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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalam alaykum, Two questions that equal clarity, inshallah Is Imam Ali a.s. a direct blood relative of the Prophet Mohammad a.s.? I know his status and qualities and that he a.s. is one of the Ahlu Bayt a.s. But I am trying to figure out when I edit the English from the Traditions which word is better to use? Which word is technically best? 'Household' , 'Progeny' or 'Family'? In English word 'family' refers to sooo many people and not necessarily blood relationship and can even refer to just a friend. And 'Household' isn't used a lot in English for relation
  2. Good question. You could show them many Tradition but to show them how what they are saying is incorrect. But experience tells me that Sunnis who would say something like that are not open to examining the Traditions from the Ahlu Bayt a.s. When have said such things to me, i simply ask them to bring their proof from the Traditions and i will bring mine. So far no one has taken me up on it.
  3. In many years of reading i have never heard of a book of Traditions that is accepted by both Shia and Sunni. And logic says that it doesn't depend on the book itself, but rather it depends on the chain of transmission of each individual Tradition. I know that the Shia are very careful about the chain of transmission. But since most Shia are not skilled enough to examine the chain of transmission. Instead they generally rely on the transmitters of Traditions that have historically been trusted - and these Traditions are collected in a lot of books of Shia Traditions that have been tr
  4. salams, Ahlu Bayt a.s. told us to reflect on the clear verses. They also told us very clearly in hadith that they are the only ones authorized to interpret the Qur'an. I checked my resources and didn't see the tafsir of Ahlu Bayt a.s. for these ayats. I suggest you search the books of tafsir for Ahlu Bayt's a.s. tafsir of them. We were strictly warned about the consequences of interpreting the Qur'an as only they a.s. can interpret it. inshaallah He will send you the tafsir from the ones a.s. that He chose to tell us the meaning
  5. Salams, wow! 5,000 or more words when Ahlu Bayt a.s. tells us in so few words. Imam Ali a.s. said: 'Music is the cry of shaytan for Paradise." (al Kisal- Saduq, pg 1098, #27-1) Imam Sadiq said: 'Singing will lead to hypocrisy and result in poverty." (Al Khisal Saduq, pg 58, #1-84) The Prophet Mohammad a.s. said: 'Certainy, Allah, Mighty and exalted, sent me as a Mercy to thw worlds and in ordr to eradicate string instruments, the flute and other pre-Islamic pagan practices.' (The Scale of Wisdom - Rayshahri, pg 849, #4887) And the list goes on. i don't have the exact citation wit
  6. Salams The Ahlu Bayt a.s. told us not to pray behind anyone who does not believe in the Divne Leadership of Ahlu Bayt a.s. There are many hadith about this. I'd get it and post it but i'm not sure anyone really cares!
  7. salams, people blab on and on. i suggest you go to the heart of the issue and you understand that, you'll know what to do. The heart of the issues is that of Divinely appointed Leadership after the death of the Prophet MOhammad. If Allah did appoint Leadership after the death of the Prophet a.s. and people don't follow it it is a grave error of disbelief for which one gets to reap the consequences. At the same time, if people said Allah appointed Successors after the death of the Prophet a.s. and Allah did not... the same for goes for them. So the people who followed the Leadership that we b
  8. Salams, In hadith the Ahlu Bayt a.s. told us to eat our food cold (they are by the text, referring to temperature) as the blessings are in the cold food. They a.s. also say that if we knew the benefit of it we would use nothing but apples and cold water to cure illness. To that effect... i'm just too lazy to get out those exact hadith. If you want the exact hadith with their sources, jsut let me know.
  9. Salams, It is very common for people to have a slightly deviated (crooked!) septum in the nose, or nasal polyps, or other things that block the sinuses from draining.... then swelling and infections come about. If none of the usual remedies fix it, that indicates even more that one of the above things is happening. Everyone at some point should have a sinus CT scan. This shows exactly what is going on and then a good treatment plan can be made. Some people go through years and years of problems taking medication including antibiotics but it never really helps because one or more of the above c
  10. Salams, I understand exactly where you are coming from as I am a convert also. The main point is to choose the correct way as prescribed by Allah. If you are with that group then don't mind about what groups others breakd down into. I have a colleaction of hadith (words and saying of the Prophet and his Purified Progeny a.s.) that explains the Truth exactly as Allah intended it as Allah created them for the purpose of correcting and explaining theTruth in every era. I don't think people do this here but if you want that easy to read all english organized group of hadith that explain this plea
  11. people keep blabbing on and on and making up Truth and Islam in their own imaginations and ignore the source of Truth which is the Ahlu Bayt a.s. I won't bother to get the exact hadith and its source because i don't think anybody listens.... but hadith does tells us that Allah created Isa a.s. in the way He did to show the people that He can anything He wants in the way He wants
  12. this topic has been put to sleep for hundreds of years but the ignorant people keep bringing it up and those who know keep debating with them and don't see why they don't get it. if you read hadith you'd understand all this.
  13. call the 1-800 number on the container.... ask if the soap has animal byproducts in it....many, especially those with glycerine do have beef or pork in them.
  14. I've only seen a few videos in english from this guy and i found him to be irritating for his argumentative and negative attitude. I saw comments from other people who said similar things about him. iknow someone who knew him when he was a child and they said he was an angry child who was always fighting... and this person likes him now. I found dthat the few people I know who know him here just are themselves angry and hostile. When i saw his videos he wasn't even talking to the people in the way Ahlu Bayt a.s. told us to talk with people. Someone called him on the phone one day when i gave t
  15. What you describe is going on all over to one degree or another... even if it looks better in the middle east, it is just more private. it's a sign of the end of times that things just keep getting worse and worse. The people are a problem and i am completely alone and that's a headache too. It's really hard to be alone but it is better than being around people who have forgotten Allah
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