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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My parents have been preparing me for real world for the last 10 years.
  2. From your post, I got the impression that you work at CVS. If you do, that's the reason for all your problems. They have a very high turn around because they have really bad working environment. They make you work over time and give you so much stress that you are constantly thinking about your job even when you are not there. I would suggest finding a better job. Getting married will not solve this problem. If you work at CVS, yes you should quit.
  3. When I used to get sick a lot, I was very skinny, because I wouldn't want to eat anything while dealing with fever, nausea and headaches. After the age 13, I started gaining weight and in my culture, people generally dislike women who eat more. Why do people become abusive after a month? I think it's a general attitude among employers, they ignore any mistakes during the 1st month thinking employee is just learning the work. After 1 or 2 months, they become less forgiving and I will admit that at most places, work is very complicated and I make mistakes. I also have social anxiety and I
  4. I was going to ask the same question. I signed up for Google data analyst certificate but it looks too easy. I find it hard to believe that studying for 5 or 6 hours every week can prepare you for a new career in 4 or 5 months. I am looking for certificate in accounting because I am good at math. Computer/ programming certificates look too complicated. So anyone knows a good place where I can get accounting certificate which is not very expensive?
  5. I believe that you get disrespect from people when you are not tested with other things. I remember until the age of 13, I was always sick. A little bit of tension of exams and I would start throwing up and get a fever. During that time, I was everyone's favorite and I used to get so much respect. After age 13, I became healthy and I never got sick again. In recent years, I don't even get common cold or flu ever but I get so much disrespect from people, both at home and at work. Every place where I work, after 1 or 2 months, they just lose respect for me. I think it's because I never get sick
  6. I mostly share on facebook and I have only 30 friends on facebook. Yet, everything that I post becomes a topic of discussion in islamic center and also my work place. I even post in urdu because I am tired of the unwanted attention. Facebook is only outlet for my frustration sometimes and I have good/ sincere friends there. If my privacy settings are private and since we are talking about right thing to do, it is also a sin to steal someone's password and find out what they are posting. Everything I post should only remain confined to my facebook friends. Especially, people who don't understan
  7. That website IS about people who live in west, privileged class backgrounds. We are so willing to talk about privilege of rich people, but we forget that being a man is also a privilege. Just like rich people can never understand the problems faced by poor people, men can also never understand problems of women. If you have to deal with emotional, psychological abuse for a long time, it's as harmful and traumatic as other kinds of abuses. And people living in west do face psychological and emotional abuse, even financial abuse. Everyone has different levels of patience. Of course, people who
  8. I have read so many hadiths about how it will be extremely hard to retain faith in the end of times. Instead of judging people, who are losing faith, you all should really question that why is it so easy for all of you to remain faithful. Those people might be going through some hard tests and no one is immune from tests. You all think that just because you are men, or successful, you feel invincible and you think you will never be tested. Don't be so over confident. You all admit that we are going through end of times, and there are so many hadiths that it will be hard to keep your faith in e
  9. Wasalam! I don't think the example of Adam and Shaytan apply here. See, Adam was the one with more knowledge and he wanted Shaytan to prostate to him. Brilliant jerks are the ones with more knowledge and skills and they want all other people to "prostate" to them. So if we apply this example, then all the people who refuse to take abuse and disobey the "one with more knowledge" are actually Shaytan.
  10. Yes I have also known those type of people. They even think that they deserve to live in US more than me and I don't deserve to live here. They think that since they can survive in other countries due to their street smart, surviving in US won't be a problem either.
  11. These are all lies. The fact is that due to inequality increasing, life is becoming harder. Otherwise many rich people don't work at all and still earn so much money in US. I have been working for 15 years. Before 2016, jobs were mostly easy but now for the same amount of money, employers are demanding a lot more work. My brother in law gets $90000 per year, but he doesn't even go to office most days. He only works few hours every day. People spend 8 to 10 years in school and have 100s of thousands in student debt, no one is telling them to go to another country because they cannot work hard.
  12. I miss the old days when employers would just fire their employees if they didn't like their work. Now, employers keep their employees, but constantly insult them and humiliate them. I don't understand this logic, why hire someone and pay them money just so you can insult them daily. There's only one explanation, being evil and mean to others brings you success. This is similar to giving human sacrifice to please the devil.
  13. I am sorry I said too much. It's just people around me have been using Syed Sistani's and other mujtahids' names to impose major life decisions on me.
  14. Just because Syed Sistani says that it's permissible to take a mortgage doesn't mean it is WAJIB on all the followers of syed sistani to take a mortgage. If OP doesn't intend to get married, getting a mortgage is an unnecessary expense. And mortgage is not always an investment. I am not sure where OP lives, but I have lived in rented apartments and also a house. You spend so much money on house and then you get a profit after 10 or 15 years. You spend more money than you get back. My parents have also been telling me to work with their friends and relatives. But I know why do they want t
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