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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I want to ask brothers and sisters here to make dua for me. My sister is home all the time and she has made it really difficult to stay inside home. I am not able to go to many places right now because of stay at home order. I am really stressed out. Please pray for me for protection from enemies.
  2. Our local center has volunteer opportunities for bringing groceries and medicines to people. I was thinking about doing that but my state has announced shelter-in-place which means I can get pulled over by police everytime I go out. I am scared of that because there have been incidents of police shooting autistic people. Whenever I have encountered police, I seem to make them angry. That's why I don't want to go out, But I don't do anything at home and it bothers so many people. Not just my family but all my relatives. I cannot decide what to do.
  3. I think he is probably interested in astrology and he was hurt by fire and air signs. I am not bothered by it, I just find it funny that he generalized all the people in fire and air signs.
  4. Recently I heard a scholar describing four types of humans. He said humans are made of 4 elements, fire, air, mud and water. Humans, who are made of fire are very vengeful. Humans made of air are big dreamers, they make big plans but never fullfill them. Humans made of mud are very humble and humans made of water are very shy. I realized he described 4 types of astrological signs: Earth, water, fire and air. But he praised Earth and water signs and critisized fire and air signs. It seems like water and eartg signs have made an alliance while fire and air signs have become one team. I do get along with water and Earth signs except for cancer.
  5. I dream and fantasize about moving out but the problem is finding a room mate. I am scared that I will find myself in another toxic situation. Is there any website specifically for Muslims where I can look for Muslim female roommate?
  6. I am sorry I became very rude. It was frustration from dealing with other people IRL which I decided to take out on you. The teenager taunt I often receive from my sister, it triggered me.
  7. No I don't give my money to FAMILY to help out. I am FORCED to give money to my sister who is my biggest enemy. She doesn't need my money, she only takes my money to hurt me. I do bad duas for her, and if not in this world, she will get punished in next world InshahAllah. You are twisting my words, this shows you are a dishonest person.
  8. What is that supposed to mean? My mother is 72 years old and she constantly gives money to my bully sister. She will give all her wealth to my bully sister, being unfair to her other kids but she has no other option. My father constantly buys expensive gifts for her. I give a very small amount of money compared to other ADULTS and that is why I take the most abuse. Because of your condescending style, it's obvious that you are not sincere and that's why I won't pay attention to anything you say. I am not a teenager, I am a civilized, law abiding, kind-hearted decent human being like majority of people who are controlled by bullies. You are either a bully or you get protection from a woman bully, that's why you are talking like this. Who knows, what kind of sacrifices you give for the woman bully who protects you. Mostly they require constant flattering. You probably spend most of your day flattering that woman.
  9. What is the solution? Should I cure my autism or change the thinking of 100+ people? Which miracle do you want me to perform? I don't only take pills. I also earn money which I regularly give to my bullies and I take insults from them daily but I haven't physically attacked anyone and haven't gone to jail once.
  10. As an introvert, I have been forced to live like an extrovert for past few years. I was thinking that now all these extroverts will have to live like introverts, they will realize how difficult it is to go against your nature.
  11. I agree with @starlight while men in Pakistan THINK they are in charge, the fact is that these men are controlled by few women. A bad woman really has the ability to control and manipulate so many men. But the problem is that those powerful women are very few. Majority of women are still getting oppressed. The issue is inequality, I don't care if Pakistan had a female prime minister or few women have more rights and more power than western women. I want my basic rights. I am not going to be content with feeling happy with the success of other women while I am getting oppressed. People in our community have even started cancelling 22 rajab niaz due to coronavirus. What about in Pakistan? It must be very traumatic for all the men. I have nothing against 22 rajab niaz, but like all other religious rituals, it has been ruined by culture. It has become a competition among men to show off their wives' home making skills. Pakistani women are probably feeling relieved.
  12. Funny thing is that Pakistani women have always been more religious than men. Men don't pray or fast, they commit all the sins which women cannot even think about and they are mostly against mullahs. But now since mullahs have started preaching misogynist teachings, all of a sudden all the men have become super religious and they are acting like asking for women's rights is equal to opposing Islam.
  13. https://images.dawn.com/news/1184782 I am scared. Imran Khan is so much like Zia ul Haq. I was very young during his rule but I am now experiencing how religious hypocrites can be so dangerous. The only difference is that Zia ul Haq was against Shias, and Imran Khan's party is against women. We are really going backwards regarding rights of women. I cannot believe I used to complain during Peoples party and especially Nawaz league times. They were much much better than Imran Khan. The most scary thing is that he is still so popular, so he will remain in power for a long time. The way people are supporting the bakwas of this man Khalil ur rahman qamar is shocking. It's as if they have become blind and deaf and they cannot see how clear is it that this man did something wrong.
  14. My only problem is I am autistic, and I live among ignorant people who will never accept me. With time passing, they are going backwards in their thinking. So there's no solution to this problem. I cannot fight with so many people, and that's why I use anti depressants.
  15. All the people who are trying to stop you from getting anti-depressants are like the evil woman in this video. Telling OP to get married is the worst idea. Marriage only brings more problems in life and if you already have problems like depression, there's no way you can handle marriage. Loneliness is very tiny teeny little problem compared with the problems of married life. You will not be suffering due to anti-depressants. I have been using them for 3 years and I have not become dependent. They are much less expensive solution than a marriage.
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