah (s.a.w.), and if they answer correctly then I shall consider.”The replied, “please speak up. Question us and we shall not say anything, but the truth.” She (a.s.) said, “I ask you by God, did you hear the Prophet say, Fatemah is a piece of my flesh, and I am from her. Whoever troubles her has troubled me. And whoever troubles me has troubled Allah. Whoever troubled her after my death, is like the one who troubled her during my lifetime. And whoever troubled her during my life, is like the one who troubled her after my death.’Both replied, “Yes, we have heard this.”She said, “praised be to Allah! Then she continued, “O Allah! I make you a witness, and make all those present here a witness and confirm that these two have troubled me during my life and after my death. I shall not speak to you both till I am alive. And whatever you have done to me, I shall complain to Allah about it all.” Hearing this Abu Bakr began crying and complained, “I wish my mother had not given birth to me.” Umar said, “I am surprised at how the people made you the Caliph! You have lost your senses due to your old age. You cry on account of the displeasure of women, and are pleased with their pleasure.” In another narration it is found that Janabe’ Zahra (s.a.) said, “I give you God’s oath, and ask you – have you not heard the Prophet of Allah (s.a.w.) say, ‘Fatemah’s pleasure is my pleasure and her displeasure is my displeasure. Whoever loves my daughter Zahra loves me. Whoever has hurt her has hurt me.’Both answered in the affirmative. She said, “I make God and the angels a witness and say that you both have hurt me, and have not pleased me. When I meet the Prophet, I shall complain to him about you both.” After they left, Janabe’ Zahra asked Hazrat Ali (a.s.), “Did I do what you wanted me to do. Ali (a.s.) replied, “you did exactly that.” ‘If I ask you something, will you do that.’ ‘Yes.’ “For God’s sake, these two should not recite my funeral prayers nor visit my grave.” Abu Bakr started weeping, while she (s.a.) said, ‘By Allah! I shall curse you in every prayer.”<a href="http://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=7152126183321118029#_ftn1" name="_ftnref1" title="">[1] [1] al – Imamah wal Siyasah pg 19, 20. The author says “When Abu Bakr went to visit Janabe Zahra (s.a) at the time of her illness due to the injury caused by the falling door, she (s.a) said “I will pray to Allah that He should punish you” This has been narrated by Balazari in his book Ansaab – ul – Ashraaf 10 / 79; Jahiz in his book Ar Rasael page 467; Shar’he Nahjul Balagha volume 16 page 264. The visit of these two elders to the house of Janabe’ Zahra (s.a) at the time of her injury has been mentioned by many scholars. Some of the notable books are Sayyada Fatima Zahra (s.a) page 145; Ahlul Bait (a.s) page 168 by Taufeeq Abu Ilm; al Imam Ali volume 1 page 193 by Ustad Abdul Fatah; Fatima Zahra volume 2 page 253 by Ustad Abdul Fatah; Qurratul Aainain page 229 by Mohaddis Dehlavi; Sulaym Ibne’ Qays page 253; Kifayatul Asar page 60; Dalailul Imamah page 45; As Shafee volume 4 page 214; Shar’he Nahjul Balagha volume 16 page 218; Ealalush Sharaee page 186/187; Beharul Anwaar volume 28 page 303, volume 36 page 307, volume 43 page 170/202/203. The author (of al Imamah) says “Why did these two delay in paying a visit to Janabe Zahra (s.a) till the time that it had become clear that she would succumb to her injuries? Why did she (s.a) refuse to meet them at all while these two pleaded with Hazrat Ali (a.s) to let them come in the house. Even they finally entered the house, why did she (s.a) not reply to their salutations? Why did she (s.a) refuse to forgive them while forgiving is a very noble characteristic and it has been emphasized in the Quran as well in the traditions? The real reasons for all this are very clear. Their visit to inquire about the health of Janabe Fatima (s.a) was politically motivated while their real intention was to keep the truth away from the masses and it was precisely for this reason that they delayed their visit of Janabe Zahra (s.a). When Hazrat Ali (a.s) allowed them to enter in the house, then too she (s.a) was firm in not talking to them. In fact she turned the table on them when she said to Abu Bakr that she (s.a) would pray to Allah to chastise him. On hearing this, Abu Bakr ran out of the house in tears. The one who accepts his mistake is forgiven, not the one who is obstinate. If these two were truly repentant then they should have given the caliphate back to Hazrat Ali (a.s) to whom it lawfully belonged. If the usurper is regretful of his actions then its remedy is to return that thing which he has usurped. Merely seeking forgiveness is not sufficient. Besides, why was Fadak – which was the right of Janabe Zahra (s.a) not returned back to her? Besides this is such a heinous crime that the entire humanity is engulfed in it. So how could she (s.a) forgive these two?
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