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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i partially agree with your post, we as muslims shouldn't judge, however i personally believe that aisha shouldn't be disrespected, after all she is the wife of a prophet, sending lanat to aisha is ones own choice, it is not haram, cursing is haram-there's a difference. With the verse you quoted, yes it says that the wives of the prophet are the mothers of the believers, but have you ever considered what that actually means?? As you should know, after the prophet's death, the wives of the prophet are not permitted to marry another man, the wives being labelled as 'mothers of the believers' only means that believing men are to treat them like their mother reinforcing the idea that they cannot marry them. this is shown in a hadith (sorry i have no referencing) where a lady came to visit Aisha one day, calling her 'mother of the believers', aisha replied by saying she is only the mother of the believing men, not the believing women. From what i've heard, all the tafsirs of the aya are in line with this. for more info, refer to the following lecture: ok, where's your proof?? who said 'theres a big difference between Allah (swt) cursing mankind and us cursing'. you say 'cursing is allowed in some instances (or whatever that word is meant to say)' , where are you getting these 'rules' from??, sending lanat is allowed, lanat (cursing) is basically a dua'a where you ask Allah to lower his mercy on specific individuals, and just like any dua'a , it can be accepted or rejected. you say to accuse anyone falsely is among the greatest of sins. well, if your saying that lying is a sin, then yeah i agree with you. but who is accusing aisha falsely?? ans what do you mean 'satisfactory' Allah?? :huh:
  2. i feel like dragging this guy from his collar and talking some sense into him.
  3. maybe you could read the transliteration then read translations??
  4. this is the ruling: * If a person turns his head away from Qibla while his body remains facing Qibla, and if with that turning of the head, he is able to see behind partly, he will be considered to have deviated from Qibla, and he will follow the rule explained above. But if the turning of head is so minimal that it can be said that his front part of the body is towards Qibla, then his prayers will be valid, though it is Makrooh to do such thing.
  5. Safannah


    umm i didn't ask for the definition of 'third stanza', i was asking what does the the third stanza of the poem "prejudice" means... what that stanza's referring to.. but thanks for replying anyway..
  6. Safannah


    ok so i've got an english assignment & i need help.. WHAT THE HELL DOES STANZA 3 MEAN?? also can anyone find a specific quote(s) that link to the concept of social class and segregation... Prejudice How strangely blind is prejudice, the Negro's greatest foe! It never fails to see the wrong but naught of good can know. 'Tis blind to all that's lofty, yea, to truth it is opposed, Degrading things will ope his eyes, while good will keep them closed. How cruel, too, is prejudice! how wicked is the tongue! The evils reign supremely there, the bad is ever sung; With some the Negro needs a soul, with others he's a brute, In silence those remaining live and naught of this dispute. The schools it legislates against, in keeping Negroes down, Whatever tends to elevate it meets it with a frown. It gives to them the Jim Crow car and vessels on the sea; It makes the stockade to exist and take their liberty. It makes the press to vacillate up the Negro's name, The pulpit makes a compromise with evil, for the same, It makes the Pharaohs of today and seals them with its ban, It strives to close the door of hope upon the Negro man. It causes mobs to formulate, to come and go at will, At morning, evening, noon or night, a Negro man to kill, It brings injustice to the courts when Negro men are tried, It wrings the ballot from their hands—a thousand wrongs beside. It is the country's greatest curse, the nation's open sore, It slowly saps the precious life, is poison to the core, Such ravages gave certain death to nations in the past, The same will lay this country low, its fondest hopes will blast. It minimizes all that's good and magnifies the ill, The devil's mission upon earth, it clamors to fulfill; 'Twas prejudice that caused the death of Christ upon the tree, He knows the pangs that Negroes feel and gives them sympathy. When men refuse to see the light a darkness is assured, Such blindness comes upon the scene as never can be cured! Contagious is the dread disease, for Negroes learn to view The white man with suspicious eyes, but here's a thing that's new. The Negro Problem of the land, and all the same entails, Will be no more whene'er we find a sentiment prevails, To bury prejudice so deep it never can arise Till all the races of the earth shall meet above the skies. Twas God who made the Negro black, the reasons are His own One blood the nations all the same, the facts are too well known, He also made the Golden Rule, to use the neighbor well, Shall prejudice among us dwell forever? who can tell? -Lizelia Augusta Jenkins Moorer
  7. lol you're right it is!! http://www.firstpost.com/tech/google-nose-to-youtubes-end-best-of-april-fools-day-jokes-in-tech-682850.html
  8. dont know what your talking about.. maths or chemistry?
