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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. May Allah curse Elijah Muhammad. He was truly a deviant person.
  2. Same with soccer. IT IS FOOTBALL!!!
  3. Brother @Islamic Salvation is there a way to download this?
  4. These ex-Muslims claim that the Qu'ran has an error: What is our response?
  5. If I should give advice to my younger self I'd say: Focus more about yourself rather than thinking about what people might think of you.
  6. I downloaded an app called "Wunderlist" where I write my daily to-do list and habits. This makes it easier to remember and also fun.
  7. How great is God, who created me on this day, the same day, where the beauty of Ali is portrayed. How fortunate am I that my birthday today is the same day as Eid al-Ghadeer? Peace be upon you, oh Ali! BTW: I wrote the poem (yes, yes, thank you :D)
  8. That's amazing. Why didn't you keep teaching at the university? That's nice!
  9. Nice! Teaching is very nice. Where are you based? In my country (Denmark) teachers don't - unfortunately - have the same recognition, which they used to have in the good old days. Same thing where you are?
  10. .... or what have you studied? Could be nice to hear what we each other study or have studied Myself: I was accepted into LAW, but wasn't sure if this was the right choice. Therefore I chose to have a "study-gap-year" meaning that I was accepted into becoming a TEACHER. I will do this in a year and see if I change my mind or not
  11. Actually, there is an Islamic basis for this (opposite what sister @Islandsandmirrors said). You can hear Sayed Sabah Shubbar explaining this in the following video [from 10:00]. I will, nevertheless, translate what the Sayed is saying. "I heard a narration, told by a scholar, who said that the Prophet (saaw) was once sitting with a group of people, who were conversating. The Prophet (saaw) told them "You eat while you speak?". The group then stopped conversating while eating. After a while, the Prophet (saaw) said "You eat without speaking?". The group were confused, and told the Prophet (saaw): "O Prophet, you first tell us not to speak and then you tell us to speak". [The Sayed then says that he heard this from the scholar]. The Prophet (saaw) said to them: "Speak, but with the remembrance of God". [Ali-F]: This clearly shows that we do have eating etiquettes, and also regarding speaking. This doesn't mean that it is haram speaking while eating [if it is not without the remembrance of God].
  12. Interesting if anyone do have informations regarding other Marajas with different opinions.
  13. Exactly. It doesn't give any sense for me either. I asked another Sheikh, who said that it was indeed true (that it isn't allowed) although the rulling is quite strange.
  14. I asked a Sheikh in our country (who gave me an answer from Sayed al-Sistani). According to him, it isn't allowed to become prosecutor or judge. Though becoming a lawyer is allowed.
  15. Apparently our scholars doesn't allow it.
  16. It is because I thought of studying law. I heard that you can't become a prosecutor in non-muslims countries.
  17. Salam What does Sayed Sistani (or other scholars) say about becoming a public prosecutor in a non-muslim country?
  18. I'm nervous. I really want my license now. Ya Rab, if I don't pass. I ask you to please pray for me that I will pass. Inshallah. Thank you brothers and sisters.
  19. What do you typical do in Ramadan regarding acts of worship? Let's share here, so we all can get inspired. I - myself - like to recite Qur'an, listening to lectures and reading Islamic books. You?
  20. I really like Q&A lectures when I'm at work. Do you know any Q&A lectures with any scholars on Youtube? Share them here!
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