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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Some people have been saying this for years that hijab was never wajib on all women. It was just there to distinguish between slave and free women. I have noticed both muslims and non-muslims are constantly trying to convince me to stop wearing hijab. I have a cousin, who is rich and considered successful, and she doesn't wear hijab but people are always trying to convince her to wear hijab. When people see a woman who is not smart or not very good at her work, they immediately assume that she is going to sell herself to survive in this world and people treat hijab as a luxury. If you want to
  2. It's just stupid trends people try to adopt. Last year everyone was watching more tv. People were even telling me to watch more tv. This year people haveo decided watching tv is a waste of time. People, who don't watch tv, have other ways to waste time. They have meaningless long conversations for hours, and since they need someone to listen to those conversations and they know people, who like to spend their time on phones to hide from evil bullies in this world, are going to be the best people for their ego boost, they decide to criticize those people. Having long and meaningless conversatio
  3. You are mean. Janitor is too much work, i hate cleaning and my worst enemy is compared to Jesus, so I hate churches and all christians.
  4. The video says that HSPs are 15-20% of population. I can relate to most of the things described in this video but I cannot find anyone in real life who is also HSP. So where are all the HSPs hiding? I get irritated by even sunlight on a sunny day and I used to wear perfume for years but now I cannot stand its smell. I have also noticed that when I spend too much time around people, my brain gets over-stimulated and I sometimes get excited without any reason. And yes, when I am around people, I get all these feelings which I cannot explain, as soon as I am alone, all those feelings are gone. I
  5. It's really hard to work at low end jobs. I used to work with the college graduates and I have also worked at odd jobs. Working environment is sooooo different at both kind of jobs. I was only able to work for 6 months at the odd jobs and I was relieved when they ended my contract. Working at odd jobs is not easy, it takes so much of your energy and they really expect you to remain busy every single moment, and then you have to deal with co-workers. People are so mean to each other and constantly fighting. Every day I feel like I am going to fight a battle. You are not left with any motivatio
  6. Is there a way to get rid of feeling cringey? When I have many interactions which make me cringe, it leads to me feeling extremely uncomfortable at the end of the day. Is there a dua I can recite to get rid of this feeling?
  7. I care about peoples' opinion because it's effecting my career. Even working at entry level job has become like an election. You have to keep people happy, otherwise they won't let you stay. It's not just in my head because I have noticed it's bigger problem in companies which already have a high turnover rate like CVS pharmacy. It's my bad luck that I always get hired by companies with high turnover rate.
  8. https://abc7news.com/oxnard-college-michael-abram-professor-ventura/10357053/ I want to understand his reactions. Because I annoy so many people just like this student annoyed him. I go through different emotions, sometimes I am happy and sometimes I am sad. But it seems like when I am happy, I am too happy. And people get annoyed. I thought there was something wrong with my expressions but now I am wearing mask and I am dealing with same problem. People are so serious. Even when they are joking around they have such serious expressions. I was like that when I was dealing with abuse. I a
  9. I remember the case of Khadija Siddique from 2016, she had friendship with her class fellow but rejected his proposal and he stabbed her 32 times. I have started noticing this disturbing behavior in men. I get messages from guys living in Pakistan and my local molvis and even my parents encourage me to talk to them saying things like "they have problems, you don't have to give him money, just talk to him about his problems". If I don't reply, then I am arrogant because of living in west and because I am rich. I talked to a guy for 3 months and another for over a year. I told them both from day
  10. I didn't know Dr. Phil's show is a reality show. I genuinely thought he is a psychologist and the kind of advice he gives is the same kind of advice people get in therapy.
  11. I have never been to a therapist but I have been using anti anxiety medications. I think you should ask your parents if you can start with some medications. I can understand your fears. I watch Dr. Phil, and sometimes he is very understanding and compassionate but sometimes he is very mean to people and it seems like he is only bullying people along with other family members. It's very hard to hear blunt judgements and all the things that are wrong with you when you are already in an emotionally fragile state. We expect psychiatrists to be compassionate but sometimes they can become mean. If y
  12. I don't think it's very hard to choose. Of course you should choose the person who is not abusive. A person, who is abusive and thinks it's okay to be violent is NOT a good muslim. He has learned nothing from his prayers.
  13. https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2021/01/14/secret-service-bathroom-ivanka-trump-jared-kushner/ This is insane behavior and I have noticed that people are becoming so obsessive and psychotic about their homes. I live in my parents' home and my sister constantly complains that I am messy and make the home dirty and she wants to throw me out of the house. In december, I rented a room in a muslim woman's house and she also told me to go because I wasn't clean and I didn't talk much. I don't understand, $600 per month is a lot of money and if you get that much money without doing anyth
  14. https://youtu.be/UJ0s_Y5E36E I really like her brother. I wish I could be like him.
  15. I disagreed because it's mind boggling how you and the other user can talk against one kind of oppression and justify another type of oppression. Few women are abused by their own mothers but millions of women are abused by their mothers-in-law and you are justifying that? Also, I don't know who is the newly-wed you are talking about who needs to be accountable to her mother-in-law? Your friend has been married for 10 years and her mother is not a newly wed, I don't think your friend's mother's mother-in-law is even alive. My reaction was about the comments that women need mothers-in-law to ke
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