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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. According to Sahih Bukhari the companion Hakim bin HIzam was born inside the Kaaba. Why don't you follow him? As for Ali being born inside the Kaaba there is no reliable evidence to prove this.
  2. The narrations mentioning congratulations are not reliable so the claim is not true. The following Sunni website has responded to this: http://ghadirkhumm.com/congratulating-ali-at-ghadir-khumm/ You also see to have misconception about the issue of Ghadir as your questions show. Perhaps, if you read the context of Ghadir things will make sense to you, http://ghadirkhumm.com/context-of-ghadir-khumm/ You have misunderstood the statement of Ibn Taymiyah - he didn't really mean it. Please see the context behind his statement. Remember, he was responding to Shia scholar Ibn Mutahar al-Hili's ridiculous arguments .
  3. As you can see from the replies of Shia brothers there is no such Ayat in the Quran. All they have are ambiguous and general verses nothing to do with leadership or successorship after Prophet (saw) - it is just their own interpretation that are far from what the verses say.
  4. Exactly! It further proves there was no appointment of a successor at Ghadir. This is a powerful narration. Thanks for sharing. The issue with Shia thinking is they see every disagreement or dispute between Sahaba as some kind of permanent war and hatred.
  5. Where does it say "Ansar heard of plans"? It is just an speculation from your part (also report you quoted from tabari says no such thing) . When the Prophet (saw) died the Ansar gathered to appoint Saad bin Ubada (ra) as the leader then the news of their gathering reached the Muhajireen who went to the scene. However, the Ansar eventually agreed on the leadership of Abubakr (ra). You'll find some people claiming both reports have weak narrators in the chain, however it is ridiculous to judge history from a pure Rijal perspective, we've got to look at this all holistically, particularly when we have two independent reports like this. Yes, both reports quoted from Tabari are terribly weak and unreliable thus can not be used as an evidence especially when they contradict with established historical facts. Ali (ra) was not mentioned at all in Saqifa. Notice even in this weak report there is no mention of so called Ghadir appointment.
  6. This verse is talking about different issue. Allah is telling the believers during the war not to quarrel with each other lest they be weak in hearts and lose power etc. Exactly! just as the verse says. The Prophet (saw) already explained who the Ulil Amr refers to and the Muslims of his time also understood it. Even the Iranian Supreme leader is called as "wali al-amr Muslimeen". Why? As for the Ithna Ashari hadtih you are talking about then these are later twelver fabrications to suite their beliefs (plus it is also unreliable according to twelver Shia hadith standards). The Shia sects that existed before twelvers also have similar hadiths but they have their own list of Imams different than yours i.e. waqifis, fatahiya, zaidis, ismailis etc. The theory lacks any evidence.
  7. I already replied. Obey as long as they obey and Allah and His messenger (ص). As long as their actions are according to the Quran and Prophetic teachings. You can't disagree with the divinely chosen infallible Imams, can you? While the verse states the possibility of disagreement and in such a case Allah and messenger (ص) is the final judge. Allah mentions as long you stick to the Quran, perform good deeds, establish prayer, give zakah etc then you will be guided and protected. The scholars and learned men will teach the people. Just like your scholars have been teaching and guiding you for the last 1200 years without any divinely chosen Imam.
  8. Obey those in authority (they can be rulers, scholars, military generals etc) as long as they obey Allah and his Messenger. Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى left the Ummah with his FINAL revelation and message.
  9. Thank you! so we agree there can be good and bad Imams. Can there be evil Prophets?
  10. If you believe in Allah, angels, Quran, the messengers and the day of judgement, you perform your prayers, give zakat etc then you are a Muslim Sunni. Sunni belief is based on the following verses: The Messenger has believed in what was revealed to him from his Lord, and [so have] the believers. All of them have believed in Allah and His angels and His books and His messengers, [saying], "We make no distinction between any of His messengers." And they say, "We hear and we obey. [We seek] Your forgiveness, our Lord, and to You is the [final] destination." (Surah Baqarah Verse 285). O you who have believed, believe in Allah and His Messenger and the Book that He sent down upon His Messenger and the Scripture which He sent down before. And whoever disbelieves in Allah, His angels, His books, His messengers, and the Last Day has certainly gone far astray. (Surah Nisa Verse 136) Notice in the verse above there is no mention of Imamah or Imams that our Shia brothers believe in and that is what differentiates the two sides. If Imamah was from the foundations of religion why didn't Allah mention it like he mentioned the other beliefs? He mentioned belief in him, angels, messengers, books, the last day but not Imams?
