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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^more out of curiousity than anything else, can someone please clarify to me why Ayatullah Khamenei's decleration is limited to "southern Canada" only ? (as in, what are the reasons for not including the northen parts of Canada ?)
  2. interesting, i always thought anything on east cost, would be considered to share the same horizon,(speciay the North East) can you please provide me with a more technical detail on what will be considered as "sharing the horizon" ? WS
  3. yes, but if it is seen in Virginia, based on Ayatullah Khamenei's rulling it will be eid in Toronto as well, would it not ?
  4. Afghan Canadian Islamic community, has announced eid for tomorrow Sunday, namaaz to be at 10 am https://www.facebook.com/afghancanadians/?fref=nf
  5. Let me blame it on posting late at night, which is why I was not able to explain myself properly :) My post was not targeted towards DV (apart from the part where I asked him for the source) but towards the ones who created that photo and are making such an absurd claim.
  6. Yes it would indeed be an understatement to say that he is only running a madressa, but he has not been part of any main stream shia political movement in Pakistan, at least that was the point I tried to make (perhaps my choise of words was not the best) but based on what bro "waiting for him" has said, that may not be true anymore. As for trusting him over MWM (or MWM over him for that matter) is a concept I am never really comfortable with, why must we always make this a comparison? Just like Agha Jawad, there are a number of esteemed scholars, who are working under the banner of MWM, and I
  7. ^I will glady take your words for it :) as I mentioned earlier Agha Jawad is indeed an asset for us
  8. @darth vader, bro you seriously need to share the source of your info with me, because the things you come up with are just absurd. Why in world would Allama Nasir Abbas (shaheed) have a money issue with Allama Raja Nasir, other than being namesakes they had hardly anything in common, were from different cities, different families, had no business or political dealings with each other what so ever ! Even if the intent was to start a rumor, it would have been wiser to name a MWM leader from Multan, so at least there was some connection there :)
  9. ^Agha Jawwad is indeed an asset for our community, but unfortunately, for reasons known best to him, has taken more of an "individualistic" approach, and has kept himself away from pretty much everyone else. Last year (or was it the year before?) he did participate in the national convention organized by MWM but since then he has kept himself restricted to his own organization.
  10. @ darth vader, I am quite amazed at the information (or lack of it) which you have presented here. First of all MWM is still very much active, all over Pakistan and has practically replaced Shia Ulema Council (Sajid Naqvi) as the main Shiite representative party. I was initially planning on refuting your claims on one by one bases, but to be honest, I am more interested in knowing the source of your information, as it seems to me that you are either completely unaware of recent developments in Pakistan ( from Shiite perspective that is) or this information has been fed to you by a political pa
  11. As the brother mentioned, there are more than just one, and I have purposely avoided taking names here ,because I don’t want the topic to become person specific. .
  12. What is happening in Punjab is certainly not unprecedented as similar attempts of curtailing Azadari have been made before as well. However the difference this time around is that we the Shiites are no longer united, I have seen shia groups on Facebook (and know of many people in person) who are actually supporting the ban on Agha Jawad, out of personal dislike/hatred. There are prominent Shiites in Lahore, which have been bought out by the government, and are often seen propagating for the government. One such “Allama” (the use of term here is purely sarcastic) takes pride in being the blue e
  13. really dont see a point of this post, specially when this muharram has "largely" been peaceful in Pakistan, i think it would be much more productive, if you would urge your own government to stop supporting the Bahraini regime which is directly responsible for atrocities committed against the Shiites of Bahrain.
  14. well that is my point exactly, see if it was only a matter of road blockade, in my opinion it would not be that problematic for the people, however by the time the majaalis end, all the society gates are closed, and people only have the option of leaving through one road and that leads into a lot of chaos and inconvenience for the people, at least this has been my personal observation and experience. Now coming back to the letter, can you tell us how have the residents at large reacted to this ? When I use to live in the same society (around 13 yrs back) there was a great sense of sectarian un
  15. ^nice to see u here again bro :) anyways I dont think so CM lives in the same block anymore i guess he moved to defense a while ago (or maybe that is just his son) never the less I can tell for a fact that last yea (technically January 2010) during the safar majaalis traffic would be a mess outside the mosque, and was undoubtedly a matter of great inconvenience for the locals. HOWEVER the problem had less to do with the mosque and more to do with the stupid society by-laws which close all the side roads getting in and out of the society, so all the peoples (those who had come for the majalis a
  16. ^sis i believe the hearing is set for the 17th so I am looking forward to you and Faisal giving us updates as things keep unfolding, I truly pray and hope that this event turns out to be a turning point of Shiites in Malaysia and they end up enjoying more religious freedom.
  17. great news indeed if it is true, how ever I must say that over the past few months i have read so many such press releases that it makes me quite skeptical to say the least.
  18. so a bunch of idiots in some locality of Pindi grabbed a horse (as to me there was no indication that this horse was a shabeh-e-zuljena) and started raising the slogan of "shia kafir", it seems like the whole thing did not last more than 10 mins, but need I remind you guys that Shias of Parachinar have been living under a siege for over 3 years now, and Shiites all over Pakistan are being martyred ever day, so if you want to raise an issue for "Shia cause" in Pakistan, please let it be something which really matters......
  19. ^so u r justifying his murder based on some pictures you saw on google ???
  20. I may not agree with everything Shahid has said, but he is right that one reason why Pakistani Shiites are constantly being targeted is our history of taking a vocal stand against injustice and oppression, starting from Zia's era all the way to date. On the other hand if you look at Aga Khani's living in Pakistan, they are hardly ever targeted, and the reason is that they have kept themselves isolated and never spoken for or against any thing which goes around in the world.
  21. I have never lived in India so cant say much about how shiites are over there, but I have never really felt "unsafe" in Pakistan as a Shia, nor have I ever felt discriminated against because of my faith
  22. ^Faisal if I was you I will not pay much attention to the above post as it was simply meant to divert the topic.. nyways back to the actual issue, can you please tell me how free/independent is the Malaysian legal system ? I mean if the case ends up in higher courts is there a chance that sanity will prevail and this law will be s[Edited Out]ed for once and for all ?
  23. bro Faisal, just because this topic did not get the attention it deserves does not mean people are apathetic towards what happened in Malaysia,as soon as i read your post, I went ahead and emailed the High Commissioner of Malaysia in Ottawa, and posted a link on my FB urging others to do the same, the reason I did not reply on this thread (till now) because I really do not see a point of simply curing the Malaysian authorities over here for me it is much more important that all of us take some practical steps (in our own capacities) to help our Malaysian brothers and sisters in this time of ne
  24. wao u guys actually charge for your content, that is really a first one.......
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