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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, This may be off-topic, and not what you're after but just in case it may be of some help to you or anyone else in a similar position. One can not marry a person with whom they have committed adultery with. That certain person will remain haram for them for the rest of their lives. Please check with a learned Imam.
  2. Ahsant! Jazak Allah for the article. :-)
  3. salam I concur with Gibrail. The spinning electrons around the nucleus in every atom of the solid stone. Malek
  4. Bismillah I may have posted this lesewhere, if you read the commentary of Surah An-Nur in the Quran, it explicitly states that Islam does not allow free-mixing of non-mehram men and women. There are certain women made mahram for men and certain men made mahram for women whom can interact in their respective appropriate ways. Belwo is some information: (Qur'an: Chapter 24an-Nur (the Light),, Verses 30-31) says “And tell the believing men to lower their gaze and be modest. That is purer for them. Lo! Allah is aware of what they do. And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and be modest,
  5. Salam As far as I've read, one can not marry someone whom they have had an illicit/haram relationship. For example, if one is married, and has an affair with another non-mahram, that person becomes haram for them for life. This issue came up in a fiqh question where a man had an affair with this woman and later married her out of guilt, only to be told 40 years later that the marriage contract was not valid hence their relationship and their children are both illegitimate. Now I do not know if this conforms to 'temporary' marriage too. Firstly, keeping a 'friendship' with her is a wrong and ha
  6. Come on now, all these justifications and arguments are pointless. The brother is simply going to marry this woman the matter what, he's just posting this stuff on here to see if there are any loop holes so he doesn't have to feel guilty about it. If he cared for Islam so much or for the future of his generation and offsprings, it doesn't take rocket science to work out that its not a suitable match. Wallahu alam. All the best to him!
  7. no worries

    i just hope they were useful and all went well inshallah.


  8. Salam Thanks a lot for answering my questions. Sister, why don't you just cut-off your relationship with this man, stay away from him. Are sexual needs that important? can you not find that love and affection with your kids. Why trouble your mind so much, keep it fresh, try to avoid such feelings and thoughts and simply concentrate on your kids and their well-being. Start working, oh pick up an activity and stay busy. Promise yourself you'll never see, meet or speak to that man. He is a non-mehram! Speak to Allah after your prayers, he's musabib-ul-asbaab, he'll find a way for you inshallah,
  9. Bro u stressed on a very important point. Sister tlady came here for advice, some offered to her were: 1) Cut-off ties with teh other man 2)Try reconciliation with her husband again 3) Go to a councillor. She's agreed to points .2 and .3, but she hasn't mentioned or stated if she's going to do point .1. (Off course its up to her) You mentioned about the 'cause' and its importance of being uprooted, but I was thinking if her husband was entirely the cause to her extra marital affair. The sister mentioned she was abused during the first 12 years of her 20yrs married life, but she's been having t
  10. Imam Hasan 'The Myth of his Divorces' S. Saeed Akhtar Rizvi Al-Serat, Vol 4 (1978), No 3 Imam Hasan has been the victim of a most malicious propaganda for the last 1,250 years. He is portrayed as "fond of ease and quiet" by his admirers (Ameer Ali in "Spirit of Islam") and "the great divorcer" by his detractors (Willi Frischaurer in "The Aga Khans"). Before looking at individual reports, it is important to find out when this allegation was put forward, by whom and why. After a thorough study of these reports, I have found that the first man known to accuse Imam Hasan of "marrying and divorcin
  11. Thats an oxymoron. If they truely belived in Imam Hussain (as)'s cause why did they remain as hindus and especially their desendants now present in india? Also would Imam Hussain (as) seek help from those who did not believe in one God>?
  12. Thanks Is it naturally-occuring? Alsoif its so lethal what is teh reason for not banning the gas?
  13. Well according to the Hindu sadu on Astha channel hair loss particularly around the top is caused by lack of sufficient oxygen supply to the brain. Therefore perform deep breathing exercises and that will prevent hair loss. Search for his videos on youtube 'sadu baba???' somthing for specific techniques. Another that he mentioned was to rub finger nails togethher for 5 min every morning. Good luck!
  14. There is an entire chapter in Tehzeeb-ul-Islam by Allamah Majlisi on how and why some of the animals that exist came in to being and in teh form that thery are in, and how they've been left for us to reap lessons from.
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