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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. According to Sistani (read the fatwa below) a man, who wants to learn a girl, can't joke with her? I mean how should this fatwa be understood? Question: I want to ask about talking to ones fiancee on telephone, is it permissible or not? Answer: If it is feared that you might fall into a sin, it is not permissible. Since she is not related to you through Nikah as of now, you cannot express love or start joking and becoming intimate with her, and after the Islamic Aqd contract(Nikah) it will be fine.
  2. cmon, people are dead... only 4 replies? uff
  3. bruhh I was like 14 when I made this thread but thanks for the help ahahaa
  4. yo yo yo what do all people study and where do you guys live? What do you want work with? Lemme start: I live in Denmark and I study for law. I guess I want to be a lawyer. your turn xx
  5. No one? Hand-in is 4,4 hours from now. I am willing to pay if someone wants that. Just need to get it corrected, please someoneeee
  6. They usually take up to 1 day. It is, therefore, I hope someone here can help me out!
  7. Yes I have brother, but as you say, a real person can spot many mistakes, which Grammarly can't.
  8. Salam wa wb. I hope I have a brother or sister with a good heart. I have an English assignment, which I have to hand-in about like 6 hours from now. It is a quite important essay, therefore, I need someone to look at my grammar etc. (I am not English myself). I really hope someone can correct it. It is not long - thank you very much.
  9. Thank you sister for your thoughts. I agree with you. Sidenote. I have not stopped using the chat because I feel it is haram hehe.. I simply don't have time.
  10. Sâlam âlaykum wa rahmâtallahi wâbarakatu. First of all, I want to direct this message to the mods/admins. Please do not, I repeat, do not lock/delete this thread. Last time I posted a similar issue, and my thread was placed on "trash pit". That was quite weird. I hope this will not repeat itself. We need to discuss this. The chatroom, which many brothers and sisters use, is quite problematic, according to our scholars. Let me explain. I was told by a scholar, whom I asked, about joking etc., with the opposite gender (a non-mahram), which was not allowed according to Sayed al-Sistani
  11. Brother Assalam Alikum. how are you?  What's wrong brother,  it's been awhile you haven’t posted.  Are you okay?  Do you know Hajj Mohammed as sa3idi?  Are you friends with him?

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    2. Laayla


      Wa Alikum Assalam Brother.  Wonderful brother.  Thank you.I wish there was a way we could reach brother @hasanhh  :(


    3. ali_fatheroforphans


      Yeah it's strange how @hasanhhhasn't even once checked ShiaChat. I mean he used to be so active here, it doesn't make sense for someone to dissappear all of a sudden. God knows where he is, but inshallah he is alright. That's the thing about this forum, users will dissappear.

    4. hasanhh


      Thanks all and Ramadhan Mubarick.

      Truthfully, at the end of December after my last post, my connection finally went out for good. It was January before the telephone company came to fix it. They replaced a component.

      In the mean time, I decided to write a novel. Already having a story, I did some research, found an existing author's work to use as an 'accounting booklet' so-to-speak, and had 115k work base by April first. Then I have re-read twice and added for completeness. It is 118k words now.

      I had 6k words done at the first sit-down.

      I missed ShiaChat, but I knew I had to finish before I got de-railed.

      I was also 'sick', getting some kind of subcutaneous infection. Feels like cigarette burns in spots, ever so often. Two different anti-biotics knocked it down, but I still have it.

      How are you all?

  12. what, thats not fair? @Reza surely this must be a mistake
  13. What does this mean. It's a legit Islamic question. Is it hâram to use the chat function when you e.g. joke with the opposite gender etc.
  14. I have thought about this. Is it haram to use? Some say yes others say no. Give your thoughts.
  15. Ahsant akhi. Thanks for sharing your videos. I will listen to them. May I ask which subtitle program you use? I use Youtube's own, which is not quite good. May Allah bless you.
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