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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Great find brother but whenever we use this they simply reject it by saying that it is a secondary source.
  2. This is a very good point. This is exactly what the logic dictates. It is not abstruse to decipher that it could only have been Umar who uttered those words. Umar was the one who doubted the prophethood of Prophet (saw) as pointed out by brother "Power". Umar was also very harsh in his behavior. Amalgamating these two points , one can conclude that it could have been only him who had the audacity to accuse prophet (saw) of being delirious. This strengthens our point. Nevertheless , what is your thought on the point when sunni says that if prophet (saw) really meant to dictate/write something a
  3. 1- First Hadith doesn't contain the word Yahjur 2- Second Hadith says " THey accused prophet (saw) of being delirious " 3- THird says " Some said prophet (saw) was delirious " So , no where it is seen that it was Umar who said that. This is the point put forward by sunnis. They ask for evidence that it was umar who uttered those words
  4. They say there is no Hadith which says that it was Umar who called Prophet (saw) delirious. However, there are statements of sunni scholars confirming that it was umar who called prophet(saw) delirious. Sunnis simply reject the statements of their scholars at this point.
  5. There has been recently a debate on the Calamity of Thursday between shias and sunnis. I would like to encourage my knowledgeable brothers and sisters to share their thoughts on this debate.
  6. https://i[Edited Out]te.wordpress.com/2018/01/22/who-are-the-real-muhajirs/
  7. Abu al-Azhar – Abd al-Razzaq – Ma’mar – al-Zuhri – Ubaydallah b. Abdallah – Ibn Abbas رَضِيَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُمَا who said: The Prophet صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ glanced at Ali and said: O Ali, you are a leader in the world, and a leader in the hereafter. Your friend is my friend, and my friend is the friend of Allah. Your enemy is my enemy, and my enemy is the enemy of Allah. Woe be upon the one who hates you after me [Mustadrak ala al-Sahihayn, al-Hakim grades it Sahih] The chain has no defects.
  8. Sorry Brother but sunni version of Ghadir doesn't make sense to me. Why was umer congratulating Imam Ali (as) ? This does indicate that Prophet (saw) announced Imam Ali (as) as his successor else there was no point for umar in congratulating him. Furthermore , if we go by sunni version then it proves that sahaba were hypocrites and they were not the people one can wish to emulate. Qur'an has instructed its followers on numerous places that how a believer should be in conduction and Prophet (saw) during his entire life has taught the same thing by setting his character as an example even then w
  9. He just kept blowing his own trumpet throughout the video. There is nothing in the videos that is worthy of being responded to. Someone has rightly said " Knowledge humbles the great man and puffs up the little man" .
  10. Al-Khisal, Pg. 554, Chapter about forty things, hadith number 31. it is the last hadith of this chapter.
  11. Reference: Sahih Bukhari :Book 86 [Kitab Al Hudud] Chapter 31. Now this is another problematic part. Why did the ansar gather at Saqifa first? Didn't they know Imam Ali (as) was divinely appointed Imam ? Beside this , you have made many good points like Imam Ali (as) not informing sheikhain of Hazrat Fatima's(sa) burial. He didn't give allegiance to them for six months which He (as) should have given if he had held sheikhain in high regard. Nevertheless , Sunnis adduce that initially there was an conflict between Sheikhain and Imam (as) but when the sheikhain ruled in their cal
  12. Ok I will ask the brother and will let you know .
  13. Well my brother , this is the reference which [EDIT] gave on their website "Source: Al-Khisal. Chapter Section Forty And Above Numbers." In their article " Event of Pen and Paper". This is what I can give you at the moment and even if you want a more precise reference then tell me I will ask a brother .
  14. I do concur that the Infallibles don't need to investigate and they are aware of Person's character just like Khidr (as) was. But you guys are ignoring the fact that this hadith is giving a completely opposite message. Prophet (saw) said Imam (as) to kill a man and that man turned out to be an innocent . Hence , another problematic part.
  15. Brother can you kindly share the narration? Also is the Hadith of Al-khisal not authentic in terms of Chains ?
  16. A Sunni brother in my acquaintance is genuinely interested in Shia Islam . Nevertheless , he has some confusions regarding this matter. He has following Questions , I will be very grateful if any knowledgeable brother or sister can give valuable input in response to his Questions. 1- If Abu Bakar , Umar and Uthman were bad people or usurpers then why didn't Imam Ali (as) revolt against them just like Imam Hussain (as) did against a tyrant Yazeed? When we read Kitab Sulaym we find that Shia Hadith says that Imam Ali (as) didn't fight against caliphs because he had not enough number of hel
  17. This is not a good argument or is it ? The Qur'anic verses say that he was destined to be a transgressor but in the above Hadith we find that the man was innocent . If the case was opposite as you are implying then Imam Ali (as) wouldn't have left the man
  18. Despite the narration is not germane to Fiqh but its content is very problematic. Qur'an says Holy Prophet (saw) was sent as a mercy and Prophet (saw) was the best in terms of Akhlaq . Keeping this in mind , how Prophet (saw) could have ordered the killing of any person without even investigating the matter ? Also what Prophet (saw) said in this hadith has no basis in Qur'an
  19. Salam . I came across a problematic narration in which prophet (saw) asked Imam Ali (as) to kill a person without even investigating the matter. Furthermore , Qur'an says that capital punishment can be only applied in two cases 1- Fasad Fil Arz and 2- For committing Murder , so why prophet (saw) asked in this narration to behead a person who had allegedly committed fornication ? I will be thankful of any knowledgeable brother or sister can shed some light on this. Here is the Narration : Sheikh Al-Sadooq (r.a): Then the Prophet (saw) said, ‘O Alee! Go and kill him.’ Once I started to go,
  20. This guy has nothing academic to offer. He is an excommunicating machine who can't even resist his urge to insult people even for five minutes. He also evaded debate with Hassan Allahyari. He is just an attention seeker and self-claimed ex-shia researcher who is even oblivious of the basic ruling of prostration in tashayyu . Guys like him should be better left alone.
  21. An interesting blog I came across on internet. It is an interesting article I must say. https://zolfiqar.wordpress.com/2017/12/12/hiding-the-truth-in-bakrism-part-1/
  22. The Qur’an as we have it today is a compilation of speech and utterances made over 23 years in direct response to individuals, events, situations. THe Quranic speech assumes the audience already knows the event/person/situation that it is talking about, so you seldom have proper names mentioned in the Quran for this reason - the Quran is addressing people who know the individuals or places or events being talked about. Tons of verses in the Quran are about Muhammad but he is mentioned by name only 4 times. The Qur’anic speeches were not the only guidance that came from God. Prophet Muham
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