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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, darood bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  2. (bismillah) Please read the below article and send Rep. Hasner a message. Let him know that individuals holding public office should not be so bigotted and irresponsible. Adam Hasner Website Florida State Representative Adam Hasner Makes anti-Muslim RemarksFort Myers, Florida, October 13, 2008- While speaking at the premiere of the highly controversial documentary film 'The Third Jihad' at Muvico Palace 20 in Boca Raton, Fl, House Majority Leader Adam Hasner made a bold claim that left Florida Muslims in shock. Hasner, who was on hand to promote the film was asked by an audience member if
  3. tsk tsk tsk tsk Sudan should worry more about the repurcussions of killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people, not a "Shi'a Octopus". The west will bury the sudanese in their mud huts before the shi'a open bookstore chains.
  4. Ooops... I guess no embedding allowed. :angry: Just go to : youtube.com/yaamahdi Wasalam
  5. <object width='780' height='445'><param name='movie' value='http://uk.youtube.com/cp/vjVQa1PpcFNVWgmzWlFPtMvtXYyYykIZNs_te3I2eXQ='></param><param name='wmode' value='transparent'></params><embed src='http://uk.youtube.com/cp/vjVQa1PpcFNVWgmzWlFPtMvtXYyYykIZNs_te3I2eXQ=' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' wmode='transparent' width='780' height='445'></embed></object> Enjoy! Wsalam
  6. Series has been cancelled after a couple of people threw rocks at the station.
  7. MMA needs to come up with a rule that if you keep back peddling you automatically lose the round or get a warning and the next a dq. Chuck is known for doing that and in mma you shouldn't be able to. If you don't have the ground skills, TOUGH. Stand and fight or go get some.
  8. Most of them are highly skilled wrestlers, judo practitioners, or jiujitsu black belts. Put any of them against a top boxer and they will come out the victor.
  9. Salaam y'all I hate kobe. I have to say that. I hate kobe with a passion. I was cheering like crazy for shaq in the championship just because kobe was on his couch crying. He is the epitome of a selfish brat athlete who thinks the other 4 guys on the court are there to make him look good. I have a lakers shirt with his number with "Two Assists" on the back! wslam youtube.com/yaamahdi
  10. Salamun Alaikum That website is as reliable as a jewish extremist talking about Islam. Wsalaam
  11. I keep hearing this term 'moderate' on the news channels as they refer to some sunnis and shi'as. I've never heard a muslim use this word as an adjective to describe another muslim though. Moderation in islam? It's like someone saying I drink moderately, not too much. How can Islam, which encompasses every facet of one's being, be taken in moderation. Is this a new sect in pakistan?
  12. That's funny. You had your "informed sources" who thought it a "slam dunk" sure idea to invade a country illegaly. Watch cnn, fox, msnbc, bbc, .. and let us know how many times you hear "whitehouse sources", "informed sources", "official who wished to remain anonymous"...
  13. (salam) The Muslim Congress is an organization of the united Muslims of North America. Our goal is to establish a Muslim community in Noth america based on strong Islamic beliefs where individuals can grow and prosper without compromising their Islamic identity. In keeping with our objectives, the Muslim Congress invites you to its 3rd annual conference in Orlando, Florida titled "Legacy of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and Muslim Unity" on September 1-2, 2007 (Labor Day Weekend). We look forward to your participation. We need as many people as possible to attend, Insha'Allah. Please click
  14. Salaamun Alaikum Hope this finds everyone in the best of healths, insha'Allah. A while ago someone mentioned the name of a CIA official saying something about Iran and how it is the last bastion of resistance in the muslim world. I need the name of his book and the actual quote from the book, if possible. I tried the 'Search' feature here, but it's been disabled for quite some time now. Appreciate any assistance. Jazakullah YaaMahdi youtube.com/yaamahdi
  15. Salaam Alaikum You should not and cannot punish the child for the crimes of his/her father. The child that has been conceived is a gift from Allah for the crime that has been committed against the mother. Hardships may arise, but the child can be brought up as a pure soul.
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