  9. i dont think its really though, seems photoshopped
  10. Believe this would actually work??
  11. false you miss your high school years
  12. the wives of prohet Noah and Lot were bad, and Allah curses them in the Quran, Aisha is no different
  13. im sorry for 'butting in' again, but i just had to say this ARE YOU SERIOUS??? all that evidence from your OWN books and you're denying the truth. and the stry of Ghadeer was ALL ABOUT SUCCESSORSHIP and it is extremely important.. and whats wrong with him posting his own analysis, seriously the hadiths are straight forward and their meanings are clear as day, dont need to be einstein to figure them out PEACE :mellow: seriously??
  14. excuse me?? where is your respect??? dont call me brain dead, or empty headed or whatever... it was the truth, your post was of no relevance and highly subjective. Firstly, u talk about your love for umar, well good for you, then you go on talking about bold letters and i dont know what... For the sake of answering your question regarding what was the prophet (pbuh) going to write, well this is my answer: To be honest I havent interpreted hadiths regarding this issue, but inshallah if i do, i'll get back to you. But from the knowledge that i know about the situation, all i can say is that it doesnt really matter what the prophet was going to write, it matters, but its the fact that Umar just goes on stopping the prophet from writing his final message before he left this world, would you do that, give me an honest reply, would you?... the Prophet (pbuh) is about to reveal his final message, and you tell interupt him and tell him "no the quran is enough for us" and call him 'delirious'.... would you do that??? and there is hadith to prove this incase you ask me for proof, others have posted these hadiths earlier in this thread.. and if you seriously still want to know what the Prophet (pbuh) was going to write, well i think he was going to write down who his successor would be, which was ALI (as)...once again, i havn't fully interpreted the hadiths regarding this issue, i cannot providde you with an accurate answer now, it's like 11:20 pm... swords of shiasm posted this hadith earlier: So if it wasnt for Umar, many of us wouldnt be so astray... Allah KNOWS BEST walaykum as-salam
  15. I havent heard of this before... Are you sure...???... Please show your evidence Ahem... What is this Why is it that u post such empty posts which really get no point accross and are highly subjective. Im sorry but i just had to say this.. Um what the hell is a majoosi?? And no actually, we're angry because umar (la) killed fatimah (as)... So whos side r u on?? Fatimah(as) the Daughter of the holy prophet (pbuh) or Umar(la) who woeshipped idols for like half of his life??? Intention?? So now its intention??? But when it comes to shias theres no intention, we are accused of polythesim for praying ob a clay tablet, yet our intention is unknown by some of u lot. We r accused of worshipping graves when we were just passionate about the personalities we visit and our intention is not of shirk... We are called kafrs yet u do not know whats in our heart So before u talk about intention to support umars stupid acts, THINK AGAIN. Ps im not accusing u ofthinking this way about shias, but lets face it, a lot of sunnis judge us without knowing our intention And besides i thought Umar was a "rightly guided calip" according to u, shouldnt he have known better than to annoy the Holy prophet on his death bed?? Or was he trying to distract the prophet from writing down who his successor will be???
  16. relax, my mum's been through similar things too, except she rarely fasted in ramadhan which she has to make up... but anyway, she just prays one extra a day...its fine...
  17. camel hump?? do you mean like a big bun??
  18. "Do Shia Believe That The Imam Cannot Commit Sin?" Its not that they CANNOT commit sin, its that they WOULD NOT commit sin but yeah, we believe the are divinely chosen and infallible, along with all other prophets of Allah.
  19. hang on, that site is based on the works of HARUN YAHYA!!! :o
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