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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If a new bride has dirty feet like that, then man are in trouble :)
  2. So after shredding them, you just throw them away (??? Garbage bin) or you still have to bury them ?
  3. I have reviewed what you posted. So according to you ORAL SEX is also allowed in foreplay? and I am talking about both the man and woman engaging in oral sex. I was told it is haram.
  4. Read the book: Then I Was Guided by Muhammad Al-Tijani Al-Samawi - its also a story of sunni converting to shia and understanding main shia beliefs in the process. A good book with summary of shia beliefs is : Inquiries about Shia Islam by Imam Syed Moustafa al-Qazwini Hope this helps
  5. To the guy who said this is all economics....I highly doubt that the big multinational companies who make these clothes are running short on money and clothing, hence the tight tops and kinky shorts. They have plenty of money and clothing to make longer clothing which will cover the whole body, they can just charge the customers more. Infact a lot of the latest fashion clothing (tighter, shorter) maybe even more expensive than normal clothing which covers more of the body. They are promoting shortier sexier looking clothes because that is the latest fashion that is being shown to these women on western media, including tv, cable, internet. They are made to think that the only way they can seem more attractive is by showing more of their bodies and by looking 'sexy'. That is the moral decay that is ongoing in the west (and yes many parts of the east also). Question is what is determining morality now in the West? It used to be religion, but obviously in most western countries religion is not considered important and hardly practiced anymore. Hence the determination of morality is left to the prevailing opinion in society. Sadly a lot of that opinion in the west seems to be determined by rich people. Those who have money can bend the rules. They tell you what is good for you and what is not. Rich people own majority of the multinational companies and the media. They can control and brainwash the public. If they are told you have to look half naked to be attractive to men, most of the common public will accept that stance. It must be true since its shown on tv and the rest of the media isn't it? There is no defense against immorality in the West anymore, yes they have courts which can prosecute people against crimes. But there is no law against showing most of your body while covering a few parts. In the future, covering those parts may not be required either. My two cents...
  6. Which finger of which hand are men and women supposed to wear their wedding ring
  7. So anyone have any references to know which hand and which finger to wear the wedding ring on for women and men???
  8. Very good article. Very true. Bravo. Making me want to read that book.
  9. What I believe is that Allah intends to make religion easy for us. If we believe this hadith, then every sect will think they are the right one. A confused person may go from one sect to another and never be sure he is on right path. This is not easy religion. Religion is to make you a better person and if you are doubting what you are doing all your life, you will not become that person. I think any hadith which contradicts Quran should be very carefully evaluated. Certainly the Quran does not put so many restrictions on who will go to heaven or hell but rather makes it very simple.
  10. Still no response from anyone? Anyone? How authentic is the hadith about 73 sects ??
  11. Darul Islam .....thanks brother but u r just repeating the same thing. Did not answer my question as to why third time is haraam according to our sources while Sunnis recommend it. I'm just conjecturing on the basis of rationality Why these schools differ so much in this regard because they basically void each others wudu. Anyway this seems to be based solely on hadith as I believe Quran does not specify how many times is allowed or not ...
  12. Thanks for references. From a purely Aql point of view can anyone conjecture why third time is haram? Islam doesn't forbid anything without a good reason I believe. Anyway I'm just trying to understand whether this rule has SD one intellectual basis or was it just considered bidah to differentiate us from Sunnis.
  13. any authentic hadith to show hy wash to times only ?
  14. why is it haraam to wash face and hands more than twice? is it supported by authentic hadith or quran ? or do we just do it to differentiate from sunni wudu ?
  15. anyway, the question still stands as to how authentic is the hadith abt the 73 sects
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