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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The user above me forgets qûnut in his daily prayer. Make it up.
  2. Thank you all for your replies. This most certainly helped. The thing is that I (as said) work as a substitute teacher, where the boss chooses, which substitute teacher he wants to use for that particular day/classes. I came "late" in the sense that when I applied for the job, the school already had substitute teachers (and some experienced ones). Finally, I got the job, but obviously, these two experienced substitute teachers have the advantages of being experienced. So, some days I don't get any classes, and I see these two teachers, and my overthinking be like "Why did I not get any classes today? Why is it always that teacher? I did a good job last time" so and so forth. I don't like it, and I try to ignore it, and mostly it works, but I feel that it still troubles me. Allahu Karim.
  3. Yup, I really do overthink too much. I really didn't realize that until now. Let me give some examples. I remember last year when I wrote my last assignment in high school (it was a huge assignment). After I handed in the assignment, I feared that I would get a bad grade. I thought about it every day, many, many times a day. When I was doing something funny, for example playing Playstation, I'd think about the assignment and my overthinking would begin again: "What if I really got a bad grade", "What if I cheated" (yes, I thought I had chated lmao). So on and so forth. I know realize that I overthink 24/7. For example today (I am a substitute teacher) my boss called me, but I had my phone on "do not disturb", meaning that I didn't know that he called. 15 minutes after, I called him and told him that I wasn't aware of his phone call. He told me that he already found a substitute teacher today (we are different teachers). After that, I began overthinking: "What if this means I won't get any more classes because he thinks I'm lazy and couldn't take the phone?". This is actually the typical way I overthink. It is 90% pessimistic. How do I stop this?
  4. Ahh, I wrote this topic in 2013. Thank you for reminding me, brother. I will most certainly listen to the Sayed again.
  5. I follow the MIGHTY IRONSSSSSSS!!!!
  6. Funny thing is that Andy Carroll scored a BETTER goal against Crystal Palce. No one was gassed about that goal!! But Liverpool will win the Champions League.
  7. Ali-F


    Yeah, he should wear a black turban, Arabic dishdasha' and perhaps NOT wear any shoes.
  8. Charity is not only giving money to the poor. It can also be sharing a glass of water to a person who needs it. Perhaps helping a neighbor lifting something. This thread is where we all can share what a nice good thing we did. Maybe it was not exactly today, but 1 week ago. Share it. Let me start. In my job I took a coke and energy drink with me (some days ago), because I would drink it later when I got tired (I lift packages in my job). Basically, one of my co-workers saw that I had something in my pocket, and I then showed him my magical drink. I felt obligated to give it to him. Next to him was the second co-worker. He looked disappointed (in a way), so I felt the need to give my coke to him. They were both happy. I later found out that I really needed the coke and energy drink. But it was a good act of charity. Your turn.
  9. Here are some of my questions Q: In my job I place pork in cold counters, however, I do not sell them nor do I serve them for non-Muslims. What's the view of Sayed Sistani (ha)regarding this A: Your income is halal. Q: Question: I work in a place where I place pork in fridges, and according to Sayed Sistani (ha) this is allowed. However, sometimes customers come and ask me regarding where the pork is, and I either show it to them or go with them and give it to them, but I do not sell it. What's the rulling of Sayed al-Sistani (ha)? A: Your income is halal, although it is better to avoid giving pork to clients. Q: Question: 1) customers ask me regarding pork or non halal meat, and I then go and Search to see if it's available. Andtheni dont find anything and then I tell it to the customer. 2)i may get a phone call that there's pork or non halal meat left-over. So, I go and take it and place it in the basement or on a table and then I leave. Whats the view of Sayed Sistani (ha) A: Your income is halal. Q: Question: A person works in a grocery where he works as a cashier. His job is to scan the products which people want to buy. The products are e.g. pork, non-halal meat and alcohol and so on. Is it permissible? A: His income is halal but he should not deliver or sell alcohol. If he sells other items mainly but sometimes alcohol is also a tiny item within the goods sold, his income would still be halal.
  10. As for alcohol that's haram for sure. You can't deliver, or deal with it at any circumstances. There are some talks about pork. Write to www.sistani.org if you follow al-Sistani. I have asked them similar questions, if you want the answer then let me know
  11. Stop yelling too much when West Ham play.
  12. Ali-F


    Write to Sheikh Muhammad al-Hilli on Facebook or other ways.
  13. Absolutely! I'd do it again. So much fun. I like the fact that it is not a job where a boss tells you to do X and Y every minute. No, you are in a classroom, and then YOU have to teach these children for an hour or two.
  14. As some (probably) know I currently have a gap year. I previously wrote about my issues with my job (wine-problems). Now, today was a bit different. I applied for the job as a substitute teacher (at my former school). First classes were kids in secondary school. Quite easy, they behaved well. I was happy. This wasn't tough. I was wrong. Next class was kids in nursery school. "Good luck with these kids", one of the teachers told me when I told him, my next class. This couldn't be a nightmare, could it? Yes, it could. As soon as I stepped into the classroom I was met with yells such as "ARE YOU A MUSLIM?" (I swear it was as soon I walked in). Holy damn. What a start. I swear to God, they kept asking me if I was a Muslim or not. I jokingly said "I don't know", which resulted in one of thee kids saying "HOW CAN YOU BE A CHRISTIAN?! YOUR NAME IS ALI?!". When I say they kept asking me I'm not joking. I lastly faced my fate and said: "YES I AM A MUSLIM". Duh. I tried to make some interesting and fun activities. I really tried. They didn't want to listen. One ran away. One would only play football. One began swearing at me. Holy Moly. I gave up, and let them play what they wanted (=this then resulted in chaos). As a last solution, I tried to make a fun obstacle course. I made a playing field, but it was a failure. The class was a failure. To make my day even worse, one actually took my beanie. She wanted to see if I was bald or not lol. To make my day even worse, one actually began yelling "Ali is junk". The worst part is that it was a girl, whom I thought had good behavior. It was over. To make my day even worse, one actually made fun of my beard. Not only that: When I had to go home, they didn't even want to leave the classroom. I had to wait so I could secure that no one was inside the room (it was a break and everyone had to go out). The played hide and seek. Safe to say that nursery school kids made my day not-so-funny.
  15. Ali-F


    According to Sayed Ali al-Sistani (ha): Question: Is it permissible for a woman to go out of her house for some errands perfumed, with the fragrance of her perfume reaching non-mahram men? Answer: She ought not do that. It is not permissible if it tempts a non-mahram man or normally causes him excitement. Question: It is normal these days for a woman to put on mascara and make-up, wear rings, necklaces and bracelets for beauty and then go out in front of people in the markets and streets. Answer: This is not permissible for her except for mascara and rings provided that she is safe from falling into forbidden activities and does not intend by it to excite non-mahram men.
  16. Interesting. I think if the question was formed like this "Is making a figure of snow (without human attributes) allowed?". Snowman is probably understood as making a human sculpture, which is not allowed.
  17. https://www.sistani.org/english/book/46/2056/
  18. Welcome to the world. We don't live in a sinless bubble. Just because there are sins in universities doesn't mean that you can't study. Many religious people study in Western universities.
  19. Does the extra prayers and fasts put a burden on you? Will it make your life a bit difficult? These are perhaps questions your mother is asking.
  20. The person above me just ruined the order of this thread. Let's kick him out.
  21. Ali-F

    Shower and Whudu

    When you take a normal shower (let's say you have just played football) then you it is obligatory to do wudhu after your shower.
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