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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Fat girls should lose weight. The bottom line is no one is ugly, people are just lazy. So if i am lazy, i dont deserve good. If a pretty girls [edit], I should be okay with it.Its my fault. I am lazy and I am not putting up effort to get six packs. No need to moan.
  2. Sex is over rated. Stop thinking about it.
  3. No question will ever help. Try spenDing time with her/his, if you both like each other and you enjoy the time spent together, you are good to go. No person is evil/bad, it's just the circumstances which makes someone act bad/evil. Many righteous/truthful/kind people can be annoying and you will not enjoy their company and many not so truthful/righteous make you want to spend your time with them. So the key is you both should enjoy each other company.
  4. [EDITED]. You people should be more strict its not a joke, he is playing with you people lives. Ask him to stop smoking with more strictness , involve relatives or an elder.
  5. If you have this mentality PLEASE dont marry one. Why are you making fun of them, i bet your forefather or many people living in west have gone through similar hardships to reach and settle in these countries. If you live there and its a good place, you should thank Allah, not make fun of those who want to shift there. I know they might be greedy or anything but we all want best for our lives and if those girls want a better life whats the big deal. Secondly you are right there are lots of fraud too in such marriages, beware.
  6. Yeah yeah , that's what feminists says when their own husband is not "obedient" at all. lol Nice try. lol Btw like they says charity begins at home, i think feminism too should begin at home. lol
  7. Ask your husband if there is something that is bothering him, males act this way when something big is bothering them. They take out their frustration by fighting on small things. It can be anything, the way he fights with you on little things shows that there is a major issue that's bothering him and he cant fight with you on that matter. So his sub conscious is forcing him to fight with you on petty things. Like kim.tinkerbell said communication is the only solution for you. May God lessen your hardships.
  8. One should not use the name of religion in Business .....
  9. Brother educate yourself, 5 crore (50 million) girls ,just girls are killed in india since independence as a result of this "female only" abortions. Its nothing same as the normal abortions that take place in the rest of world.
  10. Haha your wife is funny. Does full of life means setting grooms on fire for not bringing dowry? or female foeticide?
  11. OP's account should be suspended for one year because of 1) posting this article here 2) for such a bad taste
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