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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It's better to win on principle, than to lose on lies.

    An extended arm could be an attempt at consolation.

    It doesn't take a genius to learn from someone's mistakes.

    The only Genius is Allah Himself.

    It's safer to quote Infallible Hadith than to quote what someone else says because Imam Ali, we can't wait to see him, says 70% of what the people say is not necessarily correct.

  2. Well if we just look at Justice, there are many ways Allah can be Just.

    For example, 'Dear Allah, Many of us are happy with how we look, so Thank You, but it seems there are many who aren't, so please, in the end make all of us all Perfectly Good Looking Supermodels, if please be, especially Your Believers. Thanks.'

    I still think we will look really silly as a bunch of ken and barbie dolls. I don't mind that my teeth are slightly crooked.

  3. My understanding was that the Twelve Tribes ranged from Black to Brown to Yellow to White per se. And that Red is actually what we label as white today. White predominantly went West, and the rest predominantly East. I just want to bring it up because that is what Haplogroup studies are starting to show, and that claimants are also adding weight behind this, and eventually momentum will iron out the routes of all the Haplogroups which should be consistent with what we know of Lost Tribe Migration. That I wouldn't be surprised if what I was saying is the case. It could also be consistent with God's assertions that He will raise the meek.

  4. There is no need to kneel, or for that matter salut anyone if you don't want to. No need to say good morning or good afternoon either, its free will.

    God never forced even satan himself to bow to nobody, and God hasn't even punished satan yet.

    Obama can try and kill whoever he pleases, its his free will to do so. It doesn't benefit anybody in this real world, because this world is not permanent.

    So in the Real Real World, which is Permanent, those who died will probably earn their way into Heaven, and obama and satan can earn their way to hell, unless they catch on.

  5. if you cant accept the holy prophet (sawas) being a leader in this life and in the hereafter, then you will proberbly wont understand his ahlul bayt

    Yes, but nobody can understand The Prophet unless they understand his daughter, cousin, and their two kids, Muhammad was a Grandaddy. Israel has Twelve Tribes, and Ismael has Twelve Princes, as stated in the Torah. The Twelve Princes came from Muhammad's Ahlul Bayt, Muhammad, Fatimah who married the first Prince, Prince Ali, and their two sons, who carried on up to Twelve Imams.

  6. I've got no idea what JHK is blabbering about....On topic, there is no denying the fact that the Pakistani government is on board when it comes to drone strikes. Many in the establishment do oppose it, but the consequences of actually shooting down American drones, which the Pakistan Air Force has said it can do, will be too much to bear.

    The problem is that Pakistan Leaders and American Leaders are working drones to kill their own people. If they stopped and fed their own people instead of banishing them, then they will become peaceful again, poverty breeds angry hungry people.

  7. Brother dont spread this kind of information. most of pakistanis like punjabis and kashmiris are indo europeans like persians and afghanis. shemetics are dark with curly hair as i showed you above and can provide more pics if i have to.

    Please do, but not if you don't want to. I think any Nation with lots of rain and very green is Israeli, because Allah promised wealth, which primarily is derived from high rainfall. So almost all nations have real Israeli blood, because Allah indicated that Israeli would be abundant in wealth and number. Ismaeli of the desert Tribes, are also abundant. Ismaeli have their Twelve Princes, and Israeli have their Twelve Tribes. Once we prove this, by mapping Y-Chromosome Adam Haplos and Mitochondrial Eve whatsits, then it will become all clear, that most of us are Israeli and Ismaeli, just like Brothers.

  8. Dude, can you come up with a better government than Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad? Twelve Princes from the Ahlul Bayt? And The Twelve Tribes of Israel?

    Allah Created us with free will, we became a bunch of obamas and messed it all up, but Allah is still kind enough to make a fairy tale story with a fairy tale ending.

    Do you still need a cherry on top, with whip cream? What else do you need?

    There are just so many people in this world who have no idea, so just join us, we won't bite. God knows.

  9. No, No, No, do not obey God as they say, don't even worry about Heaven, Just say 'Alhamdolelah', out of the blue, any time you can remember, and right before your eyes, just as you said it, it will 'be'. Don't even say it, just think it, and it will happen, don't even trust me, just trust Him.

    Someone afraid to go to Hell, will always fall victim to their surroundings, someone who only wants to go to Heaven, will forget what they are doing, just say 'Alhamdolelah', and Allah will raise you so high, you would think you were already in Mahdi's Army.

  10. I read it, and I only strictly follow Imam Ali's Hadith, so I testify it. You go away, and read Nahjul Balagha, and then you come back if you have anything useful to say.

