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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. How's going? I'm blocked from adding any comments, so I just like if someone rights something I like. I've been using my facebook a lot though. http://www.facebook.com/ihkira

  2. brother whats up?

  3. False, do those in Australia know who their Imam is?
  4. It's better to win on principle, than to lose on lies. An extended arm could be an attempt at consolation. It doesn't take a genius to learn from someone's mistakes. The only Genius is Allah Himself. It's safer to quote Infallible Hadith than to quote what someone else says because Imam Ali, we can't wait to see him, says 70% of what the people say is not necessarily correct.
  5. Well if we just look at Justice, there are many ways Allah can be Just. For example, 'Dear Allah, Many of us are happy with how we look, so Thank You, but it seems there are many who aren't, so please, in the end make all of us all Perfectly Good Looking Supermodels, if please be, especially Your Believers. Thanks.' I still think we will look really silly as a bunch of ken and barbie dolls. I don't mind that my teeth are slightly crooked.
  6. My understanding was that the Twelve Tribes ranged from Black to Brown to Yellow to White per se. And that Red is actually what we label as white today. White predominantly went West, and the rest predominantly East. I just want to bring it up because that is what Haplogroup studies are starting to show, and that claimants are also adding weight behind this, and eventually momentum will iron out the routes of all the Haplogroups which should be consistent with what we know of Lost Tribe Migration. That I wouldn't be surprised if what I was saying is the case. It could also be consistent with G
  7. Sorry can't accept that Imam Ali said it so it must be True. Besides Allah has the power to make it True. 'Dear Allah please make everything that Ali says True, Thanks.' It might not happen overnight, but now the probability has fallen in Believers favor. And if you insist we will claim you are dissing the Believers. :)
  8. Al-Quran says Believers are Better Looking right? Al-Friend-AlQuran would say that right? Ali said it.
  9. There is no need to kneel, or for that matter salut anyone if you don't want to. No need to say good morning or good afternoon either, its free will. God never forced even satan himself to bow to nobody, and God hasn't even punished satan yet. Obama can try and kill whoever he pleases, its his free will to do so. It doesn't benefit anybody in this real world, because this world is not permanent. So in the Real Real World, which is Permanent, those who died will probably earn their way into Heaven, and obama and satan can earn their way to hell, unless they catch on.
  10. Then what do you make of what you say?: 'If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, and if they can't stop you, then you become something else entirely'
  11. Yes, but nobody can understand The Prophet unless they understand his daughter, cousin, and their two kids, Muhammad was a Grandaddy. Israel has Twelve Tribes, and Ismael has Twelve Princes, as stated in the Torah. The Twelve Princes came from Muhammad's Ahlul Bayt, Muhammad, Fatimah who married the first Prince, Prince Ali, and their two sons, who carried on up to Twelve Imams.
  12. The problem is that Pakistan Leaders and American Leaders are working drones to kill their own people. If they stopped and fed their own people instead of banishing them, then they will become peaceful again, poverty breeds angry hungry people.
  13. Please do, but not if you don't want to. I think any Nation with lots of rain and very green is Israeli, because Allah promised wealth, which primarily is derived from high rainfall. So almost all nations have real Israeli blood, because Allah indicated that Israeli would be abundant in wealth and number. Ismaeli of the desert Tribes, are also abundant. Ismaeli have their Twelve Princes, and Israeli have their Twelve Tribes. Once we prove this, by mapping Y-Chromosome Adam Haplos and Mitochondrial Eve whatsits, then it will become all clear, that most of us are Israeli and Ismaeli, just like B
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