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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Bismehe Ta3ala, Assalam Alikum. I started to cook meals 8 years ago. Eight years later, I have improved Alhamd'Allah, but still I have a lot of learning to do. I am considered a plain cooker. There are some meals I make that are delicious, and then others are just eatable. Nothing wow, about what I cook. What does it take to have the "touch" in cooking? Alhamd'Allah my children don't complain, they are wonderful and eat what I cook and do not give me a hard time. My dh, he is very considerate and doesn't make any complaints, that is his akhlaq and he doesn't like to hurt me wi
  2. Assalam o alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters, These are testing times and i need some true advice (through quran and hadith) on how to manage emotions. People may advice on seeking professional help with this. However, i believe that people in the times of our Holy Prophet (SAWW) and our Aimma must have had such issues. This is the reason why i want some advice based on these sources. The issue at hand is overall emotional health. How can one be emotionally fit and how can one keep one's thought process in control. What does Allah and His selected few say about the right co
  3. Salam This thread is dedicated to Sayyid Khomeini's speeches, letters and sayings. I will be posting some of the interesting parts of a series of books called "Imam's Sahifah" which contains nearly all of what the great Sayyid has said or written in response to different issues, God willing. I also thank @Repenter for this. You can find the entire series here. Simply search for "Sahifeh" in that website. http://en.imam-khomeini.ir/en/page/127/BOOK-LIBRARY/?kind=167&action=qs&txt=sahifeh With that said, let me begin: Religious minorities under the protection of Islam From
  4. What occupies your mind can eventually influence your actions, so fill your mind with things that are clean, pure, and wholesome.
  5. Hello Sisters, I am designing a modest dress for formal occasions and I was wondering what you believe makes a dress 'modest'?Of course covering everything but the face and hands, but what else? for instance: not being tight, hijab covers the chest etc. Your advice is much appreciated! :-)
  6. As-salamu 'alaikum! I have been unemployed for awhile and pondering returning to the place I worked before I reverted to Islam insha'Allah as a groundsman. For those who don't know, a groundsman is responsible for general labor during tree-removal/pruning operations and handles everything on the ground including cutting and chipping branches and loading logs into dump trucks for sale as firewood. It's work I have years of experience doing and it would help get me back on my feet insha'Allah but I have been hesitant to start back there for two reasons: first, I heard from no source in partic
  7. I started wearing hijab seven days ago and I have been getting more male attention than usual when away from my husband, and I don't know what to do. Naturally my husband is unhappy with the attention, and I'm concerned too. He thinks maybe I'm not conducting myself properly but my hair isn't showing, my arms aren't showing, my legs aren't showing, my neck isn't showing, I'm not wearing makeup, I'm not cussing, I'm not being obnoxious, and I'm not engaging strangers. I keep to myself when I'm by myself, and if anything my eyes are usually on my phone. I'm thinking about taking the scarf off an
  8. (bismillah) (wasalam) InshAllah you are well. I had been noticing a new divorce "trend" that has been seemingly augmenting among muslim communities recently. Divorce (Talaq) is one of the worst and hated halals that exists in Islam, but being the most realistic religion, Islam accepts divorce as a reality in certain social circumstances. How divorce's existence, or nonexistence, affects society as a whole is a different topic. But my question is, are we justifying too many 'silly' circumstances that are out of our comfort zone to mandate divorce? We all have flaws and only through genui
  9. (bismillah) (salam) inshAllah you are well. I've noticed that sometimes its difficult to get an honest answer from couples you know personally because, let's face it, very few people want to reveal personal details about their lives (which is completely sane!) and the usual advice shared seems pretty general, so I thought a forum could potentially give some 'privacy.' I'd like to use your experience to attain a bigger picture of marriage. Without revealing too much about your personal lives, as a married individual, what kind of experienced advice can you give non married brother/s
  10. Sallam Brothers In London there are free legal advice centres called law clinics. I personally work in the University of East London law clinic. If you need legal advice come visit us, it is all free. All the advice given to clients are also checked by qualified solicitors so that it is not misleading. It is all free, we even give you cookies and juice if you come. the UEL one isn't the only one in UK though, there are many other ones spread over London and the UK so please check where the closest one to you is.
  11. Salam Brother and Sisters, I need a lots of advice in this matter from experience brothers here. I belong to India ( and as we all know, life there is like living on poverty line, please dont suggest me pros of living here as i know) . Im shia muslim, middle class family person (if i was rich i could migrate easily). I want to move out of this country so please suggest where and how can i do that, i know here alots of people must have detailed info on this as they migrated themselves so plz guide me through. As people will generally suggest Canada, Australia or UK. So i searched and found
  12. Assalamualaikum everyone. I couldn't fit my entire issue in the topic title. Honestly, I have more than one issue. I'll start with the first. As the title says, I am a sunni girl from Pakistan who is of marrying age, and is interested in marrying a man I have known since I was probably 11 or 12 years old. He also wants to marry me, but as the title shows, he is Shia. Both of us are invested deeply in our faith, and both of our parents know that we are interested in each other. But because of the Shia Sunni conflict, they don't agree. And his parents seem to have more of a problem with me t
  13. (salam) I am currently 'engaged' to someone. He is absolutely incredible. He's everything I've prayed for and more. Allah is wonderful. However I'm having a hard time. I am not all that attracted to him. And the problem with this is that I'm afraid that I won't be the wife for him that he deserves. He deserves someone who is crazy about him, the way he is crazy about her (me). Any advice? Prayers to make one love their husband more perhaps? I can never tell him my concerns because he is already a bit self-conscious and I just couldn't do that to him. I feel like every day I am deceiving h
  14. Assalam alaykum, I hope some still frequent this forum. Any sisters who have breasfed during shahr Ramadan? Mashallah, and alhamdulillah my daughter still breastfeeds and am keen to continue, but also fast at the same time and would love some advice/suggestions/experiences. As I mentioned, I would love to fast, however not sure if it is possible as my little girl (just turned 1) still wakes up during the night for a feed. This isn't a problem in and of itself (okay I would loooooove some unbroken sleep lol) but I'm worried about my milk drying up. Often the only way she can resettle is
  15. Hello brothers and sisters, im just wondering i wish to join the Canadian armed forces. isn't it haram to kill another person, but i'm preserving peace, i'm gonna be in training to be a lieutenant so that means people will be under my command, and what about sending people to their own death? Canada tends to help keep the peace so what do you guys think, i'm gonna be regular force, not a reserve so please advice me, I'm pretty built and in good shape i'm just wondering inshallah when the mahdi comes to be ready to fight and help the oppressed Muslims over seas. quran, hadith, saying of imams w
  16. AsSalamu Alaikum, I won't usually do this, post a link to my web page, but I have a problem. Because I am Shi'a Muslim, I have lost my job. Read the link, and advise me. https://haijinamin.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/a-call-to-christians/
  17. Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi [HA] - [ENG Video] Advice for people living in the west
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