  11. No, I didn't say that. I simply shared the link of article about the documentation of Karbala in the early and primary sources. Abi Makhnaf/Tabari etc and how the Shia version of the incident is so different from it.
  12. You have misunderstood the history. It wasn't a battle rather it was a tragedy and a massacre. Hussain didn't go out for a battle. His intention was to go to Kufa to respond to people's letters. However, he was intercepted on the way and the rest you know.
  13. Sorry, the preacher is spreading misinformation. Sunnis don't accept such Tasfir to be genuine. Shia sects themselves didn't and don't agree on the number of Imams let alone the Sunnis.
  14. The documentation of Karbala in the original and in the earliest sources: http://www.twelvershia. net/2017/10/11/did-al-hussain-willingly-sacrifice-himself/
  15. Waleykum Salaam, Sunnis won't take any offense. They might stare at your Turbah though, out of curiosity.
  16. That is a misconception. Please see this article for the most correct meaning of Mawla that also fits with the context: http://ghadirkhumm.com/meaning-of-mawla/
  17. How significant is Eid al-Ghadeer among the Shias? This article say this Eid has no basis in Shia sources and the Ahlulbait never celebrated it. http://ghadirkhumm.com/eid-al-ghadir/ P.S. The website is run by Sunnis.
  18. Sorry but your first paragraph lacks any evidence. How did earlier people come to Islam in the first place? Through the very people who are the champions of Islam according to Sunnis and are revered by them but hated in Shiasm. It also seems you have restricted Ahlulbait to handful of people. FYI Ahlulbait were many - many of them had power and wealth. In fact, many Islamic dynasties were from Ahlulbait. Even the Abbasids who ruled for centuries were from Bani Hashim hence Ahlulbait and many more Islamic Sunni dynasties from Ahlulbait. "Rights of Ahlulbait were taken away" Yes, some Ahlulbait (many of whom are not even liked in Shiasm) were oppressed, I agree, but not the way you believe. Response to the above "contradiction": http://www.twelvershia. net/2015/02/12/prohibition-mutah-marriages/ Yes, I am 100% certain they were said by the Prophet (saw) and Ali. Abubakr's judgement was according to the instructions of the Prophet (saw). And please don't mention the so called "Khutba Fadakiya" which is nothing but a fabrication, even doubted by Shia scholars. Ali was on Haqq in both fitans (civil wars). And of course Hussain, the leader of youth in paradise, was on Haqq against the oppressive Yazid.
  19. Waleykum Salaam I believe Sunnism is on Haqq because it is superior to Shiasm in every Islamic field: the recitation and tafseer of the Quran and other works done related to Quran - the Hadith System, History, spreading Islam etc.
  20. Does your family know about your conversion?
  21. Waleykum Salam Their channel has been taken down tens of times but they always came back. The more they are targeted the more they get motivated to continue their work. Your post will likely encourage them further. See: https://en-gb.facebook.com/AntiMajos/posts/677815329080735 Even though I don't agree with the comments that they put in their videos because I believe they are harsh, offensive and unnecessary but other than that they are just translating the speeches and lectures of Shia scholars including the famous and major ones. The problem is with the beliefs of these speakers than with Anti-Majos who simply translate them into English. Brother just to add one more point: there are many anti-Sunni Shia channels on youtube that are threat to Shia-Sunni peace so if you are really concerned about the Sunni-Shia trouble then I would like to see you take similar action against them.
  22. Who is the Shia companion? If you mean Ammar or Abu Dhar etc then keep in mind that Sunnis have taken more knowledge and narrations from them than the Twelver Shias.
  23. Here his own reply: http://forum.twelvershia .net/general-sunni-vs-shia/farid's-analysis-of-hasan-vs-allahyari's-negotiations/msg17098/#msg17098 Please see your PM.
  24. @jafari I already explained. Allayari gave a challenge and even said that he will accept any condition the "Omari" side give even if it is inconvenient to him. Hassan Shemrani accepted to debate him in person. During the pre-debate discussion he rejected this condition so Shemrani put his condition aside but still Allahyari was making excuses and contradicting himself. Please watch the pre-debate discussion. @Qa'im I never agreed with his harsh comments. However, there has been lots of baseless accusations against him and they are being repeated, why? Is this respect for Islam? Here is his own response to your comments: http://forum.twelvershia. net/general-sunni-vs-shia/farid's-analysis-of-hasan-vs-allahyari's-negotiations/msg17041/#msg17041 The two guys who disrupted the discussion have no links to him - and he explained the incident in detail here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-CDb78r8Wg
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