    Besides, Harun Yahya, may Allah be pleased with him, always says that believers are the Most Beautiful.

    Skin, Teeth, and Hair can be fixed, and excess body can be removed through fasting. Allah created all of us equal. We chose to ignore how to use olive oil on our skin and hair, as mentioned in the Torah. And people don't like perfectly straight teeth anyways, its kind of boring. Height is relative, Adam was 10 meters tall. How could any women these days handle a Man 10 meters tall?

  11. Heaven is very simple in terms of rank.

    If Allah does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Adam does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Noah does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Abraham does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Moses does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Jesus does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Muhammad does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Ali does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Fatimah does not like you, you will not be in Heaven. if Hassan does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Hussain does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Sajjad does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Baqir does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Jafar does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Kazem does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Reza does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Taqi does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Naqi does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Askari does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, if Mahdi does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, and if Yamani does not like you, you will not be in Heaven, and if Khorasani does not like you, you won't be in Heaven.

    However, If Allah pleases, He can make anybody like anybody He wishes.

    Actually, the ordering is Hussain, Hassan, Fatimah, Muhammad, then Ali, because Muhammad always had Hassan and Hussain on his shoulders, Hassan is Hussain's older Brother, but Muhammad wanted to stand on Ali's shoulders, and Fatimah loved her Father.

  12. If you are not having problems with shelter, clothing, and food, you need to take advantage of the fact that you have free time.

    God is your boss, and He commands you to enjoin good, and forbid evil. He pays a very high salary, and has especially chosen you.

    Only you and Him know what your job is, and only you and Him know what you need to do. He has cleared up a path for you, and is patiently waiting for you to walk it.

    He has especially appointed two Angels to ensure that you will be protected. And you must be very wary of all of His Signs.

    Allah will provide you with a place to stay, three meals a day, and he will introduce you to your coworkers, so be on the look out.

    He knows your mission is difficult, but He promises, He will not make it unbearable. In fact, it will be much better than you think.

    One of the best things you can do with your time, is to understand Him. Once you understand Him, you will understand what He is trying to do for you. Once you see, you will see that the path is straight to the horizon, and He is at the very end of it expecting you.

    If you are a westerner, read Torah to the end of Injil, or if you want a quickie just read Zabur. If you read Zabur, you will get your motivation back. If you already know this stuff, know Ali and Fatimah. They are the Alladin and Princess Jasmine of the real world, and we are their Children.

  13. Petraus got fired because he became a threat to obama. He has become banished. However, many american soldiers believe he is a good man intent on carrying out Justice, although he knows very little about Imam Ali. If it wasn't for Petraus, Afghan would not be marching beside American Soldiers. It is through this process, that there haven't been massive slaughter of the Afghan population, if it isn't considered massive already. If Islam can win the heart of Petraus, Petraus can win the hearts of american soldiers, most of whom have no choice to obey, or else be banished.

    Japanese aren't warmongers, because they started from ground zero. Japan had Ittihad and built Sharp Mechanical Pencils, and now Fujitsu has created a supercomputer which is about to surpass the processing speed of the human brain. Japan are bullied by america just as much as Pakistan, but Japan is more independent, and can easily choose sides with Russia and China. Japan supported Palestine, and goes to Africa, and even Mashhad, in Golshaar. Instead of building tents for refugees. Japan can help build societies, because that's what Japan has been doing on a small Island with little resources, but no clue about the benefits of Islam. So invite Japan to help, and maybe Japan will. 30% of Japanese are blue collar workers, enslaved to build castles for their masters. There is not one single Nahjal Balagha in Japanese on the entire Internet, so they don't know who Imam Ali is. So is it their fault, or is it our fault?

    Pakistan is controlled from the top, so what can a Pakistani on the bottom do, except Imam Hussain with his family. Iran is a leader, and has the rights and resources to reach all the leaders of the world. But what good is Iran to Islam, if Muslims are banished from Iran, or enslaved in its schools? Pakistani need to be obedient students, with secondary rights to Iranians, just like Afghani. Is Iran the new Saudi Arabia, or is Iran the Army of Mahdi?

    Allah has Rights over All of us, and we all know what Allah commands of us. And Allah will watch what we do.

    Inshallah, things will work out for all of us, but even if a Nation is oppressed, it is the little people who are oppressed everywhere, and it is the blood of our pens, which will weigh over those who seek to control us. Every Scholar knows that it is the Standard of the Yamani which we should follow, and we will be asked about it by Allah on the day of Judgement.

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