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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam everyone!

    As a member of my university’s Thaqalayn Muslim Association, I am involved in planning a large scale memorial/vigil/commemorative event for all the victims of the recent attacks against the Shia populations in Pakistan.

    The TMA members and I have some really exciting ideas, and we hope to host the event during the last week of this month inshaAllah.

    However, I need all of your guys’ help! If any of you can provide me with a list of the Shia victims’ names, be it even 10 or 20 or 100 (hopefully), it would really be appreciated. The TMA and I plan to acknowledge and pray for each of the men, women, and children that were killed in the recent attacks. We cannot do that, however, without their names.

    I am currently researching on my own, but will accomplish more with your help!

    It is mine, and the TMA’s belief that by using the victims’ names, we are humanizing them; giving them an identity to present to the world. With names, the victims will be far greater than statistics, they will be actual people. They will be recognized. They will be respected. They will be mourned for.

    I really hope that you all can help me.

    An infinite number of thank you’s in advance.

    Fee aman Allah! :)

  2. (bismillah)


    Alhamdulilah, I will be moving to Calgary by end of November Inshallah.

    I have heard of the Hussaini Centre (mostly frequented by our South Asian brothers): http://www.hussainic...ndex.php?p=home

    I was wondering what other centre's there are (iraqi, lebanese, etc)

    I am not uptight about the ethnicity at all, I just want to know what language the lecture is conducted in so that I can understand the speaker.

    I am assuming the Hussaini centre is prolly conducted in Urdu or English???

    I heard there is a khoja centre in Edmonton but are there many khoja's in Calgary???

    Basically, can someone provide a run down of the SHia community in Calgary and where to buy halal meat???


    Salam :)

    There are two Khoja jam'at khanas in Calgary. However, they conduct their religious practices far differently than Ithna-Asheris. Their jummahs take place on Friday nights and, I am not sure if you are aware of this, but Ismailis do not preform regular 5 daily sala't. Instead they recite a dua'a together three times a day. If you are an Ithna-Ashari my best best is for you to go to the Hussaini Association of Calgary (the Indian/Pakistani) one. There is also an Iraqi, Lebanese, and Iranian centre as well. :)


  3. Salam,

    There are a few Hussainyas actually. The main one is the Hussaini Association of Calgary, it is located in the NE part of the city and is often organized by Pakistanis and Indians. A few blocks away from that centre is an Iraqi Hussainya. There is also a Lebanese and Iranian Hussainya in Calgary. The Lebanese and Iranian centres are not actual masjids, more like rented areas and such. If you wish, I can get the contact information for all. :)


  4. I'm not really a convert, but just wanted to say, welcome sister, and to the constant cat fights between the Shi'a and Sunni in times and places where there really is no reason to be, can we just calm down, stop acting like children, and if we need to, create another damn thread for it.

    Thank you for welcoming me :) and yes, I agree. I did not intend my post to cause such fights. I was just hoping to find others who made the same changes that I did :)

    P.S. I am from Canada too! Hahaha, born and raised eh.

  5. It's not that we are personally judging who is Muslim or not, we are simply determining who is Muslim according to the Quran, authenticated Sunnah and authenticated hadiths. For example, we know that someone who has Christian beliefs but says he/she is a Muslim is not really a Muslim.

    Yes I agree. You made a valid point there :)

  6. wa `alaykum as-salaam.

    I too am a Sunni convert to Shi`a - it has been 5 years now.

    That is great! It is very nice to meet you Qaim, and thank you for replying to my post :)

    Salam sister and welcome. :)

    There are many Sunni converts to Islam on this forum. Here are some threads about Sunni converts to Islam you may like to read:




    Thank you for replying to my post and thank you for the links! I shall check them out :D


    Welcome and may Allah (swt) bless you, Subhan'Allah.

    Thank you Mr. Kamran Syed. May Allah also bless you!

    salaams sis,

    I am a Sunni convert to Shia Alhumdulilah, It has been 3 years now. In the very beginning I found my self lost. It felt like I was suffering from a major Identity crisis but as the truth got unveiled, things got much easier. Anyway, welcome sis and keep up the research as it will strengthen your emaan, inshALLAH.


    Thank you very much for replying to my post Osama. It is nice to meet you :) And Insh'Allah. I am only on the first few steps of my spiritual journey.

    I am a convert from Sunni Islam, in which I was practiced Maliki fiqh and was of the Ashari Aqeedah. Before that I was a Salafi.

    Hello Dawud, wow you converted from Salafi'ism to Shi'a! That is amazing, especially due to the fact that most Salafis are not very fond of the Shi'a sect. It is an honour to meet you :)

    I am very glad to see such positive feedback on this topic. Thank you to everyone who took time to read it. And a greater thank you to those who replied. <3

  7. My personal opinion is:

    1). We are no one to be judging who is Muslim and who is not.

    2). The fundamental declaration of faith, the Shahadat, is the same for all religions. And I believe that as long as any man/woman truly believes in the Shahadat then they are as Muslim as any one of us.

    I am aware that several Ismaili beliefs differ from the common Ithna-Ashari values and are quite liberal to some extent. However, instead of finding ways to divide ourselves, we should respect such differences and use them to learn about one another and become more tolerant. This entire battle of "who is Muslim and who is not" has destroyed the Ummah. Many Muslim countries have ruined themselves due to this. We must unify as a people first before we can progress our nations.

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