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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Same here. I would like that so long as "unregister my username" means "delete my account"--no banning please. If thats possible, please do so.
  2. No, they did not land on the moon, but, as always and unsurprisingly, Iran did in fact build a stealth fighter (Dominant 313) jet on their first try, with no prior experience and R&D, to be a leading light in that respective field. Everyone is a liar it seems.
  3. Psshh, people talking about evil as if its a bad thing--a bad attribute. Evil is a good thing. Evil wants to exist and has the right to exist. Without evil, how can someone wish ill on another? And how can I fight evil and, in addition, it will be kinda boring when everything is just 'good'. There won't be prejudice or racism. Btw, Im drinking Laziza and doing basic math homework, but I feel like a physicist.
  4. Ugh! When is Django coming out!?

  5. Sunnis are constantly on crack. They ruined Islam, why do you even argue? What's the point? May God curse Muawiya and his frizzy wahabi beard.
  6. Hillary will disagree. Everyone trusts Hillary, because she is always righteous. She is profoundly concerned with Human Rights. She is deeply saddened by rights violations in the Middle East by Shias. She loves to be compassionate and nurturing. She loves peace and harmony. She loves. She loves you and only cares for you, why are you against Hillary? I remember when I was a little snipe, I was trying to snap an obstinate branch. I tried snapping it by bending it. Then I bent it some more and then it finally snapped with a piece hitting me in the face. Keep bending that branch Hillary.
  7. Lol there are much more benevolent ways of reaching that end. You just have the worthless men/genes ceasing procreation through a variety of means: self disbelief, media propaganda, media degradation, advertisements, social norms etc. Couple that with sperm banks that have top notch genes and traits then you have the raw materials necessary to make 'better people'.
  8. Soul mates don't exist, don't invest your hopes in it that idea. You'll just find someone that you like and likes you back; acknowledge each others flaws and deal with them.
  9. Ok guys, lets simmer down. This is about sister Zulakha and advice.
  10. I've never had anyone pat me on the head and say to me poooooor MOOOOOOSEY POOOO those cruel heartless womenz. Thing is, we don't know the whole story. Before we level accusations, we have to know the whole story just as in any historiography or court process. As for Ms. Zulakha, she should move on, theres always a better man out there. Plus, she should be more confident in her abilities in every category including faith. If its looks, then no one is worth your time. You have to find out yourself through him or other channels. Honestly, I understand how you feel but more often than not, women
  11. They may have made it three if got to the ball in time and not have fallen over so easily! Great game, great goal-keeping, great concentration. As for Manchester United, Id like to see them do better. Chicharito almost squandered the third. RVP and Oscar great goals respectively. Excellent matchday.
  12. When my sister makes it, I have trouble eating maqlooba with a spoon. I usually just scoop up a spoon of rice, shove it in my mouth, then pick up the eggplants, peppers, chicken, etc with my hand.
  13. I have a joke: What do you call a bear with no teeth? AGUMMYBEAR!!! hahaha...ha <=|
  14. Let me tell you why its worth buying an Ipad, whatever model. I bought a Macbook Pro a year ago because I fell in love with it. I saw the Apple Computers located in a special place, away from the ugly computers. Twas aesthetic. Nice feel. My friend showed me a video on how the Macbook is made, how its made from a single sheet of aluminum unibody. I was convinced and I bought it. One year on, and Im still in love with it. I take care of it and I HATE seeing HAIRS and DUST. Its like buying a Bentley and taking it to University, you'll be checking for scratches and key marks. Id like to use my Ma
  15. Mutah_King has one of the best avatars on ShiaChat. Ibn Ahmed and Cake too. Im probably going to meet my spouse in some dirty market place in Iraq. After that, we get killed by an explosion. Your marriage is a haramful bid'a shirk shark.
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