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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. proof?? And besides, People are cursed in the Quran - how many verses have u seen that begin with- "lanatu-Allah on so and so and such a group of people".
  2. The Punishment for adultery is mentioned in the quran: "(As for) the fornicatress and the fornicator, flog each of them, (giving) a hundred stripes, and let not pity for them detain you in the matter of obedience to Allah, if you believe in Allah and the last day, and let a party of believers witness their chastisement. (24:2) The fornicator shall not marry any but a fornicatress or idolatress, and (as for) the fornicatress, none shall marry her but a fornicator or an idolater; and it is forbidden to the believers.(24:3) Also note that the punishment for zina cannot possibly be death, as it would be incoherent for the verse 3 (above) to talk about adulterers remarrying. As for gossiping being worse that adultry, it is not mentioned in the quran (as far as i know) only ahadiths. The Prophet (s) once gave counsel to Abu Dharr ® , saying: “O Abu Dharr! Beware of backbiting, for backbiting is graver than adultery (zina’).” Abu Dharr ® said: “Why is that so, O Messenger of Allah?” He (s) replied: “That is because when a man commits adultery and then repents to God, God accepts his repentance. However, backbiting is not forgiven until forgiven by its victim.” [Al-Hurr al-`Amili, Wasai'l al-Shi`ah, vol. 8, hadith no. 18312] This hadith is from a shia source, though im fairly certain that such are present in sunni sources, though with weaker ratings. Perhaps this site should clarify: http://www.islamic-laws.com/backbiting.htm
  3. Punishment for adultery is not death. its lashes (unless he/she repents then all is forgiven). Also, i have heard that Backbiting is worse than adultery because in order to be forgiven for backbiting by God, you mast first be forgiven by the person you were gossiping about, whereas you can be forgiven for adultery without needing the forgiveness of others. im pretty certain It was quoted by Imam Ali (as), yet i do not remember the exact words/ phrases he used.
  4. Whats wrong with you, So only you sunni people are allowed to critique shia sources but when the opposite happens, we get dramas like this. If anything, there is so much hate from the sunni side, (all you have to do is look at a sunni forum) and it is such notions that hinder unity. I find it so offensive when you say: "I'm just glad these christians haven't found your books yet because only God know what they will say then. You are a small minority, why would they look at your sources?" and here you are, telling us to stop having unity seminars and conferences. I just get so much hate from you and i find it so offensive- if you have nothing logical and sustained to mention, then just keep quiet. PS. being a minority is awesome- When you're part of the majority, you come to think that you're ultimately right because everyone else is doing it. When your a minority, you come to question the various faiths out there an it becomes such and enriching learning experience.
  5. 2. Look but we're not stupid- Do you seriously think that people will just blindly stop doing the things u listed (latim, attending majalis, etc.) The chain of events u listed is unlikely to occur if tatbir is banned- especially if it is done by religious leaders themselves. Anyway- it doesnt have to be formally 'banned' for people to stop doing it. 3.No, i asked you what vid you were reffering to because there were so many on this thread. Im not going to search through 10 pages for 1 vid. 4. Mourning= grief and crying , yes. But not the extremes to harming yourself to THAT extent. your body was a gift, respect it. 5.Okay- suit yourself. Im done with this thread- it just keeps on going in circles and it seems that everyones going to stand their grounds and this argument will be endless. wa as-salamu alaykum.
  6. 1. No i did not know the word (im an arab)- thanks for expaining 2. The baath taking power was not because of people stopping Tatbir- my argument is that it is unrealistic for banning tatbir to have a direct impact . The baath occured due to various factors- it was a political system that had risen against Islam- and not because people stopped doing Tatbir. 3. I did not watch the vids (what ones are you referring to- this is a long thread), but im justing thinking for myself and it doesnt seem that stopping Tatbir will stop the message of Ahlu-albyt spreading-im just being realistic. 4. Hmmmmm, what do you mean "it is haram for me".- as in i consider it Haram. I still dont agree with what you said here- mourning doesnt mean causing so much harm to yourself- if anything, the purpose of mourning (referring to mourning for Ahlulbayt) is to reflect on our own character (our patience, our determination, our attitudes during hard times) and serves to remind us what we're really here for and where we should direct our lives. 5. There are legitimate reasons behind those things u listed (polygamy, etc), Tatbir,however, is far too violent and visually disturbing for it to appeal to anyone. Ok calm down- Stop making it seem as though im trying to "force" my opinions- im just stating them and justifying them. If you and others dont agree- then so be it.
