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  1. I don't want to work in an overnight shift and all the jobs I am able to find are looking for overnight shift. I can sleep in the morning. The only concern I have is that women don't generally work in the night shift. So I will deal with more sexual harassment in the night shift with men thinking I am easy because I am okay with working in the night shift.
  2. So people in my community are constantly promoting this idea that without taqwa, all your deeds are useless. Prayer, fasting, majlis, going for ziarat, nothing will benefit you. And by taqwa they mean getting married and remaining faithful to your spouse. Doesn't this sound very narrow minded and tunnel vision approach? There are other sins in Islam other than sexual sins. And studies have showed again and again that men are happier after getting married. It's easier for them to love any woman. While most women are unhappy in marriages, that's why they avoid marriage. Doesn't this idea that you can only be a muttaqi if you are happy in your marriage, doesn't it seem to favor men? And doesn't it agree with all those hadiths that majority of people in hell will be women? And how it fair that if I am not happily married, I am not allowed to follow other parts of Islam like praying, fasting, ziarat?
  3. Salam alaikum! I know everyone is praying for palestine right now, but if anyone can pray for me please. My relatives are threatening to send me to jail. I haven't done anything, but for powerful and rich people, it's not hard to make a false case on anyone and send them to jail. I am going for ziyarat in April, other than that I cannot think of anything I can do. I am praying all day but it feels like I am just wasting my time. Please pray for me.
  4. We shouldn't be so judgemental towards people who are not showing their support. There can be many reasons. Some people are fighting war like Palestinians while living in peaceful countries. They have responsibilities or worries about surviving. In the past, when I was watching news, people even told me I was using a tragedy to procrastinate and using it as a distraction from my responsibilities. Just because someone is living in west, it doesn't mean they have the power, time or luxury to worry about their fellow Muslims. It is possible that they are fighting for their own survival daily.
  5. After 2013, I have noticed that at most of my work places, there are mostly men. I think this is strange because I work in chemistry labs and that field shouldn't be male dominated. I think in chemistry and biology, women and men are equal in number in universities. I would think that women study these subjects more than men. So where do women work? I am suspicious if there's some kind of discrimination. Because for many jobs now the requirement is to be able to life heavy objects. If a person has to lift heavy objects only once during their entire work day, then making that a requirement is ridiculous. Any man can be assigned that duty. At my last job, they wanted me to lift bucket of ice, I refused so they hired a guy. I am getting suspicious that US government is deliberately trying to make it harder women to work so that they are forced to become dependent upon men, they have to get married and have kids. I saw LinkedIn profile of my coworker from 2013. She was a manager, very intelligent and successful in her career. But she has been unemployed since 2021. If I was in a male dominated field, I would understand why there are more men than women. But I am not in a male dominated field.
  6. Inna lillahe wa inna ilaehe rajeoon!!! This is heartbreaking.
  7. I am wasting so much time in fighting. I don't talk to anyone at work or from community. It's just that when people say mean things, I cannot think of an answer right away and then I feel like I am a loser. It ruins my mood and I am not able to do anything productive. But my coworkers and community members want to do amar bil maroof and nahi anil munkir, so they are always saying mean things to me. Since I don't listen to them, and I listen to religious scholars, now the religious scholars say all the mean things my family, community even my coworkers want to say to me. I don't have to click on video and listen to what they have to say but from 2019 to 2021, I spent listening to people yelling at me, now I just want revenge. So I spend my weekends and evenings listening to all the lectures from all centers and answering any attacks. I cannot control my urge to answer them. I used to think that once I live separate from my sister and I don't have to see her anymore, I will stop caring and I will focus on my own life. But it's not happening. When I listen to attacks, I only want revenge and I want to attack them back.
  8. Ever since I can remember, I always go to majlis on Aashura day. Last few years, I only went because I thought I will commit a sin by not going. But it is not a sin and I think I won't go this year. Do you think something bad will happen to me if I just don't go to majlis on Aashura day? I am not attending other majlis, just listening online.
  9. Islam and psychology actually are completely opposite. I have suspicion you are only going to tell people their mental disorders are their own fault and because of their sins. I can already tell from the name of your blog psychnafs. It's obvious you are trying to tell people that psychos are actually good people doing amar bil maroof and nahi anil munkir and the real psycho is our own nafs. No thank you, this kind of stuff only makes me more depressed. I won't listen to it if someone pays me money. There's no way I will spend money to worsen my anxiety.
  10. Even if my post looked like a joke, it's called dark humor. People use humor to deal with tragedies in life.
  11. I was not joking. I also know a bright faced person whom people call angel of death. But he is not going to kill me, he is only planning to marry me. People are telling me ways in which I can befriend the angel of death. I also met him in a shrine in Qom. The only difference is I didn't see all this in a dream and there's no significance of color green. I might be wrong! I just noticed the similarities and wanted to warn the OP that they might find themself in this situation.
  12. If we can compare the world government to leadership of a family; for years my family had two leaders both my mother and father. They had power struggles, fights but we were a happy family. Me and my sisters were able to get education and had careers. In 2017, my sister became the only leader and dictator of my family. She only has good relations with my father but not with any other family member. My family became so toxic that I had to move out. She is so abusive to my mother and my other sister. My parents had verbal fights but my father never hit my mother, even living with in-laws, even living in a backward country like Pakistan in 80s and 90s. When my sister became the only leader, my father started hitting my mother. So that's the problem with having only one government, I am sure oppression and tyranny will increase.
  13. It was not angel of death, it was your future spouse. He/she was in Imam Reza shrine means that some Hawza student or other Iranian has prayed for immigration to western country and their prayer has been answered and you will give them that immigration. There's no point in fighting it. You will HAVE to marry that person even if you don't want to. If you refuse to marry them, they will make your life failure so that you are not able to remain in west either. Green color is probably a tribute to the new world order. They love the color green and they will decide people's marriages. My guess is they have chosen the person in your dream as your spouse. Your married life is going to be life in barzakh, that's why your spouse appeared in the form of angel of death. Having a bright face means they care about their skin and they have good skin but not any other qualities. So they will use this bright face as a point to convince you for marriage. Don't get deceived by bright face. A person with bright face can still look ugly due to their short height or annoying personality.
  14. An educated woman doesn't just benefit herself, she benefits her whole family. Educated women can improve country's economy, they can raise better children benefitting future generations. They can do innovations and end the overall oppression of women. I really don't understand why people hate drug addicts so much. In a culture, where victims of abuse don't get sympathy, drug addicts' wives get moral support and sympathy from people. They can get divorce whenever they want. Honestly, drug addicts suffer more than their family members. Their wives just get become entitled due to people's support and create unnecessary drama.
  15. Total number of heroin addicts in Iran and Pakistan combined is around 2.5 million. Since 2021 Taliban takeover, there hasn't been any improvement in the lives of irani and Pakistani women. In Iran, protests happened just last year which were mostly women. This proves that Iranian women's lives didn't improve. And Pakistani women also haven't seen any improvement in their lives. 2.5 million vs 20 million afghani women. The number of afghani women suffering is 7 times more.
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