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  1. Salam alaikum 

    Which language to learn? 

    If one of you would be fluent in Arabic, which language would be the second from these two options? 

    Persian is useful for Iran which is somehow heart of shiite Islam.

    and also spoken in Afghanistan and tajikistan.

    Turkish is spoken in shiite Azerbaijan 

    But also in many parts of Iran 

    As well as in Turkmenistan Usbekistan Kazakhstan turkey and other little areas of Russia and China .

    With Turkish you can reach more people from balkan to China and from Iran to sibiria. Many Turk languages that make big part of eurasia!

    Farsi is very useful to study books

    Of Islam!

    So in addition to Arabic ,

    Would you rather choose Turkish which reaches many Islamic parts including shiite ones? 

    Or would you learn Persian where you won't reach that much people like with Turkish but have bigger treasure of literature even though you already  know Arabic? 

    Somehow I am attached to Farsi as my second Islamic language but I cannot deny the fact that Turkish are like all over Eurasia 

    Which language would you pick and why? 

  2. ###

    t's good until it doesn't cause fake pride even some great shias were from Ummayid tribe but they don't hold their family background

    it's a fmous story that Sa'ad son Abdul Aziz ibn Mrwan (la) entered to Imam Sadiq (as) as he was crying when Imam asked from him why are you crying he said why i don't cry while i'm from cursed tree ,imam replied him " لَسْتَ مِنْهُمْ أَنْتَ أُمَوِی مِنَّا أَهْلَ الْبَیت  " you are not an Ummayid you are from us Ahlulbayt " didn't you read that prophet Ibrahim said in Holy Quran


    i read your post . Does it mean the Shia background is rather that we are from ahlilbayt as?

    i don’t know if I really understood :)

  3. @Ashvazdanghe

    First of all you are helpful as always!! :)

    maybe i wrote to Not understandable my real cause

    let me Point it out like that:

    -> “How many generations one can Go back in islam to call himself After a lineage“


    you see ,technical i have arabic dna

    if we say you will be always counted After blood of your Father than im arab 

    2.) theoritical my Father would never Respect denying our Turkish background

    3.) practically im Born Here and its my homeland 

    So to point out for you my main idea behind asking is :

    how is ahlulbayt method for lineage“


    1.) dna ?

    2.) culture ?

    3.) birthplace /(feeling)?

    Hope my cause is understandable

    so let me say what you mentioned about the 313 is very very interesting and I learnt something new 

    but since I’m from Sunni family I of course always learn a lot so thanks for that 

    on the other side it’s not only because of the 313 topic why I am asking because also the topic of sayyids was and the mentioned Palestinian sheikh was a point that made me ask.

    because the Sunni sheikh said even after (I think he mentioned 100 generations) you are still counted as Palestinian if your ancestors were

    and sayyids were the first which made me think about it 

    because I never heard someone tracing lineage back for so many years

    so I wondered his lineage is categorized in Shia Islam 

    hope I made it more clear in my English :)

  4. Imagine my Grand Grand Grand ancestors from Fathers side are arabs but he feels turk

    only from a Shia ahlulbayt Point of view:

    if my ancestors from syria migrated to Turkey and than to Germany 

    And i speak Turkish and german

    but only from Original ahlulbayt view: Would we be Counted as

    1.) arabs because our lineage is arab,

    2.)Turkish because our Culture today

    3.) or german cause we live in german 

    because I Heard a sunni sheikh wants sayin

    „if you are palastinism and your Grand Grand Grand children in whatever Generation are Born Whereever... always will be palestinian“ 

    and is it right that „the 313 will get swords where their lineage is written“

    (I don’t have the Source for the hadith sorry )

    than i think we should never forget our „“real““ Family background?!?

    salam and thx for help!!


  5. I am very proud of my Country But i don’t want to be judged as taghut


    because i Understand that a flag is something which Stands for specific country


    and Imam wants to unite us as one nation and he Alone is right to rule world


    and Not our politicans. I know at the end we will be like one  Nation when he Comes and we should prepare for him

    so i Wonder myself if beeing proud of so Many different Countries with different rules (represented through flags)


    is this the goal of Imam ?


    is the goal of Preparing for one worldruler (Imam) to propagate difference in countries though he should rule alone?


    The hadiths seems very clear to me But actually i just want to Wear a Jacket with my Nations flag


    and to Love my People i think is no Crime 


    im actually very confused about this matter 

  6. Salam alaykum


    The brother sumerian from this post said:

    From Abī Baṣīr from Abī `Abd Allāh (عليه السلام) said: “Every standard (banner) that is raised before the rising of al-Qā’im (عليه السلام), then its owner is a tāghūt being worshipped apart from Allāh  

    Source: al-Kulayni, al-Kaafi, vol. 8, pg. 295, hadeeth # 452


    al-Majlisi said this hadeeth is Muwaththaq (Reliable)

    --> Mir'aat al-`Uqool, vol. 26, pg. 325

    al-Bahboodi said this hadeeth is SaHeeH

    --> SaHeeH al-Kaafi, vol. 3, pg. 402

    al-Muntadhari said this hadeeth is SaHeeH

    --> Diraasaat fee Wilaayah al-Faqeeh, vol. 1, pg. 237




    NOW my question is:

    "“Every standard (banner) that is raised before..."

    When i wave a german flag or turkish flag isn it developed from military banner?
    i mean our modern day flags represent countries for which you are forced to fight in worst case from national law of them.

    and the history of nearly all modern flags comes from old war banners. and in war our flags are always used as military banners on our uniform.


    so is it haram to wave a national flag. hadiths says kulu rayatin as i can read it ... EVERY BANNER RAISED -> you are taghut than

    for me sounds to risky to wave american, german or turkish flag etc... or am i totally gettin it wrong??

    PLEASE explain me :)



  7. Salam alaykum my dears


    Anyone knows a Dua or Taweez which one can tie around?

    I found a site with advises for pregnant women and it was mentioned to tie something around which is written with saffron,
    BUT on this site i whether found that a Imam said this (for example: Imam Ali says: ...)


    nor did i found any book source (wasail us shia for example) behind it.

    So, anyone knows a taweez for pregnancy and good deeds and duas and things WITH HADITH?

    Thank you so much! 


    ps.: yes im guilty of loving hadiths and mentioning sources = )

  8. salam


    i opened a thread about sex slavery and i wanted to hear some views

    than i was advised to read some threads but i already read them and thats why i was convinced that its allowed


    than the next comment was from a admin who said that my thread will be locked 

    so all in all i see that shiachat is not able to deal with this so important question

    some senseless threads dont have an end but that topic which needs to find answers is blocked?

    so now i know two things. sex slavery is allowed and shiachat hides truth, am i wrong?

  9. salam


    as you all know there are verses which could lead to the opinion that when we have slave girls

    that we can have sex with them



    so islamic, is it meant that we can sex with them when ever we want or is it only permissible if slave-girl agrees to it?

    how is it interpretation or the hadiths about it?


    (quran and hadiths only as this section is about)





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