  7. 1. what's 'azadari' - 2. Still your argument doesn't make sense and is a little unrealistic. Come on- we're very conscious of what's going on around us, i'm sure that by not practicing tatbir, somthing as extreme as majalis not being held wont happen. 3. You said: "By keeping Tatbir, you know that there is a hidden agenda to forbid the commemoration of Ahl-el-Bayt -pbut-, if someone tries to forbid or disallow it." Lets be real man- this is so far fetched. By banning tatbir, no ones eliminating the commemoration of Ahl-el-Bayt (PBUT), there are other ways of commemorating and those ways are about rousing our emotions and not inflicting harm on yourself. 4. "...Personally, when i feel so sad for what happened to Ahl-el-Bayt -pbut-, i'd feel like my physical pain must reflect my mental one. ..." Then whats the difference between you and those who self-harm ??? If you feel so sad then why not just commemorate through words, stories, etc. Its about what u feel inside-not out. You remember by following their teachings and their moral ideas- THAT is a reflection of who they were and the message of islam, and it is those teachings that they died for. People who do Tatbir bring a bad reputation to Muslims (notice i said 'muslims' and not 'shia muslims', it just is not fair). You could potentially defer someone from Islam, and then it'll be YOUR fault. This is very risky because you may b questioned on it on judgement day- just saying. Salams
  8. this sounds rediculous, 'first line of defence', what do you mean?? Since when was harming yourself defending anyone. I cant tell whether you're being literal or metaphorical. By either way, it doesnt make sense. Defence against what exactly? Please do explain what you mean. I dont see the point in it to be honest. If you love someone, you're meant to impliment their ways and teachings, not recreate the sufferings they experienced. In what way are you purifying your souls? Im a shia myself, and i find it so wrong that people do this. Dont mean to be offensive, but its quite disgusting actually.
  9. “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ― Oscar Wilde

  10. So what are the most highly regarded hadith books by shia muslims. So like Where sunnis regard Bukhari and sahih muslim highly, what about shias?
  11. well you see, i had (and still do have ) a packet of lindt chocolate in my cupboard- waiting to be eaten :P but then i heard that they contain alcohol, because they have liquid centres. Alcohol is not written on the ingredient list and when i emailed the company, i did not recieve a response.. I did a bit of research and found the following: so, is it halal or not?
  12. where can i watch the full lecture??
  13. i have this problem as well, and ive managed to come up with a few techniques to help overcome loss in concentration during prayer: 1. pray SLOW- say your prayers slowly and also do the actions at a slow pace, taking things one at a time really helps. praying too fast causes you to quickly lose focus in your words and your mind begins to wonder off. Sometimes, i take 1-2 second pauses between each rukin, just to keep track of what im up to. 2. do not repeat your prayers too often, as soon as you come to pray, ensure to remind yourself that you're praying this prayer once (and once only) and that you're taking the prayer slow. Constantly repeating prayers will cause you to want to hasten the prayer and "get it over with" rather than enjoy its true essence. 3. sometimes, i recite surat al-Ikhlas after surat al-fatiha in the first and 2nd rakaa, just to seek refuge in Allah from the whispers of shaytaan.. 4. its important to make dua'a throughout your prayer wherever u can- the more duaa u make the more it'll feel like youre 'talking' to Allah, hence, you'd gain more of a spiritual connection to God which enhances concentration hope that helps :)
  14. Salaam sister, inshaAlah you are well. My condolences to you through out this month. Ya Hussain!

  15. hello According to islamic principles, what is gossiping? is it talking negatively about someone in their absence? what if those negative traits are true? What if you're talking about a particular event and you talk of the bad things a person has done? is that gossiping too? How do you repent for it?? If someone is backbiting and you remain silent, have you sinned too? someone clarify this for me.. thanks :)
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