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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I simply cannot accept these people having been driven to such insanity 'Allah is a city'?!?! This means that Allah is limited and Muhammad is a piece of that limitation called Allah. It is as simple as 2 + 2 = 4.
  2. You can tell them you don't want any soliciting (the formal term for what they're doing), or even put up a sign and refuse to answer the door.
  3. The other problem with debating there is the brother doesn't read properly he acts as though I only addressed their forum in terms of the mocking that goes on in these debates, which is a childish excuse anyway I don't recall other people doing something suddenly allows you to commit wrongdoing. He also acts as though my list was in a specific order, there was no order order would need numbers, nitpicking. He also claims this thread makes Shias look bad, no, individuals make themselves look bad, it is you and your people who attempt to paint broad pictures much like some Christians I have met
  4. The problem with all of this is, of course, he will only take material from this thread he can use to make Shias look bad as in feed the prejudice present among pseudo-scholar Sunnis and their followers and cheerleaders who are more preoccupied with the activities of other Muslims than with the list I made which the brother scoffed at, as though reading Qur'an or watching a documentary etc. were not meaningful activities. He claims if I don't have hours, days, or weeks to 'debate' him, therefore I shouldn't comment on this thread, this illogical point is enough to see why debate is nonsense, h
  5. See the list I made for better things to do than to get offended that Shias or anyone else don't want to waste their time to 'challenges' as though this nothing more than a crusade against this forum or the people in it. The man is rude anyway, trying to provoke people by quoting them on the opposing forum rather than simply asking questions here. This isn't how Muslims should act nor debate rendering the debate useless to anyone who engages in it except to satisfy the intellectually cannibalistic urges of the members of that forum that wish turn Islam into a football match.
  6. It's also funny that the man keeps replying to posts made on ShiaChat but only on his forum, why would anyone engage in a thread the man already derailed by caring more about what Shias thought about him rather than the subject at hand. Reminds me of the Christians and Muslims who forever argue on various forums and chat rooms. Here is a list of things to do rather than engage in that debate - Read Qur'an - Read a book - Watch a movie - Spend time with family - Pray, make dua, meditate - Watch paint dry - Etc.
  7. Islam qa is a Salafist website, I would suggest Laleh Bakhtiar's translation of the Qur'an on the verses in question.
  8. Then it is unsurprising that the Middle East is bloated with dictators.
  9. Who said anything about the presence of an Imam? Is the point of thinking of those men we hold dear only to think of what would happen if they were here? They are our examples, what they would do is what we should take into our own souls to learn how we can handle these struggles in life. Assad is a tyrant, ISIS are a group of tyrants, do you think siding with one or the other will save anyone? The defense of a group of Shias or any other victimized group is of the highest nobility, but is this Assad's goal? Please, he is nothing more than an opportunist, he would throw away his allies at the
  10. As the world has around 7 billion people it is unsurprising that Christians have become Muslims, Muslims become Christians, Shia to Sunni, Sunni to Shia. I've personally known one brother raised Shia who had become Sunni after some 'learning', his insistence on debating me on the matters of Shia-Sunni issues before I had learn anything on those matters are what led me to accelerate my own learning on those matters and later accepting Imamate.
  11. It is the typical case made on behalf of many tyrants that things were 'generally fine' before a war has broken out or some other trauma has occurred to the country, no doubt Western interference in Syria is damaging, just as massive damage happened to Iraq when America invaded, so is it happening in Syria with the Western backed extremist rebels. There are many who said Iraq was 'generally fine' before the war broke out, while ignoring the rights violations, torture, etc. It is well known Assad lent Syria as a staging ground for U.S. torture (sprinkled with the pretty term 'extraordinary rend
  12. Salam alaikum, threads on forums about different groups will normally reduce themselves to bickering among different insistent young men who all hope to mean well, but usually both the Sunnis and Shias (or groups on any forum) blow up the arguments to the point of absurdly long diatribes leaving things a bit hollow. I'm glad to 'meet' someone who has done something which I have suggested in many threads, it is not forums that will solve the Sunni-Shia issue in the favor of Truth, but educating oneself through reflection, reading, and familiarizing oneself through the best methods (i.e. actuall
  13. Call the local authorities, stalking should be taken very seriously and remember many countries allow you to place a legal restraining order on the person. The next step for stalkers is almost always some kind of assault on their target, do NOT confront them by yourself. May Allah grant you safety and peace.
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