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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think it is quite obvious that Shiachat is very silent these days. I had a long absence due to personal commitments. This said I was quite shocked (so to speak) to find out that Shiachat is not what it has been before. I do not know the exact reason but I think it might be due to people finding posts repetitive, boring and not exciting. The 2013-era is indeed dead to quote Nietzsche. I mean some initiatives can be made to make the place more engaging. I won't mention my personal intentions, which I think have been well established. However, if an admin wants an elaboration (note: only an admin), they can contact me on PM). And these are my last words: Walhamdulillahi rabil alameen, wa salalahü ala Tâha wa Ahle Taha.
  2. Yes, it is non-alcoholic. However, I have heard (not sure) that we have a rule about drinking something which resembles alcoholic beer.
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbican_(drink) Jzk
  4. Hey I need help. I need to discuss if young people (from a minority culture) can choose their own identity? I got to use Bourdieu and see what he says. I, however, struggle to put his theory into perspective? Plz I hope someone can help.
  5. Hello I'm looking for a speech from a nazi-view about its enemies, and also a speech or something like that from either Islamic State or another terror group. I need it to compare the two in its differences and similarities. Thank you.
  6. Some here needs to understand that for many young people love is a complicated and weird thing. You must also understand that the sister lives in the UK, where love, boyfriends etc., is completely normal. The typical replies such as ""IT'S HARAM" or "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" is not the appropriate thing to say. You need to understand the underlying reasons behind the actions. Now, there is no doubt that you, dear sister, must stop the physical interaction with him (Zina, kissing and all that). This is the first step. You must tell him the truth: that you haven't told your family and that your relationship can't continue due to the fact that he isn't a Muslim. Now, he can do two things: 1) Chose to become a Muslim just because he wants to be with you = you don't want that 2) Chose not becoming a Muslim = this means that you can't be with him at all Number 1) really is tricky, because imagine if he just lives with you and then leaves you? He might not really believe in Islam, so that's no big deal for him. But for you, your life will be in a mess. You got to think about this. Last but not least, you have to think about this: Is he really the most unique guy you have found? There are plenty guys out there who are Shiite and good Muslims, persons and all that. You have found one guy and suddenly you think you have found the only one? To summarize: You need to end the Haram aspect (sleeping with him etc.) and tell him the facts: Either he becomes a Muslim or you can't be with him. If he doesn't want to convert, your life will NOT be chaotic. You will find a better person. God is with us all. May Allah support you in this difficult time.
  7. From what I know that channel is linked to Yassar al-Habib.
  8. Salam!! There are 4 hours left to deadline. It is only 450 words (it is an analytical essay). Can anyone correct it? I.e. find my mistakes and make my language better!! Jazzakumullah khayrul jazzah!
  9. If someone has time, I got a small text I need to see if I wrote correct :/
  10. Lol, not really brother Yeah, it is really interesting.
  11. Currently having a gap year, however, I imagine myself studying law or psychology.
  12. Hello, I have written an English essay, and I would like to hear if someone, who is strong in English, would like to correct the essays (of mistakes, which I haven't spotted). Furthermore, it could be great if you could tell me some ways to "flourish" my Enligsh, meaning how to write the sentence in a better way, etc. Thank you. Please write here or contact me on PM! Thanks, and may Allah bless you!
  13. In my country, we have free "lawyer-help" services, where you can receive advice from lawyers without any charge. Perhaps you have the same?
  14. Although we agree that it is ethically wrong, it is obviously not stealing. You earned the money, you didn't steal it from anyone.
  15. Perhaps brother @Islamic Salvation or brother @Qa'im can answer this?
  16. It is not only Netflix movies. Even if so-called "Islamic" movies show inappropriate scenes, then you have to skip it. Netflix has a huge movie database, so it is not everything which is haram.
  17. Agree. The job itself is Halal, but the small job is not declared, meaning the money he recieves is not declared.
  18. I further asked him. He told me that some scholars follow the principle of intiqadh. I asked www.sistani.org, just in case.
  19. Well, yes. I mean, I know the rule about "following the laws of the country you are in".
  20. Obviously, undeclared work (meaning that you don't inform the authorities that you have done a job and thus avoid paying taxes of your salary/fee) is not allowed by law. Now, if a person still does this, meaning that he doesn't declare his work, does his fee, salary or whatever become haram? That's my issue. Does it become haraam in fiqhi jurispudience? Thank you.
  21. Yup, I told him that that seemed fishy. He told me it was qiyaas what I said. I have, though, asked the office of Sayed al-Sistani about the subject.
  22. I just asked this Sheikh. We had a discussion about haraam in Western societies. He said you can gamble (which is haraam) but the money you get is halal. What...
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